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PYLONTECH US3000C or BYD LVL15.4 with QUATTRO 48/10000?

Hi everyone. We're looking to replace the flooded lead acid batteries on our existing system. We have a Victron Quattro 48/10000 two BlueSolar MPPT's, a BMV-712 and CCGX. The two VE.Can ports are available on the CCGX to connect the new battery so I don't think we need to upgrade to the Cerbo GX.

Our research has narrowed the options down to two choices. 5 x Pylontech US3000C or 1 x BYD LVL 15.4. I spoke to one installer that used to favour Pylontech and he recommended the BYD due to the amount of small issues he's had with the Pylontech installations, often needed to reboot. The final Canberra Battery Test Centre report strongly suggests the Pylontech will perform very well longterm and the BYD was poor.

I manage the system remotely most of the time and have someone onsite who can help. We depend on the system for uninterrupted power for our clients so reliability is key.

Is there anyone here who has experience with both batteries and the Quattro 48/10000? I'd really appreciate some guidance in order to make the right decision please.

Thanks for reading.


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The immediate problem that I can see is that 5 Pylontech US3000C modules would not be enough for that Quattro. The recommendation is 7x US3000C for that model of Quattro.

A single BYD LVL15.4 is sufficient for that Quattro.

BYD compatibility documentation here:

Pylontech compatibility documentation here:

I only have experience with Pylontech myself and I have not had any problems.
I have friends who rely on their LVL15.4 modules 24/7 and they are happy with them too.

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I agree with @WKirby

Having used both batteries from both manufacturers, I can say with a well sized and correctly installed / set up bank, they are both reliable.

The main thing is does your supplier have good spares/repair backup for them if/should you experience issues? Go with the one with good support.

If it is about the same, then cost or aesthetic and install footprint can also be considered.

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Fully agree w wkirby. Two more tangible facts, that I've expermined.

  • the C-rate (for both charge and discharge) of LVL is 1.28C rather 0.5C for USx000C.
  • The minimal working temp is -10°C on BYD rather the 0°C.

On a pratical side, we use BYD for industrial and high demande residential and Pylontech as a great entry of high level product.

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