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Lynx Bus Balance System Question?

So when reading the Wiring Unlimited doc, it shows connecting up multiple batteries in parallel in a configuration where your pos/neg taps come from opposite ends of the busbar like on page 19 and 26:busbar-pg26.pngbusbar-pg-19.pngNow, how does this vibe with the typical Lynx install where each battery is connected to the bus and then the ends of the bus are connected to the next Lynx Component using the nearest corners instead of the opposite corners. In the standard system below it would look to me that potentially all the power is going to preferentially come from the first then 2nd, 3rd, 4th battery instead of spreading it equally. Seems like a bit of a departure from previous recommendations.

lynx-system.pngI'm definitely giving Victron the benefit of the doubt on this. Maybe the balancing is not a big deal and they will self correct over time, or maybe the bus bars are high enough quality that it doesn't really add any extra resistance for the ones on the end. It may be why they stress to use exactly the same links for each battery when connecting to the bus bar.

Anyone want to shine a bit of light on this topic?

PS. I love the Lynx system and pretty much all the Victron products. Just trying to wrap my head around something that has been nagging me for a while.

lynx shuntbusbar
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I had similar thoughts.

So on the lynx in your natural inclination is to put your battery positive and negative together. (On a 12v system) I would reverse the negatives to the positives so the end result of connections is the same as taking off from both ends of a bus bar.

The shunt has to be in the middle of course.

Then the power distribution would be an arrangement based on power in from battery, inverter and mppts. (Depending on your setup and how you want the priority to be. Your highest draw being the closest to the battery end)

Or you can just connect them neatly and pretend you dont know ohms law exists. It will work. At the end of the day, there is what is most correct and then there is what is practical. Most of the time you settle for the least worst setup.

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Thanks, yeah that makes sense.
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In my opinion it depends on the size/design of the system.

A huge battery bank with relatively low loads will not cause any problems.

In a system with SOC from the battery via CanBus you can try to connect batteries and loads evenly along the Lynx.

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