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Victron Smart Solar MPPT 150/85

I have 4 panels each 275W. The Voc of one panel is 38,8V and Inc is 9,17A. All panels are identical.

I have connected the panels so that two panel are connected in series and then these two two panels group is connected in parallel. Then I have a solar panel group with Voc 77,6V and Isc 18,3A. The total power of the system is 1420W. From that system I can get in to my battery bank of 12V a current of 118A. Is it so that I can get only 85A because of my existing 150/85 solar charger? The 33 A is not allowed to let in the battery bank from the solar charger?

If I will get all the current that is possible from my panel system of 1420W I have to buy another solar charge controller and connect that with two panels of 275W connected in series and connecting the other two panels connected in series with my existing MPPT 150/85 charge controller.

The solar chargers right size would then be 60A? The maximum current that is available from two panels of 275W  into my battery bank of 12V would be 59,2A.

A little bit cheaper would be a MPPT solar charger with maximum current of 50A? 

If I now have two solar chargers both connected with two panels is that system operating correctly so that both chargers are charging correct the battery bank? The connection with the battery bank and both solar chargers I will dot with my Victron LYNX IN busbar.

smart solar charging behaviour
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You have 4 panels rated at 275w? That is an 1100w PV array.

Perfectly suited to an 150/85 mppt.

Battery voltage of 14.2v x 85a mppt output gives a maximum output of 1200w.

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for me is not quite clear in what situation shall I use Voc and Isc values of the solarpanel? I have 4 panel and Voc is 38,8V and Isc of 9,17A for one panel. Is right to calculate the power 4*38,8*9,17=1423W. So from MPPT controller gors into 12V battery then 1423W/12V= 118A. That is more than 85A in Victron MPPT150/85. Is that right to think so?
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Perhaps you would like to read the Mppt vs PWM charger tech paper.?

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Thanks a lot!
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