Multiplus II ESS Mode 1 latency and limits

Hi folks,

I just installed a 3-phase ESS Mode 1 with 3 multiplus II 5000-70-50. Since there is a lot of PV installed yet, I decided to connect the PV on AC-Input, and installed an EM24. The installed battery is a pylontech US3000 rack with 2 stacks of 6 battery piles.

I got some error messages about high voltage, but found the information in the tutorial for pylontech batteries about 52V..

The reason I'm writing is the discharge behavior of the multiplus. The latency ist very high (serveral seconds for a load of about 2000W). I searched for a reason, and found a 400W per second limit referenced to the grid codes. Is there any posibility to adjust this value?

The software is up to date (2623474 on the multiplus und 2.54 on the venusGX).

Best regards


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VE.Bus BMS on/off switch

In VE.Bus BMS manual a "System on/off switch" is included in wiring diagrams. What is the purpose of that switch? In my understanding the BMS should always monitor the litium batteries and never be turned off. If the switch turns BMS off, it's useless. But does it turn something else on and off as the name "System switch" suggests?

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Do not display AC Out?


is it possible to remove AC OUT from showing up in the main screen of GX?

I do not have anything connected to AC OUT, but all my loads are connected and correctly shown as "Critical Loads".

My main annoyance with AC OUT Showing are:

- Takes up room on display without adding value

- Showing wrong information (nothing is connected, so there cannot be any loads, but it shows power consumption)



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BMV-712 Contactor Compatibility

I would like to use my 712 to operate two existing contactors as low and high voltage cutoffs but I cannot find any info about what contactor would be compatible with the BMS. The contactors I have are 12V I believe 3A max operating current, 200A load current. I have heard there are also currents that get induced when these are activated that can harm the electronics of the sensor (the 712 in this case). My manual doesn't provide any info that I can find about compatible contactors.

Can I hook mine up directly to the BMS 712?

Do I need 48V instead of 12V contactors?

Do I need a separate 12V power supply for the contactors?

If I had 48V contactors, could I hook them up directly tot he BMS? etc.. etc.

Any help or advice would be appreciated!

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My multiplus 3000w 70 amp unit will not run in invert mode.

I had three multi-plus' connected in parallel, now obsolete, tried to run one of these in inverter mode with 25.6v battery bank inverter wont start, comes up with over the overload light on, but there is no load, battery bank is holding 25v + on solar panels charging at 28v any suggestions, can I do a factory reset manually, If so How? I have tried as below with no success


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Victron connect roadmap, grid code ?

Is there a public roadmap for features in victronconnect?

I see the statement that it is to be a replacment for veconfigure. Also it say grid code not yet supported. When will it be supported so I can use it to configure the grid code in a multiplus 24/800 (small form factor) via bluetooth (using the appropriate dongle)?

By the way, I am a bit confused by the demo library, which have support for multiplus 24/800 but not with a picture of the small form factor variant. Both variants share the same name as far as I can tell. Are both variants supported?

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Not seeing Pylontech US2000B (Battery Monitor) in device list


I have the following equipment installed:

1 x Quattro 48/8000 230V

2 x MPPT Smart Charge Controllers 250/100 MC4

8 x Pylontech US2000B Batteries

1 x Venus GX

The batteries are connected to the Venus through one Can port using the VE Can Cable Type B and the dummy plug is inserted in the other port. However, the Venus isn't recognising the Pylontech, it isn't shown in either the device list for the installation (usually shown under battery monitor) or in the device list section of the remote console.

Can-bus profile is set to Can-Bus BMS (500 kbit/s) and DVCC is enabled. Venus is on firmware 2.31 and Quattro is on 459.

Battery monitor under System Setup is set to Automatic but it appears to have auto selected the Quattro on VE Bus and the BMS is set as Off and doesn't give me the option to change it.

Please help me to enable the Pylontech BMS to act as the battery monitor.


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3rd party external antenna for GSM GX

Hey everyone.

We are about to install many systems in remote places in Africa and will use the GSM GX module for internet connection. Since a lot of the places will have poor connectivity, I am looking at improving the signal with an external antenna.

