Pylontech modules blocking charge / discharge

I have 4 x 3000 pylontech and 4 x 3000c batteries connected together with one of the C models as master. I have noticed on the Venus GX under the Pylontech section that sometimes it indicates that only 4 batteries are online and 4 modules blocking charge / discharge. This mostly happen at night but during the day it indicates 8 modules are online. Is there a problem with my configuration?


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Multiplus 12 1600 70 short buzz on air con commpressor cut in

Brand new multiplus 12 1600 70. Running airconditioner new sparrow aircomader Mark 4 with Max watt of 950. When the airconditioner compressor cut in it draws about 70 amps inverter has a loud short low pitch buzz for about 1/8 of a second every time.

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Cerbo CX : Wrong solar power readings

Hi ,

Some background info . Starting to build my victron system slowly from the ground up.

I have 3 solar inverters :

- 1x Kostal piko 5.5 - 3 phase

- 1x Ginglong 2.9 Kwp - 1 phase

- 1x Ginglong 2.1 Kwp - 1 phase

I bought a Cerbo CX installed and 2 x ET340 and 2x ET112. To connect them I bought 4x RS385 industrial galvanic seperated converters and a powered USB HuB. The devices show up perfectly.


The readings where ok until I connected the last ET112 (Solis 2.9 Kwp) to the CerboCx.

I see my consumption on the AC Loads increasing as my power increases that comes out op my Solis 2.9 kwp inverter . As soon as I turn the solis inverter 2.9 kwp off , the readings on the AC loads are perfect .


Also for some reason we sometimes have a generator in there ? I don't have one and the readings are static . If I refresh the page sometimes and then it's gone ? UI bug ?

Please help . Any advice appreciated .


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Übertragung Verlauf

Hallo zusammen, habe mit einen Mppt Smart Laderegler 100/50 von Victron zu gelegt.

Möchte meinen Verlauf vom neuwertigen Laderegler BlueSolar 100/30 Laderegler mit Dongle auf den neuen übertragen.

Besitze noch einen WR Victron 2000/12 und ein Venus GX.

Die Daten vom LR 100/50 werden automatisch auf einen USB Stick gespeichert, aber wie mache das mit dem LR 100/30?

VeDirekt zu USB vorhanden.


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Multiplus SOC via Cerbo GX


in my setup I have an Cerbo GX, a Smart Shunt and an MPPT. All connected via VE.Direct Cable. I would like to add an Multiplus 12/800 and connect it via VE.Bus to the Cerbo. Will the Multiplus get Information such as SOC and Temperature from the Smart Shunt via the Cerbo?

Best Kirsten

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Ripple Warning On Shore Power

I am having a problem that I don’t understand. When I am plugged into shore power and use a high drew item like the microwave (12.5amps) or air conditioner I am getting a low battery, battery voltage ripple, and sometimes an overload warning from the Victron App.
It’s strange because I don’t get any warnings when high draw items without shore power, everything seems to work fine when the power is coming from the batteries through the inverter.

At first, I thought maybe the shore power source may have not been providing 30amp’s and the inverter was kicking in to make up the difference. But it is happening anywhere I plug into a 30amp service.

Below is what I have installed.

4.00 BB10012 - Battle Born 12V 100Ah

Multiplus 12/3000/120-50 120v VE Bus

Victron BMV-712 Battery Monitor

Victron Lynx Distributor

VE.Bus Smart dongle

SmartSolar MPPT 100/50 Charge Controller with Bluetooth

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Off grid Crypto. Using as much of the battery as possible Life04?

I have a few off-grid systems I have built for my helium mines. These were built to be as light weight as possible to get into some remote locations hiking in.

This is my first time working with Solar so please excuse my lack of knowledge on any advance setting configurations.

My question is in regards to settings. I want go be able to use as much of the battery as possible when needed, like a few days of bad weather, as opposed to having the unit cut off to increase the life of the battery. I don't mind have to change batteries more often if needed. So in short how can I modify my settings to get maximum use of batter during bad weather if battery life/longevity isn't my concern?


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Skylla IP44/65 Charger Storage Mode Firmware Bug

I have been observing a firmware bug in the Skylla IP44/65 chargers. This only started occurring with either the latest (1.10) or very recent firmware. Upon power-up, the charger often jumps directly into Storage mode, or cycles briefly through Bulk and into Storage. The result obviously being that the battery bank never gets charged. This is being observed on a regular basis.

As an attempted work around,I have configured setting 30 "Watch Function (start-up in storage if battery voltage > 13V)" to OFF. Though the battery voltage was not close to 13V until the charger was powered up. Initial testing shows this to have worked around the issue; we will be able to confirm over the next week as the charger goes through multiple power cycles.

