Multiplus and power supply in parallel


I have a 12v 800Ah LFP battery bank I charge shore power with a multiplus 12/3000 on board my boat. I want to increase the charging capacity with with an extra shore connection. The natural choice would be to buy an extra multiplus, but these are not exactly cheap. So here's my question ... can I use a 100-150A power supply in parallel with my multiplus up to eg 70-90% SOC and top up to 100% using only the multiplus? Good or a really bad idea?

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Cerbo unknown password User/installer


I want to change the acceslevel to user only but it requires a password i don't have. All the usual password like 000000 and 123456 do not work. How can i change the accesslevel?

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150/70 MPPT relay operation

Will the programed relay output operation of 150/70 continue to work (sensing a set batt voltage) if the remote is turned off by another sensor (BVM712)

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ESS back to grid threshold changes from day to day

Hi (newbie here)

I've opened a new post as I believe this is the correct way to address a question with a unique setup, apologies in advance if I'm doing this incorrectly. I've also taken previous advice into consideration but I need some help in the correct setup if I have done this wrong ?

Some days ESS seems to work perfectly using battery overnight (Self Consumption) other nights it goes into sustain mode early in the discharge cycle and uses the grid to slowly recharge over hrs (around 8 hrs).

I understand voltage is an important threshold but not sure where this can be set as I can only find SOC (back to grid) threshold in the ESS settings.

I don't understand how a totally different thresholds (sustain level) chang from day to day.

(I'm using a 5Kva MP IIGX, ESS (min SOC -20%) in 'Non-battery life mode', with 5Kva LifePro4 battery, 15 330w panels.

A: The three overnight discharge examples (good and bad) and early sustain at 80%) are as below, I would appreciate any help.

B: After watching several ESS webinars I understand ESS has several modes 1, 2 & 3 but Im not sure where these are set, IE in the assistant or in remote control?

(sorry I didn't want to start a new post on a similar topic)






VE Config Extract from MPII 5KVAGX

AB: GeneralSystem frequency 50Hz

Shore current 50.0 A

Overruled by remote checked

Dynamic current limiter unchecked

External current sensor connected (see manual) unchecked

State of charge when Bulk finished 95.0 %

Battery capacity 100 Ah

Charge efficiency 0.95 TAB: Grid

Country / grid code standard Other: not compliant to any grid code standard

LOM detection AC input 1 Type B (safe)

Accept wide input frequency range (45-65 Hz) checked

AC low switch mains off 180 V

AC low switch mains on 187 V

AC high switch mains on 265 V

AC high switch mains off 270 V

UPS function checkedTAB: Inverter

PowerAssist unchecked

Inverter output voltage 230 V

State Of Charge shut-down 10.0 %

State Of Charge restart 20.0 %

Inverter DC shut-down voltage 43.00 V

Inverter DC restart voltage 45.00 V

Low DC alarm level 44.00 V

Do not restart after short-circuit (VDE 2510-2 safety) unchecked

enable AES uncheckedTAB: Charger

Enable charger checked

Weak AC input unchecked

Stop after excessive bulk unchecked

Lithium batteries checked

Configured for VE.Bus BMS unchecked

Charge curve Fixed

Absorption voltage 56.80 V

Float voltage 54.00 V

Charge current 70 A

Repeated absorption time 1.00 Hr

Repeated absorption interval 7.00 Days

Absorption time 1 HrTAB: Virtual switch

TAB: Usage

Virtual switch usage Do not use VS

TAB: Assistants

TAB: Assistant Configuration

ESS (Energy Storage System) (size:964)

*) System uses LiFePo4 with other type BMS

(This can be either a BMS connected via CAN bus or a BMS system in which the

batteries are protected from high/low cell voltages by external equipment.)

*) The battery capacity of the system is 100 Ah.

*) Sustain voltage 50.00 V.

*) Cut off voltage for a discharge current of:

0.005 C= 44.20 V

0.25 C= 43.55 V

0.7 C= 42.25 V

2 C= 42.00 V

*) Inverting is allowed again when voltage rises 1.20 V above cut-off(0).

*) Relevant VEConfigure settings:

- Battery capacity 100 Ah.

- PowerAssist unchecked

- Lithium batteries checked

- Dynamic current limiter unchecked

- Storage mode unchecked

Additional Settings


Additional info: My 5Kva battery is a Hubble AM2 (local battery built on new BYD LifePro4 cells and using Pylontech compatible interface).

The GX sees the battery config via CAN bus,


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Maximun battery in put of 48v Quattro

Can a 48vquattro handle 80V battery in put?