However, the option offered by Victron (below pic) seems quite limited. The cable is only 0.25 meter long, you need a screw base to attach it somewhere and the gain is only 3 dBi...


Does anyone have experience using antennas from other manufacturers for that?

Will 3rd party antennas work if we make sure to get one with the same type of cable, connector and frequency ranges? Is there anything else to take into account?

Thanks in advance and much sun to all!

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Pylontech UP2500 connection to Venus GX

I have 4 pylontech UP2500 connected to a VENUS GX and Smartsolart MPPT 150/60. On Victron connect I see a battery percentage on the top level but no battery appearing on the device list. The Smartsolar does appear, as does the Multiplus 5000 inverter. should the battries connect to the Venus GX via the Victron CanBus BMS TYPE B cable or should the batteries connect directly to the inverter using this cable? Help please.

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[Van] - 2x 180W panels - choosing right Victron SmartSolar MMPT 100/30 or 100/20?

Wife and I are first time DIY campervan builders. We'll be living and working full-time in them.

Q re: choosing the right Victron Smart Solar MPPT controller.
Is my research and understanding below, correct?

We will be using 2x 180W HQST solar panels in series.


According to this resource here with Will Prowse, he recommends the SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 Charge Controller for a (max solar array of 440w).

However, according to the Victron Calculator -- it's recommending SmartSolar MPPT 100/20.


If we add another 150-180W panel, it seems to change the MPPT version to:


Does this seem to be correct?

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Multiplus II with SmartSolar 250/100 Battery Monitoring

I plan to expand my System(actual setup):

-Multiplus 2 48/5000

-2x Fronius Symo 8.2 (20kWp Gerator Power)

-60kWh battery.


I would like to add 5-6kWp on a SmartSolar 250/100 directly to the battery.

So here the main questions:

Is it possible to monitor the battery still by the Mp II and Smartsolar 250/100 both connected to the CCGX? or is a Smartshunt / Lynx Shunt neccessary?

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Can I have solar connected with a dual battery?

Hi all, I have a dual battery system set up in my car via a battery isolator.
i want to mount a solar panel on the roof rack and run it to my Victron 75/15 solar controller and onto my second AGM battery.

My question is can I have this wired in all the time even when driving the car, will it conflict with the dual battery isolator or will it sense the isolator and not send any charge to my battery?

Just don’t want to fry my battery.

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Zigbee not making connection with EM24 and CCGX

Hello, i have a problem to establish Zigbee Connection from EM24 to CCGX.

The documentation of zigbee is horrible...

is there something known about the LED Behaviour of the zigbees?

my rs485 zigbee status:

Active LED: blinking rapidly

my USB zigbee status:

Active LED : on
TX/RX LED: blinking (maybe 1hz)

maybe somebody has an idea whats going wrong?
Or Maybe additional informations about LED Behavior or Button Functionality of zigbee?

best regards


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Buck Boost low temperature charging

Hello, I am using

Victron Buck-Boost in combination with Victron LifePo4 200Ah battery and VE Mini BMS and I want to ask:

1) Does Buck-Boost cut-off charging when it detects low battery temperature from VE Mini BMS?

2) Or do I need additional Battery Protect between Buck-Boost and Battery?

I am asking, because I'll be using my vehicle frequently in sub-zero temperatures and I want to prevent battery damage that can be caused by charging in sub-zero temperatures.

Thanks for reply,


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Bug Report: VRM solar yield wrong after clearing SmartSolar history


I've recently cleared the history of my SmartSolar, and ever since the hourly yield on the VRM portal is incorrect. It seems to add the lifetime total yield (which I cannot reset) to the yield of every hour, yielding crazy numbers.

I was hoping it would correct itself after a day or two, but it did not. I have tried deleting and re-creating the installation but that did not help either.

The installation ID is 02160482c318.

Is there anything I can do from my side to fix it?


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CCGX not displaying AC Loads

We have an a Quattro 5000 inverter/charger, battle born batteries and 1260 solar array. We don't see the AC input, inverter switch is showing off when it's on and no AC Loads on our CCGX display.

This is a photo below our system connected to shore power.


I have rebooted, unwired, rewired system many times with no luck.

