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SMA Tri10000 and multiplus inverter

Hi, All

I have a client who already has SMA tri10000 inverter and 7 kWp solar on site. He also have 10 kWh LTO battery and would like to connect with 3 of multi 3kVa inverter. We are in Australia and multi with battery is not allowed to connect to the grid. We are thinking to connecting SMA to multi and grid as back up. The idea is to install a relay on grid side, when battery is low , contactor close and use grid to supply load. When battery is above some value, use solar and battery to supply the load. All solar and battery energy will NOT be allowed to export to grid. and Grid will not charge battery. I am not sure whether we can achieve this as I did not find any info about 0 EXPORT from SMA - victron connection. Thanks

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