LiFePO4 Smart Midpoint Monitoring and Battery Balancer


is there anything to be gained monitoring the mid point voltage, or using a battery balancer, with 2x 12.8v Lithium batteries in series and a ve.bus BMS with Venus?



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New Batteries: Low voltage despite low usage


I just installed 2 new Duracell AGMs (100ah) in my camper. I reset the history on my BMV700. Watched a few hours of TV last night, ran the water pump a few times. Wake up in the morning to my batteries at 12.24V.

BMV shows SOC at 94% and only used 19AH. Why is my voltage so low? Did I get bad batteries?

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Grid code for Portugal

Hi, can anyone tell me what Grid Code should I use for my Victron Quattro in Portugal ?


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VE.bus smart dongel can't turn off the Multiplus

We have VE.bus smart dongel connect to Multiplus and we use VictronConnect to control and monitoring the Multiplus.

From time to time we can't turn off the Multiplus. Multiplus just does not react at all. Whoever VictronConnect show green as the MultiPlus should be off.

Any ideas what to do?

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Easysolar II GX 3000VA Venus WiFi issue

I installed a 48V 3000 Easysolar II GX in Feb this year, when I was commissioning the plant and setting it up on the portal we had an issue with the Wifi network from the Venus and for the life of me couldnt get it to come on again. Does anyone know what we can do to sort this out? I know on the Venus you can reset the wifi network but with the Easysolar its not easy to get to the Venus.

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SMA with Victron and BYD


I have following configuration:

3 Victron quattro 48/10000/140 (3 phase system)

2 BYD Box 13.8

1 SMA Sunny Tripower STP 8000TL-20 (existing)

2 SMA Sunny Tripower STP 10000Tl-20 (new)

It is a Off Grid System with a generator for emergency situations.

- Victron with BYD works, no problem (victron provide a manual for that)

- SMA STP 8000 works with victron, no problem (was a existing installation)


Which parameter i have to program at the two SMA STP10000 that they stop working when the battery is full ?

Thanks in advance for every input !

BR Daniel

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Pylontech und CCGX

Hallo zusammen,

ich habe das Problem das mir meine 4 Pylontech Akkus nicht im CCGX angezeigt werden.

Konstellation ist:

Multiplus 2 48/5000

MPPT BlueSolar 150/30


Solaredge SE7K

Verbunden habe ich den CCGX und die Pylontch mit dem vorgegeben Typ B Kabel von Victron.

Im CCGX habe ich dann die Geschwindigkeit des BMS auf 500kbs gestellt, also alles so wie es sein soll, aber leider werden die Pylontech nicht erkannt.

Hat jemand das selbe Problem, oder hat vielleicht eine Idee woran das liegen könnte ?

Das Kabel habe ich auch schon einmal getauscht, das sollte es nicht sein.

Die Firmware vom CCGX, MPPT (über VE direct) und das Bussystem von Multiplus (474) ist aktuell, ein umstellen auf die vorherige Firmware beim CCGX hat auch nicht zum erfolg geführt.

Bin für jeden Tip dankbar !


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Connecting Venus to Ve-Can MPPT [old Model ] and Pylontech

Good day. My client has 2x150/85 ve-can[ old model] and pylontech batteries.I need to connect with venus. Under the service settings, I use with Can-Bus 1, Can-Bus[ 500kbits/s and it does pick-up the pylontech. Now here is the problem, Can-Bus 2, VE-Can, and Can-Bus 250 Kbits is supposed to work.NO SUCCESS. Please advice.

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BMV712 with AGM+MPPT+Multiplus gives 0% after a while

Hi, my BMV712 starts off from 100% when I start up the inverter (Multiplus Compact 1600VA) but then slowly drains to 0% and never rises above it again. The MPPT however gets to float nicely every day and stays there. I have a refridegarator connected to the inverter so it does go on every now and then but still the MPPT stays on float.

Dunno what’s wrong. My BMV settings are as follows.



