Multiple shunts on single BMV 702

I used to have a 24V system so the cabling is very heavily sized. (Multiples of 50mm2).

I have changed to 48V now, but I figure the heavier Cu cables are still serving me well.

I have 1200AH of batteries, 48 x12V, arranged in 3 physical banks, each bank from its own set of busbars.

The long and the short of it is that there is no real bottle neck of cabling that is suitable to add a single shunt. Ideally, I need to fit a shunt in a minimum of 3 places.

Ideally, I want to install say three 1000A shunts in parallel to the batteries and put the output in series to the BMV. I could then tell the BMV it's a 333A/50mV shunt.( Which the manual suggests can be done).

But I've never physically handled the BMV device, so before I go out and buy one I like to know if this is doable, in other words, that the shunt's output is an analogue mV output and not digitized before it gets to the BMV.

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Setting Tank Monitor Values Manually via API

I have a Color Controller in my motorhome and want to show the state of my tanks on the display. This has been a lot more difficult to figure out that I thought it should be.

Now as you can imagine, I don't want to spend $800 on the resistive tank level adapter, and even then I couldn't figure out what devices to buy to make it work. (It would be cheaper to by a Venus! Why are the adapters so expensive?!)

However I do have a raspberry Pi and could easily program it to tell the CC what the current levels are via an API or Modbus. I couldn't see how to change the values, or even make the tank levels show on the screen. It looks like on Modbus the values are read only.

My feature request is:

- Make it easy to set the values of the tank levels via an API (preferably), SSH command line or Modbus.

Or let me know if this is already possible, but I simply missed it.

I'd also like to see clear instructions on what products to buy for to make it work. Which senders work, what type of senders, which adapters needed for the CC etc. I asked the Victron dealers here in NZ but they didn't know anything about it. There also seems to be a disconnect between the language used by Victron (i.e. resistive, voltage or current type senders) and the products sold in NZ. None of which use any of those terms. e.g. or

Any help welcome!

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multiplus programmable relay

i want to set a multiplus 3000/16/230 to start a ganarator.

i cant find how to comfigure the programable relay with dip swiches.


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what I missed in my new system?

Hi everyone

My system items below:


Isolation trans


BlueSolar MPPT 150/70-tr


Victron energy 300ah battery smart

I know I need BMV-712 to monitor DC output power and VE MK3 interface to be system configuration and 1 VE.Direct cable to connect BMV-712 to CCGX.

Is anything I lost?

I am very disappointed with the expertise of the local dealers.


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Logging to the VRM portal no longer works

My system no longer sends data to the VRM portal;

Also, Remote port number how to add a number as it is showing 0 not the normal port numbers to acces the VRM portal.

this happened after a ver 2.22 update

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DC ripple shut down

We have a 15kw Fronius and when the three victron multi plus try to phase shift the fronius, the victron turns off and the alarm lights indicate a DC ripple issue. Any ideas?

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Disable charger in Multiplus in cloudy days


I have a system with 2x MPPT, VenusGx, Multiplus 3000/24/70 and 540Ah 24V battery bank.

I wonder if I can disable the Multi charger. This would be useful in the following situation: cloudy days in which I don't have enough PV power to feed both the Inverter (AC loads) and charge the battery. In these conditions, rain, and so on, I avoid depleting the batteries, so I turn on the Multi to work from GRID.

In this scenario, the Multi will begin powering everything, charge battery and AC out. But I believe I could still use the PV power to finish charge the batteries, and use the GRID only to the AC loads. Later when PV power is over, I would enable the Multi charger again to make sure batteries get 100% SoC.

Is this possible? In the Multi input current limit(on Venus), I can only set 3A as minimum. I don't want to load new VE. configure settings on Multi just for these specific situations.

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MPPT 100/20: does PV need to be connected for blueooth connection?

I have a SmartSolar MPPT 100/20 and just got it installed. It's hooked up to the battery and the blue light is blinking denoting that it's on, but not charging anything. I fire up the VictronConnect app on 2 different iphones and a mac laptop and none of the devices can 'see' the controller in the VictronConnect app. Do I need to have a PV array hooked up in order for the device to show up in the app via bluetooth? If not, what is going on? The troubleshooting in the manual for bluetooth connection issues is pretty short and i've exhausted the options.


