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Orion TR smart charger bypass

Hi community,

A question in regards to installing an Orion in my van.

Based on the schematics from the van, there are components which rely on starter battery input while the engine is not running. To make this work, I'm planning to make the installation as described in the simple schema below (fuses,... are left out by purpose).

As you can see there is a bypass relay which will connect the orion IN and OUT while the engine isn't running. The relay and Orion will be triggered by the D+ signal when this becomes high and breaking the 'short circuit' and start the Orion when the engine is running.

Will the IN and OUT circuit shortage be of any problem for the Orion when the engine isn't running?


Another potential solution would be to place a SPDT relay between the Orion OUT and the EBL in the schema below. When the engine isn't running, the starter battery will be directly connected to the EBL. When the engine is running, the Orion and the EBL will be connected.

Can this solution work, due to the fact that while the engine is OFF, the Orion will not 'see' the leisure battery until the relay is switched by the D+ high signal.


Another question. When I start the Orion based on the H trigger, will it start immediately or is there a delay?

Thanks in advance!

orion-tr smartinstallationschematics
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