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MultiGrid 48/3000/35-50 in parallel, generator circuit arrangement

Hello people,

I have a project with some lightly used MultiGrid 48/3000/35-50. They're too good to be scrapped, but didn't come with a manual, so I'm looking to power an off grid house with two of them in parallel.

I understand from the training we need to have them perfectly balanced with even length cables that aren't over rated.

I'm curious to know how to rate the circuit protection for a generator input and system output.

Each unit will pass through 50a but the existing generator will only be 20a total contribution at best.

Should the system have a 10a MCB for each inverter input?

With 3kW inverter output and surge rating to 6kW, each inverter could have a 32a MCB on the output, with a single downstream 63a main switch?

There will be a colour control and a 48/250-85 solar reg with 4kW PV as well. Would it be feasible to add a Fronius Primo at a later date?


multiple inverters
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So I have the units updated with latest firmware, configured in parallel and they deliver current to a load very well. I'm happy with the balance at 4 and 4.1 amps each...

However they refuse to stay online when I introduce an external supply, whether the MEN connection is upstream of the inverters or downstream, they behave the same way.

And I can't for the life of me remember what I did to the last easysolar 1600 I had which had the same problem...

Frustratingly the "old manuals" section of the Victron website

has a broken link for the appropriate manual,

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