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Battery voltage reading issues from 75/15 MPPT

I'm having more problems with MPPT 75/15 controller.

I'm now having problems with the controller giving a random battery voltage reading. The battery voltatage is 12.90v (read at the battery and as the controller itself) the controller software is reading it at 14.20. The battery been used to the tune of 20ah, so needs charging, yet the controller has gone into float mode and is not delivering any current.

Panel voltage is at 22v at the moment.

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Connecting different systems with different voltaje to the Venus GX

I have a main system at 48V (MPPT Bluesolar 150/60, Multiplus 48/5000/70, BMV-700 and Venus GX) and another small 12V system on the side with a Victron Phoenix 12/375 inverter. I would like to monitor that system too. Is it possible to connect this unit to a port on the Venus GX to read its data remotely or will that confuse the whole 48V system?

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Pack Batteries 20kwh 48v. 2XMultiplus II or 1x multiplus 5000

Good afternoon.

At the moment I own 2 packs of 10kwh in lithium batteries connected in parallel to 48v.

I was thinking of putting a multiplus II, or a multiplus 5000. We both would be connected in parallel to grid.

Given that the multiplus II is recent would be preferable, for what I intend?

Meanwhile, the idea of putting 2 multiplus in parallel (each destined for each pack of 10kwh) came up to better take advantage of the 20kwh. Would it be better idea to opt for a multiplus 5000?

I think I gain in power to inject in my house with the multiplus II (2400wx2), against 4000w of the multiplus 5000). On the other hand, if one fails, I always have the other.

I intend to use solar energy essentially from the Mppt side for efficiency. For my configuration of 2x20kwh (32cells), with 2 multiplus II would it have to have 2 Mppt?

Thank you for a quick response from someone who can help me decide.

Thank you

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Mid-point Time-to-go?

I have installed BMV 712 with a 420 Ah house battery bank and a 55Ah starter/Aux battery. Everything appears okay except one read-out which I do not understand: looking at the display modes, when I come to the "Time-to-go" display I get the mid-point characters (as shown on p.5 of the manual, under 1.2 b), instead of getting any kind of number as shown on p. 8. What am I missing or not understanding?

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#3: Charging disabled by BMS


What type of CAN message must BMS sent to the ESS system in order to make it switch to #3 state?

Where are all the ESS states documented?



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MPPT remote monitoring

I have several SmartSolar MPPT 75/15's deployed. These locations have access to the internet via wifi and ethernet. I would love to be able to monitor these remotely without investing the extra cost of the LoRaWAN modules. The product page says " If your installation is connected to the internet Victron Remote Management Portal (VRM) provides access to the full power of your MPPT, anytime, anywhere;" But I can't find any documentation on this feature. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Boat running 24v system with 12v for lighting and pumps.


For reference, the boat is 54ft x 10ft, standard wide beam. I've just built it, so it's a start from scratch with everything.

I'm contemplating running a 24v forklift battery bank, with a 24/5000 Multiplus, then having a 24v - 12v DC-DC converter to run all my DC domestic on board, which will be lighting, shower pump, water pump and bilge pump.

The reason for wanting 12v on board is ease of buying lights etc, 24v is not so readily available. I am also being majorly persuaded to go 12v by a boater friend, who says 12v is the most efficient way of having light. I understand the larger size cable costs for voltage drop, I'm ok with this.

The reason I want a 24v battery bank and Multiplus is because I will have 2.94kw of solar panels on the roof (12 x 245w) and I'm told having this at 24v will be much better. This is why I'm split between the 2 systems.

I guess my question is, will this system work for me? I plan to be off grid so I want to get this right.

I'm new to all this so I'm very much learning as I go.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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Marine Muiltplus setup


I have the below set up on my boat and have noticed the solar and charger don't work together. They go into Bulk, absorption and storage at different times. Is there are document that shows what cables to connect this system together correctly and our to configure settings so the solar and charger work together.

