Life Time of Quattro and smart sloar and warranty

Hi, All

We are designing system for utility. Clinet requires infor in tender.

  1. Provide the mean time between failures (MTBF) of the equipment
  2. Can you request to send the latest warranty documentation

Just wonder where I can get them for Quttro 10 kVa and smart solar 250/100

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Trying to decipher this GX webscreen shot

I am trying to understand everything this screen shot below is telling me. I think I know what it is

134w should be what my panels are putting out.

157w is what I am currently using thru the shunt that the BMV sees.

-22w are being pulled from the batteries to make up the difference between what the panels are producing and the 157w consumed by the coach?

62% is the SOC.

13.2v is the battery voltage.

-1.7A is the 22w @ 13.2v.

Yes, I cannot wait till I can replace my Magnum with a Multiplus to fill in the rest of the fields.


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Multiplus Cables Overheating

I have recently installed the following

  • 335 W Solar Panel
  • SmartSolar 100|30 MPPT
  • 200 Ah Smart Lithium
  • SmartShunt 500Amp
  • 12|2000|50 Mult
  • BlueSea 6006 (rated 300amp)
  • Self Made Bus Bar (1x.25 with 3/8 holes -or- 25x6 with 9.5 holes)

I have been testing things before putting the system under (big)load and things have been coming along nicely. Today, I put the system under a 1500w load. As soon as I do the SmartShunt temp begins to rise quickly. All cables are getting warm (Pos and Neg, Battery to Bus and Bus to Multi). The cables are 1/0 AWG. Connections are tight. When the temp gets to 40C or 105F I am removing the load.

I've added pics of system and screen shots from MPPT, Shunt and Multi.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Easysolar 48/5000/70 grid connect

Hello i have a customer with a easysolar 48/5000/70 with an additional 150/35 charge controller on the dc bus.

When in ess mode grid connect as4777 can we set this to not charge battery from grid and supply all loads during the day from pv/battery only and only draw grid when excess is required? I have had a look through the settings but could not find an option for this.

Also can anyone confirm the firmware version required for the easy solar, it is about 2 years old and was running as an offgrid setup previously. He would like to export once battery is full and all loads are supplied via pv. i have not yet been to site to retrieve the current firmware data.

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Incorrect SOC monitoring


Till now I dind't quite succeed in having the SOC showing in console (what I think should be) correct measurements. My system has a Multi 3000/24/70-16 and 2 solar chargers, VenusGx. The discharge seems linear, from 100% going down... but the charge seems to stall and I only get to 100% after a on grid charge by the multi, and only after full absorption period.... makes a big leap from whatever stalled value it has to the 100%. In solar not even this.

So, I suspect I have incorrect values somewhere, for example in the VE Config battery monitor section:


My batteries are 730Ah, but this is the C100 value (they are OPzS). What should we use? C10 instead?

Efficiency - is this to take into account the losses on cables? Could it explain the SOC never reaching to 100% in solar?

State of charge when bulk finished, left it on default...

Since my SOC monitoring has not being very reliable, I can't use it as trigger for other functions, which I would like to do... any help appreciated.

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Higher charge voltage on Pylontech after Venus OS 2.60


After upgrading my VenusGX to 2.60 I noticed that my Pylontech batteries is charging with a higher voltage. Has this been changed?



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Victron Multiplus 2 - bridging the neutral conductor
Hello everybody,

I'm planning a PV system with storage for a buddy and I've run into a problem ...

-Two-family house, two counters
-Common batteries
-Two Multiplus 2 500/70, one for each apartment
-Fronius SYMO 5kVA
-CEEE socket in the garage
-ESS, zero feed

So there is no problem with the independent power distribution to the apartments, but there is a problem with the CEEE socket. Here I would have to bridge N conductors from multiplus input and output.

Is it allowed?

I don't understand why the input and output are separated from N (?)

To understand my problem, I am adding the scheme I have planned so far. There is a mistake. Apartment 2 gets L2 instead of L1 from Fronius. And CEEE doesn't get an L2 from Fronius.



