Thermal breaker on AC IN of Multiplus

Hi dear community, I know this question has been asked before, but I didn't see any answers. I want to check whether the thermal breaker has tripped on a Multiplus Compact 24/2000 at one of my clients´ installation. The charger is not taking the generator input and I have already done all the recommended generator parameters adjustments on the Multiplus via Remote Config. The problem has to be something else. The manual says to reset the thermal breaker if the charger is not working, but the front plate of the Multiplus does not have any sign of a breaker. It must therefore be on the inside I presume. I am not physically close to the installation, so I want to guide my customer on how to do it.

Thanks for any pointers.

Edgar Graadt van Roggen asked

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EM24 Ethernet - lockup issue

Hi Everyone,

I am running an ESS, everything fine, BUT: My EM24 Ethernet is regularly losing the connection to the LAN. This is not a DHCP issue or such, it clearly hangs.

After disconnecting the EM24 from power (cold restart) it works again, but only for 1-2 weeks.

I would like to update the firmware and then see whether the problem goes away. This is just a way of saving time from further troubleshooting.

My problem is: Nobody will help me to get newer firmware. Victron Dealer says to contact Carlo Gavazzi. They say to contact Victron. And Victron says to contact the Dealer. Stuck in a loop.

Anyone here to help my get new firmware for the EM24 Ethernet?

My Device is a EM24-DIN.AV2.3.X.E1.X


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New MultiPlus-II 2X 120V doesn't show full AC load on Victron Connect

I just installed the new Multiplus-II 12v 2x120 inverter. It's working great but the data I'm seeing in Victron Connect doesn't look right. For example, I'm on 50amp shore power and with one 15k A/C running in my RV, Victron Connect shows AC Loads at 231w. When I shut that A/C down, the load stayed at 231w. When I start up the second 15k A/C unit, Victron Connect shows 1,868w. It appears Victron Connect isn't seeing power from one of the legs on my 50 amp service. Thoughts?

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Multiplus Blue Power 12 - 3000 - 120 - 16 Wanting to go off grid with solar?

what equipment do i need (if any) to add to inverter charger and how to wire please?

looking to add 1000w solar panels plus 800ah lifep04 battery capacity

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75/15 Smart Solar not charging since firmware update to v1.54

75/15 Smart Solar not charging since firmware update

I logged into my charger and had to apply a couple of firmware updates. Now the bulk light is on but no currents /watts are showing on the app. voltage 38-40 volt from panel before connection to mppt, (2x 80w) but zero watts or amps. I can connect fine with BMV-712 and battery sense. I reset to factory defaults, but still not working. Any suggestions?

tiranna asked
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Safety Switch at Aux Input of an Quattro

Hello everyone,

My problem is that I have connected an emergency stop switch to the aux input of an Quattro. When this is pressed, the Quattro goes off. However, when the switch is unlocked, the Quattro restarts automatically. Is there any way to prevent the Quattro from restarting automatically?

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Connect "ground" of load output to vehicle body? MPPT 75/15

Hi everyone!

Is there any reason I should or should not connect the ground/- pin of the load output to the body of the vehicle?

I'm having issues with my fridge (Dometic CB40 compressor, 60W) shutting down due to low voltage, so I connected the fridge as the only load to the load output of the MPPT 75/15. I used 6mm² cables, roundabout 1.5-2m length. In this first setup, ground of load output was connected directly to the ground pin of the fridge.
With that setup I was able to measure the current (up to 7A) that the fridge used. Unfortunately I still had a misterious voltage drop of 0.5V-1.0V along this connection, so the fridge would shut down due to low voltage (<10.5V).

Now I have connected the ground of the fridge to the vehicle body and the voltage seems to drop significantly less, at least the fridge doesn't swithc of any more....

But it seems that I can't measure the load current anymore?

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Victron mppt 100/50 controller not charging battery

I am setting up my RV with solar power and this is my first system. The solar panel is tested and working. It is putting out 32 volts in the sun. The controller is a victron BlueSolar charge controller 100/50 mppt controller. The battery is a bigbattery 12V OWL - LifeP04 - 170 Ah - 2.176kWh.

