Can we get back the feature that shows the last-modified time on the topics?

Until last week, this site showed a timestamp next to each question, so we could quickly see which topics were new or had updates. Now, that information is gone. Is there any way to get it back?

[As a bonus, it would be nice if there were a "dense display" option or theme, so that we could see dozens of topics quickly. Just like on any other discussion forum would show topics.]

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BYD + Easysolar


Is the BYD Box PRO 13,5 kW compatible with Easysolar 48/5000 - 70-100 ?

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Size of generator to charge batteries

I am having a 10kw victron solar system installed part of this system is 2 x 5kw inverter chargers. Type Multiplus 48/5000/70-100, I already have a 6kw back-up auto start generator, I am informed that I need a minimum of 12kw or best to have a 15kw generator? the 6kw generator will not sufficient for load and charge. Any load in principle would be intermittent and indeed most likely be around 4kw even when intermittent. It is possible with some inverter/charger units to utilise the inverter Gen Support function and its on-board charger, so a smaller generator set can power loads (in this case 6kw generator) and provide some charging via the inverter, example if the water heater (1200w) switches on by its thermostat to maintain water temperature for say 15 to 20 minutes the inverter then throttles back off from charging. I am really stuck with answers to this issue. Any help would be very much appreciated

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Will the IP6512/7 charge a gel battery

12v 8ah gel battery charging

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Help getting started with Victron

I come to this site seeking an education. A Canadian licensed marine engineer with no really substantial, first hand or in-depth knowledge and understanding of marine solar power systems. I need references for some very basic, educational material on standards and regulations to know and understand how to buy / build these solar power systems, together with developing a solid understanding of the various solar terms, abbreviations and expressions you speak / write in. My interest is primarily in solar battery charging and communications systems for the marine sector.

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BYD with DC system

We have many Telecom sites installed with CCGX and max 3 150/100 smart solar MPPT's. Only DC supply. Backup generator is controlled by CCGX and if needed it is charging batteries thru Huawei rectifier. For new sites we would like to use BYD 13.8 storages so is there any issues expected as there is no inverter connected. @Guy

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How to update MPPT 100 | 30 to 2.12?

I have a new MPPT 100|30 and using a volt-meter it seems to work fine.

Blue "Bulk"-light is lit, and when I go to the Victtonenergy app on my Android, it finds it and connect and says I need to update from 2.10 to 2.12, fine, I click update, then a progress bar shows up at 1% for some time, then shows:

#11 unknown error occurred.

All I can do is click continue upon when the devices want to restart the whole connection process etc and I end up with the same problem?

What should I do?

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Multiplus shuts down when Mk1b converter connected


I have a Phoenix Multiplus 24/300/70. When I plug the plug the UTP cable from the Multiplus into the adapter, the Multiplus shuts down. Is this correct operation? I have not connected to my computer as I don't want to damage anything.

When I unplug it, it powers up again as normal.

I am not sure how old the unit is, as I bought it second hand.

Thanks for any help!


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Compatibility Victonconnect app and Samsung SM-G388F

The manual gives info about somme Samsung Smartphones but does not mention this specific model which connot be related to S2, S3 or whatever. Any information?

Apparently on that phone, the app cannot read a recent CCGX (just installed)

I am asking the question to Samsung with little hope of an answer! Maybe I should buy another phone???

Thanks anyway


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Can you run multiple isolation transformers in Parallel?

Good morning everyone

i would like to know if i can work with 3 isolation transformers in parallel because i need 21KW

thanks you

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Mounting the MPPT-WireBox-L-Tr to the BlueSolar MPPT 150-70?

The MPPT-WireBox-L is the correct size for the BlueSolar MPPT 150-70, but there are no holes to screw the steel base plate to the underside of the charger. Both devices are newly purchased.

Can one safely drill a hole in the heatsink to attach the steel base plate?

