GX Compatibility with Murata Fortelion


We plan to build an ESS system comprised of a Multi II GX and a couple of IJ1001M Fortelion Murata batteries. These batteries are relatively unknown and we do have first hand experience with them, so we'd have two questions please to Victron tech teams :


- Can you confirm the good functionning of the Murata system with latest Venus OS ?

- Which specific CAN BMS cable should we use ? Type A or B?

We heard that some improvements regarding communication with Murata were made with Venus OS 2.53v. We have been told however that one user experienced communication issues with the GX, we just need to double check before we move forward with that project...

Thanks in advance for the insights !

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modbus tcp python library?

Hey guys, has anyone built a python library for running modbus tcp commands?

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Battery balancer alarm out to Cerbo

Quick question,

is there a way how to wire Battery balancer alarm output to Cerbo Gx and configure Cerbo to remotely monitor if alarm raises?

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Are battery balancers overkill for 24v series of 12v lithium batteries?

I have a battery bank configured like this:


Where the batteries are TN 54Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Battery. The batteries have internal cell balancing, and built-in automatic protection for over-charge, over discharge, over current and over temperature. These are NOT Victron batteries.

From what I understand from the educational document "Wiring Unlimited", I infer that the battery balancer, performs the actual balancing by adding a small resistance to either side (left/right) of the series of batteries, and thereby skew the current in either side:


If the Left side shows higher voltage, add minor resistance on Left to increase the current delivered to the Right. And of course vice versa.

Question 1: Is my understanding of the way that a battery balancer works correct?

Despite that lithium batteries, have internal cell balancing, and built-in automatic protection for over-charge, over discharge, over current and over temperature, the theory of battery balancing still applies for Lithium batteries because of the resistance in the circuit of batteries, so battery balancers are NOT overkill.

Question 2: Is it correct that battery balancers remain an essential element in the long term maintenance of the circuit?

Kind regards


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Single phase ESS in a three-phase system - Values not making sense?

We require some clarity on the following phenomenon:

Single Multiplus-II 5kVA installed on L1 in a 3-phase house. ET340 3-phase meter is utlilised since we wanted to measure consumption on other two phases (L2 & L3) for design of future expansion options.

9.6kWh Pylontech battery bank and 4.02kWp on a SmartSolar 250/70.

See attached screenshots:

1. No input from inverter to show meter reads correctly on L1, L2 and L3


2. Multiphase regulation set to "Total of all phases"


3. Multiphase regulation set to "Individual phase"


What we would like to know is how is it physically possible for L3 to have a negative value regardless of the Multiphase regulation setting when the inverter can only supply L1 with no other equipment on L2 and L3 that can generate power or export?

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Phoenix ve.direct in parallel?

Assuming the answer is no, but can the Phoenix ve.direct model inverters be run in parallel for load sharing (synchronized phase)?

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Multiplus 12/3000 120v

I lost power today here in a Florida RV park. I went to check the shore connection, all good. My EMS showed all good as well. But, no ac, no outlets work, inverter or otherwise. But I do have power coming in. However, my refrigerator will only run on propane and my air conditioner won’t run either. So I have no 120v.
I checked my settings, inverter on, I hear the clicks when I turn them on and off via Bluetooth.
I have a couple of Battleborn lithium batteries so I have plenty of 12 volt power. But I won’t have coffee in the morning...and it’s still hot in Florida so I need air conditioning.

Could I have blown my mega fuse? I do not have a multimeter.
I’m very puzzled. I’ve had this system for over a year and this is my first issue.

Any ideas?



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BlueSmart IP67 Charger Early Float

I haven’t used my BlueSmart IP67 charger for over 6 months as solar has been adequate, but now when I run the charger, it’s only staying in absorption for a maximum of 30 minutes, even though the battery is only at 90% and happily accepting 7+amps. I haven’t changed any settings in this time (only ever used defaults) although there has been a firmware update.

Is there any reason why this is happening?
6 months ago it would stay in absorption for several hours under the same circumstances.

