Quattro 12/5000 does not charge anymore from generator

Until yesterday all was working fine. No error lights on the Quattro. Since today of we want to charge by generator, the Quattro stops charging. Quattro is first switched to charging mode from gender and then switched off again (we can hear the clicks). Generator is working fine, that is tested. All other functions working fine (solar comes in, Quattro is inverting). Both BMV and Venus work well and show all other functions. Does somebody have an idea what we can do?

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Pas de Grid "France vde0126" sur un Quattro 10000


Sur un Quattro tout neuf qui sort de sa boite, mise à jour du dernier firmware puis dans Grid, pas de "France " dans la liste. Comment le faire apparaitre ? Est-ce lié à la version du Firmware ?

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Common wire to connect PV arrays on SmartSolar MPPT RS - 450/100

Good Day,

Is it possible to use a common ground, to connect the 2 arrays PV input for the charge regulator SmartSolar MPPT RS - 450/100?

Because the regulator is far from the panels, and I have only 3 wires from the connection box.


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Smart Solar MPPT 100/15: pas de données en direct (live data)

Smart Solar MPPT 100/15 : Pas de données en direct même si la connexion bluetooth se fait bien. Une seule page apparaît montrant le lien pour changer le code PIN et le lien pour mettre à jour le firmware. J'ai cliqué sur ces liens sans succès.

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New Multiplus 2kVA programmable relay

The new MultiPlus 2kVA programmable relay contacts is marked 1,2 and 3, but which is COM, NO and NC?

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Generator problems

I'm setting up a Quattro 24/8000 and it refuses to accept AC from my Onan 10kw genset. It tries to switch over when the generator is running but when I watch it in VEconfig it reads "L1 not in phase"

I have tried the ususal settings, UPS dissabled, Dynamic current limiter enabled, the max min voltage and current settings are well within the output of the genset, so is the frequency. Extremelz frustrating, anz further advice?

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Visio stencils for Victron products

Hi all, does any body know if Victron have made stencils for Visio for their Victron Products?

Or if any body else made it and made it free to use.

It makes lite so much easier when making my schematics.


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No grid option "France: VDE 0126-1" on Quattro 10000


On a new Quattro 10000 after firmware upgrade to the last version, with VictronConfigure3, in gris tab, "France: VDE0126-1" is not available.

Why ? Is it dependant of firmware version ?

Thank you for your help.

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(not quite resolved) current limit and block FAN HELP

the fan of my multiplus II is blocked at night during its shutdown and in the morning I have to restart it by hand.

I ordered a new fan, in the meantime can we force the fan to run permanently

Hello everyone

I need some information:

my system: multiplus II GX 3000VA 48

: MPPT 150-60


ESS, DVCC charging current limit 60A

lifepo4 200Ah 16x 3.2v

voltage absorption 56v

Float voltage 54v

with a -1000w network, 1600W MPPT power

the charging current peaks at 40A?

which parameter is blocking?


Hello ,

I was able to have the SMA party AC recognized

but here is another example of limitation


The output power of the multiplus is limited to 1000w why?

the battery should provide the missing power

The output power of the multiplus is limited to 1000w why?

the battery should provide the missing power

sorry for my bad english google and my friend and i'm french

How to control the operation of the cooling fans of the multiplus

I find the multiplus II very hot and I don't hear the noise of the fans running

Good evening, I opened the lid of multiplus II GX, the fan was blocked, which explains the current limitation in charge and discharge to limit the temperature of the devices

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BMS 12/200 'Output on LED' won't turn green


Hello everybody,

I am a bit of a beginner in all of this electric wiring, so forgive me if I dont use the right terms etc.

I recentlly got myself a 90Ah Victron Life4po Battery, the victron BMS 12/200, bmv 712 and a 100 watt solar panel with mppt 75/15 module.

I did all the wiring as shown in the graphic. The setup is used in an old mercedes 307D van and I wanted to use it seperately from the starter battery and alternator. I was a bit worried that my alternator could be to weak (it only delivers 55A) to permantly charge the lithium battery and I am only using the van in summer when sunlight is not an issue for charging.

So I connected the mppt minus to the Load Minus of the BMS and the mppt plus cable to the plus of the battery. The bms charge led is green with this setting and the bmv shows some Ah which have been generated by the solar system.

So far so good, but once I connect electrical consumers there seems to be an issue. For instance I connected a 12V USB charging station, the plus cable to the plus of the battery and minus to the LB Load minus. Now, my phone will charge but the current seems to switch on and of all the time. The "Output on LED" of the BMS is not green ( dont know if thats the issue) and in the bmv it is not shown that current is drawn from the battery.

