Easysolar-II GX Screen does not show battery state of charge

Easysolar-II GX Screen does not show my battery bank battery state of charge. How can i get it to display this info please ?

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LoRaWAN stops working after a while

After about 2 days I stop receiving data from the lorawan. No changes to the flashing green light, tried restarting everything (router, gateway lorawan)

Software is updated on all three units,

Was all working perfectly for a few days then dropped out and hasn't worked since.

Any ideas?


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What is the best way to connect Multiple MPPTs to Color Control?


I have 4 MPPTs and 1 BMV and I want to add them to Color Control. MPPTs have also can.

Now, what's the best way to connect them?

- all via can and BMV via ve.direct

- 3 via can and 1 via ve.direct and BMV via ve.direct

- all 4 via USB and BMV to ve.direct

- all 5 devices via USB

My question is if I can mix connection (can, ve.direct and ve.usb) or need to add all on same connection type?

Second question: How many USB devices can add to Color Control max? I read in manual that 5 is max. processor can handle. If plan to add more MPPTs need to change my GX device?

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Where can i find the VRM Portal ID on my EasySolar II GX

am trying to add an installation of my EasySolar II GX and i cant find the correct VRM Portal ID.
The VRM ID showing on the device sticker does not work. Also this VRM ID is exactly the same as ETH MAC. Is that normal, what am i missing please ?
Any help is really appreciated.

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MultiPlus 3000 bricked during failed firmware update

One of our customers tried updating the firmware of his Multiplus 12/3000 using (initially) VictronConnect and an MK3-USB. This failed halfway, and since then the inverter will show all LEDs flashing when switched on. He tried redoing the update with VE.Configure to no avail, at this point the MK3 won't even see the inverter any more.

I've read through all the posts on this forum that describe a similar issue, but none seem to have a solution for my customer's dilemma.

Is there a way to get the inverter to revert to an older firmware, so we can get it to communicate again? Any other suggestions to recover from this?

Thank you!


Solacity Inc.

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Feature Request: Option to scale VictronConnect for Windows

My friend has the screen size on her Win10 Laptop set to 150%. (For her old eyes.) As you can see in the screen shot, the standard VictronConnect window does not scale to fit. Nor can I scroll it.

It would be nice to have the option to choose a different size of the window, or, as a minimum, to have the window show scroll bars.


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Cumul des puissances Fronius + Multiplus en couplage AC


Je dimensionne une installation Hors-Réseau avec un Multiplus + couplage AC Fronius Primo + couplage DC.

J'ai bien compris la règle 1:1 en couplage AC.

Mais je cherche à savoir si sur une belle journée et avec les batteries chargées on peut cumuler ou dépasser la puissance du convertisseur + celle de l'onduleur. P_tot=P_Multiplus + P_Fronius

Le client souhaite alimenter une machine de 2000W uniquement lors des belles journée mais avec ces autres équipements il peut y avoir des consommation jusqu'à 4200W au total sur 2h cumulées.

Je pense coupler en AC un Multiplus 3kVA avec un Fronius Primo 3kVA et commencer avec 1.5kWc en couplage DC que je peux facilement faire évoluer.

Le but est de na pas passer sur 5kVA car le client ne consomme pas plus de 2000W 70% du temps

Merci de votre lectures et vos réponses

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Multiplus starts charging from grid when SoC limit is reached


lately I discovered a strange behaviour of my Multiplus. When the battery reaches the SoC limit at night, it will start to charge the batteries with around 120W from grid. It will not stop to do so even if the SoC is above the limit.

My install:

3x Multiplus II 48/3000 running Firmware 481

1x Cerbo Gx running v2.80~16-large-21

8x Pylontech US2000C

2x Fronius Galvo



How can I prevent this behaviour?

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Can you connect the Cables in the Pylontech Kit to a Multiplus II 48/5000?


I was just wondering if you were able to use the Cables in Pylontech's Cable Kit and connect it straight to a Multiplus II 48/5000. The Multiplus II recommends the cable to be 70mm^2, while the cables in Pylontech Kit are 25mm^2. Also this might be a dumb question can you cut the Pylontech cables and put them through a dc fuse disconnector and cut it again and place in a Lynx Distributer and then eventually to the inverter charger?
I created a quick diagram of what I am planning to install.