When I connect the battery to the controller it starts flashing "bulk". However, the battery never charges. The battery is currently showing 10.99V on the front display on the battery. On the bluetooth app, it shows the same and it shows 0 volts from solar and 0 amps from solar. It only shows the battery volts and the 'current state' shows 'off'.

I believe the controller is set up correctly. If I go into settings it is set for 12V, max charge of 50 amp, charger enabled, battery set to lithium iron phosphate (LiFeP04), absorption voltage is 14.20V, float voltage is 13.50 V.

I can't get any solar charge at all. If I leave it plugged in, the battery and the charger just shut off entirely.

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SmartSolar 100/15 compatibility with 125W panel
  • Hi there,

I have a basic question to ask before I buy a SmartSolar MPPT controller for my solar panel.
I have a 124.5W solar panel
Specs here:
Voc: 24.48V
Isc: 6.32A
Vmp: 20.88V
Imp: 5.97A
Ptol: +/- 3%
124,5 W
Pmax - Maximum achievable power
124,5 W
Voc - Voltage open circuit
24,48 V
Isc - Ampere short circuit
6,32 A
Vmp - Voltage maximum power
20,88 V
Imp - Ampere maximum power
5,97 A

I was was wondering if I can use a 100/15 solar controller rather than a smaller 75/10 as I will maybe add another 124.5W panel in the future.
I know a 75/10 would be proficient but I was wondering if the 100/15 will still work ok with just a 124.5W panel.
(The nominal PV power at 12v of the 100/15 controller is 220W and nominal PV power at 12v 75/10 controller is 145W.)
Does the nominal PV power have to be close to the power of the solar panel for it to work correctly.
Apologies I am new to this and would really appreciate before I buy the 100/15 controller just to make sure it will work ok and isn’t to powerful for just the 124.5W panel.
It says in the SmartSolar manual:

“PV array too small”
“If the PV array power rating is less than the solar charger nominal power rating, the solar charger cannot output more power than the connected solar array can provide”

Many thanks


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MPPT 100/30 not charging

I have a MPPT solar 100/30 controller with 100aH battery and new 120 watt panel. My battery is discharged by 15% and we have some sun but the controller is not charging. Green led is on. The app is showing solar voltage but no watts and no charge current

Pictures below of the setup




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Maximum charge voltage Multiplus 48/5000 nife battery

Hello zusammen,

I have 39 cells to NIFE battery and i need charge that to 1,7V pro cell, this is 66.3 Volts and the maximun is 66. I can configure the solar chargers to that but if the battery is near the 66Volts and my consumition is lower, the inverter become a peak that i dont know if can destroy my inverter.

Thaanks for all and sorry for my english.

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ET112 Energy meters - installation of 3 meters

Good day

I need to install 3 x ET112 Grid meters in a single phase installation . Busy with my planning

Meter 1 will be the Grid Meter

Meter 2 Will be the meter measuring the PV Inverters before the input of my Quattro

Meter 3 Will be measuring the PV Inverters on the output of my Quattro.

On the Color control under energy meters I need to assign the roles . On the PV inverters can it be defined which one is before the Quattro and which one is after the Quattro it does not seem to offer me that specific role ?

Some guidance will be greatly appreciated

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BlueSolar PWM arrow fast blinking

I have a BlueSolar PWM Charge Controller – LCD - USB and a generic PWM charing the same LiFEPO battery with build in BMS (LionTron).

Very often when the sun shines, the BlueSolar 's arrow between the Solar Panel icon and Battery starts blinking fast. ( not the slow float blinking, but fast like 4x per second ). The charge current is also low (but not zero).

When I reset the PWM ( disconnect solar panel and battery / Or switch between B4 and B5 and back, so PWM reboots ) the blinking stops and the PWM charges maximum current.

I wonder why it is doing that. There is no mention about fast blinking in the manual. I asked the question to Victron through my reseller, but that did not get me an answer.

