Has anyone tried using VEFlash via Wine?

I don't have a Windows laptop currently, and would like to keep it that way, so I have been running VEConfigure via Wine on Linux which seems to work perfectly well. I would like to be able to do the same with VEFlash, but I know the consequences of something going wrong there are potentially significant. I'm quite familiar with embedded Linux, and am used to flashing things via serial or JTAG from the command line, so if there is a way to achieve this for Victron products too I'd love to hear it.

Otherwise, has anyone here tried flashing a Victron device using VEFlash on Wine?

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Plug and play solar kit on an Off-Grid setup

I have an "off-grid" system with solar panels, a charge controller, a Victron Quattro 48 inverter and a BYD battery.

The solar panels are on the roof and impossible to access. The snow in winter reduces my production.

I have a plug and play kit (2 panels + micro-inverter, 600W max) that I do not use.

Can I connect the "plug and play network" kit to my "Off-grid" installation on a standard 230v socket?

Does it work ?

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Bug in SmartSolar MPPT 75/15 ?

I disconnected the SmartSolar from the solarpanel in my sailboat 16 NOV, but in the app it erroneously indicates that it is still producing solar power, please see the enclosed picture.
The MPPT is still connected to the batteries and therefore flashing the blue LED every 3 s. The batteries are connected to an IP 12/15, that is being powered by 230 V.
Is there a bug in the SmartSolar firmware?

Cheers/ Michael (Denmark)


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How to see all tank levels and temp sensor values from MODBUS on Venus GX

I'm looking through the MODBUS register map for the Venus GX and I see only 1 set of register values for tanks and temperature sensors. The tank values are held in registers 3000-3007 and the temp value in 3300-3305.

The Venus has inputs for 3 tanks and 2 temperature probes. I want to see the different values over a MODBUS connection to a computer. Should there not be 3 sets of registers for tanks and 2 for temperature probes?

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Multiplus 24V system shows battery volts as 12V

Multiplus 24/3000/70 with CCGX shows the battery volts as 12V, see attachment. Although we have 4 * 6V cells in series=24V, we power the CCGX off 2 *6V cells=12V. Is this the problem?


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CCGX Internet with Android Phone Hot Spot

We have installed an Off Grid System with the following components


Multiplus 5000

MPPT 150/35

Fronius Primo 4.0-1

at a remote cabin. The cabin does not have permanent Internet connection. The client spends only weekends there and can use his Android Smart phone as a Hot Spot to get the Internet connection. That would also allow us to register the system on VRM and we could log in on the weekends to check the system.

We would like to connect the Fronius to the CCGX to make it visible.

At the moment the Fronius is connected to the CCGX via an Ethernet patch cable. The Fronius Datamanager is configured with a fixed IP address and the CCGX is configured with a fixed IP address With this configuration the Primo is visible in the CCGX.

We purchased the Victron approved WiFi NANo and Gembird High Power adapters. We would like to use one of them as the WiFi access point for the CCGX and connect it to the Android phone in Hot Spot mode to get the Internet to the CCGX.

We also like to leave the Primo connected to the CCGX as mentioned above.

Is there an Internet pass through from the USB port to the RJ45 Internet port when a WiFi USB adapter is used?

Would you be able to confirm if that would work and if not what measures need to be taken to make it work.

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Is the MPPT PV voltage target constant?

Hi, I have an installation including a Victron MPPT 75/15 connected to one 12V 14AH battery and 4x10W solar panels (2 series x 2 parallel). I've discharged the battery and let the system charge the battery. When I measure the energy output of one of the series with my INA226+Arduino, while the mppt in bulk charging (yellow led blinking fast), I am getting about 2xVmp as the voltage output as expected. But I am getting the same voltage output even in low irradiance and even in partial shading situation. The current decreases but the voltage tries to keep stable. Does it mean that the mppt is working with the constant voltage algorithm?

Vmp of a panel is 16.8V, so Vmp of a series is 33.6V and I am getting a 31-34 voltage range in nearly every situation even in low irradiance and partial shading.

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Multiplus assistants

We have Multiplus inverter/charger. It has two assistants installed, see attachments. We have now added a CCGX. I think that CCGX can do all that the assistants do. Should I remove the assistants? Or if I leave them on the Multiplus will the CCGX settings override the assistants?