As a Newbie to electrics I am unsure what else I could check or how to trace the error. I also tried to connect a compressor fridge likewise. The display will turn on but the compressor doesn t start.

I would really apreciate any hint on what to do in order to find a solution.


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Can multiple MPPT solar chargers be displayed on VRM dashboard?

Can the VRM dashboard display the breakdown of 2 (or more) MPPT solar chargers?

Further system details:

Venus GX

Quattro Inverter



2 x SmartSolar MPPT 250/100 controllers (1 connected via VE.Direct and 1 via VE.CAN)

The dashboard is a little confusing at the moment as the "PV Charger" displays the total watts from both chargers but the volt and amps values are from one of the chargers.

Also what is the best/recommended way to connect the MPPT chargers to the Venus GX (the solar arrays are pointed in different directions and are of a different size etc.)?

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Does the Smart Battery Shunt transmit charge current information to the MPPT controllers when networked?

I see that the Smart Shunt can send voltage and temperature information to the MPPT 100/20 charge controller, but can it send battery charge current that I can then use to set the "taper" setting on the charge controller? I have parasitic loads, so the charge controller would receive invalid charge current information using only its current output without using data from a shunt instead.

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BMV-712 Smart not in Cerbo GX Device List

Hello together,

I try it again...

I have an installation with Cerbo GX and BMV-712 Smart.

I used a VE direct to VE direct cable to connect the BMV-712 Smart to the Cerbo GX.

Unfortunately the BMV-712 Smart is not visible in the Cerbo GX device list.

I didn´t find anything to fix this.

I hope there is anybody who can help.

Thanks in advance


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Venus not showing on VRM and Victron Connect

Hope someone can help,

This particular site doesn't show the Venus correctly in the device list Gateway section, installation also isn't visible on Victron Connect.

Site is accessible via Remote Console, Venus firmware is V2.72 and the Multi is on the latest FW.

Any ideas?



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Inverter not showing AC loads on VRM


Having this set up, but I`m haveing an issue. AC loads is 0W...

The inverter is inverting DC to AC so it should be something here..

Whar settings do I need to change?



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Is it the App or my panels not working

Hi all, getting ready to go boondocking in 6 days and it seems new panels are not registering in the App. I have two 100W HQST panels and the 75/15 SmartSolar Controller. I have connected the panels in both parallel and series and still see a ZERO watts being received in the solar section at the top of the app for the controller. In series, I see 37.5V in the solar section down below and 0.0A. I see the voltage levels change in the solar voltage area a little as do the battery levels - but still a big zero in the top solar section.

Is this because the batteries (two 12V bank) are fully charged? Shouldn't the app at least tell me how many watts the panels are producing regardless?

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IP22 Bluesmart App

I have just two batteries attached to the Bluesmart IP22 20A charger but the app doesn't show any indication of this. Am I right in saying the app wont show seperate battery states / types but only give you whats its outputting over both terminals combined. For example I have a deeply discharged engine battery due to a parasite draw somewhere but how can I tell that the right setting is applied to the right battery. There is no way of knowing...or is it me being stupid and missing a slide button somewhere??

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Solution to Cerbo GX Wi-Fi issue when having the GX Touch connected

Dear all,

This message is to inform about a Wi-Fi related problem in the Cerbo GX. Some Cerbo GX-es will not properly work on certain Wi-Fi networks when having a GX Touch display installed. If they do or not depends on the (channel of the) Wi-Fi network, and on how exactly an antenna cable inside the Cerbo GX ended up when manufactured.

Its obviously not good and I’m not happy with it, but it is what it is and you’re better off knowing all the details than not knowing them.

There are a few solutions, one is to simply send it back to your dealer; to have it repaired.

The other is to make the wifi network work on a one of a few specific channels; which don’t have the issue (details in the pdf)

And lastly, if you’re technical, you can fix it by opening the unit up and repositioning the antennas to make sure its cable is no longer close (or even touching) the hdmi connector or surrounding area.

Now, don’t get me wrong wrt the repair: you’re more than welcome to return it for repair. But still I chose to share the details of the repair as I can imagine that for some it will be the preferred option.

Lastly, my apologies! Especially to those who have spent a lot of time trying to find out why it wouldn’t connect to wifi.