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Phoenix inverter 24/3000 230v overload LED flashing with no load then shuts down

Hi, thanks for letting me join your community. Apologies that my first post is a problem question, but hopefully as I learn more about these devices I will be able to contribute something as well!

I recently purchased a used Phoenix 24/3000 inverter with the following identification information:





MCU Firmware 1812144

PCB 010021

PIN 24/3000



It worked perfectly for the first two weeks, but now it has developed a fault where it will not power-up. I have not overloaded it (max load has been around 1000w and fan was heard cycling normally).

The symptoms are that immediately after switching on (even with output terminals disconnected) it does one of the following:

  1. Produces correct output voltage for about 4-8 seconds with green LED on and overload LED flashing, then shuts down with only the ‘Overload’ LED is lit solid.
  2. Does not power up at all and only the ‘Overload’ LED is lit solid.

I’ve checked all the obvious things like battery connections and voltage at busbars, tightness of all nuts/bolts in the DC bus, re-seated all internal connections between circuit boards, looked for any obvious internal damage or signs of overheated components on the PCBs. There is no evidence of thermal stress on the PCBs or transformers, no corrosion or any other damage.

There are no unusual noises, just the usual quiet hum of the transformers until it shuts down.

I was hoping to get some useful diagnostic information via the RS485 port and Victron software as I have a generic RS485 to USB converter, but I cannot find the pinout for the connector on the control PCB, nor the baud rate used by this device.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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VE.Direct to USB Interface: USB Serial Number meaning


On a VE.Direct USB Interface, there is a SN (LLYYWWSSSSS) printed on the label on the device, but there is also a serial number reported in the USB "Serial Number" descriptor string which does not seem to match up, with format (VE5Axxxx).

My question is if there is some mapping of SSSSS to xxxx to determine the label serial number based on the USB serial number (or vice versa)?

Thank you!

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Multiplus 2 GX Communication problem


I have several installations in which i used a Victron Multiplus 2 GX and I had some problems in most of these installations, i think the problems that I am facing are related to the communication with the built in GX device.

These are some of the problems that I faced:

1- The screen turned off in 2 installations,

2- The Connection with the GX device embedded in the inverter is not good, no data is transferred to the VRM, noting that all the connection cables are new, it works only after rebooting the remote console, but after some time, the problem returns,

3- The icon of the PV solar charger disappeared and then appeared after rebooting the remote console, but after a few minutes it disappeared, the system saw that there was no PV so the batteries were discharging, Also noting that the connection cables (VE direct in our case) between the chargers and the inverter are new as well,

4- The GX reboots randomly, and in the VRM the inverter appears OFF, the client thought that there was no electricity in the house while is was ON.

Hoping to get some help regarding this topic

Thanking you

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VRM App not Working

Customers and our team members are reporting the VRM app not working. Either we get a white screen or it pops open a browser window to the VRM product page on the Victron website. This behaviour was first aeen earlier today.

We can currently only use VRM in browser.

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Reset after putting cerboGX in 3 parallel phoenix 24/3000 120 V

So when i connect a system (just 3 parallel single phase phoenix 3000) on cerbo, master inverter just reset every 10 sec. In my mind there is a bridge on PCB, but ill will check

I will try tomorrow whit other Cerbo and whit Color Control, try to make other inverters master, change all RJ45 cables, check a PCB and after that I am whiteout solution more or less

I update all 3 inverter, make new bus, and this happens after installation new Cerbo in system

any advice will be more than welcome

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Pylontech amp hours and cell voltage not shown


I have installed Pylontech batteries with a MultiPlus 5000 and everything is working fine but the Amphour consumption and single cell voltage is not being displayed in the VRM Portal.

Am I missing a setting?

Config is:
MultiPlus 5000
Color Control GX
PylonTech Phontom-S

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Time delay grid sync

I am needing to add a time delay for a MPii to sync and accept grid power. The scenario is that some gated estates in South Africa require 15-20min delay before inverters are allowed to sync to the grid after a grid failure to stagger and limit power draw on the infrastructure.

I know this is possible and there are a couple of other threads out there but the instructions are not very clear on how to setup the assistants and in what order. We also use ESS and South Africa Grid code.


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Restart in Island Mode with low battery and AC coupled PV

Assume the following:
Over night the power is drawn from the batteries, coupled with the inverters, to a point were it reached the low level of the battery, hence the inverts stop working - power goes out. The PV inverter is AC-coupled.

How is this system supposed to restart as soon as the sun has sufficiently risen?

