VE.Bus BMS, CCGX and MPPT without MultiPlus/Quattro


Is it possible to connect a VE.Bus BMS directly to a CCGX (without MultiPlus/Quattro)?

Will this setup allow me to control/end charging from two Blue Solar MPPT 100/50 connected to the CCGX or is it required to use a VE.Direct non-inverted on/off cabel for this - even if a CCGX is present?


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Time since last full charge, not correct VRM app

Good afternoon,

Is there a solution in the VRM app that the correct data (Time since last full charge) indicates. In the CCGX it does indicate the correct data. Is this a bug?

thank you in advance.

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MPPT/DVCC output settings

Hi all.

I'm installing a victron off gird system in the next few weeks (5kva multi, 250/100, venus gx) and I have a question that has a couple people (and myself) stumped.

Say the mppt was set for 50A max output to suit the batteries

The batterys were at float and a load was switched on meaning the multi was drawing 80A.

Would DVCC allow the MPPT to ramp up to output 80A (if the amount of PV was available) so that the batterys didnt have to supply the extra 30A?


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AC source symbol changed to grid instead of generator since venus upgrade

Since the last update i noticed that the AC source symbol in the VRM portal has changed from generator to grid. This is on the VRM portal and in the APP

When i change back to an older version of Venus OS it is back to "normal"

All appears to be working fine.

Is this a bug, or can i resolve this myself?

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BMV 712 partially clear history data


Today a short question on the BMV 712.

Is it possible to clear only single data from the history?

Background is that I have invalid values in the battery voltage (eg lowest batterie voltage: 4,85V). Of course, I have not had them yet, I think these are still from the installation. Surely I could delete all values, but would like to keep the remaining valid data.

Is there a possibility? Thank you.

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Open ground on Victron 12/500 Inverter

I have a Victron Energy Phoenix True Sinewave Inverter 12/500 120V VE.Direct NEMA 5-15R , on the 110v side I am getting an open ground, I have tired grounding everywhere recommended, when I swap out to my old inverter it tests fine and shows it is grounded..Do you have any ideas of what could be wrong with the Victron?

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System - AC Genset graph in VRM

In "Advanced" menu of VRM portal, there is a graph named "System - AC Genset". I guess the data from this graph is coming from VE.Bus system. Yet, as my VE.Bus is a Phoenix 5000 mono-phase and my Genset is connected to 3 Multiplus (for tri-phase), I do not see the power brought by the genset in the VRM.

Yet, my genset load is monitored by an ET340 meter that could be connected to my CCGX via a Victron RS485 to USB interface cable. My question is:

How to display the data of the GenSet meter in this "System - AC Genset" graph in VRM using the Victron RS485 to USB interface instead of the VE.Bus connection?

Thanks for your help.

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Generation of surplus with the grid, Anti-island protection Quattro.

Hello victron community.

I need your help, the Quattro 48/3000 / 35-50 / 50 120V and Quattro 48/5000 / 70-100 / 100 120V inverter / chargers have anti-island protection to deliver surplus to the grid?

Since its datasheet is not mentioned and that feature is not clear.

Or do I need to add other equipment to my system to comply with the protection anti-island?

I'm gratefully for your help.

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Unusual Charging Activity by a Bluesolar 150/70-Tr

Hi guys. We have a site that has three solar arrays connected to 3 different 150/70-Tr Bluesolar charge controllers that charge same battery bank. The system has been working very well up to some time this week when we noticed a very strange phenomenon on the VRM regarding one of the controllers. In the early morning hours, it charges well but from around 11 a.m. onwards, the controller drops the charging power abruptly and eventually ends stops charging . See attached images taken about 1 hour apart depicting today's activity. What might be the issue? @mvader (Victron Energy Staff) @Guy Stewart (Victron Energy Staff)

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Isolation Transformer Failure

It appears my Victron Isolation transformer has failed. It accepts input voltage of 120 but no output voltage. The unit a 3600 watt automatic transformer appears to not have any internal circuit breakers that can be reset; the manual mentions thermal circuit breakers but it appears these cannot be reset. Any advice?


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Quattro 48/5000 Behavior of K-1 programmable relay used to turn on remote fan

I have setup an assistant to use the K-1 relay to turn on a remote fan 10 seconds after the Quattro's fan starts. The remote fan starts fine, but never seems to turn off. Do I need to add another assistant to the K-1 relay to turn off the fan when the Quattro's fan stops?



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ESS not showing on ccgx layout anymore on V2.2

Using Quattro 5000 / 120 V with an updated firmware and ESS assistant, We have a recent problem in which the EES is not showing on ccgx layout since the last update.

Previously it showed like this:


Instead, Now it is showing like that:


this is the first time we face such problem, kindly advise us on that matter.

Thank you.

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ESS Emergency shut off switch

When operating the em stop switch in my ESS with the appropriate assistant loaded, the LED status/sequence on the front of the multiplus is very different to the sequence displayed on the CCGX and when viewing on the VRM!

is Victron aware of this issue!

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VRM => include 3rd party AC generator via modbusTCP


our setup is a standard AC-coupled single-phase multiplus-II based ESS (connected to phase 1). However, we do not have any PV, but a 230 AC fuelcell unit running 24/7 (connected to phase 2).

The generated electricity is continously measured and monitored, and the data is available on a homeserver, but it is not (yet) included in the VRM overview.