And a big thank you to @WKirby who helped uncover the issue and even to find the solution. Warwick has been a great help in this.

All the best,

Matthijs Vader

Ps. All distributors and dealers have been informed about the issue via email.

2021-03 Cerbo GX Wi-Fi issues when combined with GX Touch - v2.pdf

mvader (Victron Energy) asked
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Centaur 12/20 repair


I have a Victron Energy battery charger, Model Centaur 12/20, this charger is installed in a work boat and is used to charge the engine batteries in an emergency with a power plant. I would like to know if it is possible to have the schematic drawings of the equipment since for some reason it has a blown fuse and other components. The damaged components are: R102, R103, R104, R105, R106, D404, D201.





Eduardo Araya

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Connect 2 BlueSolar to MultiPlus II GX via Ve.Direct and Ve.Direct /USB?

I currently have a BlueSolar 150/70 connected to my MultiPlus II GX 3000/35 via VE.Direct. Can I parallel another BlueSolar that will be connected to the Multi via VE.direct/USB?

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Lynx Shunt vs. SmartShunt


I'm building a new setup for a 24V system with Multiplus II for solar and wind. The battery system is flooded lead acid and I'm interested in monitoring the battery level and charge rate with a Cerbo GX. My question is about the following busbar setup I'm currently planning:

Left side: Lynx Power-In (4 IO slots)

1/ 24V battery system

Right side: Lynx Distributor (4 fused IO slots)

1/ Multiplus II 24V 3000VA

2/ Solar charge controller

3/ Wind charge controller

4/ Victron non-isolated DC-DC converter 24V->12V

It would be elegant to add a Lynx Shunt V.E. Can in the middle, but it would be quite expensive and the CNN-type fuse is crazy expensive. So my idea is to add a 500A SmartShunt between between lower negative bus and then a wire/plate between the upper positive bus. (On a side note, if the Distributor had 5 slots, I could only use that and put the shunt on the negative battery cable.)

Is there anything wrong with this setup for the intended purpose? Do I still need a separate fuse for the battery side?

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Blue Solar MPPT 75/15 : Problème de live data , absence de l'indication courant et PW solaire


Impossibilité d'affichage du courant de charge ainsi que de la PW des panneaux solaires sur l'appli Android , malgré le débranchement/ rebranchement du MPPT et du DONGLE Bluetooth.

Absence d'historique des puissances, courant,...

L'affichage des voltages batterie et panneau sont corrects et évoluent bien dans la journée.

Les firmwares du MPPT et du SMART DONGLE sont marqués à jour.


é.jpg3.jpg 4.jpg5.jpg6.jpg

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which charger? World Voltage, Cerbo/BMS, higher amperage?

I need help selecting a Victron 12V charger that

  1. Can handle 120V and 230V power
  2. Can connect to a Cerbo and honor stop charge commands from the Cerbo (which in turn is listening to REC Victron Compatible BMS)
  3. I need relatively high amperage charging. 100a would be ideal.

Are there any devices that would work? It seems the Centaur doesn't communicate with Cerbo, and isn't programmable.

BTW, my absolute fantasy product is an inverter/charger that can plug into any shore voltage, but puts out only 230V. Sort of an transformer/inverter/charger.


I'm on a boat that uses shore power all over the world, so I need to be able to plug in to USA 120V and 230V everywhere else. I use that to charge my batteries, and use a a separate inverter using the batteries to provide AC house power to the boat. I currently have a Mastervolt Chargemaster 12-100 that handles any voltage. That works great, but now I'm upgrading to LiFePo4 batteries, and the Mastervolt doesn't have Lithium profiles, doesn't seem (???) to be programmable. It also will not connect to the Cerbo or Bms, so I can't send stop charge commands.


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Intermittent VE Bus state OFF, no warnings. Lost power 30seconds

Any gurus out there have any ideas on this problem?

8kW Quattro, 7 x Pylontech Force 1, 2 x Blue Solar chargers commissioned this week. System ticks away quite nicely then randomly the inverter appears to switch off very briefly. Owner complains of losing power for around 30 seconds. Happened twice yesterday and twice the day before. Can see the event in advanced logging (VE Bus state briefly off) but no warnings generated. Rest of system unaffected. Doesn’t seem to correspond to anything unusual… no large loads at the time, etc. We’ve had storms the last day or two, not sure if this would be a factor. Anyone have any ideas??