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CCGX no longer recognizing SD card

I have an SD card in my CCGX and it was working a month ago. Now, on the 'VRM online portal' screen I see the line

microSD/USB No storage found

When I am off shore and have no internet connection my data does not get stored so that when I get back and connect to VRM, there is a gap in the data.

How can I fix this?



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Customising discharge rates

Hi guys, I have a colour control GX running 3 Quattros and 60kwh (soon to be 90) BYD batteries. My situation is a different one in that we have a lot of dirty power issues and a huge amount of electrical equipment. I would like to customise discharge to a maximum of kwh at nighttime - relying on the grid for the remainder of operations.

I also want to make sure the GX jumps in to save low volatge issues that I seem to get daily.

Right now the batteries get sucked dry and then my equipment ceases every time there is a dirty power issue from the grid.

How do I go about programming something like this?

Thanks kindly,


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MultiPlus Compact turns off when connecting network cable to MK2 USB adapter

Recently the AC input plug to which my MultiPlus Compact is connected stopped working for a reason that I have not yet identified. The inverter continued to work as long as the batteries (solar-charged) had energy to supply.

I connected the MultiPlus to another working AC input plug, and the situation seems back to normal except for one thing: when I connect the RJ45 ethernet cable to the MK2 USB interface, the Multiplus turns off (all LEDs turn blank and I can hear a relay switch) as if I had switched it off with the button. The moment I unplug the network cable, the MultiPlus turns back on immediately by itself.

This happens even when the MK2 is to connected to a USB port.
I tried replacing the RJ45 cable, the problem remains.
This does not happen if I connect the RJ45 cable to the Ethernet port of a computer.
I opened the MK2, it looks brand new with no trace of anything melt or burnt, no loose connection. Likewise, I see nothing worrying when I open the front of the Multiplus.

What could cause such a behaviour and what can I do to identify the root of the problem?
I suspect the problem lies in the Multiplus rather than the MK2, because it would be an odd coincidence that the MK2 stops working just after the recent events (it was connected when the AC failure happened).

Any idea?

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Powering Electronics with Victron Controller Questions

Hello all. I'm new to powering using solar. Here is my set up - 100W solar panel, Victron MPPT SmartSolar 75/10 charge controller, 12V 35AH deep cycle battery.

What I'm trying to accomplish is I want to power a cellular modem and IP camera using this set up. Both the modem and IP camera run on 12V.

My question/problem is, how do I accomplish exactly 12V, or very close to it? Do I connect the components straight to the battery? Or out of the load ports on the charge controller?

My concern is that whether I go straight to the battery, or out of the load port, both seem to put out the same voltage, and at times its upwards of 13.5V. That may damage the camera, as it needs 12V.

Is there a way to regulate the voltage coming out of the load ports to exactly 12V? I want the charge controller to charge the battery at a higher voltage (13 to 14), but have the components powered at 12V.

Thank you so much!

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Issue with MultiPlus 48/5000/70-100 connected with Fronius Symo 8.2-3-M

I just installed the multiplus on the ACin of 1 phase of the fronius symo with pylontech batteries for backup and solar energy storage.

I.m not allowed yet to feed excess energy In the grid so fronius is set not to feed excess energy In the grid. A fronius smart meter needing installed.

The fronius and multi are connected via venusGX

1. 1st issue is that when I lower the SOC of the batteries the fronius is being throttled down and power is being supplied only from the batteries.

2. 2nd issue with charging the batteries. The fronius will not ramp up to provide additional power for the charging.

Any ideas why this is happening?

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Multiplus II GX enable ESS Mode 3

Hello everybody,

I'm trying to enable ESS Mode 3 with a Multiplus II GX.

In Ve Configure I set the GridCode and configured Inverter/Charger and added the Assistant "ESS".

I've send the settings to the Multiplus.

On the web interface of the CCGX unter Settings -> ESS is just shown "No ESS Assistant found".

Tried reboots and made a fw update to 2.33.

What did I wrong or what did I missed?

Final goal:

Have a "dump" bidirectional inverter for charging / discharging over Modbus like here:


in Mode 3.