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VRM problem no energy consumption is shown

I have actual two MPPTs for two solar strings in my car (RV/Overlander)

And a smart shunt plus the Cerbo GX.

For some weeks everything worked very well, I could see all data at the VRM homepage.

If Saturday only the solar data are displayed, but not the energy consumption any more.

The actual consumption is still shown on the Dashboard side, but not in the graphs and statistics any more. What could be the reason? I have changed nothing in between.

On the remote console display I still can see all data. Solar and energy DC consumption.

I have restarted now the Cerbo GX two or three times, but nothing changed.

Thx for a hint

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Not getting any power in RV


I have a multiple Lithium set-up with the MultiPlus 12/3000 and am unable to get any power to my RV, even when plugged into shore. I'm hoping someone can help me isolate where the problem is.

Full disclosure: I did lend it to a friend who plugged into 50 amp by mistake, but I did have power in the RV after that. I have been unable to get power after storing the RV for about a week (solar panels were covered by roof) and I am assuming the batteries got too low.

See links below (first one is a few second video, the others are photos).

The Color Control is not getting any power and the Battery Monitor display is flashing in a strange way.

MPPT 100 50 Charge controller float light is on and battery terminals measure 13.5 V

Battery Protect display next to it has no power

Cyrix Li ct battery combiner has slow blue flash every 10 seconds

Display on battery protect is off

VE BUS BMS red led is on

Voltage across battery connector cables inside Multiplus measures 6V.

I did notice that the VE.Bus BMS Mains detector had come out of its case and circuit board was exposed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Is there a way to test the frequency shifting that controls AC coupled inverter?

I have a on-grid inverter made by Spirvent.

Unfortunately this maker does not exist any more and I cannot get any reliable info about it now.

It still works so I would not want to spent money on the new one, just to be sure that it will work in AC coupled configuration, because it is on the Victron approved list.

Is there a way to test this Spirvent reaction to frequency shifting other than connecting it on AC out and waiting for the moment that MultiPlus-II will need to lower inverter output and starts shifting the frequency?

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Is it possible for a fuse to half-blow? [Answered]

In the interest of furthering the knowledge base this Community provides, I'm asking a question here -and will post the answer below- that I receive not infrequently when assisting Victron (and other) customers with troubleshooting their various devices and ask them to check the fuse to ensure that it's not blown or half-blown:

"Is it really possible for a fuse to half-blow? I've never heard of that!"

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Network Total Power field is way off. Worked correctly the other day.

Right now my three controllers power is adding up to about 700 watts if you view them individually. But the new network power field is very wrong today. I verified all three are networked with green checks. You can see in this screen shot that one panel is putting out 242 watts, but the network field is showing 64 watts total. One of my controllers was showing 64 watts, but the third was over 300w at the time. Total should have been close to 600 watts.


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Is it possible to set up a split-phase 480/240 V with a European Quattro?

I need to connect from the power grid ( 2 phases at 480 V with neutral conductor) a split-phase system with two Quattro to feed a serial of street-lights at 240 V.

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Wiring help for Victron Orion TR Smart 12 12 30 in motorhome


I am switching over from lead battery in my motorhome and installing a lithium battery. I am attempting to install the Orion-TR Smart DC-DC Charger so the vehicle alternator charges the battery while driving.

  • The Victron doesn’t seem to work properly grounded to the chassis as in the factory configuration. It appears I need to run the ground to the battery post directly?

  • If I ground the lithium battery directly to the Victron instead of the chassis ground is it okay to also keep the ground from the battery for the chassis since the Power Converter needs that ground?

  • Because of the Buss Bar, will it cause “crossing” of the 12. 5 AMPS coming off the alternator mixing with the 14.4 the Victron Orion?

  • The Victron won’t power on unless I have Remote Wire Bridge attached, which the instructions say not to attached until you get the Bluetooth set up, which won’t connect.


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Regular MPPT Power Loss ?

Good morning,

even if the overall line is perfect, I recognize a regular power drop of all of my MPPT on a regular bases every 10 minutes.


Here you can see my three MPPTs (orange, blue and darkblue) and their total (green) Power in Watt from 07:55 to 09:55.