Does anybody know what this blinking means ?


wdv asked

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orion tr smart batterijprofielen

Beste Victron kenners,

Ik heb een orion-tr smart geinstalleerd waardoor nu mijn huishoudaccu veel sneller wordt bijgeladen als de motor van ons schip draait.

Bij het instellen van de lader via Victron connect werd ik wel verrast door het feit dat ik niet het profiel van mijn Victron(!) AGM accu kon selecteren. Dus heb ik maar gekozen voor de een spiral cell AGM profiel gekozen. Ik zou graag een beter profiel willen instellen specifiek voor mijn Victron AGM 165Ah. Zijn die laadprofielen niet ergens terug te lezen of te downloaden?

Ik hoor het graag!

gouwzee asked

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MK2 Cant find com port (Quattro)

Downloaded yesterday the software package for Quattros.

( VE Configuration tools for VE.Bus Products )

Have a MK2 interface which I have used before.
Ve.Bus system configurator cant detect the com port.
First tried it on a three phase system and could not connect, then went to our boat where is a single phase system and same.
The ethernet cable is OK, the MK2 interface is ok and detected by windows.

tom-kaisla asked
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Remote VE.Bus firmware updates

Hello all! On April 6th we've released Venus OS version v2.65. It adds a feature which many distributors and installers have been looking forward to for a long time: being able to remotely update the firmware of our Inverter/chargers as well as Inverters: Multis, Quattros, MultiPlusses, and so forth.

The purpose of this topic is to have one - easy to update - place to confirm the latest status, issues and improvements.

Currently, the feature is still in beta, and clearly marked as such on the VRM Portal.

Current status:

UPDATED 2021-04-19: this feature has been used a lot, and without issues. Its no longer in beta; its now a normally available feature.

General advise:
Fully study the manual (link below) from the beginning to the end before you start. The inverter/charger is the heart of a Victron Energy system, during the update AC will be switched off for a while, as such comms. might be lost as well, and so forth and forth: its a super powerful feature but does require more care than -for example- firmware updating a Solar Charger.

Where to report issues:
Preferably by posting a question here below. We're monitoring this thread.


Updates 2021-04-19:

  • Feature is no longer in beta.

Updates 2021-04-13:

  • Venus OS v2.66 released officially. Has some minor stability improvements.

Updates 2021-04-09:

  • Small bug in the VRM portal was fixed, that (sometimes) caused the final error message to not become visible. That could for example happen when uploading a settings template file without first merging the file in VE.Bus System Configurator

Updates 2021-04-07:

  • Released Venus OS v2.66~1 for testing; with some minor stability updates for Remote VE.Bus firmware updates. There is no need to use that test version to update your inverter/charger firmware.

Updates 2021-04-06:

  • Venus OS v2.65 released officially

Updates 2021-04-01:

  • A new VE.Bus System Configurator tool version was released, adding the Merge function. See FAQ Q3 in above linked manual for what that is and what its for. And also this new version has a bugfix, to fix a crash when processing the settings template from a system with Quattros.
  • Documentation and in-app texts are being updated wrt setting the charge current to zero after the update, since it works slightly different than was documented. Not the charge current is set to zero, but the charge voltages are set to the nominal battery voltage. Ie. both float and absorption are set to 12V for a 12V system, to 24V for a 24V system and 48V for a 48V system. We’re doing this instead of setting the current since this works better. Also, in a DVCC system, its good to know that these settings will be overruled by the managed battery; and thus the system will be charging, even though the settings havent been restored yet. Which is fine: there is no risk of battery being overcharged when the battery BMS is in charge via DVCC.
  • The mechanism works stable. No known issue.
  • The release of Venus OS v2.65, the version adding this new firmware update feature, has been delayed to after the Easter weekend.

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VRM email send to the administrator

Hello everyone,

I am trying to set up VRM, when adding my raspberry PI it is sending an email to the administrator, i created a new account for VRM and afterwards i created a new installation. I tried to add my raspberry PI (running Venus) to which i have connected my Multiplus 2 and my smart solar charger.
I am not sure why i am not receiving the email to add my products to the VRM.

I purchased my raspberry PI, Smart solar charger and the Multiplus 2 second hand, i do not know from what dealer the products have been purchased, contacting the previous owner did not result in a solution unfortunately.

