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BP40 - charging by reverse current in my old motorhome - blocking diode?

Hi all. My 25 year old motorhome has the house battery at the front and a Power Management System (PMS) at the rear where the 240V hook-up lives. The PMS handles 12V distribution but also has a transformer in it to provide battery charging (14V-10A) when hooked up to 240V. It contains the 240V consumer unit too as it happens but not relevant here. Charging happens by reverse current using the wiring between the battery and the PMS unit (the load). I want to protect the house battery from over discharge using a Victron BP40 but the back-charging arrangement will apparently set the BP40 alight! So here's the question: Can I just use a blocking diode (45V-20A) in parallel with the BP40 to facilitate safe back-charging? Will be adding solar panels in due course (10A max) but essentially it's the same problem. Would love to hear from anyone who has seen this before but all comments will be gratefully received. Thank you all in advance for your thoughts.

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