Will MPPT 75/15 draw down battery in winter with no panels attached

Will MPPT 75/15 draw down battery in winter with no panels attached?

Getting ready to store the boat for the winter and I am taking the panels down. Do i need to disconnect the MPPT's from the house bank?


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harmonics of Quattro inverter

Hi, All

Client asked us to provide harmonics testing sheet for both voltage and current to comply IEC 61000.3.6.2012 .

Anyone has idea ? Many thanks

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Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) for the Quattro and smart solar MPPT

Hi, All

It is a very urgent question. Utility company need to know the MTBF for victron quattro and smart solar MPPT. All of my suppliers do not know this figure and victron staff told me to ask supplier.

Is any one know about this. It is need a document to mention this figure

Please help me

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Entladungsboden - BMV-712

Kann mir jemand sagen was die Einstellung „Entladungsboden“ (Standardwert 50%) zu bedeuten hat bzw. und wie ich den richtigen Wert für meine Batterien ermittle?

Ich habe zwei nagelneue AGM 120 Ah C100 bzw. 105 Ah c20 Batterien (2x Ective DC 120 deep cycle AGM) parrelelgeschaltet im Einsatz.

Danke schonmal für die Hilfe

Grüße Kai

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Victron Blue Smart 10A 12V Preset Profile for Optima Yellowtop


I would like to confirm that the "AGM Spiral Cell" in the preset profiles is for the Optima range of car batteries?

As far as I am aware Optima is the only company producing the these?

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Battery Monitor & Solar MPPT History

Hello, I am running a Victron Battery Monitor BMV-700 with Bluetooth dongle and a Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/50 charge controller on my campervan solar system. I have a Dometic electric cooler and I would like to have a better understanding of how low the battery charge gets over the course of the night while running the cooler on battery before the sun comes up and starts to charge it back up again so I can see how close I'm coming to 50% charge. The Victron app has a History tab that shows me the number of synchronizations and things like that but when I click over the the graph that shows the state of charge over time, it only shows starting at the moment I connected via my phone, rather than going back 30 days or whatever an appropriate history would be. If I close the app and a minute later reconnect, it resets the history again, rendering it essentially useless. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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panels series

can i series 4 x 55W and one 90w into a 48V MTTP? or will the 90 W stop the 4 others

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MPPT 150/45 TR with 4 175W HQST Solar panels

I recently acquired a Smart Solar MPPT 150/45 TR. I used the Victron MPPT Calculator and the recommended settings based on Victron solar panels, was this model. My question is The following.

Based on the Nominal PV power @ 12V for the controller is 650W. My total PV array power with all PV cells in Series will be 700W. The Voc for each pannel is 24.3 and Vmp is 20.3, the current is Imp 8.62A and Isc 9.35A. If I used these 4 panels in this case I will be exceeding the recommended power in which I know is not good; But when I typed my numbers it appeared to be good for this model in the calculator as seen below:


Using other calculators and taking into consideration the temperature effects it will give me 60Amps which also exceeds the current parameter.

My battery is a Lifepo4 at 12Vdc or 14.4Vdc (400AH). If I do a manual calculation using the MPPT of 700W/14.4 it gives me 48.61A. (1) Should I drop 1 solar panel to reduce the wattage, to be on the safe side or (2) should I do a parallel series arrangement for this controller? On a similar note the PV array will be 40ft away from the solar controller, the MPPT Boost effect only occurs downstream meaning on the output of the solar charge controller or this MPPT boost effect occurs input and output of the controller. This is just to know how I will size my Input cables from the PV array and the output to the batteries. Thanks for your help in advance.

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Stacked MultiPlus Questions

I currently have a single Multiplus 12/3000 on my boat and I'm interested in adding a second to give me 240 amps of charging, 6000 watts of inverter, and redundancy in the event that one fails. This seems pretty straightforward, but I have two concerns.

1. What happens if one inverter fails? It seems as if the whole system goes down until the functioning MultiPlus is reprogrammed to operate as a single unit. Is this true? If so, stacked Multis would actually halve the reliability of the system, rather than provide redundancy.

