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Issue with keyboard mapping on Pi 4B running 2.90~26

I have been asked by @mvader (Victron Energy) to repost this issue here.

I have an oddity on my Pi 4 B+ v1.5 running Victron Venus OS v2.90~26 large in that a keyboard connected directly via USB and displaying on the HDMI is mapped for a US keyboard whilst connecting by SSH from a different machine gives me the UK keyboard layout I desire.

I am happy to use SSH but I would also like to know if it is simple to change the mapping in busybox for specific inputs (and how to do it) or is this is a more general issue which needs further work?

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@pcurtis the reason for different behaviour between console and ssh is very likely down to the ssh session being controlled by the machine you are running the ssh client on rather than the RPI/Venus host. I suspect the reason for US keyboard via the HDMI console is that most OS systems default to a US keyboard mapping.

How to change not sure as I have never come across it. I suspect that you need to find keyboard maps in the opkg that are available.

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@bathnm I also suspected that mapping would not apply from an SSH client, it would not be required as any mapping would be on the client, hence why I clarified it was from a different machine and thus a way round the RPI mapping. I suspect few people use a direct connection except during initial setup when it can be inconvenient - however after a while you find out where the keys are!

I could not find maps which are pre-loaded or on the Internet and the postings I have found imply one has to modify the existing one.

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