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Victron Multiplus charger: equalization

We have Multiplus 24/3000/70, CCGX (v.211) with BVM 700. VEConfigure shows a checkbox for equalization, as in the attached image. When we charge from our alternator, how do we tell the Victron to perform an equalization charge, not just a bulk/absorption/float? Can we do this from the CCGX?

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Multiplus 3000 12V Shock on Earth and Live

Having a little shocking problem with Multiplus 3000 12v.

We are got shocked from earth so we removed it. Now we getting shocked from live. I disconnected everything from inverter. Tested between live on inverter and any disconnected earth and got voltages between 40V and 150V. Any ideas?

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Charging Problems after Lighting storm

Hi I have installed a panel and MPPT 75/10 on a Motorhome it has work fine for the last month. I am now in Portugal and after a electrical storm the 10A fuse had blown. I fitted new fuse but now system only shows 12 ish solar volts (before 25 ish Volts) the blue light is just flashing and no charging is happening. if I remove the fuse the solar volts show about 24-25 volts.

Please Help

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SmartSolar MPPT 75/15 load output not working

The voltage is around 14 but when I hook up to my Inverter, see pic for model, voltage drops and inverter will not start. Inverter hooked to 12v battery works fine... This is a new CC....


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Minimum Input Voltage for the MPPT

Will the MPPT150./100 shut down or does not start if the input voltage is below 49V?

Attached photo of array design for review. 150-100_2 Panels_5 Parallel.png

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Wiring changes when replacing existing regulator with Victron MPPT

I am hoping to replace an old Go Power GPR 25 regulator in my RV with a Victron smartsolar unit. The Go Power is wired only to the solar panel and battery. In other words, there is no load wired directly to the regulator. Can I wire the Victron in the same fashion with only battery and PV leads connected? I only want to use the system to charge coach batteries while boondocking.

Thanks for the help.

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UPS mode in Quattro

Hi, @mpvader this is continuation from Disqus thread ... I want to use the Quattro to supply / protect sensitive equipment. I have 3 questions related to this:

1. There are settings in VEConfig for undervoltage and overvoltage, but no setting for frequecy tolerance - the only setting I see is to select wide range, or standard - does anyone know the tolerance +/- allowed from 50Hz before unit rejects AC input and goes into UPS mode ?

2. Anyone know the power quality of the generated sinewave when in UPS mode? Has anyone ever done a waveform capture?

3. finally is there a way to make the Quattro accept AC input to charge batteries but remain in UPS mode - i.e. to effectively act like a double conversion UPS, so AC in does not power loads, only charges batteries, and the Quattro generates the AC waveform - i.e. isolation from mains?


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Single VE.bus port limitations with MultiPlus 12/1200/50


The MultiPlus 12/1200/50 “non- compact” (PMP122120000) has one single VE.Bus port.

Is it possible to connect a VE.Bus BMS and a Venus device to this MultiPlus model at the same time or is this only possible with one of the other MultiPlus models (with two VE.Bus ports)?

Thank you!

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Firmware update issues leading to Victron MPPT reporting over voltage

Hi, I have 2 independent solar panel (180W each) connected to two victron 70/15 chargers. It worked fine for 6 years.

I have just replaced one Victron 70/15 with Victron 75/15. I still have second 70/15 in place until new 75/15 is working properly.

Installation went fine, and charger produced electricity, turned form bulk to absorption as day progressed.

I have in meantime done firmware update by Victronconnect. It worked up to a point and then stopped. Error message was that device is not ready. Have checked MPPT 75/15 and can see yellow and green light blinking which means over voltage. My guess is, that firmware update confused charger, as old 70/15 worked for 6 years without a blip.

I have done update by Android phone. It has run first update and completed after few attempts. Then I tried to run the app, and ask for another update to version 1.37. So I started again and stopped at around 15%. Then gor this error. It was sunny day but nothing extraordinary. 70/15 works fine in same conditions.

Can you please advise what the issue is or what I was doing wrong.

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multiplus 48 volt inverter charging aux 24v bank on second output.

hi , looking for ideas . i have a 72v battery bank,36 x 2v cells and a 48v multiplus (one) and want to charge the left over 24v battery bank, i see the multiplus has aux battery charging terminals. is there a more efficient way than putting in a 48v to 24v dropper?