In the exactly same time frame my Solaredge Converter shows a perfectly straight line without power downs.

Does anybody have an idea whats going on there and what I can do against it ?



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SONNENSCHEIN A602 SOLAR 8 OPZV 1130 battery capacity

I installed SONNENSCHEIN A602 SOLAR 8 OPZV 1130 with QUATTRO 48/15000/200-100/100.

According to its manual, battery capacity C10 = 908Ah and C100 = 1096Ah. Accoring to label on the battery, its C120 capacity is 1131Ah.

What number is supposed to be input to VE configure program? C10, 20, 100 or 120?



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Can I use BERG UPN30 power meter with Victron 3-phase system?

Can I use BERG UPN30 power meter with Victron 3-phase system?

This power meter is equiped with RS 485 output.

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How to add another ET112 or ET340

Hi guys. I recently bought a Victron AC current sensor to measure PV inverter output but I'm missing the AUX in ports and I want to keep temperature compensation so I'm looking at alternative ways to do this. My current setup is as follows, setup as ESS, AC coupled:


I could add another ET112 as follows:


I want to use the same USB-RS485 cable if possible. I remember reading that you can't change the MODBUS address of the ET112 without software from Carlo however my CCGX devices pages appears to let me change the MODBUS ID as below:


If I change this to 30 for example, I get two grid meters on the main menu briefly, with one showing "not connected", and the other reading the grid and I can go into this new one in devices and it shows Modbus ID 30. Does this change the Modbus ID of the ET112 itself or is it a Venus OS address?

The other option is to add an ET340. I've had a look at the standard diagram for this as below:


Just looking at this, unless I'm reading it wrong, the grid metering only appears it would measure current going into/out of the multiplus and pv inverter whilst ignoring the AC load currents (are they supposed to be top right? Or are the loads expected to be connected to the AC OUT of the multiplus? which would be different to my setup so I came up with the following diagram but not sure if it is correct depending on how the CCGX is setup and what it expects in this special dual function mode:


Does this seem like it might work or is there a diagram I'm missing for a parallel grid setup and the ET340 dual mode function?

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Which Orion 24/12 to power 12V consumers is correct for my application

Hi all

I couldn't find a direct answer, most people seam to be using Orion's to charge batteries.

I'm helping a friend with the electrical system in his caravan. The caravan has a 24V battery bank and inverter, but there are a couple of 12V consumers like lights, fridge and radio.

Will the Orion 24/12-25A non isolated be the correct DC-DC to use to run the 12V consumers in the caravan or should a isolated one be used?

For now I think 25A will be a good size to start with, but we can always add a second one in parallel should it be needed at a later stage.

Also, if this is the correct Orion, is it recommended to place a big fuse on the 12V output side and if so what size of fuse? Each of the 12V devices lights, fridge etc will also have its own inline fuse.



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What is / Can we tune BatteryLife cutoff (SmartMPPT 75/15)

I am using a pre-used 65Ah car starter battery on a tiny trailer camper. It will eventually need replacing, but I am hoping to squeeze two more years out of it. It's only feeding LED lights and phone/tablets (oh, and the potable water pump)

The MPPT is set to BatteryLife. To preserve the battery I would like to go even less deep into the battery. So while I know the BatteryLife modifies the cutoff based on whether it has seen Float that day, what is the actual base cutoff, and can it be uplifted a bit.

While I am assuming it is one of the common numbers of 10.6v or 11.1v, I feel to be safe 11.6 is a good number too. I can set that by disabling BatteryLife, but I trust the Victron engineers knew what they were doing when they game up with that adaptive cutoff. I would just like to tune the latter to "extra-safe-BatteryLife" or "conservative Battery-Life"

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Solar dealer / maintenance in the east midlands

A friend who is not very tech savvy has a problem with his solar system. I gather his dealer went bust and the people the administrators passed him to say they can’t help because his system is non residential. Can anyone pass me the details of someone in the East Midlands (Bilsthorpe) area that we can get to come out and have a look at the system?