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Tigo optimisers (TS4-O) compatibility with Victron MPPT's

Hi, has anyone installed Tigo panel level optimisers (TS4-O) with the Victron MPPT's? Interested to see if the Tigo MPPT voltage sweep interferes with the Victron MPPT. I have Tigo's installed on several strings (various MPPTS) and it has been successful but observed some strange behavour including some unusual current spikes towards sundown (causing DC breakers to trip).

Background- The system is off-grid with some (growing) shade issues from trees so the optimisers greatly improve performance in partial shaded conditions.

Interested to hear if anyone else has installed Tigo optimisers with Victron MPPT's?

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Victron BYD with BMV?


Setting up a Victron 8kva Quattro with 5 byd units

Took note of your work around for the reporting of accurate soc for the unit and have a bmv700 in place

Just wondering what the best settings where for the auto sync to 100% in relation to this set up?

Have only ever used lead acid batterys before and have the auto sync setting mastered.

Also what would you recommend as settings for the auto genny start in relation to voltage and soc?

Also I notice on the mocked up set up I have running at the moment before it is taken to site for full installation the mppt are running in ess mode wanted to check this is normal?



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Multiplus inverter AC our terminal bolt snapped

Good day

The AC our bolt snapped on my 5kva multiplus inverter. How do I sort this out?

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Are the BMV-702 and BMV-712 Shunts interchangeable?

I have a BMV-702 in our 5th wheel right now and recently purchased a BMV-712. I want to put the 712 in our 5th wheel and the 702 in our travel trailer.

Do I need to replace the 702 shunt with the 712 shunt in the 5th wheel or are they interchangeable and I can just replace the meter? I'm not sure if the circuitry is the same on both shunts.

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VRM How do I see AC power consumption of Pheonix Inverter

I have a new solar setup and recently started using the vrm site. Solar power and battery seem to work fine, but I can't seem to find anyway to display the AC power usage of my Pheonix 500VA inverter. It shows up in the device list, and if I download the spreadsheet of data I see all the information, but on the widgets list of the advanced screen I can't see anything listed to show it's metrics.

The widgets 'System AC Consumtion', 'System - Grid', and 'System - AC Genset' all display no data. I assumed I would find the AC information for the inverter in one of these.

In case it helps I'm using a 712 battery monitor, a Smart Solar MPPT 100/30 charger, and using a raspberry pi 3b+ for the vrm connection.

Thanks for any help.


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CCGX & VRM backlog database retrieval and conversion to XLS spreadsheet

Any help on how to view this vrmlogger-backlog in xls...please

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Which program charge with blue solar mppt 100/50 Exide Sonnenschein Solar Block SB 6/330 A - 6V / 330 Ah ?


Wich charge program to choice with solar block battery of Exide and Blue Charge MPPT Victron ?

Is program n°2 a good choice ?



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Bug in Lithium BMS assistant on Multiplus


After updating the assistant using VEconfigure on my 5kVA Multiplus, I got an error message regarding the BMS assistant for Lithium batteries (see the screenshot below).

I assume the error comes from a translation bug, although I'm using VEconfigure in english (I'm located in France).

QUESTION : is this bug gonna affect the assistant ? I'm worried for instance my lithium batteries would get overcharged...

I've updated the Multipus to the latest firmware (2624430), it doesn't change anything.



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How do I remove the front of the ccgx?

The system was fitted for me. It's longer picking up wifi signal, colour control reads 'No Access points' for wifi. Colour control is fixed to a wall so I need to remove front cover to access wifi port etc at rear

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I'm using a MP (firmware 2624-413) with two BMV-702's (firmware v3.08), one for each parallel battery bank. There's a pretty steady ~50W DC load on the system. The MP is the only charger (using in combination with a AC coupled PV inverter). The SOC as recorded by the MP is significantly lagging behind the SOC as recorded by the BMV702's, see these graphs:



If anything, I would expect the MP to be ahead of the BMV-702's, since the MP doesn't know about the DC loads. The BMV-702's also jump from 95% to 100% while the MP's SOC increases only very gradually.