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Victron Blue Smart 12V 30A - easy exchange possible with present recharger?

Hello everybody,

in our new motorhome, I found a simply CBE CB516 battery recharger (16A). I'd like to mount two gel batteries instead of the ordinary one that was delivered with the car - and so I need to replace the battery recharger with a better one. I'd like to integrate a Victron Blue Smart IP22 12V 30A recharger. The old CBE device is responsible for a) recharging the battery and b) supporting 12V DC power to the car when AC230V is plugged in. But it's a really simple box with only one DC outlet... can I easily replace it with that Victron device?

Thanks for hints & help!


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Electric connection in the USA


Im building an expedition Unimog with multiplus 24V/5000VA/120-100 A. Can you please help me with the electric connection in the USA? Should i use Autotransformers or Isolation transformers?

Thanks, Alex

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Dc leakage

Good day,

We have built one ups with Eaton rectifiers modules and inverter Phoenix 800VA. We noticed that when we switched on the dc inverter mcb there was detected one leakage on the minus. We measured the voltages and on the plus side we had 22V and on the minus almost 0V! Do you think that we can eliminate this leakage by installing one big resistor maybe?

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Phoenix Smart IP43 Charge, VenusOS and Lithium

I have been searching the internet to understand how the IP43 Smart Charge integrates into a VenusOS and Lithium based system. There seems to be a lack of information, or I'm looking in the wrong place ;)

Does anyone know if the VenusOS will via the VE.Direct port turn the charge on and off based on the BMS state information, as it does for the MPPT Smart Solar?

I don't believe that it is included in part of the DVCC Maximum Charge current yet.

Dose anyone know if the VenusOS can supply voltage sense information, through DVCC.

I don't really want to just buy a unit to test and find these things do not yet work. Anyone have any ideas on how well the VenusOS and Phoenix Smart IP43 Charge work over VE.Direct?

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Can I parallel the load output on mppt controllers?


I have the MPPT 100/20, can I buy a second one and connect it in parallel (solar, battery and load) to achieve 40A load output? (load output 'always on')

I realise there will be some cadveats to this config, and that I could use an external relay however I like the load monitoring capabilities.


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Victron Multiplus Compact Inverter 24V/1600VA/230V with Pylontech UP2500


Can you please provide me with wiring diagrams for connecting the Multiplus Compact Inverter 24V/1600VA/230V with Pylontech UP2500? We would like to have a capacity of ~4kWH so it would required 2x UP2500. Please also provide inverter settings for the inverter.

Thanks in advance

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Remote VEConfigure Upload - Quattro #6 DDC Program Error

I have a system of 3 Quattro 15k configured in 3Phase, a CCGX, BMV-700 and AC-out coupled PV on-grid inverters.

Yesterday I wanted to change charger settings in VEConfig of each Quattro so I downloaded the VE.Bus using Remote VEConfigure and changed the settings on each of the Quattros within the VE.Bus remote file. Of course it required a VESoftware tools update and within the VEConfigure, ESS assistant update. I updated successfully.

Interestingly, after the update, ESS assistant settings were not the same in each of the Quattros; the Master had all the settings, but the Slaves had fewer setting pages. (Anyone knows if normal? why?)

After setting changes, I closed+saved the VEconfigure and VEBus tools, and went on to upload the updated file via Remote VEConfigure. First trial returned an error, second as well, and the third trial just crashed and froze on one stage of the upload. After a checkup on site, the system was shut down, with a beeping sound, flashing LEDs and Quattro #6 DDC Program Error alarm on CCGX (attached photos).

My problems:

  1. I checked on site CCGX and VRM portal, the connection seems up and running online, however I cannot connect to the CCGX nor the device Remote VEConfigure, and Victron Connect app, it shows the system "offline".
  2. I have to solve this solely remotely, online, since I don't have specialized personnel on site with the necessary tools
  3. Error 6 DDC seems a problem in the assistant and needs a VE.Bus firmware update. How can I do this remotely online when my connection seems to have a problem?

Urgent support is needed with thanks.