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Is it possible to charge two 12V batteries wired in parallel

Hello guys,

I got a question for you: I have an installation in a camper van with two 100ah 12V batteries (which gives me 200ah 12V as they are wired in parallel), and using a Victron IP22 to charge them. So far I charge them individually, but I would like to know if it is possible to charge them at the same time.

On this product page ( it says that "This unit is able to charge either a single 12V battery, or several 12V batteries connected in parallel (batteries must be the same type, capacity and age)." Which is exactly what I need :) The question is how to wire the charger properly.

Thank you !


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Is the VE.Bus BMS compatible with a Phoenix Combi 12/1600/75

I'm looking at upgrading our boats electrical system to a LiFePO4-based system. As far as the components go, I'm pretty sure I have the configuration figured out. The only thing I cannot determine, is whether our current Victron Phoenix Combi 12/1600/75 Inverter/Charger is compatible with the VE.Bus BMS. The setup I am thinking about is very similar to the example given in the VE.Bus BMS manual, shown below. Can we use our Phoenix Combi in this setup?


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Cerbo GX Sensor Recommendations

I'm super excited to find that Cerbo GX can monitor my batteries, solar, AND tanks. My stock KIB sensors are nearly useless, reading 2/3 full until gray water starts coming up my drain, signaling 100% full. It's pathetic.

Does anyone know what sensors I can use that will give accurate level readings and work with Cerbo GX / GX Touch? I would like fresh, gray, black, and propane sensors that work with Cerbo GX.

Will this work? Do I really need 4 sensors for just the black tank?!?

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Number of Cells in Series or Array Voltage. Which is more important?

I have reviewed manuals for several SmartSolar MPPT charge controllers. Section 3.3 "PV Configuration" lays out the guidelines for the solar array. It gives minimum, recommended and maximum number of individual solar cells in series, i.e. " Minimum number of cells in series: 72 (2x 12V panel in series or one 24V panel)".

Is the number of cells important or is this a generalization to get the user in the correct operating voltage range? That voltage range being Vbat+5 to 10-15% below the voltage limit.

For example, charging a 12v battery bank with a controller that has a recommended series cell count of 72. Using a single 24v panel, would it matter if the panel had 72 cells or 60 cells as long as the voltage is within the parameters?

I am using the Victron Energy MPPT Calculator Excel spreadsheet to determine voltage range vs temperature for individual panels.


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Saltlike substance from MPPT?

I found a salt like substance coming from my MPPT charge controller. (75/15). Is there something inside that could leak a salt like substance?

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Grounding chassis vs AC-IN and AC-OUT

I'm finishing up a fixed install of two Multiplus 24/3000 in a split phase setup and wanted to make sure I understood how grounding is handled.

In Wiring Unlimited for a fixed install looks like the Multiplus chassis ground connects to a bus bar (in my case Lynx distributor) along with the battery negative terminal which is bonded to the ground rod for our house. Using a multimeter it looks like all ground points are connected. Is there a difference between grounding through the chassis ground point vs AC-IN and AC-OUT and if not is OK to use only the chassis ground?


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Am I correct that I cant use the Victron Connect Windows app with my Victron Bluetooth enabled devices?

Am I correct that I cant use the Victron Connect Windows app with my Victron Bluetooth enabled devices? Why is that? My laptop can pair with my BMS and charge controllers but they dont show up in the Windows app.

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2x MultiPlus VE.Bus monitor

I have two MultiPlus units (1200 & 2000) both running independently as UPSs for two critical systems.
Can I daisy-chain the VE.Bus ports so I can monitor both units without having to physically change leads?


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Battery protect 65 stucked on


I have a (not smart) Battery Protect 65 A, that have worked for maybe 2 years.

Now I tested to open the remote connection on the Battery Protect. The load continues to have power. I.e. the Battery Protect did not turn off.

The load on the Battery Protect basically looks like below. I have MPPTs and Multiplus but that is on the battery side. I also have a 20 W lamp on the Battery protect output. I also have some small loads on the secondary sides on the DCDCs.

I'm considering to buy a new, but not fun to buy a new if I don't know why it failed.

Any ideas?


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