We are running a pair of synchonised chargers. One is a 60A IP44 and the other a 70A IP65.

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager)








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VICTRON EASY Solar 24/1600 Alarm leuchtet ?

VICTRON EASY Solar 24/1600 installiert. an der AC-Seite wird eine Wasserpumpe 230V-AC, P1300W angeschloßen. Bei Start der Pumpe geht der Wechselrichter in Störung.

Rote LED Alarm leuchtet.

Was kann man maximal an VA anschliesen ?

Wie hoch darf der Anlaufstrom sein ?

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Systeme coupure de decharge batterie suivant un créneau horaire (FR/ESS/EDF-HP-HC)


voila mon architecture et la suivante

- j ai un Multiplus 5Kva raccorder à une batterie plomb carbone en 48V de 440ah

- un régulateur MPPT 150/85 avec 2640w de pv

le but serai de désactiver la décharge de la batterie sur le créneau horaire des heures creuse en France de 23h à 7h.

actuellement pour se faire je suis obliger de le faire de façon manuel en allant tous les jours dans le menu ESS de mon venus Gx et modifier le SOC minium (sauf défaillance réseau) pour qu'il arrête de décharger la batterie et repasser sur le réseaux.



here is my architecture and the next

- I have a Multiplus 5Kva to connect to a lead carbon battery in 48V of 440ah

- an MPPT 150/85 regulator with 2640w of pv

the aim will be to deactivate the battery discharge during the off-peak time slot in France from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.

currently to do so I have to do it manually by going to the ESS menu of my venus Gx every day and modifying the SOC minium (except network failure) so that it stops discharging the battery and going back to the networks

thank you

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2 Temp Sensors… Which one do I use?

The MultiPlus 3000 came with a battery temperature sensor (mounts to neg battery post) and the MK3 USB dongle has a built in temp sensor (peel and stick to battery). Which one is primary, or does the system use data from both? If it pulls temp data from both… I have a split bank (two battery banks in parallel) setup. Can I use both sensor on the same MultiPlus one on each bank?

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How many Trina Solar DE15M(II)'s can I connect in series with MPPT 150/35?

I already have a new MPPT 150/35 Charge Controller and six Trina Solar (Tallmax) DE15M(II) 395-420W panels. The panel Voc is listed as a range (not a single value): 48.7 to 49.7v at 395 to 420W (respectively) at Standard Test Conditions and 45.9 to 46.7v , same power output range, at Nominal Module Operating Temperature. I live at 38.5375 deg. N. lattitude (maybe 60 miles north of San Francisco, CA as the crow flies). The Victron Energy MPPT 150/35 lists Max PV Voc of 145v start-up and operating conditions, 150v absolute max. coldest conditions. It seems like I can therefore just "squeek in" connecting 3 of the DE15M(II)'s in series, and have two of those 3-element strings in parallel going into the charge controller. The battery bank is 48v (eight 12v batteries, 4 in series, two sets of those in parallel). The panel short circuit current is 10.37 to 10.76 A at STC so that seems fine either way (3 x 2 or 2 x 3). Is this correct? Would 3 strings of 2 panels in series be better, safer, ...?


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Multiplus not connecting to Onans HDKBB-6880 Generator

I have a Multiplus 12 | 3000 | 120 - 50 | 230/240V , I recently purchased a Onans HDKBB-6880 diesel generator which i have just installed . the problem i am having is the Multiplus won't connect to the Generator unless I put an external load on the generator 1st.

The generator is producing 232 volts but until I introduce a load the output of the generator the Frequency on the multi meter shows as over 100hz, once the load is introduced the frequency stabilizes at 50hz.

Can the Multiplus be set to create a load on the Generator prior to full connection.

Thanks Chris

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Buck Boost DC-DC converter not found by TSConfig

I purchased a Victron 100A Buck-Boost DC-DC converter. Having installed it, the LED indicators appear normal (flashing green output LED). However when I connect a Windows 10 PC to it using the USB connector, and run the TSConfig program,

When I run the TSConfig software, a window called "Setup converter connection" appears. When I select the option "Automatic search and connect" it says "searching for converter" but nothing happens.

When I select the option "Manual search and connect", it says "please select the converter COM port and connect...", but then nothing else happens. I tried unplugging the USB cable and plugging it into a different USB port, but nothing happens.

There are two links at the bottom of the window that say, "CLick this link for the latest software" and "this link for the USB driver". Clicking on the first link just confirms that I already have the latest version of TSConfig. Clicking on the second link takes me to a page for, where I downloaded and installed their "CP210x Universal Windows Driver v10.1.10", then restarted the computer.