-Muiltiplus 24/3000/70-50


-SmartSolar Charger MPPT 100/30

-Venus GX

-360 amp at 24V (6x 120 amp 12v) deep cycle lead acid batteries

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Tail current setting when using multiple MPPTs

I'm running three BlueSolar MPPT 100/50 chargers in parallel. I've noticed that even though absorption and float voltage are set correctly, the batteries seem to be overcharging - there is excessive bubbling and they need topping up frequently. Also, the MPPTs often aren't in the same charging state. They are connected to a CCGX and shared voltage sensing is enabled.

I'm wondering whether the tail current will have to be adjusted when using more than one MPPT as it's 2A per charger from my understanding. Should the threshold perhaps be higher so that the absorption phase ends earlier?

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Inverter not switching off

Hi I've got a Phoenix inverter that won't turn off. There are 3 swicth settings; remote, on and off. None of them do anything. The remote switch won't turn it off either. I've tried disconnecting the remote switch. Also tried disconnecting the batteries and plugging it all in again. Still it stays on.

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Frequency ramp winds Fronius off even though lead batt is at 60% SoC 53v

Site is off-grid, 5kVa Multi, 5.0 Fronius, 700Ah lead bank, MPPT 250/100, CCGX on VRM and running for 3 months. Battery SoC only gets to 100% every 5 or so days and in between max SoC gradually drops down over a succession of days but the Fronius is mostly off due to frequency ramping during most of the sunny part of the day. Solar charging is only from the MPPT which appears to be working nicely but SoC plateaus most of the day. Gen has been run in the last 48hrs for an hr or so. We've turned DVCC on today but Fronius is still ramped off. We've checked that the Abs V is slightly higher on the MPPT than on the Multi as we've heard this can impact some Easysolars. PV Support assistant is up and operational. Any thoughts?

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Quattro 48/10000, Bluesolar 150/85, Two signal Lithium BMS charge from MPPT wont turn off.


I'm running a system with two blue solar 150/85 MPPT:s, a color control GX and a 48/10000 Quattro, generator as well as a batterysystem.

The batterysystem is a lithium batterysystem and we're using the two signal assistant connected to the inverter. Now the inverter handles it like clockwork. Stops charging and starts charging like a charm dependent on the signals to the inverter.

The problem is the MPPT:s. They wont stop charging if the BMS gives a warning, even if the inverter is set as battery monitor in the color control.

Is there any way to get the MPPT to communicate and adhere to the signal from the BMS? Can we get it to work with the communications or any type of assistants? They are connected through CAN to the colorscreen, and the quattro through Ve.Bus.

Any help appriciated.

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BlueSolar MPPT 150/60 stopped charging

Hello there from Colombia,

Friday before noon my BlueSolar MPPT 150/60 suddenly stopped charging with battery below 90% and plenty of sun, after more than one year of working perfectly every day...

Connected with VictronConnect updated to the newest firmware (1.37) and still nothing.

Shows the correct voltage (~120V) incoming from the 2x2 PV modules but


0A, battery voltage being 24,36V. I already checked Voc and Isc of every module, no problem there.Any help very appreciated as I dont wont to put to work the diesel gen everyday...

I already posted my problem as a reply to this problem, which seemed similar:

As still I got no reply, I considered it better to post it again as a new question...

Best regards,


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MultiPlus II maximum discharge of 1700 Watts per Multi in 3-phase ESS Configuration

Hi Victron team,

Hi community,

I operate three MultiPlus II 48V 3000/35-35. One per phase with activated ESS in Germany.

I have the problem that per Multi on one phase never more than 1600 to 1800 watts are delivered.

According to the data sheet, this is the power to which the Multi is adjusted when the temperature exceeds 65 degrees.

I can't not explain the power limit. The ambient temperature is just under 20 degrees and I don't think that the electronics in quasi standby already reaches 65 degrees.

The behaviour is generally given even if the multis did not have to deliver a higher power output for several hours before and the battery has long been charged.