The AC-out has no island grid up, so the PV inverter will not input power. The GX does not know that the PV inverter could provide enough power to load the battery and power the load (and its not terrible reliable I guess).

My working assumption is that I have to manually restart the vicron system once I am aware that the sun is reliable enough to keep the system up, but as the power from the grid is not availale and the battery is on low (e.g. 5%) - will this even work? Or is this the case were you either need a gen-set or at least some DC-coupled PV panels with MPPT?

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Lynx shunt not displaying DC consumption

Have recently replaced a BMV712 with a Lynx shunt.

We run a Cerbo and the 712 was working perfectly. Since installing the Lynx we have lost DC consumption from graph data in VRM, any help appreciated

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SmartShunt 500A settings


I bought the SmartShunt 500A and wanted to set it correctly.
Can anyone help me with this?



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How do I remove an old temperature sensor from the VRM Dashboard

I have an old temperature sensor on my VRM dashboard that I would like to remove. How do I remove Battery [24]?


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VE. Bus BMS with two (or more) Inverter/Charger’s

When using the BMS VE Bus and having two or more Multi’s or Quattro’s within the system has someone got an easy solution to turn off the 2nd Multi or Quattro in an overcharge or in a discharge situation considering the first Multi or Quattro is already connected to the BMS RJ45 input/output to shut it down on either situation.

The only way I can think of is using a inverting on/off cable connected to 2 relays in series that are fed from the charge and load outputs from the BMS.

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No SOC on Cerbo GX

SOC on Cerbo GX shows "---". Was reading fine prior to a low-voltage alarm. Charged the batteries with boat engine alternator, but still no SOC reading. What now?

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bmv -700 dual displays

hi everyone, newbie here. I'm wondering if it is possible to run two displays from one shunt on my truck'. One in the alloy canopy for camping, and another in the dash. Would this work via a double RJ45 adaptor on the shunt? TIA



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Phoenix Inverter Smart 12/1600 Eco Mode Overload


I'm experiencing an issue with a new install of a Phoenix Inverter Smart 12/1600. The device works absolutely fine when in normal mode, but when I switch to Eco mode, the red Overload light comes on and after a short period it disables. I can restart it, but same issue.

On my AC side I have the output going into a small garage type consumer unit, and when this units main fuse it switched off - guaranteeing no load at all - the device still behaves the same, so where is the overload coming from?

Anyone else had an issue with the Eco mode?


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Problème limite d'état de charge VICTRON MULTIPLUS II GX


Quand mes batteries ont une limite de charge inferieure au réglage sur la console a distance (limite actuelle d'état de charge) le MULTIPLUS II recharge les batteries la nuit pour atteindre la limite supérieure (c'est normal) le problème est que cette recharge intervient aussi en heure pleine ! (mes heure creuse de 21h a 23h et 2h 8h) peut on choisir une plage horaire en heure creuse pour faire cette recharge ?


Système photovoltaïque en ESS autoconsommation MULTIPLUS II GX batteries PYLONTECH et onduleur FRONIUS

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Multiplus II spring loaded AC terminal accept #10 solid?

The "AC in" romex that the RV manufacturer used is #6 three stranded with a #10 solid ground. Can I insert the solid #10 in the ground terminal and expect it to be a secure fit?

Could I fold the #10 over and insert?

If not... what could I do to use the existing romex that has the #10.??

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Pylontech US2000C und OPzS Batterie an MultiPlus-II?

Hallo in die Gemeinde,

ich nutze seit Mai 2021 einen MultiPlus-II mit angeschlossener Pylontech US2000C (4x2,4kWh -> 9,6kWh), sowie einen Cerbo GX. Bin sehr zufrieden!

Ich bekomme jetzt kaum gebrauchte "12V 2 OPzS 100LA" Batterien. In Summe 8 Stück. Diese würde ich gerne in zwei Blöcken á 4Stück in mein bestehendes System mit einbinden. Die Nennspannung wäre damit ebenfalls 48V und die Leistung 200Ah.

Ist das möglich? Welche Einstellungen sind fürs Batteriemanagement einzustellen (im Cerbo GX bzw. Multiplus-II)?

Grüße und vielen Dank,


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Cerbo GX to measure AC current on sailboat

For what seems like a simple feature, I am having a hard time finding an answer. Retrofitting a Cerbo GX & Smart shunt onto a smaller sailboat. I am looking to place an AC current transformer on the shore-power inlet to measure AC volts and amps.

The boat already has a AC charger I will not be replacing. I can find these two Victron products and but neither seem to work only with a Cerbo. Is there another option for AC ammeters with the Cerbo?

