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multiplus 2 shutdown in absorption with high charge rate to battery groups

Hi All, Very new to this tech so please excuse my explanation.

I have been tasked with looking at a Victron Multiplus 2 installation it has 3 inverters (multiplus 2 48-5000) configured as Master and 2 slaves on my works site that has 14 pylontech us2000 lithium batteries coupled to it in 3 groups with a pylontech LV-Hub used for the battery management if i understand it properly.

from my limited understanding all appears to be communicating and status lights suggest the system is healthy but i have 2 problems on the system.

The first is a constant re-occuring Grid loss alarm which i seemed to have masked by switching off the grid loss monitoring in the colour monitoring gx panel but this has only prevented me seing the alarm on the display.

The fault appears to be linked to the batteries charge state as i see 95% battery charge level reported on the GX panel and the inverters switch over to absorbtion and i then see the charge rate of 56.8 volts at 0.4A being sent to the batteries where it will remain for a random ammount of time until you see a sudden increase in charge rate to the batteries where the charge rate increase to around 1500W before the whole system shuts down.

The master drive has no lit LED's at this point and both Slaves show overload and low battery flashing at the same time.

would i be right in thinking this is linked to the Charge voltage being applied to the packs at 56.3 volts it seems very high for a 48volt lithium store.

all the installation was done prior to me getting involved but i do have access to the Ve bus-USb adaptor and some software that I've downloaded from the website so any advice would be gratefully received.

gridbattery system voltagefault
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Hi @David Kortegas

There's some basics here. Maybe first check you have them covered..

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