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Charging with Multiple Victron Components

To my current knowledge, when charging a lithium battery bank with victron components (MPPT, Orion, Multiplus), they first need to be set/programmed to specifically charge lithium batteries. Once done, I also know they undergo different charge states like bulk, absorption, and float.

My question is what happens when different victron charge mechanisms occur at different points in time. For example, let's say a solar MPPT has been keeping an auxiliary lithium battery bank on a truck fully charged and in an absorption/float cycle for a few hours. Then the truck turns on, thus activating the Orion charger from the alternator. Since the batteries are already fully charged, will the new victron component to the system recognize this and also go right to absorption/float, or will it simply not output anything due to it seeing a full charge?

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There is no definite answer. For exact this purpose smart VE devices can build wireless network and communicate with each other to have common voltage control. And if that is not enough the GX device should be implemented to control all chargers. Please consult you Victron dealer when purchasing new devices to make sure they can communicate with each other.

Systems can be implemented without communication but then settings need to be very carefully adjusted. To prioritising example solar you need to adjust other chargers little bit lower float voltage etc. And as voltage information not shared all components will see slightly different voltages.

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