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IP22 BLU Smrt Chrgr parameter adjust for Parallel batteries

I have four Crown CR-260 batteries in the typical 12VDC series/ parallel combination. I will use the IP22 30Amp charger with a custom configuration to maintain batteries during storage and perform equalization so generally they will be nearly full charge. Trying to follow Crowns charging instructions from their data sheet and videos I find information conflicting and hard to comprehend. So far little help from Crown customer support. As I understand it, Bulk Stage should terminate at 2.37VPC; Absorb Stage terminates at 6 Amps (which I believe is the return amps) and Float Stage terminates at "Normal transition to END OF CHARGE at 115 – 118% of AH returned". So that was clear, NOT. I did find a video from Crown that float voltage was 2.25VPC. Crown also defines equalization as " Every(7) days. Four additional hours at normal finish rate of 6.0 amps." I guessing 2.37VPC At max of 6 amps for four hours. A crown video has equalization at 2.58 VPC for 2 to 3 hours. So any idea how to setup the charge parameters for the IP22 custom configuration?

bluesmart ip22
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Hi @pbsmith1145

Those are pretty much stock GC2 batts, just a little taller than most, and that gives them the 260Ah. (Mine are 225Ah, another brand).

The spec sheet for them is really for a fast charge, but with 30A for 520Ah of batts, you don't need to worry with the tech details. Just set Absorb target to the 2.37V (14.2), and Float to the 2.25V (13.5), and maybe 13.2V for Storage. I don't Equalize with batts on a daily cycle, but you can choose want you want there, depending on storage time.

What you'll find with that 6A 'Tail' (if you had a batt monitor), is that at that stage they'll be over 99% SOC anyway. In Float of 13.5V, a 2-3A Tail (which isn't falling further) means they're fully charged. Temps can change this somewhat, as cold batts are less reactive.

Or you could just use the 'Normal' default in the IP22 if you weren't too picky. Those batts don't need anything special..

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