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Absorption Voltage higher than set up - temperature compensation is not the reason

Hi there,

in my camper I substituted the PWM charger with a SmartSolar 100/20. Since then, my Whale heater signals frequently an over-voltage-error (>= 15V) despite that the absorption voltage is set to 14.4V.

A tracking of the battery voltage has shown, that there is indeed occasionally a spike up to 15V.

What can I do to fix the problem?

- Howie65

Additional information: the SmartSolar receives Voltage, Current and Temperature from a SmartShunt via Bluetooth. I did not test if this leads into timing issues.



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how to 12v 1200w Phoenix inverter wire and fuse sizing ?

The manual says maximum gauge wire is 35mm2 or 2awg ? Send a little small for peak power 2400w ? The manual also doesn't have any info on wire fuse size? Do I fuse the wire with 200A (for 2400w) or 100A (for continuous 1200w) ? I emailed Victron North America distributor but did not get any response.

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SmartSolar Problem - Batteriespannung zeigt zeitweise Spitze über 15V, obwohl Absorptionsspannung auf 14,4V eingestellt.

Installation: Camping-Kastenwagen mit 2x150 Wp, AGM Batterie mit 95 Ah, höchster Strom ca. 20 A (dazu müssen Kühlschrank, Dieselheizung, Wasserboiler gleichzeitig anlaufen). Alle Geräte sind parallel zum Laderegler an die AGM angeschlossen. Installiert sind ein SmartShunt und ein SmartSolar 100/20.

Eines vorab: die Temperaturkompensation ist mir bekannt und hat mit dem Problem nichts zu tun.

Problembeschreibung: In einem wenige Monate alten Camper, habe ich den PWM Regler gegen einen MPPT SmartSolar 100/20 getauscht. Der vorhandene Heißwasser-Boiler meldet seitdem sporadisch eine Überspannung >= 15V. Und tatsächlich, sobald während der Absorptionsphase eine Last abschaltet, steigt die Batteriespannung über 15V, bevor diese gemütlich wieder Richtung eingestellte Absorptionsspannung von 14,4 V pendelt.

Weiß jemand, was die Ursache sein könnte und ob es hier eine Abhilfe gibt?



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ESS Sustain current 2k BMS

Ich verwende Multiplus 2 GX mit einem ESS und konfiguriere das 2-Kanal-BMS.

Wenn die bms das Signal UVP geben, beginnt das Multi mit dem maximalen Strom zu laden. und es wird nie aufhören.

das ist ein Problem. gibt es dafür eine lösung? Ich würde, dass das Multi mit einer max. 5 Ampere Strom und stoppen Sie den Ladevorgang bei der Erhaltungsspannung. Oder kehren Sie zum normalen Gebrauch zurück, wenn das UVP-Signal verloren geht.

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What isolators, fuses, circuit breakers or other products do I need to install my System?


I have recently purchased:

- 2 x 48v Pylontech 3.55kwh Batteries

- Victron Multiplus II 48/5000

- Victron SmartSolar MPPT 150/70

- Victron Cerbo GX

- 6 x LG Neon 2 360w Solar Panels

I am wondering what fuses, isolators, circuit breakers and any other products do I need to fully complete and install my system. Do I need a DC Fuse Disconnector straight after the Batteries? Do I need a Lynx Distributor, if yes, what does it do. It would be awesome if somebody could draw a diagram where each isolator, fuse or circuit breaker goes in my setup. Any help will be much appreciated.

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Quattro goes into Passthrough with shore or generator

We have a customer that has 2x Multi 12/3000 and one Quattro 12/5000. The Quattro and one of the Multis will sometimes go into ‘Passthrough’ mode when connected to shore or generator when realistically it should be in Bulk mode as the batteries are low. As a temporary solution I have just been doing a system Reset via the Cerbo GX and when it resets it goes into bulk.

Has anyone had any experience with this?


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MyPV AC-Thor in off-grid system - settings?


the manual (https://www.victronenergy.com/live/actor_offgrid ) says that when using AC-Thor in an off-grid system frequency shifting (PV-inverter assistent) has to be activated at the Multi.

- Is this also necessary if only DC-coupled PV is used (no PV-inverter on AC-out)?

- what are the frequency settings in the "PV-inverter" assistent? Are the default-settings ok?

Best regards

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How to connect solar panels and eventually to my MPPT?