Is it possible to determine the cause of the limitation?

Parameters that are transferred to the VRM or can be called up via MQTT / D-BUS / Modbus? I have not found a way to query the temperatures of the individual multis directly.

The battery (a BYD B-Box) is not the cause according to CCGX.

In the case of simultaneous power consumption over different phases/multis, the battery is discharged and does not limit the power.

The battery parameter of the B-BOX for maximum discharge power is 105A.

The maximum output 1600 - 1800 watts per Multi correspond to 32A depending on the battery voltage (between 51V and 52V), which corresponds to the power limitation on the AC side.

Load on 2 phases:


Alarm Status Multis:


Battery parameter B-Box:


Alarm Status Multis:


Multis status:


During the test of a mains disconnection and the behaviour of the multis (main switch to mains OFF and change-over switch to AC OUT of the multis) I noticed that the multis deliver more than 1800 watts. Without mains and without ESS I had the impression that the limitation didn't work.

Thank you.

Greetings from the black forest,


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Connector VE.Bus and VE.Can

Greetings victron community.

VE.Can and VE.Bus, the internal cables connected to the RJ45 protocol? Serves the same connector for VE.Can and VE.Bus? Are they going straight from male to male or are they crossed?

Of being different that the protocol or the order of the colors has the VE.Can and the VE.Bus.

I am using CCGX latest version latest firmware

thank you

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Plug laptop charger into PV of MPPT


When the days are not sunny at all and i still need to charge my battery (18650 pack with custom BMS), can i just unplug my 19V/6A Solar panel and plug a 19V/7A laptop battery charger instead inside the PV socket of my smartsolar 75/15?

Thanks a lot

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Voltage monitoring with a Venus GX

A customer is looking for the lowest cost method to measure battery voltage over the internet of a simple DC only system. There is no Multi or Quattro at the site. Charging is from a battery charger from the grid. It looks like using a Venus GX and monitoring the battery voltage from a Smart Battery Sense could be the lowest cost method? I've read the Venus manual and can't see any way of getting battery voltage directly from the Venus. Look forward to your feedback.

The customer isn't asking for SoC as they understand the pricing for BMV-700 etc. The battery is physically next to the VenusGX and will be powering the Venus.


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My 100/50 bluepower wont move off bulk despite voltage. Have done reset procedure.

24v panel to 12v wet lead acid battery delivering 20 amps/hr thru Bluepower 100/50. Worked fine now overcharges ie 15+ volts and batts boil as won’t move off bulk. Charges ok low batt, but have to manually disconnect. Did your reset procedure of dis/reconnect in correct order.

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Ve.BUS SOC for BYD system


We have a big 20 kWh BYD battery with 3 Quattros and 4 MPPT's.

I know the issues and problems with te SOC values of the BYD system (50W limit per module).

So as bigger the system is , so bigger the problem gets.

We get the inaccurate current reading problem and it is not nice for the customer to read a sudden SOC drop...

Instead of installing a BMV and having other problems...does anyone has experienced the SOC reading from Ve.bus with the "Use solar charger current to improve VE.Bus SOC " function on? I did it with Victron Lithium and it works good, but with BYD I ask myself?

It works so far not bad.

Thank you for a feedback.

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Is it possible to completely disable the "Charging" feature of a 15kVa Quattro


I have a 15kVA Quattro. Now, I understand the Quattro is an Inverter / Charger. However, I would like to know if I can completely disable the charging feature, as I have an external charger, charging my batteries. I would like the Quattro's to "Invert" only. I am also using the ESS Assistant to feed-in to the GRID to complete the cycle. I unchecked the "Enable charger" option in the VE Configure too (See picture). It may have had an effect, but I still see the "Bulk" LED On when running the Quattro with ESS (See video)


Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

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AC Coupled Fronius + Dc Coupled + INV CHG + Lithium Hybrid anyone set this up advice appreciated.

Can quattro manage Lithium Batteries and also sell dc coupled input when batteries reach float along with AC Coupled on output side to charge batteries in grid failure.

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