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Cerbo GX - Sump Pump Monitoring Solutions

Good day - I have the MultiPlus as my inverter/battery backup for my sump pump in my home. I am considering the Cerbo GX for all/must of the monitoring. I am aware of the inverter and battery monitoring that it offers. And I see that I can get a sensor to monitor the water level in the pit and it will register via the programable relay port.

I would also like to monitor the frequency that the pump is working and for how long. Does anyone know of a sensor or solution that would work to display activity on the Cerbo GX in this scenario?

Thanks in advance!

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Look at Large OS, Node Red.

You would need a level sensor on a tank input. The pump switched by a relay output.

Whatever control logic yon need can be easily added.

By monitoring the current, which the inverter will tell tell you directly in Node Red, you will be able to log/chart anything. Tracking the current will tell you duty cycle and run time. You will even be able to detect a jammed rotor, current too high or a dry pump, current too low, and lock the thing out before any damage is done.

Node red will talk to almost anything, send email alerts or SMS messages through an email gateway, you could even, with a bit of fiddling, directly update a Google Sheet in real time and have that log everything.

Node Red also has an inbuilt dashboard, if you want a dedicated UI.

The dashboard and remote programming are accessible via the VRM portal which bypasses CGNAT making your connection cheap and simple too.

Give me a shout if you want a leg up.

Hope that helps.

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