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Color Control GX display not working

I have a Color Control GX monitoring a Victron MultiPlus 3000/120, two LifeBlue 300Ah lithium batteries, an MTTP 150 | 85 charge controller and 700 watts of solar panels on the roof of my trailer. We didn't use the trailer for 1 1/2 years do to covid pandemic. When I opened up the trailer the year the batteries had been maintained at full charge but the Color Control display does not show energy flow. The display lights up with Victron Energy Blue Power and logo but won't show the energy flow of the system. I contacted the distributer, AM Solar in Oregon USA, and talked to a support person. He walked me through the reboot process. I received the message on the Color Control to reboot from flash. I never received the flash for rebooting when I bought the system. AM Solar said maybe it could be sent to me. They never sent it and now they won't return my support call (both tele and computer submitted request). So I am reaching out to this support group. How can I get the micro flash card so I can reboot the Color Control or is there some other mechanism?

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Smart shunt install in a RV


Looking for some advice to help me get a Victron smart shunt installed in an RV. I have two 12V batteries in parallel. See attached for wire diagram. There are 3 wires to the negative terminal on battery #1, one from the battery switch, one from the jumper to battery #2 and one from that goes into the RV somewhere (I'm guessing the solar panel). Battery #2 has two wires on the negative terminal, one from the jumper to battery #1 and one from an external solar panel plug.

I believe the shunt gets connected directly to the negative of battery #1, but I'm not sure if all 3 (or just the one from the switch) negative wires get connected to the other side of the shunt? Does anything happen to the negative wires on battery #2?

Also, do both positives wires for the shunt get attached or just the one to battery #1

Thank you


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Multiplus no longer connects to Cerbo GX after smart dongle firmware update

Tonight I was prompted to update the firmware on my Ve.Bus Bluetooth smart dongle connected to my Multiplus (it was stated as mandatory on my android phone). I used the app to install the update and now the Multiplus no longer shows up on my Cerbo GX as a connected device nor do I see it displaying any AC output power on the Cerbo screen when the inverter is on and providing AC power to my load. On my phone the Multiplus is connected, as well as all my other Victron products. I spend the night powering on/off all the components, including updating the firmware for the Cerbo GX from the touch screen and the BVM via the app. I also completely disconnected power to the Multiplus and still no luck.

Attached are images of my app and a picture of the Cerbo GX screen (which shows no inverter). And yes, the inverter is actually on despite what the app states.

All the devices connected to the app, including the Multiplus inverter/smart dongle.


(note that the inverter is actually ON despite the app stating it is OFF)


Stuck in an initializing state?


Picture of the Cerbo no longer recognizing the inverter after firmware update.


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DVCC Limit charge current not working with grid feed in enabled

My System:

ESS with:
3x Multiplus II 48/5000
2x MPPT 250/100
1x Fronius Symo 15 on AC out
8x Pylontech US3000
Cerbo GX

I have a problem with the DVCC feature "limit charge current". I have set the max charge current in DVCC to 60A.
If i enable grid feed-in (AC & DC) the system ignors the max charge current and charges up to the max current of the pylontech battery 296A.
With grid feed-in disabled everything works as expected, the system limits the charge current to 60A.

Is this normal? Am i missing something?

Nico Bayer asked
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Sensing Alternator Current

As you may know, Victron does not provide direct support to anyone except authorized dealers and distributors and the Victron distributor known as ARW Maritime has directed me to this forum. I am seeking an answer from Victron Engineering.

I am an electrical engineer and an ABYC certified marine electrician. I am seeking some support regarding an installation of a Victron BMV-600 battery monitor.

The question I am asking is a detailed question about the transient current rating of the 500 amp shunt used in the BMV-600.

I am installing a BMV-600S battery monitor for a customer. The customers boat uses a grounded case alternator as a charge source for the battery to be monitored. In this scenario the alternator current flows in what is normally considered to be the starter negative cable that connects from the engine block to the batteries. In order to monitor the charge current from the engine alternator the starter cable from the engine block must connect to the load side of the shunt.

I understand that the shunt has a steady state current rating of 500 Amps. This installation will never exceed the 500 Amp steady state current rating of the shunt. However, when the starter motor is energized there will be a transient locked rotor current that flows through the shunt. This transient is very short (relatively speaking) and could be as high as 2000 Amps. This will not damage the copper conductive part of the shunt but it could damage the electronic part of the shunt. Victron is a fantastic engineering company and so it is entirely possible that Victron Engineering has provided protection from this kind of starter current transient.

My question to Victron Engineering is can the shunt can handle this transient starter current without damage?

Thank you.

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