CCGX did work at on time.

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MPPT 75/15 not stopping charge, high voltage alarm

I have rather simple system, I think, for my van. Trying to charge a house battery from solar and vehicle battery. For now I am just trying to get the Solar to work independently ( leave the DC/DC charge out of equation for now). I have looked at the Victron Van concept, which is much more over complicated in comparison to my setup. So I am having troubles understanding the schematic I need.

The MPPT keeps charging the battery well past 13.2V. (I recently changed this down from 13.9V, but it didnt help) It will continue on up towards and past 14V, then battery will read "Busy" , fully charged and stop taking charge. Then it sends a Over Voltage Alarm, referring to "Allow-to-charge contact"

What stops the MPPT or DC/DC from charging when the battery gets fully charged? Do I need an additional Battery Protect? I am not sure if I am missing equipment or have the wrong settings.

All Victron equipment:

12.8V 100Ah LiFePo4

Smart Solar MPPT 75/15

Orion Tr Smart 12/12-30

Smart Battery Protect 12/24-100 (1)

BMV 712 Smart


Lynx Distributor 1000 ( which I dont think I even need)

Solar Panels

2 - 100W Renogy







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Second ET112 powermeter to Cerbo GX.

I have connected ET112 powermeter to Cerbo GX. Now I want to connect second powermeter. Can I daisy chain on the ET112 or do I need a second USB to RS485 cable.

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Need help with BMV712 settings

We had our BMV712 installed in our new camper trailer but the person didn't know what settings to use. And we are getting mid voltage warnings. I have no idea what that means. The installer used 100 watts for the settings.

This is the battery: Interstate 27DC Marine / RV Battery

  • Group Size: 27DC
  • Part Number: 8-27MBP
  • Cold Cranking Amps(CCA): 600
  • Cranking Amps: 750 MCA
  • Reserve Capacity(RC): 160

And here is a screenshot as we drive down the road:


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Victron & Helioscope

I've been working with the guys at Helioscope to try and improve their support for Victron products.

I need some help from team Victron to try and get this right.

I sent them the datasheets for the Multis and Quattros and asked for them to be added. They replied:

"Given the number of optimizer/inverter combinations it will take a long time for us to upload each combination."

I replied with:

"You will see that all of the MPPTs / Charge Controllers / Optimisers / DC - DC Converters / Whatever we want to call them have an efficiency of 98%.

So, with the exception of the EasySolars which have the MPPTs built in, I would create one profile for each MultiPlus and Quattro.

That should not be more than about 10-15 profiles.

But list them as follows:

MultiPlus II 5kVA (4000W) 48V via Victron MPPT (98%)

Then take the specific inverter efficiency, in this case 96% and times by the 98% and get 94.08% overall.

Another example:

MultiPlus II 3kVA (2400W) 48V via Victron MPPT (98%)

95% * 98% = 93.1% overall."

They responded:

"Yes, that is how we would handle the efficiency, but still given the large number, there end up being hundreds of combinations, so if you can give us the first handful to start with, we can begin there.

Also, does Victron have a version of their datasheet with 'average' efficiency? All I see listed here are "max" efficiency values, but that will not capture their performance over a day/year."

I believe in their first comment they have misunderstood my suggestion. I am suggesting that they add only as many devices as there are Multis or Quattros because the MPPT component can be assumed to be the same for each, regardless of model.

So, I have two questions:

1. Is my assumption that the efficiency of *any* Victron MPPT can be assumed using a constant against a pairing with any Multi or Quattro?

2. Can Victron answer to an "average efficiency" that we can use as this constant instead of the "max" figure in the documentation.

Note related post: by @Anton de Swardt

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager)

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With a second battery installed using only an Orion-Tr Smart Charger, can I use "hot" auxiliary outlets with the ignition key off?

I want to install an Orion-Tr Smart DC DC charger and a second battery as you show in your charger manual. Once installed, I want to use the "hot" accessories in my vehicle with the ignition key turned off. Will the smart charger use the second battery in this scenario? asked

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NMEA 2000 VE-Bus setup instances

in a existing system we need to configure the VE-BUS N2K Interface to Setup the DC Battery Instances for the System to 4. In the moment the system had 4 Batterybanks and ready instances 0 to 3 programmend. It is possible to Setup into all Victron N2K Adapters any Instance into the PGNs?