2. Are both Multis running all the time, wasting battery power, even when the total load on the system is only a few hundred watts? Or does the slave only power on when demand exceeds what the master can provide?


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"Not in phase" message on VEConfigure Monitor

Dear Community,

We are having trouble with our virtual switch "Ignore AC Option" in our 3 phase system. We just recognized a text dipslaying "not in phase" as it can be seen on the attached image regarding de VEConfigure Monitor. Any idea what does this mean?

Thank you.



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Phoenix inverters no parallel connection

I have had 3 phoenix 24/3000 inverters working in parallel for years, after a firmware upgrade on my color controller, a week later they have failed to parallel connect now coming up with a firmware issue. Was advised to update the inverter firmware. Using the MK3 interface i have done one successfully which is the newest. 2612154.HEX to version 476.

The other 2 are older 1912137.HEX and 1912112.HEX The 137 unit appeared to update but will not accept changes on the dip switch settings now, the oldest one came up with no MK2 found.

So now no parallel operation what so ever.

Any advice as to my next step. I am an electrician so know my way round electrical gear.

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Cerbo GX 2.57 and USB ports

I am currently using firmware 2.54 and using all USB ports for MPPT controllers. I understand 2.57 will make one of the USB ports power-only.

I have a USB hub that can be powered from a USB port. Does the power-only port provide enough power to connect the hub and then use the HUB to connect two of the MPPT controllers to it?

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Skylla-IP44 Charger Profiles & Integration

I have recently installed a Cerbo GX and 4 x SmartSolar MPPT controllers (75/15).

I also have two BMV-712 monitors.

I would like to replace my current battery chargers (non-Victron) with two Skylla-IP44 units.

1. I'd like to know if the Cerbo GX can control these units to coordinate charging with the solar controllers when I have AC power as well.

2. Also, do the Skylla-IP44 chargers use battery temperature and voltage information from the BMV selected in the Cerbo GX?

The reason I am replacing my current chargers (2 x ProMariner 1260P units) is because I have Firefly batteries that perform best where I can dump as much current into them as possible during the bulk phase of the charge cycle. This means as much current until the get to 14..4V, then slowly back off amps during the absorption phase. The ProMariner starts backing off the current when the batteries reach 13.8V, so it not only takes a LOT longer to charger, it can also damage the batteries over a long period.

So the question relates to this is... does anyone know if the Skylla-IP44 will put in all 60A it is capable of until the battery reaches the limit set for Bulk/Absorption?


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Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger and failure of the charge bus in a dual DC bus system.

I've got a Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger that I'm incorporating into a LiFePO4 24V system in a motorhome. The Phoenix will not be turned on permanently (only when shore power or generator is required). There is also solar charging (this is the primary charging source) occurring on the charging bus via an Electrodacus DSSR20. Both the Phoenix and the DSSR20 are remote controlled by the Electrodacus SBMS0 for overcharge situations.

I'm still doing the planning side of things and have been reading http://nordkyndesign.com/.

I have been following the outline for the dual DC bus system and was just reading through the section outlining a high-voltage event causing a charge bus disconnection.

In the article he says when some charging devices are disconnected under load there is potential for generating a voltage spike and subsequently damaging/destroying them.

The examples he gives are of ;PWM & MPPT charge controllers, wind generators, and alternators.


I was wondering if such a charge bus disconnection, say via a fuse break or a manual switch, would have an impact (like the device destroying voltage spike mentioned) on the Phoenix if it were activated at the time.

Also, would the outcome for the Phoenix differ depending if the DSSR20s (and solar modules) were connected at the time or not?

Thank you!

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ESS 3 phase 3 with external control, one phase sometimes ignores setpoint

I might repeat myself but i am scratching my head and the problem is not solved.
My ESS is 3 phase, with Multiplus-II 5000 on firmware 474, Venus on 2.60. I use external control.

Sometimes one of the Multiplus units on one phase apparently decides to ignore the setpoints and starts doing odd things .. with the result being a wild ride between feed-in and consumption.

