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MulitPlus-II Firmware V495-V496 problem and Grid code explaination

I updated my MultiPlus-II 24/3000/70-32 inverter with the latest V496 and noted a number of unusual issues which have not been present previously.

1- I'm in Australia and use the local grid codes. In the software new Grid Code AS/NZS: 4777.2.2020 options are shown.

Where is the explanation of what A, B & C options are?

Just checking "no N bypass" = "AC Neutral path not externally joined"?


2- On updating the firmware with the VE bus connected to my local PC I've been getting a Low Voltage Alarm when the inverter goes into an inverter charge mode, charging the batteries from the Grid (which I normally do not do as the solar is the main charging source).

The battery voltage was nowhere near the low voltage limit, and the batteries then stopped charging.

I managed to reset the inverter and lowered the charge current to 20A and all worked mostly well. But again increasing the charger current to 25A caused the low Voltage alarm again.

The ESS has been set to use the Battery Monitor BMV712 Voltage (externally controlled) mode, but the inverter was only connected to the local PC.

This low voltage alarm did not make sense as I could see no reason for why it would be on. The inverter and batteries seem to supply the load without any issues. This problem seems to be new and only presented with V495-V496 firmware update.

I checked all the wiring connections and found no issues, nor voltage issues using an external meter, with everything seeming to function normally except for the activation of the low voltage alarm on the charge current above 20A. Is the problem possibly a firmware issue?



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@RayMiller I have been having the same issue with the firmware update on my Multiplus II 5kVA GX unit, plus a load of other issues, all appear to be related to the firmware update.

Issue 1 - Low voltage cut out at 41.2V originally regardless to SoC and any setting in VE Configure (everything set to the lowest value - 36v) but now it doesnt cut out at 41.2v but when it does, I get a reduced output but both situations give me a low voltage warning about 42.4v, no where near my settings. I even turned off low voltage warnings and alarm but I still get the warnings.

Issue 2 - 40A CT censor for inverter output connected to AUX1 now stops the inverter as AUX1 is now allocated to grid switch and now way of changing that in VE configure without password. After several days of the inverter not inverting, moved the CT 40A sensor to AUx2 and all was well. No info form Victron on this issue.

Issue 3 - Data from 40A sensor / PV inverter keeps disconnecting from system and therefore remote console & VRM portal. Still happening and no obvious reason.

Have a look at my profile and click on the questions Ive posted and you'll see the similar issues I have been having.

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The reason I updated the firmware was because all of a sudden I was unable to download the VE config files form the VRM portal and on searching on solutions about that issue, several pages I found all pointed to a needed firmware update. I did the firmware update and the inverter has not worked correctly since. As, if and when I have the time, I might install the old firmware onto the unit but I am reluctant to do that because of the time its taken me to get this one working, and having no idea if rolling back to an old firmware will fix all of my issues.

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Looks like we have an updated V497 MulitPlus 2 firmware update when you do a device firmware check. Tomorrow I'll update and check.

Hope this fixes the problem of low voltage LED and no mains charger problem?

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@RayMiller thanks for the heads up. Let me know how you get on.
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