I have 6 LG Neon 2 360W Panels and I want to connect 2 strings of 3 panels. I have purchased 8metres of 4mm2 Twin Core Solar Cable and 10metres of 6mm2 Twin Solar Cable. I have just spoken to a friend and he said why did you get twin core, you should have got single. Can anyone tell me the difference and how you would connect my system with twin core solar cables?

Any Help will be much Appreciated


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Sustain current too high?

Hello Victron fellows,

I have set some Li ion with Victron inverters, always for self consumption with PV inverters, but this one is cracking me up. This system consists in three 48V Multiplus II 3000/35 as a three phasic system, and an ESS assistant is set. The sustain voltage is 43V and cuttoff around 42V. The modules have a low SOH, but the system should work anyway. It charges and discharges correctly, up to the point where my BMS disables allow to discharge at around 48V, because there are low cells (it should discharge to less than 42V if it was good).

Then, Sustain mode is active and the current goes UP TO 90A. Of course when this happens the voltage raises quickly, the allow to discharge comes on again and it goes to Discharging mode. Repeating the process endlessly - Even without PV POWER, that means it consumes a lot of power.

My question is, why does it go up to 90A, since sustain mode should be 5A per unit and how can I solve this?

Thank you very much!

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2 x Multiplus II per phase in Australia (not Split, Parallel or 3 Phase configuration)

Hi everyone! Need help!

My current setup Multiplus II 48/5000/70 with CT sensor - Cerbo GX and 320ah 14S managed by Batrium BMS (talks via VE can) runs ESS on 1st phase.

Everything being running good, so I decided to add one more inverter on second phase. (Not in parallel, 3 phase or split phase (I'm in Australia 240V per phase here already).

It appears I can't setup second inverter in ESS unless I add second GX servo as well. As soon I daisy chain VE Bus I get error. Running "quick VE config" only gives me parallels, split, 3 phase options.

For my application I only need ESS to run on 2 phases - can't run 3 phase setup. (3rd phase managed by other system already).

Running 2 independent Cerbo GX with MP II would work but than I'll have issue with BMS or have to use another battery with separate BMS ? I assume I can't split one VE Can to talk to 2 separate GXs

Any info would be great! Maybe I'm missing something or there is another way around it?

Thank you


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Oversizing a PV Array (within max Voc and Isc) can do any damage to MPPT ?

Hello there,

I currently am using a BlueSolar MPPT 100/30 while my defect 150/60 is getting replaced.
At first I only connected 2 of my 4 BenQ 330W modules in parallel, but they are not getting the job done on cloudy days...
I am now considering connecting them all 4 in parallel. The modules' specified Voc is 64.9V, the Isc is 6.52A, getting in total about 27A, well below the 35A limit for max Isc...

With the colombian sun at midday, I sometimes got more than 1600W from my 4 x 330W modules, nearly doubling the nominal PV power specified for my 24V system with the MPPT 100/30.

Could this oversizing cause damage to the MPPT, although inside the permitted range of Voc and Isc? Could there be shortening of the lifetime of the device because of "abuse"? Will it get very hot?

Any clarification very appreciated, thanks in advance and greetings from Medellin.

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No Bluetooth connection between Blue Smart IP67 Charger 12/13 an Android / iOS Smartphone

I connected my new Blue Smart IP67 Charger 12/13 with with my Galaxy S10e Smartphone. Connection, firmware update and changing Bluetooth PIN were successfully.

After installing the VictronConnect App on a second device (I-Phone 7), the connection was also successfully.

Then I tried to reconnect to the Galalxy. Result:

No device ist listed on both smartphones! Aft

I tried the following on all devices: delete the bluetooth entries, delete cache, restart smartphones and Blue Smart Charger, uninstall an reinstall the Victron App.

Result: No bluetooth device is available on both smartphones. Also the installation on a third device (Android Tablet) was not successful!

Any ideas or solutions?

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AES search mode mode not starting in low watt settings, why?

Hi guys,

When I configure my new Multiplus 12/1600/70 with AES Search Mode enabled to start saving below 12W and stop saving above 44W - the lowest permitted values by Victron Connect (see the screenshot below), the AES actually never starts, despite Victron Connect showing consumption under 10W. When I increase start to about 22W it will properly switch to AES mode, but I would like to go as low as possible. There is nothing connected to AC OUT at this moment.


What could be the explanation for this?



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Long term power off - settings saved?