The situation resolves after some time, but that can take an hour or so. The other multiplus'es follow the instructions without issue.


this is the problematic phase only, SP is setpoint.
The overview of all 3 phases for a longer interval is here:


you can see that normally the inverter follows the instructions well ..

Any advice appreciated.


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Battery protect with battery switching

I have two battery banks on my adventure van: one AGM, one lithium. I use the Smart Battery Protect 100 for the AGM bank, and I'd like to use the Smart Battery Protect 220 for the larger lithium bank. Both banks share a common ground for simplicity. Both of these banks feed back into the same positive bus system.

I'd like to use a remote rocker switch to control the individual Smart BPs as a battery bank switcher rather than the bulky manual battery switch which takes up a lot of space on my electrical panel. If I set up a rocker switch (ON-OFF-ON) that will allow me to select which Smart BP is currently on via the remote (H/L) leads, will the Vout>Vin restriction prevent me from doing this because my lithium voltage is > AGM voltage, even when the Smart BP 100 is off? When the remote for the battery protect is switched off, does it actuate a relay and physically disconnect the battery so that it won't matter if Vout > Vin, or will it still result in uncontrolled current through the battery protect as the manual warns about?

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BMV Battery Monitor customization

Is there any way to see a historical (ie hourly/daily) power consumption on the battery monitor? I'm a bit disappointed so far that I see only a "deepest discharge", which doesn't help me understand what by power usage was the evening before.

I woke up this morning at 4am with my 48V lithium batteries dead and I have no idea why. A graph of hourly power usage would have been able to explain things. The Trends tab unfortunately only shows info based on when I most recently opened the app (ie usually no more than a few minutes prior), rather than for the hours before.

Is there a way to interface with raw data on the device so I can write my own software to monitor things? I have a raspberry pi with bluetooth and would love being able to collect data from the monitor, which I can then customize.

For example, it would be helpful for me to get notified that the power is getting low (and could be dead before morning), so I can unplug items before I go to sleep. It would be helpful to customize this notification, ie based upon if there's a genuine risk to the batteries being dead.

People have suggested getting the battery disconnect but I honestly need to have fair warning before it's too late. So I know to unplug my computer, TV, etc (less essential items) so my fridge can keep running.

If there was some programmable interface I can gather data, that would be really useful and I'd consider keeping the device. Otherwise, I'm just going to return it and look elsewhere, because it's definitely not worth the $200 when there's no historical logging (unlike their charge controllers).

Also, now the battery monitor says "100%" even though it's nowhere near that, so it's a bit useless at this point. I had to shut off my batteries so the monitor turned on via my panels, which might explain the issue.

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Is there a way to "convert" a Multiplus 12/1200/50 to 24/1200/25?

Hi there, we have an exisiting 12 V system with Multiplus 12/200/50, MPPT 75/15, BMV700, and two Lead-Carbon batteries (in parallel). We are currently investigating the options to raise the DC-Voltage level to 24 V. MPPT and BMV should accept that easily, batteries could be wired in series - but how about the MultiPlus? Is there any way to "convert" that to a 24/1200/25-configuration (by dip-switches, software configuration, or whatever)?

Thx in advance.

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BMV 712 displays a very low auxiliary voltage

Most of the time the reading is right. But erratically the BMV displays an auxiliary battery voltage in the 5 volts range. When the problem occurs, the actual voltage at the B2 input is ok (ex.: 12,43V) (Measurement made with a handheld voltmeter). All other values including house battery are ok.

Last time this occurred, it lasted 20 minutes, then came back to wright values,

Connections are perfect. Firmware is up to date.

Any clues?


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BMV monitor with mppt

Based on this basic diagram am I correct or mistaken in thinking that on a sunny day a fridge in the 12V loads would not be registered by the shunt monitor?

Do you have a situation whereby some loads are recorded by the mppt unit and some by the BMV shunt monitor?

Am I thinking of the BMV/smart shunt as a system monitor when it's a battery monitor?



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Blue Power Panel stops talking to Multiplus

I have a Multiplus 12/3000/120 (2702433 updated from 2702430) that was communicating with a Blue Power Panel (0x0107) fine. They worked together even after the update to 2702433.

