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Fischer Panda burn 2x IP22 chargers

I need the support of the cummunity to solve a problem whichs shows to be a conflict between a Victron Charger model IP22 12/30 (3) and a brand new Fischer Panda 1000i: Victron and Fischer Panda official support was unable, over 1 month, to propose a solution.

The story: a Victron partner technical team made an integration with Victron lithium batteries on an exsisting system made by GEL batteries, two inverter charger QUATTRO, battery monitor, and a charger IP22 12/30 (3) for the starter batteries. Present was also an old generator, replaced with a Panda 1000i.

When everything was in place an configured we tested the system. QUATTRO's and the new equipments inslalled for lithium worked fine in any condition, including when powered by the new generator. However when we switched on the IP 22 12/30 (3) to charge the starter batteries, it took non more that a minute to start smoking.

We stopped immediately the unit and then we did several tests to try to understand the possible problem.

First of all, we connected the IP 22 12/30 (3) charger to the quay net: the charger worked with no problem for more of half an hour.

Second test was to install it again in the original position, and try, first, to charge with the quay net connected to the boat. In this conditions everything was working ok.

Third test was to have again the generator as AC source. In a short time the charger started to smoke again.

Fourth test was to use one output only (the charger is a 3 output model): we connected each single output to one battery but the result was the same: smoke in a short time.

Next step was to replace the exsisting charger IP22 12/30 (3), 8 years old, with a new one. The result was the same: if powered by AC from the Panda 1000ì, smoke within less than a minute. If powered with AC from the quary net, no problem in charging, for several hours.

It's clear that there is a conflict between the IP 22 12/30 (3) charger, this specific model, and the Panda 1000ì.

Attached you have the pictures of the IP22 12/30 (3) opened after the smoke event. We circled in red the part we believe is the smoke source (L3).


I talked to Victron about the problem and they told me that they have never experienced any problem with Panda generators so it's a problem on Panda side.

I talked to Fischer Panda about the problem and they told me that they have never experienced any problem with Victron charger so it's a problem on Victron side.

On both sides no one try to discuss with the other side...

In short, we have a new Panda 1000ì which works ok with all equipment installed, but has a clear conflict with Victron charger model IP22 12/3(3).

It cannot be that we have been unlucky with two defective chargers. Must be a different reason. Which we don't know and we, as the situation is now, we don't know how to solve.

Please let me have your comments and, more important, let me know how to work on the problem and solve it.











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Trying to decipher the pics. I see 380V AC in some. Is this a three phase generator? The IP22 is single phase.

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Ciao, no is a single phase generator.

If you open the images form the list of attachments you can find, for each image, when we make it


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