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Expression in power BI

I have this expression which is in qlik sense syntax now i want to change / convert this into power bi dax syntax.. how i do that

  if([Curency] = 'USD',
((Sum({< Fiscal_Year = {'2016','2017'},[Type_Billing] ={'N2','Z2'}>}[BSMA])
/Sum({< Fiscal_Year = {'2016','2017'},[Type_Billing] ={'N2','Z2'}>}[BSA_NETWR]))*vCurrency),
Sum({< Fiscal_Year = {'2016','2017'},[Type_Billing] ={'N2','Z2'}>}[BSMA])
/Sum({< Fiscal_Year = {'2016','2017'},[Type_Billing] ={'N2','Z2'}>}[BSA_NETWR]))
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