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ESS with Solaredge - integration questions


i have installed an ESS with 1x SE7K on AC-in, 1x SE15K on AC-Out1 and 1xMPPT RS450/100, with 3x Multiplus II 48/5000.

Some of the instructions of the Victron/Solaredge AC-Coupling manual are not very clear...

1. How to enable APS via Multi Relay Output?

1a. which is the correct relay?

I want to use the blue "AUX RELAY" for that:


Its named:

- "AUX-RELAY" at the Multi

- "ALARM CONTACT" in the Multi Manual

but none of these names is available in the VEConfig "programmable relay" Assistent:


I assume, the first option "Use primary programmable relay" is this blue "AUX Relay"


1b. how to configure it?

first -> "Set relay on" to have it configured as "normally open"



then -> check "AC Input", correct?


-> then choose no extra options to trigger the relay?!


-> and then.... set it to "when AC1 is not available for 0 seconds"??

So the relay should immediately trigger, once Grid fails, isn´t it?

Or does it not work correctly with 0 sec. and i need to choose 1sec or higher number?


2. ESS assistent setup of frequency shift?

the Victron/Solaredge instructions call out, to use these values.

Is this really correct??


Those numbers seems to be a very tight range?

I am used to Fronius AC-Coupled System, which allow up to 53Hz before disconnecting the PV-inverter.

Does the 51,5Hz really work sufficient or good with Solaregde?

It seems to be very small room for frequency regulation?!

But maybe i am wrong with that, and Solaredge works super fine with these numbers?! I don´t know. Does anyone have experiance on this?

1671731717907.png (91.4 KiB)
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1671731920907.png (4.4 KiB)
1671731988812.png (7.7 KiB)
1671732041891.png (5.4 KiB)
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OK, regarding "programmable relay "

I have tried it with settings above:

so, the relay should trigger (close COM to NO) immediately at Grid loss (0sec. setting)

and i programmed a second assitent, so that the relay should open again, 10 sec. after Grid is back.

I tested it, the relay closed...

BUT it keeps being closed. No matter if grid (AC-In) is present or not?!

What could be wrong?

Or does it not work with "0sec." setting?

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hi @Pedaaa

I have a similar setup (SE on AC-OUT of Multiplus II). Only in islande mode at the moment.

Do you still have the above settings or did you change something?

After some problems with the solaredge turning off for about an hour I now try to keep it working with a P(f) setting of 1% instead of recommended 0%.

About the 0s setting:

Is it relevant? Maybe it could be necessary to have several minutes to obey the TOR regulations. Not sure if the delay is already added before the relais will get triggered or if that doesn't matter at all.

For later connecting to the grid:

Another question would be if - with the above settings - the victron would close/open the aux relais on grid failure/return or if it just disconnects/connects the grid by the internal relais and the SE is working correctly in on- and off-grid mode? Did you test this?

Btw I do some experimenting with optimizing PV-production/usage in island setup.

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