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Testing AUX1 & AUX2 to identify faults - Multiplus II 5kVa GX 48v

Does anyone have a link to where I can find guidance on testing the Aux contacts on a Multiplus II GX unit? I have 2 non-operating Aux contacts. The only thing that has been connected is 2 Victron 40A CT sensors and after a firmware update the unit appeared not to be working to its full capability. No VRM graphic any longer for the PV and no working CT sensors.

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I'll do what I can tonight and post my results. If the unit is found to be at fault, does anyone know if replacement parts can be sent our or is it a case of returning the unit for a replacement?

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Anyone able to help please? Im stuck with this issue. I have 5v on both Aux1 and Aux2 with nothing connected to either. I have ESS set up with current sensor set up for PV on AC out1, sensor wired and set up in AUX2. No acknowledgement from the GX or on VRM. Both the 40A sensors i have (bought a second one as assumed forst one was faulty) record increased resistance and the current increases through the CT sensor and both record about the same resistance so i feel comfortable in saying the issue definitely is the Multiplus unit.

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