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system design / meters with long distance

I havent been educating myself with victrons too much lately, sorry for basic questions.

Planning new system: 1 piece 1phase victron ess. Also have larger existing 3~ pv production in parallel.

Easysolar II 48/3000 with some pylontechs. Or maybe multiplus II etc. Might be adding more mppt charger(s), and/or 1~ ac pv inverter to multi/easy output also. Other use of ac output quite minimal. Utility network is somewhat limiting factor with connected pv production power.

Location Finland. Utility meter located few meters from cold storage building (existing pv system there). System energy meter has to be located there also. Victron/pylontech system would be located in mild temperature storage building some ~60meters / cable routes maybe like 90 meters away.

Which energy meter (35A max needed) would you suggest currently? There is existing lan route from utility meter to house, new lan route will be build from house to system (both 50meters, active device in house). "RS485 up to 100meters" would use different direct route ~90m. VM-3P75CT would have ve.can option with up to 250m distances(?). Preferrably not any zigbee/wireless.

Drawbacks with easysolar can/other limitations etc?

Utility companies are switching to 15 minute resolution meters in near future ½ - 3 years, those will also have HAN port available. Currently hourly net metering, 15 minute later.

Probably cerbo close to multi. Ekrano gx or gx touch devices would be located in third location, not really keen to have any dedicated display.

Multi / easy / meter with robust connection? + with more than one mppt even with easysolar device.


Energy Metergx device
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Bit more self learning again. Multi II + cerbo etc seems to be quite clear choice.

Any preference with closer to 100 meter energy meter connections ve.can vs rs485? same cable

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