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Another AC Out Question - BUT with a diagram!

Hi there,

Kindy please can I get some clarification, I have to integrate a lithium [Plylontech] system with an existing off-grid SLA system, there's a few challenges on the PV side but I'm largely confident I've solved them and so my main question is coupling the Growatt 5000ES off-grid inverter to the Multiplus-II,


Question: What's the most practical option here to connect the Growatt and Victron?,

My gut feel is connect it [Growatt] to the AC In and I'll run the Gen into the AC Input on the Growatt.

The other option I see is connecting the Growatt to the AC OUT (1 or 2) but I need clarification on how the Multiplus will handle grid forming with a fixed frequency/voltage from the off-grid Growatt.

Also if anyone has any tips on this install, I'm keen to hear them.

Any questions let me know,

Thanks in advance!

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I would not connect the Growatt to the AC-OUT like that, I would expect big problems.
Being a battery inverter, I would not expect the Growatt to accept power control on frequency shift like a PV inverter does. It will be expecting network or generator power, not another inverter and the MultiPlus will not be expecting a fixed frequency generator at its output.

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@WKirby Yes I agree, thanks for the feedback!, to avoid this I'll connect the Growatt to the AC In on MultiPlus, and the generator to the Growatt, the Growatt has a few simple feature to power loads with solar first, so I'm optimistic that I'll be able to have the Multi pulling from the Pylontech, and toping up with the FLA. Sounds great on paper but might be a few late nights ahead.