Is there anyway to reset the administrator or another way to add my products to VRM?

Thank you and regards

eriksijtsma asked
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Updating BMV history

There is a similar question posted (, but my question is a little different.

I don't want to recover any history, but just want to update the history with specific settings (value for Charge Cycles and Total AH Drawn specifically). I have changed the BMV fitted to the battery bank and would like to be able to transfer these values over to keep the usage accurate.

Is there any way to manually change these entries? (I want to update a BMV-700. I can access via Cerbo as well as display itself)

wildebus asked
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Victron and Redarc

Hi Guys,
I have a Redarc BC/DC charger with MPPT built into and solar panel that charges my AGM battery, i have the Victron 500A smart shunt to monitor all the loads. Will Victron ve direct Bluetooth module connected to the shunt detect my solar input?

stasik-a4 asked
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250/100 Tr Smart measuring 6 degrees too much


I installed an external temp sensor to cool the controller through fans in case it reaches 40°C.

Therefore I noticed that the internal temp sensor always shows 6° too much, no matter if it's day or night.

Yes, I double checked the external sensor electronics with another temp meter - they show the same...

Is there any way to recalibrate the sensor of the controller to get accurate measurements?

Thanks a lot in advance and happy sun ray hunting,


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Victron 1200va can power electric kettle?

Can the 1200VA inverter power an electric kettle? The kettle is 1500 watts and it takes up to 6 min to boil water.

How about a 1200 watt griddle? It would be used for 10 min.

or a 1500 watt toaster oven? Cook time usually 12 min.

john-smith asked
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Comment parrametrer MultiPlus-II pour implémenter les fonctions PowerControl et PowerAssist et optimiser l'autoconsommation grâce à une sonde de courant externe 100 A : 50 mA.

Bonjour ,je souhaite optimiser la production sur l’autoconsommation en journée en me servant des batteries qui compléteraient le manque de puissance sur de courte utilisation. Ex sèche cheveux, Grille pain, lave vaisselle .....

Par la suite le surplus serais renvoyé dans les batteries qui sont déjà programmer pour être rechargé en journée et déchargé le soir SOC 70% à partir du moment ou il y a plus de production suffisante pour couvrir le besoin.

Actuellement la production est consommée et le surplus renvoyée sur le réseau une fois les batteries chargée à 100%. Le réseau compense, le manque quand il y a une demande plus forte que la production solaire.

J'ai le Transformateur de courant de 100 A : 50 mA pour MultiPlus-II qui permet d'implémenter les fonctions PowerControl et PowerAssist et d'optimiser l'autoconsommation grâce à une sonde de courant externe mais je ne sais pas comment faire la programmation.

Je suis sur un multi-plus II ,venus GX, sur cette configuration réseau.


Merci pour votre aide.

florian17000 asked
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Solar panel black

Hello, one of the squares on our solar panel is black whereas the rest are blue. Does this mean there is a fault? Would it be affecting our incoming watts?


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Der Batterieladestrom ist sehr niedrig der DC Strom ist dafür hoch

Laut Remoteconsole ist der Batterieladestrom sehr niedrig dafür wird in dem Bereich DC ein hoher Strom angezeigt als ob die Batterie Ladung gedrosselt wird.

es sind 3 Multiplus II 48/5000 und 12 SU2000 Akkus

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Please clarify which VRM Portal Advanced Widgets are representing the actual logged data or is calculated values.

When investigating particular time captured data, I battle to balance the power flow through the system making use of the avalable widgets. I soon realised that not all displayed could be directly logged values. Could the widgets that is the pure data vs the calculated data be classified or detailed as such?

Pieter asked
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Multiplus inverter connected to shore line


I have connected my Phoenix Compact Multiplus 12/1600/70 to shore line, but I want to make sure that I am not overcharging my batteries and that the shoreline power is the power I am using.

Can someone give me some helpful tips?

I have connected a standard network cable RJ45 to the inverter and connected that to a MK3 to usb Victron connector which I can plug into my laptop but then I want to connect this to my Raspberry Pi 3+ that is monitoring the solar.