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VE.Direct LoRaWAN LED does not blink / Connection impossible


I bought the LoRaWAN module to be connected with my BMV-700. I put 24VDC voltage (ofcourse the polarity is right) on and connected it with the BMV. The LED still does not blink. Is the module damaged or did I overlook something?

Thank you!

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Orion Tr and multiplus compact

I have a multiplus compact connected to lithium drop-in batteries and the supplemental output from multiplus to the starter battery. I would like to add charging from alternator to lithium batteries through the Orion tr dc dc charger. Question is will Orion tr start to charge the lithium batteries when connected to shore power because the multiplus will charge the starter batteri and by that increase the voltage on the starter batteri. I would prefer to only charge through the multiplus when powered from shore.

supplemental questions:

1. is it at all a problem to have both the multiplus and Orion charge at the same time.

2. will the Orion tr start charging, it only receives 4 A from Multiplus.

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SmartSolar MPPT problem with Tigo optimizers?


I have a strange problem with my Victron setup. First the setup: Two houses which I plan to take off grid on the countryside in Sweden. Both equipped with a Multiplus and a SmartSolar MPPT (250/100), then connected to a battery bank of regular led-acid 12V batteries. The solar array is equipped with 4 300W Solitek panels each with Tigos smart optimisers (TS4-L).

Now to my problem: During good sunlight the output is very “spikey”, meaning current and voltage goes from full to zero and sometimes the current spikes in VRM even shows up to 15kA (is this even possible??). Anyone with similar experiences with similar setups or any tips on how to get a more stable output?

See screenshots from VRM & VictronConnect (both at full sunlight on the panels).




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Unable to set Venus GX to Two way communication

HAve got my system Venus GX , Multiplus and BMV on the VRM portal but cannot find a menu where I can set the Venus to two way communication in order to update firmware on BMV 702 and to enable Remote cConfigutaion of the Multiplus firmware is version 155 asked
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My Victron app is showing my production at 1-2wh a day when it used to produce around 1.5kwh per day.


It’s summer time so I’ve been leaving my refrigerator running all day for the last couple months. I bought my truck into the shop for a check engine light but when I brought it back home the Victron app suddenly showed that instead of producing the normal 1.5kwh of power a day, it was only producing 1-2wh a day. Even with nothing running, I would typically produce 10-20 wh a day. After two weeks of having everything completely off, I broke out the multimeter and began reading everything. The Victron app is showing my charge as being in the float state but my multimeter is reading the batteries as only 12.2v with solar collecting 35-36 pv and sending 13.7v to the battery. i turned on the fridge to see what about my battery power and it dropped to 12.1v with the Victron box remaining in the float state. I then turned on the truck and began charging the batteries through the truck batteries and raised the batteries to read at 12.9v however with the fridge running, after about 30 minutes, the batteries were back down reading at 12.4v. Still the Victron box is indicating the float state of charge.

Has anyone else had this issue or can tell me if it is the batteries that need replacing (I have two 350amh batteries connected to be 700amh at 12v) or if the Victron box is the issue? Possibly the box thinking it is in float state means it is not delivering any voltage to the batteries so they are depleted. Or the batteries need to be replaced because they can’t hold a charge.

This all started when I dropped my truck off for a check engine light. I left it at the shop for 3 days during which time they may have had it inside and outside since it shows it made some solar those days. I’m worried maybe it was inside too long so the batteries might have died and now they don’t make their full potential anymore. Or possibly the shop flipped a switch or a wire they didn’t mean to touch. When I asked, they didn’t recall hitting anything unrelated to the check engine light but I wasn’t there so anything could have happened over the 3 days. The Batteries are expensive so I’m hoping to fix other things before replacing the batteries.

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3 Phase and/or Parallel with 24/1600 Multiplus and Phoneix Compact


I'm kind of preparing my Vision, and trying to get all the Stuff together that i need.

so Questions popped up for me.

Question 1:

Can i combine the

Plastic-case-Multiplus-1600 <-> Metall-Case-Multiplus-1600 <-> Metall-Case-Phoenix-1600

either in parallel or to a 3 phase combination ?