@Johannes Boonstra (Victron Energy Staff) can you please jump in for suggestions


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120V Smart IP43 Charger?

I would really like to know if the smart IP43 charger is planned to come out in a 120V version.

I have a smartsolar, BMV, and Raspberry Pi on my RV, and I now need to replace the old shore charger. It looks like my only options are the Skylla-IP44, standard Phoenix, Centaur, or the Multiplus. These are all more charger than I need, not to mention I'm not entirely sure they would work on the Pi.


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App says Orion Smart charging is disabled, current meter says otherwise.

My Orion Smart 12v/12v-18a charger is set up for LiFePo4 batteries. The iPhone app says charging is disabled, but my clamp-on current meter shows 10-15 amps. If I flip the remote switch, the app reports that immediately so it's not a Bluetooth connection issue. I've verified that the current meter is working, and I've power-cycled everything (including the phone).

If I turn off charging via the remote switch, I see the current go down to zero. So that's working at least.

Thoughts? Ideas?

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SmartSolar Lead Acid Settings

G'day all,

I'm new to solar to take it easy on me! I have just connected up the SmartSolar MPPT 75/10 in my car to a deep cycle flooded lead acid battery (Battery Link Here). I would like to ensure the settings within the mppt regulator are suitable for my battery - see attached screenshots.

Looking for feedback.



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VictronConnect bluetooth devices not working with macOS Big Sur

Anyone having trouble with VictronConnect bluetooth devices and macOS Big Sur? I cannot get my BMV-712 Smart and my SmartSolar-charge-controller-MPPT-250/100 VE.Can to connect with VictronConnect on my Mac since upgrading to Big Sur - keeps asking for Passcode, but fails with 000000. VictronConnect still works with my iPad and iPhone.

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MultiPlus Compact not turning on and flashing orange

Hi, since I've installed victron lithium batteries with BMS and mains detector, I'm having trouble switching on my multiplus compact using the rocket switch. It just starts flashing orange (not a full diode flash, just a tiny blink) and does not turn on till I connect my generator for a little bit. Any suggestions how to fix that?

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Mppt Sizing Tool


At Mppt Sizing tool
I choose
-360W Mono Victron
-Series 4
-Parallel 6
-System Voltage 48V

It Says
Total pv power: 8640 Watt peak

Calculation Page Advice is SmartSolar MPPT 250/100 MC4
At the specs of 250/100 it says it can handle maximum 5800 Watt

So why the calculation not warning me, about 2840 Watt waste of energy ?
Why doesn't it advice me to use 2 MPPT's ?

When click at the right side to calculations it says Power limiting because of Temperatures but this is not the fact right ?

Am I missing something ?

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Venus GX, temperature sensor issues

I have made myself two temperature probes out of LM355 sensors. When I connect to Venus GX the message "Reversed polarity" is displayed and there is no temperature reading. If I change the polarity on the terminal on the Venus GX the message "Not connected" is displayed. Any experience or help on this issue?

I have one sensor attached to the generator in my boat and the other one on the hot water boiler. Just for monitoring in my boat.

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What screens are compatible with Cerbo GX?

hi i have the CanGX display can i use this with the Cerbo GX or do i need to get the GX touch 50

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Using 200AH LFP bank to charge my “dead” FLA starter battery

This is a hypothetical situation but it’s winter here and the boat’s in storage, so... Here I am, sitting on the boat, at anchor. No shore power, but the 370W PV is keeping the LFP bank happy via the Victron 100/30 MPPT. I control both the starter/engine bank (FLA) and the house bank (2 100AH Battle Borns in parallel) with a 1-2-All-Off switch. BUT, I forgot to switch the circuit to “2” (house bank/LFPs) when I anchored, and the loads drained my FLA engine battery. The Orion 12/12-30 is off because the engine is off. Can I switch to “ALL” to allow the LFPs to push amps into the FLA battery to give it enough juice to start the engine? Yes, I’d measure the voltage at the FLA battery to be sure I had enough power to start the engine without compromising the LFP bank. Advice and suggestions, please?

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