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Blue/SmartSolar MPPT + Victron solar panels + Lithium SuperPack = working system?

Using the VE-MPPT-Calc-3_2.xlsm and SuperPack battery specs it seem that:

- the BlueSolar MPPT 100/30 controller will work well together with

- two 175W 12V Victron monocrystalline solar panels (SPM041751200)

- and a SuperPack Lithium battery, 12.8 V, 60 Ah (768Wh), discharge power min 300W continuously (30A x 10V) and 800W peak (80A x 10V).


1) is that really all that is needed (since the SuperPack has integrated Battery Management System)?

2) will it be “enough” for powering a system with power consumption of about 1000Wh per day in Darmstad, Germany?

3) is the below approach a correct one to size the system?

Power h daily Power use/supply

W h Wh
Standby 30 21 630
Low power ops 150 2 300
High power ops 500 1 500
Total Wh/24h


Solar panels 350 4 (1400)
Efficiency = 70%

Battery capacity

Total Wh/24h


Avaible/Req. ratio:


The long story:


For a small project: a 1.25m offset dish for S-Band LEO satellite tracking. The antenna will be “movable”, and thus the choice of solar power. Victron was chosen because of open protocols (we want to monitor battery levels with a Raspberry Pi).


The main “consumer” will be the rotor Spid SPX-03-HR and its controller. A real world power consumption of a “bigger” model from the same company is 111W (both max continuous and peak), and 20.5W in standby. However, that was in benign conditions (low wind, etc.). Nominally, the rotor should be powered by at least a 400-500W power supply. Other consumers: Raspberry Pi 4 (WiFi on), LimeSDR Mini transmitter/receiver, a web cam (all together it should be less than 50W peak and maybe 10W in standby).

system design
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Hallo Greg. Pretty good homework you've done there. I tend to add a 'safety factor' to such, but if you're happy then all good.

Mother Nature will have a say about your solar figures though, Short winter days and the low sun angle can devastate solar input, along with cloud and maybe even snow for you. With the kit you've chosen, more panels could be easily added later though if you choose (you can 'overclock' that mppt, but ask again if you want to do that).

Not sure where you're heading with the comms, but a RPi, some web, and the VRM portal should be able to monitor/graph the whole show.

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Hi John, thanks for you answer and good too know that with this setup no additional battery protection, monitoring or other sensors are required.

As for the extra safety, indeed I will also "reduce" the battery capacity by 30% since I'd rather stop the system than shorten the battery life.

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