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Quatro 3 phase : DC (solar charged) Inverter priority.

Hi all,

If i have an existing setup as followed:


Then i have a 3 phase + N system, so 230/400 volts correct?

While i have a solar system connected to the batteries and the shore-power in this case is really expensive on the camping, i prefer the system uses battery-power over shore power.

To accomplish this i plan to use virtual assistant with "ignore ac input" together with battery setting rules. So when the batteries are draind, the system will switch to AC input and will charge the batteries again.

I will limit the charger so the solar system can do most.

My question:

While the quatro's have to switch, and there are 3 of them, can i expect trouble because of non-synchonicity and for example burn out N cable or other problems?

Is there a common system for this?

Best regards

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