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Grid Code Selection - Any difference between None, Other or a Country grid with disabled LOM?

Got issues with a pair of 5k Multis (single phase setup) and a 6KVA genny (Mecalite alternator) off grid

on off on off on off - pass through - charging - power assist etc.etc.


Charge rate is way below the shore power limit. (its like it doesnt have time to ramp up) - Or starts off about what would be expected - then quickly drops off. 1636978846179.png

Batterys charge current limit is unchanged at 125A (Pylons) - No other sources of generation at the time.

Dynamic Curent limiter is enabled - UPS is Disabled

Accept wide Range - enabled

Power Assist standard 2.0 Boost factor

Generator frequency tends to be up around 52HZ - but is a bit all over the place.

I am of a mind to fit a 250w heater to the output of the generator to help stabilise the voltage and frequency prior to the Multis connecting.

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In all the systems I have seen with passthrough issues it is usually bms related.

Either the bms is not allowing charge or discharge at all. This can be for a bumber of reasons.

There are a few situations where lom is recommended to be disabled, see 2.6. i assume that is what you are referring to.

Grid selection is mainly for ess purposes and law compliance. You can go with none or other for me i have not seen a difference there.

The other setting is enabling weak ac and setting the charge limits down there. That helps with generators that are not so stable sometimes.

But you possibly can change the whole issue with lom by using a bigger cable from genertor so less impedance?

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