I know that i have to look up for the "Type "

"All units in one system must be the same type and firmware version, this includes same size, system voltage, and feature set. The type is indicated by the first four digits of the firmware version number. "

So, but how would i know the "Type" before i buy them ? or can i anyway count that no matter what hardware-version i buy i can update them to the same Firmware number.

The Quote does not clearly point out that the same "Type" means it has to be the exact same Product expl. "Phoenix 24-1600"

Its totally clear to me the the different Device have to be the same Woltage and Wattage and all have to own a VE.Bus.

Question 2:

In Case i combine 1 Multiplus with two Phonix in parallel...

...can i use the Charging function on this one single Multiplus in the parallel Combination then ?

greets and Thanks


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Victron Connect unable to find my mppt 100/50 solar controller

After a recent app update my MPPT 100/50 cannot be discovered by the Victron Connect app. I have disconnected from the battery and solar panels and re-installed the app on my iPhone 6 to no avail! Any new ideas to help would be great.

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Pin ändern

Mppt 75/15 seit dem letzten Update nimmt er die geänderte PIN nicht mehr an, und setzt sie immer wieder auf die Standart PIN zurück. Am Dongle blinkt zusammen/gleichzeitig die blaue und die Rote Lampe

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SIMPBMS and Tesla batteries

Hi Folks. I'm looking for some support or guidance from the brains trust. I am using 8 Tesla Model S battery Modules with a SIMPBMS in a 48V system. The SIMPBMS is connected via CANBus to an EasySolar II (Multiplus II GX effectively). I'm using an ESS Assistant and DVCC. It all works well, other than the depth of discharge. The Multiplus reports Low Battery on L1 and starts drawing from the grid once the battery voltage falls to ~40.6V, or 33% SOC (6S battery). The firmware is all current and shouldn't have the old limitations. I can't see how to draw deeper in the battery. Please note, this isn't shouldn't be inverter start/stop issue with the known limitation of inverter restart voltage as the load on the inverter is constant.


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BMV 712 History ON device?

Does the BMV 712 keep a history like a graph like the live data but for the past 30 days? or must I connect the BMV to something else to get 30 days or history?

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Low Battery Alarm Phoenix 24/250 even battery is full


We have in use an inverter Phoenix 24/250.

We continuously get "low voltage alarm" on the App, even so our battery is full. No LED blinking or noise!!! We tried all settings, no chance. It switches off because of low voltage!!!

Thank you,

Keep Safe and Healthy in these disturbing days,

Greetings from Jubail, Saudi Arabia

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Bridging AC-Out Neutral with Neutral/GND from Grid Supply when they meet in transfer switch?

Per a suggestion found in a Victron manual, I am looking at installing a manual transfer switch that will switch the Supply Feed going in to my "critical load" sub panel... between the AC-Out of my Victron MultiPlus, and the Grid Supply.

The Manual transfer switch has an isolated breaker that will allow only the Inverter Output L1 or the Grid L1 to be connected at one time to the Load L1. If the Inverters fail, or are being worked on, the "critical loads" can be cut over so they are supplied directly from grid.

The problem I am having, and the question I am asking is: The Transfer Switch has a common bus bar for the Neutral. Is it safe to bridge together the MultiPlus AC-Out Neutral, and what is essentially the AC-Input Neutral in this manor when using a transfer switch?

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What is the Maximum Generator kW and Batterie 48V bank size permitted with Victron Quattro 5000 watt?

Hello Victron team,

I am building an off-grid solar system with batteries that has a 25kW generator operating.

Question :

1 - Will the Victron Quattro 5000 Watt inverter/charger work with such a big Generator?

2 - Is there any limitation to how many Lithium-Ion Batteries I can add to the Solar system? (I am aware that these need to be connected in 48V for the Victron inverter to function)

3 - Which MPPT charge controller would you recommend connecting to the system?

Thank you in Advance!

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Issues with different voltages input into victron regulator

I have a victron 100/30 regulator. My two roof panels supply 48v into the regulator.