Then I disconnected the BPP and hooked up a VeConfigure 3 to that same cable which worked fine.

Now when reconnecting to the BPP the BPP does not see the Multiplus. At first it indicated that there was no communications. Now it says that no devices are listed, and - "Overview is not configured correctly. Please check configuration".

System > select VVC > indicates not set. and an edit does not allow for any changes.

What happened? I understand that the BPP may not work with newer versions of the firmware but - 1) the BPP was communication with the Multiplus. 2) the failure to communicate started after the connection with VeConfigure.

Is there a way to do a hardware reset to initial state for the BPP? I did find the diagnostic screen.

The BPP and Multiplus are only about 2 months old. Which is to say that I bought them within the last few months.

Please advise.

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ESS with an option to Ignore AC input

Hi All

We have been coming across sites with high grid voltage, where we have some ESS systems installed these sites have PV on the Output side of the inverter. Due to our local requirements for PV inverters the grid voltage is so high that the PV won't ramp up to produce enough to charge the batteries.

We still have some legacy systems that run with the HUB2 v3 Assistant and its great for ignoring the AC input with PV on the output side.

Just checking to see if anyone else is in need/or there is a demand of a Ignore AC input on the ESS assistant when there are AC coupled PV inverters on the output, seen as though HUB2 has been depreceated.

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Victron Community Guidelines

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MPPT 75/10- too little Absorption time- why?

While on the boat and with loads on, engine off- the charge times average: Bulk 46%, Absorption 11%, Float 43%. The Absorption time seems too low and is not acting per my interpretation of the manual.

Have a new horizontally mounted 100 W marine installation with a SmartSolar MPPT 75/10, one 85 AH dual purpose lead acid house bank battery. While using the boat there are minor loads at about 5AH a day. The one major load is a DC powered compressor type refrigerator on all day, 5A while running, about 30% duty cycle, so about 40AH/day.

Absorption is often on less than 2 minutes and never over an hour at a time. Per the manual, Absorption time is set by either: 1) battery voltage at sunrise- which could drop below 12.2V- meaning the algorithm sets Absorption time to at least 4 hrs., or 2) the absorption stage can end when the “tail current” is less than 1A. The 11 recorded Absorption current levels last week ranged from 1.8 to 4.5A- none were under 1A. Only once, today, did the Absorption stage actually continue for 29 minutes and switched onto Float stage when the current dipped 0.9 A.

SO why is Absorption almost always terminating too early to be useful (not soaking the battery at the higher 16.2 V)??


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3 Answers

Victron Installation Review

Hi Everyone,

Have asked a few questions in the past with my ugly DIY install, have gotten lots of constructive feedback and finally got home so that I could rip it all apart and start over. Looks a bit less like kabalsalat, the worst of it that's left is the original Airstream wiring. For anyone that's curious, prior thread is here:


Here's a snapshot of the system today, completely reconfigured and rewired, upgraded the battery leads to 1/0 as recommended. Got rid of the massive industrial bus block, I think that was the main source of issues based on the condition it's in when I pulled it out, looks like two of the positive leads had worked themselves a bit loose. Added the battery disconnect per guidance, no-brainer that should've been there from the beginning. Lots of folks appear to put a disconnect between the MPPT and the batteries as well, but this seems redundant with the circuit breakers as you can manually trip the breaker and achieve the same goal.


Couple of known items are to re-run shore power (no shore power included in this photo) and hook up two existing air circulation fans.

One more thing - hard to get a gauge from the photo, but all of the battery leads are the same length, 20". Tried to be efficient with the length, but it was a bit tricky since I have them in two different orientations to save as much space as possible. The negative lead is pulled off the top left battery, through the CSL, then the BMV shunt, then runs to the inverter. The positive lead is taken from the bottom left battery, straight into the battery disconnect, then to the inverter & BGA together, then positive bus bar for the DC loads.

