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Power Consumption Reading in Victron App

Hi guys,

I am a little confused with the Victron app history tab and I know this may be a silly question.

With reference to the image below where it says 10Wh under consumption, is this the total watts consumed in the day 'so far' by the load, or is it how many 'watts per hour' the load is consuming?


I especially ask this because throughout the day the load power consumption will fluctuate quite differently, meaning I would assume at least a quarter of the day it would consume more than 10 watts per hour and some instances less. Is it maybe the average watt hours consumed throughout the day instead?

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It is the accumulated energy consumption of loads connected to the load terminals, for the "day".

You have another problem though, your solar panels dont seem to be connected, and are not charging your battery.

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Hi Klim,

Thank you for your response and yes I am strictly just using it as a meter at the moment deciding which components I would like to use.

So does that mean so far I have used a total of 10 watts for the entire day? Or am I using 10Wh per day? Meaning a total of 24 hours x 10Wh = 240W in a day?

I am new to this, apologies.

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Matthias Lange - DE answered ·

Wh is power W used over time h.

10Wh can be 0,1W for 100h or 1W for 10h or 10W for 1h or 100W for 0,1h (6 minutes) or 1000W for 0,01h (36 seconds).

Do you have something connected to the LOAD terminals of the MPPT.

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Hi Matthias,

Thank you for your comment. That makes sense to me now that you for explaining.

Yes I have my devices connected to it because I am trying to find out the total wattage consumption per day (essentially using my MPPT smart controller as a meter).

In my 'load output' application section it says load state is 'on' and it is drawing 0.2A current and working at 2W.


How exactly does a constant 2W translate to 10watts per hour (10Wh)? It also recently changed to 20 watts per hour (20Wh) in the 'history' tab under 'consumption.'


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2W for 5h = 10Wh

Using the MPPT to measure the energy isn't the best way because it is not very precise with small currents.
12,48V x 0,2A = 2,49W but the MPPT is only showing (and calculating with) 2W.

A BMV or SmartShunt would be better for that.

In my opinion for such small loads the best would be to use a good multi meter to measure the voltage and current and calculate it by yourself.

Voltage x current x time (in hours) = Wh

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