Despite the above the TSConfig program doesn't communicate with the Buck-Boost converter.

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Economic Report with EM24

Hi Everyone,

I get my daily economic report emailed to me via VRM every morning. I have the EM24 meter for providing me with grid data across the three phases.

I would like to know if there is a way that my economic report can provide me with a grid usage (in kWh) on each phase? Currently it just gives me the combined usage of all the phases.

I find this to be useful as breaking cost down to a phase level allows greater incite into usage demands.


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Temperatursensor am Cebro GX über Modbus-TCP


in einem Schaltschrank wird eine Victron-Batterieüberwachung für die USV-Anlage verwendet. Diese soll verschiedene Daten über Modbus-TCP an die Steuerung im Schrank übergeben.

(Smart Shunt, Cebro GX, Touch GX und 4* Temperature Sensor Quattro, MultiPlus and GX Device)

Frage: Ist es möglich, die 4 Temperatureingänge vom Cebro GX über die Modbus-TCP Anbindung weiterzugeben?

In der Modbus-TCP Register List, finde ich nur die Auswertung für com.victronenergy.temperature, welche wohl nur einen Sensor liest?!

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"Restwelligkeit der Batteriespannung" beim Multiplus Laden

Hallo zusammen,

ich habe eine 2 x Lifepo4 Batterie am Multiplus 3000-120-16 mit jeweils 280Ah und 250A BMS.

Wenn ich mit 50 A lade ist alles fein.

Wenn ich jedoch mit 70/80/90 Ampere lade, schaltet der Multiplus komplett ab mit der Fehlermeldung: Restwelligkeit der Batteriespannung.

Spannungsabfall in den Leitungen halte ich für fast ausgeschlossen. Es sind 70mm2 Kabel dran von den Batterien zur Sammelschiene mit 600A. von dort mit 2x50mm2 zum Multiplus.

Hat jemand eine Idee wo ich schauen könnte ?

Vor den Sammelschienen ist an der Minusleitung ein Victron Smart Shunt mit 500A und auf der Plusseite meine Maxi Fuse mit 400A verbaut.

Danke schon mal !


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Feature Request: Option to scale VictronConnect for Windows

My friend has the screen size on her Win10 Laptop set to 150%. (For her old eyes.) As you can see in the screen shot, the standard VictronConnect window does not scale to fit. Nor can I scroll it.

It would be nice to have the option to choose a different size of the window, or, as a minimum, to have the window show scroll bars.


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Orion Tr Lifepo4


I would like to charge my minnkota batteries 2 x 12v 100ah Lifepo4 on my boat

Now i have one start baterrie and two service batteries, they are charged over a solar panell and the engine altenator.

So now i would like to add a 1 - 0 - 2 switch and a orion tr or maybe something else.

Switch position 1, no charging, battery use for minn kota at 24v ( connected serial )

Switch position 0, no connection to the batteries

Switch position 2, batteries are now 2 x 12v connection parallel for charging them

do i need for each batterie a orion tr device, or i can use a orion tr device + agrodiod with two outputs

the baterries need to be charged to the same level


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Best Wifi USB for CCGX (As of August 2020)

I'm adding solar to a boat that I built and it's docked at my brother's house on the river. His wifi is good, but the boat will be about 120 feet away from the house, so I need a long range usb wifi dongle.

I'm confused on the best solution for the CCGX.

The current documentation (Section 1.6.2) found here:

says that there are 4 solutions, but only shows the 2 with victron part numbers. What are the other 2 options?

Also, when I google BPP900200300, the result is a 1 antenna device, and the ASUS model has 2 antennas.

Which is better?

Has anyone experienced this weird gap and confusion of information in the documentation?

Any insight would be very helpful!



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DVCC not compensating for inverter

DVCC is limiting charge current according to settings however it does not compensate for the consumption of a Smart Phoenix Inverter 24V 2000VA 230V. I've installed an 230V electric boiler and was hoping to get hot showers when the sun is abundant without overcharging the AGM batteries.

Firmware is up to date, how can I troubleshoot this DVCC related issue? Venus OS v2.66 is running on a Raspberry Pi.



Both MPPT's are externally controlled according to the remote console and part of a VE.Smart network;



DVCC settings;



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SmartSolar MPPT 150/100 V1.58 fails

Updating to Solar Charge Controller MPPT 150-100 rev2 SMART v1.58_A059.dup causes MPPT to oscillate between 0 and max power (currently 800watts) over several seconds. Can you email me v1.56 please. This installation has worked perfectly for some years, but this firmware update instantly broke it.

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BMV-700 Settings


I hope that someone more knowledgeable about battery monitor settings can help me!

