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Interface 1140 / 3 AC Inputs on Quattro


we have a setup with three AC-Inputs on a Quattro: Shore, Genset, and an 230vAC Alternator (3.5kw). the Alternator and Shore Power are switched by a transfer switch on AC-In 2, the Genset is still on AC-In1. Now im using the Interface 1140 to control the Input-Current while using the Alternator. Is there any possibility to enable the associated Assistant "Input Current" (0142) only when the 230v Alternator is running? In the actual setup the Assistant also regulate the current on shore power.

Or its better to put the Genset and Shore on AC-In1 / transfer switch and the Alternator on AC-In 2? And then switching the input current by the DMC between Genset and Shore?

Maybe this is a very special problem...

Thank You!

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