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MPPT state showing ESS

I do not have an ESS system nor have I applied any ESS setting to my system yet my for the first time my SmartSolar MPPT 100/50 is showing a State of “ESS”

Why would this state be reflected? I assume it’s incorrect. Is there a way to change this?

Note: I have a CCGX and Mutliplus.

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Hello, this is because of an option set on the CCGX. Probably you enabled a charging current limit? In that case the MPPT will be controlled externally which causes the ESS state. It's a little bit confusing, but it hasn't to do with an ESS.

As far as I know there is actually no solution to remove this when you want to use a charging current limit for the whole system.

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Thanks for response @Porcini. See the attached pictures of my current settings. Do these setting reflect why ESS is showing?

Is there a negative impact of the ESS state?

Why does it use ESS state? Should it be something else but victron hasn't programmed it yet? for my current settings.

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It shows ESS because it is controlled by the Venus device (DVCC enabled)

in feature firmware this will show 'network mode' or something like this, to avoid confusion.

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Thanks. So nothing to be concerned about. Just thought it was odd to have ESS state when not set up in an ESS system.

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It is like Boekel says and like I suspected :)

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@Guy Stewart (Victron Energy Staff) is this correct?

I’m concerned that the MPPT could be over charging my batteries.

Currently, I’m connected to shore power and my batteries are fully charged but the MPPT is inputing 14.5v (absorption mode voltage) but shows it is in ESS state.

Should I be concerned that this could be overcharging the batteries or any potential other consequences?

See below pictures.

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As already said the MPPT is controlled externally when a current limit is set. Unfortunately you haven't confirmed if you set a limit yet.

For the voltages please check the parameters set on the multiplus, mppt settings are ignored afaik. Higher voltages can also be referable to lower temperatures.

If you don't believe me in the current limit why not turning it off for a few minutes?

Check VE.Bus state instead of MPPT state.

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