I have been watching video tutorials and reading the manual over and over but I still don't fully understand the details. All I really want to be sure of us that I have the correct settings in my bmv-700. Charged voltage, tails current etc. At the moment the monitor is on the default settings.

The battery is a leoch adventurer agm 160ah. Info and Datasheet for leoch agm 160ah is here:

My charger is a redarc BCDC1225 and I am using the alternator and solar inputs. Details of charger below:

Thank you so much in advance for any and all help that you can offer!


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Absorption time and Lifepo4 what is the best

Hi Victron friends

Have a 180Ah Lifepo4 from CS batteries and it has a built in "active" cell balancer.

On the camper roof 1 x 140Wp on MPPT 75/10 Smart and.. 2 x 110Wp + 1 x 175Wp on MPPT100/30 Smart

Both MPPT's are set to Lifepo4 but, I read at the bottom of the battery menu that the absorption time is 2h00 and "fixed".

If I look every day in the "history" I read "absorption time = 2h00...

If I understand correctly, the Lifepo4 is kept at 14.2v for 2h00...?

So I'm looking for an answer because a Lifepo4 doesn't need "absorption time" or am I wrong?

In the meantime, I have already set that absorption time to 0, once at 10 minutes 20 and also at 30 minutes

We have a lot of consumers, Nespresso, kettle, even induction via a 2Kw inverter, so the SoC goes from 100% every evening to 70 or sometimes to 65%

I bought this Lifepo4 for the "comfort" but I also want to treat them "correctly" and then it is about the lifespan

Since 2 days I have both MPPTs set to "adaptive" absorption

"loading" the Lifepo4 cells (unnecessarily) to 14.2v for a long time by continuing to use a "fixed" absorption time does not seem to me to be conducive to the lifespan, does it?

I can also set the absorption time to 0 because I also have a Victron IP22/30 and .... I can also use it every month when I am connected to shore power

The theme of "absorption" at Lifepo4 has been mentioned so many times

And we often read differing opinions...

But, what is actually the "best" way, taking into account that we use the Lifepo4 well every day (discharged)

Thank you very much for the responses

With best regards

Frank , Antwerp Belgium

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ESS Throttling MPPT to zero when Grid Feed In is disabled


Quattro 48/8000 (Firmware 478) with 8 x 220Ah Flooded Lead Acid batteries, 2 x 150/35 MPPT's, CCGX (Firmware 472).

ESS Set to Keep Batteries charged. DVCC disabled. So, I do not want to feed excess power into the grid, but I want the solar to follow the load profile during the day where possible, and only take shortfall from the grid. Batteries must stay fully charged, do not want to cycle them unless grid fails.

Problem, is that when I Disable DC MPPT feeding in, the Solar output from both MPPT's drops to zero. If I Enable Feeding in, the solar shoots up to max, and sometimes it does feed into the grid.

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Setting up a CERBO GX

Looking for some help.. I have a CERBO VX and the companion touch screen 50. OK.. It is connected to my WIFI and even did the latest update to ver. 2.72.. but the monitor still does not show any info.. battery, AC or solar input. It also shows as OFF on the main screen.. What am I not doing right..?



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Low Temperature Cutoff not working


I have a Smart Shunt with latest firmware with a networking setup to 2 MPPT 100/50 and 4 Ip22 12/30 chargers.

Everything is using the Lifepo4 profile with a low temp cutoff of 5 degrees C

It simply doesnt work with the charging continuing at 4 degrees C

Everythings firmware is up to date and the synchronised charging works perfectly but alas not so the low temperature cut off

Any ideas as to why?

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GX Tank 140 Remove Unused Tanks from CCGX


Is there any way to disable unused GX Tank 140 inputs when connected to a CCGX only?

There is no 'Settings' > 'I/O' menu on the CCGX so I cannot use the method described in the manual.


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Has a DC system not showing the values

In the system i have grid input,victron 5kVA multiplus 48volt battery 425Ah and 4kw non victron MPPT and venus gx.So i want to see the MPPT production power in DC load option.

i have enable the (has dc system) option in venus gx, but i didnot see any value in that box please guide me if any other setting need to be adjusted to get the value ?

here below i have attached the image please have a look and thanks.



Image Caption

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Pre-charger for Batrium BMS and Quattro/MPPT

Hi everyone

We are installing Batrium BMS on Winston LiFePo4 connected to a Quattro and MPPT. Am I right that we should put a pre-charger circuit in the system?

We liked the pre-charger unit from REC (but unfortunately their BMS isn't suitable for our system) - is there a similar pre-made off the shelf type unit we could use, rather than a DIY circuit with relay and resistor? (Sadly Batrium don't offer anything).

Many thanks

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