I want to add in portable panels when the roof panels are in the shade, but these will be 24v input into the same regulator.

Any foreseeable issues with this setup?

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Flickering lights in off grid


I have two customers complaining about flickering lights at certain times. I found this rather non-verbose :-) reference "Fronius has a special firmware available, on request, that fixes light flickering issues that occur on certain installations under certain circumstance".

One customer also has a DC coupled SmartSolar charge controller; the other one does not yet have that.

These customers have SMA PV inverters, not Fronius PV inverters. Does anyone know which "certain" installations and "certain" circumstances are referred to here so I can discuss it in sufficient detail with SMA?


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Do I need an Automatic Transfer Switch?

I will be installing a multiplus 3000 with 3 100ah lithium batteries in my RV next week. I will usually be on shore power with occasional generator use and dry camping. Do I need a transfer switch with this set up?
(I will be adding 2 more batteries and solar later this year).

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ESS: Basic Understanding for Factor 1.0 rule and 3 Phase PV Inverter


I couldn't find the answer to my question in the forum, so I'd like to ask it here:

I'm talking about an ESS Scenario where I can use Phase 1 as a Backup if the grid fails. (One Multiplus-II between Grid and Phase-1 Loads).

I have a Fronius Symo 5.0 and a Multiplus-II 3000. So I'd like to install 1 phase of my fronius PV on AC-OUT just in case the Grid fails. But as far as I have understood I cannot do that because the PV Inverter delivers 5KW and the Multiplus-II can only handle 3 KW.

But what I do not understand is the following: How does the PV Inverter split the energy delivered from the PV Modules on the 3 phases? And what's the maximum load that's deliverd on one phase? Let's say phase 1 is on AC OUT of the Multi, phase 2 and 3 are on AC In side. So in case of a grid failure: would the PV Inverter put the entire power on phase 1?

So let's say I add a 2nd Multiplus-II. Then Factor 1.0 rule would be OK. Phase 1 and 2 of the PV Inverter would be on AC OUT, Phase 3 on AC IN side. How would the power be deliverd from the PV Inverter in case of a grid failure? Would it deliver all power on Phase 1 and 2?



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Charge controller display displays "disconnected" on 100/30.

"Disconnected" scrolls across monitor. System not working. As far as I can tell, the connections and fuses are fine. I had 12.5v, moved my vehicle, and it said disconnected. I connected my spare 100/30 and it works fine.

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MultiPlus 48/5000/70-100 Alarm temperature sense error

I have been getting an alarm going of every day for a few weeks, not relay shore how to resolve the problem.

the error reads as follows: MultiPlus 48/5000/70-100 Alarm temperature sense error.

i have the all in one EasySolar unit with colour control and the BYD Battery-Box Pro 10.0 with 4 batterys in it.


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BMV-712 not synchronizing with solar lithium setup

Hope this community can help. My BMV 712 detects a full charge but does not sync. I have 200ah of Renogy lithium batteries charging with a MPPT 100/20 on 300 watts of solar. The BMV-712 smart with temp sensor is connected to the MPPT with a VE network. I've configured my settings based on the recommendations from Victron for lithium and the SOC will jump to 100% but it does not register a sync. Its been a week with these settings, full charge every day but no sync, worried that its not a true SOC measurement. MPPT and BMV settings are listed below and in screenshots attached.


absorption - 13.9

float - 13.5

absorption time - 2min (fixed)

tail current - 3 amp


charged voltage - 13.6 (.3 under the absorption as recommended)

tail current - 4%

charged detection time - 3m

Peukert exponent - 1.05

efficiency factor - 99%

Thanks all!




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Multiplus-2 48V PMP

Hallo ich habe einen Multiplus-2 48V PMP Neuinstallation der im Inselbetrieb läuft.Lege ich aber am AC Eingang 220v an schaltet er nach kurzer Zeit ab auf laden. Das Gehäuse habe ich geerdet auch die N und SL sind im 220V Sicherungskasten Geerdet und gebrückt. Was muss ich machen,dass der Multi nicht abschaltet?

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