@Guy Stewart (Victron Energy Staff)

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Ccgx color control keeps rebooting

Hello , I have a problem with my Ccgx color control . My system ( Quattro 48V./8000Va. / 2 ET112 / 1 MPPT 150/35 / 3 battery balancers ) has worked fine for exactly one year (to the day) in ESS self consumption mode . The ET112 's are use to measure grid and solar power .

But now my Ccgx color won't accept the USB's from te ET122 en the VE-direct cable from te MPPT anymore .

When i connect one or more USB or VE-direct cable to the color , then the color keeps rebooting . My devices have al the latest software / firmware .

Can it be that my Ccgx color control is broken and that it needs to be replaced ??

Thanks for your answer .

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Is it time to replace my controller?

I have two 100/50 controllers connected to my AMG domestic battery bank. Checked all of the connections, taken the entire system off line over night....

I still get these erroneous readings from my Port controller. (Yes I checked the voltage directly at the battery) Looking for suggestions




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Can we get back the feature that shows the last-modified time on the topics?

Until last week, this site showed a timestamp next to each question, so we could quickly see which topics were new or had updates. Now, that information is gone. Is there any way to get it back?

[As a bonus, it would be nice if there were a "dense display" option or theme, so that we could see dozens of topics quickly. Just like on any other discussion forum would show topics.]

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BYD + Easysolar


Is the BYD Box PRO 13,5 kW compatible with Easysolar 48/5000 - 70-100 ?

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Size of generator to charge batteries

I am having a 10kw victron solar system installed part of this system is 2 x 5kw inverter chargers. Type Multiplus 48/5000/70-100, I already have a 6kw back-up auto start generator, I am informed that I need a minimum of 12kw or best to have a 15kw generator? the 6kw generator will not sufficient for load and charge. Any load in principle would be intermittent and indeed most likely be around 4kw even when intermittent. It is possible with some inverter/charger units to utilise the inverter Gen Support function and its on-board charger, so a smaller generator set can power loads (in this case 6kw generator) and provide some charging via the inverter, example if the water heater (1200w) switches on by its thermostat to maintain water temperature for say 15 to 20 minutes the inverter then throttles back off from charging. I am really stuck with answers to this issue. Any help would be very much appreciated

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Will the IP6512/7 charge a gel battery

12v 8ah gel battery charging

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Help getting started with Victron

I come to this site seeking an education. A Canadian licensed marine engineer with no really substantial, first hand or in-depth knowledge and understanding of marine solar power systems. I need references for some very basic, educational material on standards and regulations to know and understand how to buy / build these solar power systems, together with developing a solid understanding of the various solar terms, abbreviations and expressions you speak / write in. My interest is primarily in solar battery charging and communications systems for the marine sector.

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BYD with DC system

We have many Telecom sites installed with CCGX and max 3 150/100 smart solar MPPT's. Only DC supply. Backup generator is controlled by CCGX and if needed it is charging batteries thru Huawei rectifier. For new sites we would like to use BYD 13.8 storages so is there any issues expected as there is no inverter connected. @Guy

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How to update MPPT 100 | 30 to 2.12?

I have a new MPPT 100|30 and using a volt-meter it seems to work fine.

Blue "Bulk"-light is lit, and when I go to the Victtonenergy app on my Android, it finds it and connect and says I need to update from 2.10 to 2.12, fine, I click update, then a progress bar shows up at 1% for some time, then shows:

#11 unknown error occurred.

All I can do is click continue upon when the devices want to restart the whole connection process etc and I end up with the same problem?

What should I do?

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Multiplus shuts down when Mk1b converter connected


I have a Phoenix Multiplus 24/300/70. When I plug the plug the UTP cable from the Multiplus into the adapter, the Multiplus shuts down. Is this correct operation? I have not connected to my computer as I don't want to damage anything.

When I unplug it, it powers up again as normal.

I am not sure how old the unit is, as I bought it second hand.

Thanks for any help!


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Compatibility Victonconnect app and Samsung SM-G388F

The manual gives info about somme Samsung Smartphones but does not mention this specific model which connot be related to S2, S3 or whatever. Any information?

Apparently on that phone, the app cannot read a recent CCGX (just installed)

I am asking the question to Samsung with little hope of an answer! Maybe I should buy another phone???

Thanks anyway


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Can you run multiple isolation transformers in Parallel?

Good morning everyone

i would like to know if i can work with 3 isolation transformers in parallel because i need 21KW

thanks you

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