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Off Grid System for Music Playback

Hi I am a real audiophiliac bitten by the hi-fi bug.

A month ago I lent a Goal Zero Yeti 3000. The Goal Zero is a generator running on batteries. I lent it because I would try to see if there was any improvements in the sound quality running my tube amp and dac off grid. I was using the 230V output but without the charger running.

The sound was much better, but the Yeti 3000 was having some very noisy fans.

So I want to build my own system of some good parts.

When playing I am using around 380w so I figure I could buy a 24V 100Ah LiFePo4 battery and have energy for 4 hours music with a DOD of 50%

I would like to start charging the battery automatic at a given voltages so I don't drain it to much.

So what product(s) should I buy? I have looked at the Phoenix Inverter Smart 24v 230V output, is this the right choice for me?Phoenix Inverter Smart

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Fuse size for MPPT 100/50

I’m installing a mppt 100/50 in a van build. I have 3 -180 watt panels wired in a series. I have a 15amp dipole disconnect between mppt and the panels but what size fuse should I use between the busbar and the mppt? I was guessing 75amps or 100??

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New Victron Pheonix 48/3000 inverter - loud hum and lots of glue inside

I just got a new Phoenix 48/3000 smart inverter.

A couple things I'm not too impressed with and want to get a 2nd opinion before contacting the company I bought it off.

The way the main toroid is glued to the components to the side of it is very messy, I'm not sure if this is normal? Has anyone else seen the inside of one of these? See the pictures attached, is this normal?

Also, there's a loud humming sound coming from the toroid when under any load, from 150va up to 2000va, it gets louder as more more loads are connected. Again is this normal?



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Reset Multi-plus with dip switches How?

Is it possible to reset the multi-plus to stand alone by the dip switches.

When i connect the battery power and switch it on it brings up an overload, if i then change the dip switches to factory reset, and press the save button nothing happens.

Have i got the sequence wrong, or can this only be done by computer and the link?

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AERL Earth Guard detecting Negative to Ground fault on MultiPlus II 3000/48


Installing a ground fault detection device (the AERL EarthGuard) which references PV +, PV- and Ground.

System is 250/100 MPPT, 3 Multi Plus II 3000/48 / 35-32s, Kilowatt Labs 3.55kWh modules x2.

It all works fine, but when I installed the Earth Guard, which was the last thing I did. It detected a fault between ground and negative. Which I've isolated to be coming from the MultiPlus II.

Is there functional negative grounding in the MPIIs? Is there an option to turn this off?

The AERL manufacturer said it could be a faulty unit.

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Quattro 48/10000/140 excessive idle power consumption

My Victron 48/10000 consumes more than 115-130W while in an idle mode (drains nearly 2.4A), is something wrong with the settings or is it faulty unit?

This is a newly installed off-grid system, that is not connected to house AC circuits yet, so zero AC load. The Victron data sheet says the consumption should be 60W, so it seems that my unit consumes twice as much, literally wasting ~2.8kWh daily just for its own operation.

Please tell me it's not normal? I just find it a bit far too excessive, and very frustrating, considering that I won't use more than 7-8kWh per day for all other appliances combined.. What is the point then of searching for and buying energy efficient fridges/freezers and other appliances if Victron itself consumes more than them all combined?

Anyone else has similar issue? Has it been resolved by your dealer/installer or Victron themselves?

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BMV-712 stays 'alive' with Aux Power signal?

Simple question I think?

On the BMV-712, If the auxilary input, used for the Starter Battery, is at 12V, will the BMV still work and keep all the current data if the main power input is removed? So when the Main input is back, it will carry on where it left off in terms of data?

Unfortunately I didn't think to check this before I started a couple of battery discharge tests, and which I am now in the middle of so cannot check this with either of my BMV-712s in case the answer is no and I loose the SOC and Ahs used info when power is re-established.

(I am doing a full discharge test on a LiFePO4 until the BMS cuts out so expect to have the 12V cut out at some time)

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