The option "Synchronise VE.Bus SOC with battery" is greyed out (and reads Off) if I select the MP on VE.Bus as the Battery monitor. When I set Battery monitor to Automatic (or explicitly one of the BMV-702's), the option "Synchronise VE.Bus SOC with battery" switches to On. Am I correct assuming that when a BMV-702 is selected as the Battery Monitor, VenusOS will update/sync the MP's SOC with the SOC as measured by the BMV-702?

My first question is: what is the effect of that?

The batteries were still accepting approx 20A (~10A for each bank) when the BMV-702's decided to jump SOC from 95% to 100% which would indicate that the MP's opinion re SOC would be more accurate.

My second question is: why do the BMV-702's jump their SOC instead of showing a gradual increase?


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VE.Bus BMS, CCGX and MPPT without MultiPlus/Quattro


Is it possible to connect a VE.Bus BMS directly to a CCGX (without MultiPlus/Quattro)?

Will this setup allow me to control/end charging from two Blue Solar MPPT 100/50 connected to the CCGX or is it required to use a VE.Direct non-inverted on/off cabel for this - even if a CCGX is present?


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Time since last full charge, not correct VRM app

Good afternoon,

Is there a solution in the VRM app that the correct data (Time since last full charge) indicates. In the CCGX it does indicate the correct data. Is this a bug?

thank you in advance.

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MPPT/DVCC output settings

Hi all.

I'm installing a victron off gird system in the next few weeks (5kva multi, 250/100, venus gx) and I have a question that has a couple people (and myself) stumped.

Say the mppt was set for 50A max output to suit the batteries

The batterys were at float and a load was switched on meaning the multi was drawing 80A.

Would DVCC allow the MPPT to ramp up to output 80A (if the amount of PV was available) so that the batterys didnt have to supply the extra 30A?


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AC source symbol changed to grid instead of generator since venus upgrade

Since the last update i noticed that the AC source symbol in the VRM portal has changed from generator to grid. This is on the VRM portal and in the APP

When i change back to an older version of Venus OS it is back to "normal"

All appears to be working fine.

Is this a bug, or can i resolve this myself? asked answered ·

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BMV 712 partially clear history data


Today a short question on the BMV 712.

Is it possible to clear only single data from the history?

Background is that I have invalid values in the battery voltage (eg lowest batterie voltage: 4,85V). Of course, I have not had them yet, I think these are still from the installation. Surely I could delete all values, but would like to keep the remaining valid data.

Is there a possibility? Thank you.

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Open ground on Victron 12/500 Inverter

I have a Victron Energy Phoenix True Sinewave Inverter 12/500 120V VE.Direct NEMA 5-15R , on the 110v side I am getting an open ground, I have tired grounding everywhere recommended, when I swap out to my old inverter it tests fine and shows it is grounded..Do you have any ideas of what could be wrong with the Victron?

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System - AC Genset graph in VRM

In "Advanced" menu of VRM portal, there is a graph named "System - AC Genset". I guess the data from this graph is coming from VE.Bus system. Yet, as my VE.Bus is a Phoenix 5000 mono-phase and my Genset is connected to 3 Multiplus (for tri-phase), I do not see the power brought by the genset in the VRM.

Yet, my genset load is monitored by an ET340 meter that could be connected to my CCGX via a Victron RS485 to USB interface cable. My question is:

How to display the data of the GenSet meter in this "System - AC Genset" graph in VRM using the Victron RS485 to USB interface instead of the VE.Bus connection?

Thanks for your help.

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Generation of surplus with the grid, Anti-island protection Quattro.

Hello victron community.

I need your help, the Quattro 48/3000 / 35-50 / 50 120V and Quattro 48/5000 / 70-100 / 100 120V inverter / chargers have anti-island protection to deliver surplus to the grid?

Since its datasheet is not mentioned and that feature is not clear.

Or do I need to add other equipment to my system to comply with the protection anti-island?

I'm gratefully for your help.

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