Matt Shea asked
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Model selection needed - Also Input Voltage 120V versus 230V. Help please.

In my RV, I currently have 12V battery and 120V "shorepower". My generator is Onan 10KV "Quiet Diesel", configured to output 120V.
The inverter for this system is junk. It does not "power share" and it's constantly breaking down.
I am also considering a new airconditioning system that requires 240V (US Standard).

So, there are a couple of background situations.
1) I can easily reconfigure my generator to 240V output (240V on two 120V output "legs"). My shore power cord and transfer switch are already configured to handle 240V but the actual feed into my current inverter-charger is single-leg 120V.
2) I will need to install new 240V wiring to the new airconditioning system from a new 240/230V interter charger. No problem.
3) I have approx. 700 Amp/hr of battery capacity (AGM, 12V). This battery bank would be easily reconfigured to 24V by recabling pairs in series. Again, no problem.

My technical issue : Frequently, I find that I'm limited to 120V input on the road. This can be 15Amp/120v (ordinary household current outlet) or 30Amp/120V ("TT" RV connector). I have 240V service at my home shop/garage and many RV parks have 240V outlets, but not all.
So, a basic question, Does Victron make an RV-suitable unit with about 4KW, 240V output that will accept either 120V or 240V shorepower/generator input? If so, which Victron model will do this?

Assuming the answer is no, what's the best arrangement?
Using a 120V - 240V transformer with a 240V inverter charger (with 240V input from the generator) and running a normal 240V house system from there? With load-balanced split legs for house 120V circuits and 240V to the airconditioning system.
Or use a 120V inverter charger, continue to use 120V from the shore power and generator, with a 120V - 240V transformer fed from the inverter-charger output to power the airconditioner system?
(All the above considers the battery bank configured for 24V). Which Victron model inverter would be best?

Thank you. I look forward to converting to Victron for my RV power needs.

Bruce in North Carolina, USA

bruce-bear asked
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Fuite de tension à la sortie Load réglé sur off en mode H du chargeur solaire pwm victron bluesolar 12/24v 30A USB Led. Comment faire ?

quand je coupe la sortie load du chargeur, mes lampes 12v s'alument très faiblement idem pour les deux sorties USB . Alors qu'en temps normal il ne doit plus y avoir de tension quand je coupe la sortie load en mode H. Le problème à persisté même sur les mode L et L01-L23.

remarque. les lampes éclairent normalement quand la sortie Load est sur On .

guedegbe-albert asked
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Quattro 5k 50-30 230V

My inverter is on charger only mode currently, with grid power connected to ac-in 1 and pass through to ac out, but the inverter will still randomly disconnect the grid power from my house. What is the possible cause for this problem, since it happens even when almost no load is being pass through those relays?

venterjl asked
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Virtual switch / alarm output not working.

I have a really old victron multiplus compact 2000. I have tried to get the alarm output to drive a relay that will start a generator. I have had no luck in ever getting the alarm output to trigger the relay. I know the most likely option is that I have done something erroneous, but I can't help thinking the output is not working. I have programmed a lot of different options to debug the issue using VEConfig. To the very least I would expect checking the "invert VS" button would make the relay switch, but no.

What if the previous owner shorted the output, would that damage it? Any way I can see if has been shorted? The connector does not sit straight, seems like someone has used significant force to fasten the wires. What is the likelihood off damage? If damage is likely, have anyone tried repairing it? I am well above average on electronics and soldering, but I still need to know what to do.

I have connected the right alarm terminal to battery GND. The right terminal is connected to on terminal on the solenoid on the relay. The second terminal on the solenoid is connected to 12V battery. The intent is that the alarm output will allow current to flow in the relay solenoid and switch the relay on. If I short the wires going into the two alarm terminals, the relay switches.

Any ideas? Please do not ask med to deliver it to a dealer. It is installed in a cabin in the mountains and the unit is really old. The motivation to dissemble it, transport it back and forth, etc, is really low. If I cannot get it to work myself, then the unit will never start the generator.

Anyone had similar issues?

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