To achieve this, I guess I could include another CG 1-phase meter, but I was wondering whether I also achieve this by:
- setting up a modbusTCP server on the mentioned homeserver and
- asking the Venus GX device to look to the modbusTCP server - pretty much as if it was an SMA PV inverter (=>

For this I would have to make the modbusTCP server look like a SMA PV inverter.

I've also seen a rather old entry in google groups:!msg/victron-dev-venus/TN7iwVdr-uQ/zhTzPIT5DgAJ

My preference would be a solution where I do not need to customize the VenusOS install, but I'd like to ask, which solution would be the easiest/preferred.

Thanks for any comment/suggestion/hint.

Groeten - tullsta

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50 x smaller pv-kits in one live monitor solution

We are putting together 50 x smaller pv kits containing 2 x 50W or 2 x 100W modules, a regulator (75/15?), small agm battery, cables, mounting materials etc. We need all these kits to send live charging data to one united portalview/dashboard (vrm?) Any tips on how to set this up?

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3 Answers

Multiplus CPU upgrade


I have an old multiplus 24/2000 with the old CPU which I want to controll using a VE.Bus smart dongle. However this needs a firmware version >400. Is it possible to change the main controll board to a new CPU or to downgrade the smart dongle firmware to be compatible with a version 200 firmware? I did not get any useful answer from my distributor yet.

Thanks for your help

Best Leo

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Suggestion - Increase the display parameters on CCGX overview screen

Why does'nt the CCGX display the volts and current values on the Grid and AC loads and PV loads, just like the Battery does?
I would be handy to look to see the what the AC voltage, current levels are doing.

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BMV v3.09 - sync too soon

Hi guys,

I updated to 3.09 recently. Ever since then it syncs far too soon. see pic attached. guess that explains it all.


02_Charged voltage is set to 54.8V.

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DC coupled Multiplus - Grid-Feed configuration/hardware requirements?

I have two systems; multiplus 24/3000/70 and 48/3000/35 (2013) both with Outback Classic. Now I like to feed the excess energy back to the grid. What do I need to put after the Victronplus to make this work. Must me simple and low cost!

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No consumption chart on VRM main dashboard

Hi Everybody,
I have some issues on the VRM main dashboard. The consumption chart is not displayed on the dashboard, there is only the PV production and battery SOC.

For information my system has a VENUS GX, a Phoenix Inverter Compact 24/16000 (VEBus firmware starts with 19), a Blue Solar 150/70 and a BMV700.

Does someone have this issue or can someone have an idea on how to get the consumption chart on the main dashboard of the VRM. Thanking you.

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Multigrid II issues


I have 2x Multigrid II's in parallel with a Fronius 5kW AUS on the load side with the entire house. I have a BYD 10kWH battery in the IP56 cabinet

When first programmed and commissioned it seemed to work fine until the PV turned off, then the battery seemed to export to the grid.

The next morning, once the PV started back up, the battery re charged, but whatever the PV was putting into the battery, it was also importing the same amount from the grid into the battery. This went on for weeks with support from The Netherlands and Ciaram from My Energy SA trying to solve the issue. Eventually with Ciaram's help, we updated the firmware which had come out that day and we didn't have any issues.

Three weeks later after everything had been running smoothly, the Master Multi went out on overload and shut down power to the house. We have now bypassed the entire system and he is now back on grid only.

Nobody was home at the time this happened, the customer didn't know until he got home for lunch that day. According to VRM it happened about 0755 in the morning.

I have not yet been back to site since, and it won't let Ciaram remotely reset the Multi for some reason.

Has anyone else had a similar issue? What should I look for once I'm back on site?

Ciaram and Wayne from My Energy SA have been very helpful, but just thought I would ask on here as well.



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Configuration of Multiplus II with existing AC inverters

I currently have a photovoltaic system. Is there any advantage, at transfer level in the multiplus 3000 / 48v in the previous version for multiplus II current?

And a multiplus 5000 / 48v does all that multiplus II does with extra charge and discharge power?

I can enter 32A in multiplus II and with 32A in AC-out, but if there is a grid fault with the multiplus II I can only take 2400w of AC-Out. Can I increase this available power in situation of grid failure by putting my grid inverter (I took advantage of my already old ig30 fronius that is not able to do AC Coupling) in AC-out In this case to avoid problems in the batteries , would divert the excess energy that the house would not consume by the imerssun through the AC-out.

I know that with a current Fronius or SMA I could regulate the power by frequency change with the proper settings, but since I already have the ig30 and to work well it will be to avoid expense .....

Regarding this, with regard to the configuration of an inverter pv, are there any Fronius in comparison to the sma SB (for example SMA sb 3000tl-20 vs fronius prime)?

thank you

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How do I configure my existing system with a new Multiplus for maximum power?

Like 4kw of PV, 1 fronius ig30, 1 SMA SunnyBOY 3000, 1 immersun (maximum deviation 3000w), 1 multiplus II and approximately 20kw of lipo4. How would you configure a Powerwall storage system with average daily consumption above 20kwh per day

Note: In the event of a network failure, you want to be able to inject more than the multiplus 2400w.

thank you

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Venus GX Modbus ID with Single Quattro

Just trying to address the registers of a Quattro with a Venus GX. The Excel sheet gives me ID 242 but this does not work? All the other registers at ID 100 are working?

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