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FEATURE REQUEST: List Serial Numbers of VE.Bus Devices in Device List

Presently, the only way to get VE.Bus device serial numbers is to download the Remote VE.Configure file and inspect with VE.Configure / System Configurator.

In single inverter, systems, could we list the serial number on the Device List in VRM and "Device" in remote console?

For parallel, multi-phase or multi-phase parallel systems, perhaps we could have collapsed [+] listing like:

L1 Master: HQ210101xxxxx
L1 Slave 1: HQ210101yyyyy
L1 Slave 2: HQ210101zzzzz

L2 Master: HQ210102xxxxx
L2 Slave 1: HQ210102yyyyy
L2 Slave 2: HQ210102zzzzz

L3 Master: HQ210103xxxxx
L3 Slave 1: HQ210103yyyyy
L3 Slave 2: HQ210103zzzzz

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Victron SmartShunt 500AMP/50MV Bluetooth Smart Battery Shunt blue light no longer comes on

I was having problems with my Smart Shunt freezing up in the app, it would grey out. To resolve it I was disconnecting the ground and then reconnecting. Recently the blue light stopped coming on, I don't see the smart shunt in the app. I tried disconnecting, reconnecting as before and nothing. I've checked the fuse, cleaned all the connections and used dielectric grease. Batteries are fully charged. I think the smart shunt is defective. Any thing else I should try?

Here's the log from the app.VictronConnect_report.log

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Blue Smart IP22 Charger 1 vs 3

How does the 3 output behave with only one battery connected? Is the total charge output divided among the three outputs regardless? For example if only one battery is connected to the 3 output model would it get a 30 amp charge or a 10 amp charge. If the output is divided can all three outputs be hooked up to one battery?

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2 Answers

Autonomie en C.C

Bonjour, a tous je suis nouveau dans la communauté et j'ai déjà une question. Je souhaite changé de batterie et passer en lifepo4 150ah, mon C.C est équipé d'un EBL119 OPV. Je voudrais monter un chargeur orion Tr smart et un chargeur DC/DC blue power 20a . Pouvez-vous m'éclairer sur ce qu'il faudrait modifier comme cablage, enlever ou rajouter et sur quel bloc de l'EBL119 sachant que je souhaite garder les fonction de l'EBL pour la distribution 12v et 220v quand je suis branché sur le secteur. Je suis équipé d'un BMV712 et 2 régulateurs solaire : 1 de 100/30 victron pour ps Teleco110 watts et 100/50 victron pour ps Perc 210 watts

Merci pour vos réponses, schéma et votre aide.





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Issue with ESS taking power from Grid


I am an installer who has installed THIS system more than 30 times. Total of about 60 installs on VRM.

The problem is ESS keeps on taking power from grid instead of DC/battery/PV. Day and night. It also does not export power to 'non-essential' loads ("AC Loads" as per VRM).


We have:

  • MultiPlus II 48/5000/70
  • Smart Solar 250/70
  • Lynx Distributor
  • Cerbo GX + Touch
  • ET112
  • Freedom Won 5/4 battery


  • See attached VE.Config file.20220106 MPII 48-5000-70
  • ESS as per manual for Freedom Won, set to 35% SoC in 'with battery life'
  • DVCC as per manual (I will gladly give access to VRM if needed)
  • NRS097 country code selected
  • Victron cables, no crimped cables

What I have done so far:

  • All items display 100% correct on Cerbo (MultiPlus, MTTP and Battery)
  • Contacted 2 Victron distributors, neither can help me (one who I bought the inverter from, and the other the battery);
  • We had the latest firmware on inverter, but distributor recommended to roll back to 481 (last stable version) to test, not difference;
  • Check all AC cables one by one;
  • System work 100% when AC is disconnected;
  • If I discharge batteries, and chage ESS to 'keep batteries charged' it works 100% to charge from grid;
  • Tried it both with and without 'battery life';
  • I checked all RJ45 cables with a tester, even tried a new cable between inverter and Cerbo;
  • exchanged the Cerbo;
  • I have bought another MPII, but distributor told me I would waste my time, try the community first;

I understand the normally way for anyone to help me is to check basics, and I know I might have not given all info one might need to check all this. I will gladly comply, pictures, just ask. However, have spend 2 days checking everything over and over. I am convinced it is something else I might have missed. I hope another installer of someone from Victron has come across this, as both my distributors who is massive in RSA, is stumped.

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VRM App Login “Stay signed-in” doesn’t work anymore with app on IOS

VRM portal ask everytime for email ansd password even if the box “Stay signed-in“ is checked With App on iPhone and iPad

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3 Answers

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