Specific wrap-up questions:

  1. Am I missing any other disconnects? Various schematics seem to include one from the MPPT & tow vehicle trickle charger, but I don't see a point if the MPPT is protected by breakers and I don't have a trickle charger.
  2. Do I have the order correct on the negative side? Should it be CSL then shunt as I currently have it, or do I need to flip that? I know the shunt should be the first thing load-wise, but my reasoning was that the CSL doesn't draw anything on a stable basis.
  3. As I slim down my DIY'd and over-engineered system, I review the Multiplus specs and it looks like my Go Power automatic transfer switch is redundant with the built-in capability of the Multiplus. Is there any reason I should still include the Go Power automatic transfer switch when I re-run the shore power? I'm re-running a completely new lead & replacing the inlet, so it would be a convenient time to remove the transfer switch if it is unnecessary.

A bit about my system overall:

2003 Airstream
960W renogy panels, 6 x 160W each hooked up in Series-parallel configuration (two sets of 3 panels in series, then paralleled into the MPPT)
800 Ah BattleBorn batteries, 8 x 100 Ah each

BGA-225 battery guard
Victron Multiplus 12/3000/120-50 120v VE Bus

Victron SmartSolar Charge Controller (150V 45A Tr)

Victron BMV-712

Current Surge Limiter (CSL for short) (https://battlebornbatteries.com/product/current-surge-limiter/)

Go Power! TS-30 30 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch (likely to be deleted)

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2 Answers

Why does my BMV not pickup alternator amperage

I have a Multiplus Compact and a BMV 702 monitor. When I’m connected to shorepower or while my generator is running my monitor registers amperage output and battery percentage increase. When disconnected from shore power and while engine is running, the BMV detects voltage (13-14v) from the alternator but it does record any amperage or percentage increase in battery capacity. Any suggestions for Why this might be?


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2 Answers

communauté francophone !


Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer l’ouverture de la section francophone de Victron Community.

Ce site https://community.victronenergy.com, déjà existant en anglais et espagnol, sera pour l’ensemble des utilisateurs français un outil qui vient en complément du support technique dispensé par les distributeurs et installateurs Victron.

En effet, Victron consacre beaucoup de temps et d'énergie à la formation de ses clients, afin qu’ils soient compétents et autonomes pour répondre à tout type de questions et configurations sur les produits Victron dans le but de mieux servir les utilisateurs finaux de nos produits.

Votre installateur ou distributeur restera donc votre interlocuteur privilégié.

Le forum étant un forum d’entraide, nous comptons sur la communauté d’utilisateurs pour répondre au mieux à vos questions.

Nous espérons que cette communauté grandira avec un bon mélange de passionnés et d‘utilisateurs des produits Victron Energy, qu'il s'agisse de revendeurs ou d'utilisateurs finaux.

Au besoin, le personnel de Victron Energy pourra intervenir sur le forum en tant que modérateur.

L’équipe Victron France

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3 Answers

Smart Solar 150/70 MPPT yield limited by Pylontech Bty

Please assist, I have a 48/3000/35 Multiplus II, Venus GX, Pylontech 2000 and 150/70 Smart solar MPPT connected to 4 PV strings. I noticed over a long period that with 3 strings connected and also now with 4 strings connected to the MPPT that at around 10h00 every sunny day my MPPT solar yield drops with about 400W on a 3 string input but 900W on the 4 string input. After long investigation of trends I found that it seems at some point during Bulk charging at which stage the Bty shows 100% for a long time already, the MPPT Pylontech bty voltage graph raises slightly from about 52.26V to 52.3V and then suddenly the MPPT current output drops significantly without any change in the sun exposure. I make use of ESS feed in excess power as well as DVCC with no current limits set or time dependent constraints in any configuration.

I was told that my Pylontech Bty (1 only, proposed 2) is the problem and that the firmware on the Multiplus II version 459 does not handle the excess PV power available very well. As such as the pylontech dictates the MPPT charging algorithm, it throttles the MPPT and also the feed in power to the grid. The proposal is to upgrade the Multiplus II firmware to version 475 which may help. Does anyone know what the reason or solution could be, would not like to buy another pulontech to solve this problem. Attached 2 graphs to indicate the scenario



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3 Answers