Hi, my motorhome is going into storage for a few months - (no solar, no shore power). I have Victron LiFePo4 batteries on board with a Multiplus, VE.Bus BMS, Cerbo GX, smartshunt, Lynx Power In, Orion.

I had planned on the following

0. Turning the multi off at the DMC panel

1. flipping the breakers (off) for the charge input (solar and orion), and load output.

2. Pulling the main fuses from the Lynx so that the batteries are isolated from all load/charge

Anything else I've forgotten?

Will my settings on my MultiPlus and Cerbo GX be saved if they are without power for several months?


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How to switch off the MPPT with ignition on

Currently I have my 75/10 MPPT and Orion 12/12-30 wired up in parallel to the battery, which is totally fine. But I recognized that with alternating Solar input whilst driving (shaded by trees, bridges etc.) the voltage is jumping and when starting the car after the engine was off and the MPPT took over, it takes a while for the Orion to realized it should start working. Sometimes it doesn't even put out any voltage/current until the solar panels were shaded for a longer period of time.

I want to avoid this by switching off the MPPT when the ignition is on.

How can I manage this, what cables and components do I need?

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Fronius Wattpilot in Victron+Fronius system


Anyone has the experience having the Fronius Wattpilot installed into a hybrid system: Victron Multi/Quattro + Fronius Inverter + CCGX + pylontech batteries?


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Added multiplus 12/3000/30 and it is popping my main breaker

Just installed a multiplus 12/3000/30. I have not programmed the system yet.

Hooked up the battery (12v 400amp LiFePo4) Pos terminal > Class T fuse > Contactor > Manual On/Off Switch > Lynx Distributor Bus Bar > 400amp Class T fuse > Multiplus. (I'm planning on adding an On/Off Switch between the Multiplus and the Lynx but I haven't done so yet)

Neg Terminal > BMV-712 Shunt > Lynx Distributor > Multiplus

Shorepower 30a > Main Breaker dual bar 30a (ELCI and Reverse Polarity protection) > Multiplus > 3 GCFI outlets.

Once again, I have not programmed the Multiplus yet. I think I need to get the MK3 Ve.bus to USB.

When I turn on the Multiplus it trips the "main breaker" and switches to inverter mode. Inverter mode works fine.

The issue is, I need to charge my batteries. I don't want to drain new batteries without charging them. I was hoping that the Multiplus would charge from shorepower but it flips the main breaker after a few seconds.

I can't really go without power until I get the MK3 (3 days according to Amazon). I have a AC to DC charger that is made for LiFePo4 batteries. I was thinking of connecting it to the Lynx Distributor and running an extention cord from the dock (I'm on a boat) to charge the battery. I have a REC BMS.

A) do you think the AC to DC charger will work

B) do you think the problem with the main breaker flipping has to do with programming?

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Smartsolar MPPT trips its Noark battery breaker often

I have a customer using a Victron MPPT 250/60 with 3.6kW of PV (and 190Ah 48V Marathon MF/T)
It is exporting from the batteries, so the controller runs at full power for a few hours in the middle of the day in sunny weather.
The controller is isolated from the batteries by a Noark Ex9BP (DC) 63A breaker, but it has tripped a couple of times in the middle of the day. I wouldn't have thought a Victron 60A unit could hold 63A or more for the time needed to trip the breaker?

Aren't they limited to 60A continuous?
From the breakers trip curve, worst case, I get something like:
2.8 hours @ 63A
10s @ 130A
5ms @ 6kA


Is it possible the MPPT circuit control could be switching on and off too quick when doing a retracking under full power, and creating a very high current spike of 6kA for 5ms?
Eg, mosfets have inadequate snubbing? or poor snubbing algorithm in firmware? (if it can respond that fast!) - I'm guessing - any ideas please?

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Another Battery Balancer Query

I've searched, can't find a clear answer.

System is 4*106Ah lead carbon Wired in 2 pairs for 24V. Victron balancer, BMV712 monitor. Pretty new, kit is roughly 12 months old, batteries have never been discharged below 90%. Permanent charge ftom Easy solar.

One bank is always lower than the other, but doesn't alarm. Difference usually about 0.1-0.2 V. Have measured this on the batteries, at the balancer and with the monitor. All agree. Measured the current at the balancer with a clamp meter. It's draining the bank with the lower voltage.

I'm about to start using it more heavily, down to about 20%DOD.


Is this normal?

Is it going to lead to battery damage?

What to do?

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