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Victron Current Sensor

I'd like to see the output from my 10 kW AC-coupled PV array in the VRM Portal. I bought a 100A CT, only to find that it can't be 'plugged straight in' to my Multiplus II or Cerbo GX. With hindsight, I should have bought an ET340 instead of the ET112. Victron's current sensor should be a good straightforward option, but the spec. is baffling: 7kW, 40A maximum, 175Vac! I don't know about every user, but my PV inverters produce about 240Vac.

Will the Victron current sensor be able to measure my 10kW output? If not, Victron need to produce a Mk II version with a much higher capacity - it'd cost no more to produce, and I'm sure I'm not the only person who'd benefit.

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I thought the Current sensor was 240vac? Seems odd to only go up to 175VAC? Anyway only 40amp so not enough for you I suppose.

AC Current sensor [Victron Energy]

When I was setting my system up I was originally looking at the AC current sensor but when I was looking for info on it I kept getting older forum posts/diagrams so assumed it was older and newer energy meters were preferred instead. Just the impression I got not sure if that is the case.

(I resorted to ET112 at the time)

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Hi Matt. 40 amps at 230Vac is 9.2kW, or 9.6kW at 240Vac, so it'd be perfect. I asked a Victron dealer, who simply told me what the website says - 175Vac & 40A (they were clueless). I then emailed Victron Sales in Holland, who still haven't replied after a week. I may have to resort to the ET112 (+ special cable), but the current sensor costs half of that and would dot he same job. I'm not in a rush, and for all I know Victron may reply one day...
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@Jonny B Im currently using the Victron 40A CT sensor on my 5.7kW PV array at 245v without issue. Maybe 175Vac is the minimum voltage?

If the 10kW is the exact peak output of your system, I personally would still have the 40amp CT sensor over a ET112 meter.

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Thanks for your replies all. I'll seek clarification fron Victron.
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