ESS Quattro PV switched-off once batteries in float


We're running an ESS system comprised of a Quattro 8 kVA and 2x MPPT 250/100, PV array is 8 kWp, with a bank of 1200Ah-48V battery bank. Octo GX is running OS 2.53, and all devices are flashed to latest firmware (.473 Quattro). ESS configured in Optimized w/o batterylife, and zero feed-in is enabled. We also have DVCC enabled. BMV-712 external monitor.

Once the battery state from absorption to float, (Quattro's status) the PV suddently switches off, although there is still consumption on the ACOUT side :


This is puzzling as this is happening during the day and there is still plenty of PV power available. This energy mismatch is not understandable, as the PV charger should match the AC outside power....

Any ideas ? We have tried all combination possible (battery life enabled or disabled, DVCC on or off, etc...).

Thanks a lot,

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Tesla / Victron Overland Vehicle Build - PLEASE CRITIQUE!

Hello! This is our planned system for our overland vehicle build (it's a 4x4 Freightliner Ambulance conversion). We'd love to get feedback on this plan. Is there anything you think we've overlooked, etc. Thanks in advance!


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SOC going to 100% immediately

Hi i have a recent install 4 x 200 a/h lithiums, 2 solar banks x 2 controllers the battery SOC gradually creeps down overnight as i would expect but in the morning as soon as the PV are lit up by the sun the SOC goes straight from say 89% to 100%, obviously this not correct , any ideas please

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Quattro 48/15000/200-100/100 keeps switching over to inverter operation

My current system:

1 x Quattro 48/15000/200-100/100

4 x Delta Gel Batteries GX12-200 (12V, 200 Ah)

48 x 150W Solar panels

2 x BlueSolar MPPT 150/70-Tr/MC4

Color Control GX

My problem:

Just installed and connected Quattro unit keeps switching over to inverter operation all the time even under load less than 1kW.

I had the same problem with my previous MultiPlus 48/5000/70-100 about 4 years ago. Without Solar panels it worked perfectly, but right after I connected my first solar panels and activated ESS, it started switching over to inverter mode, resulting in overloading. I have weak grid in my village – rather low transformer, so that when someone switches boiler or other heating device, voltage drops to 200V and below. That’s why I installed the stabilizer (Ortea Vega 1500-15 / 1000-20 (15kVA/10kVA – 2 operation modes), but it did no help to eliminate the problem of switching over to inverter operation. What really helped was a new firmware, which you released at that time – right after updating my Multiplus started working perfectly.

It continued before Sept 2019, when I installed the 2nd Multiplus to work in parallel, because I needed more power. But I could not stabilize their parallel work, what I described in details here:

Now in order to get back to normal operation, I bought Quattro 15000, thinking that it will work as good as Multiplus 5kVA in standalone mode. But it does not. I just disconnected my perfectly working Multiplus 5kVA and connected with the same wires Quattro 15kVA. And the problem returned: I have the same abnormal operation:

Dear Victron team,

Can you help out by releasing the next firmware for Quattro 15kVA, similar to the one you released for 5kVA devices? This really solved my issue last time?

Or can you advise me anything else?

I spent so much money and time, trying to figure out what to do and tried almost everything, except direct programming and coding, going beyond capabilities of VE Config. This could really help me, but in order to do it, I’ll have to learn how to do it properly, what will kill lots of my time, which I don’t have.

I’m deeply disappointed. Can you give me a glimpse of hope?

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SmartSolar 75/15 and 60W panel

I was going to purchase a Victron SmartSolar MPPT 75/15 for my 60W (3,6 A) panel, but the retailer says the panel is too weak for this controller and that the combination won’t work together. He says the panel should be 80W or 100W. Is this true?

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Are my MultiPlus II VE Config charger settings correct for 4 x Omnipower 200Ah batteries?

Just want confirmation on my settings. Help will be appreciated. The ones in bold I'm most worried about.

Stop after excessive bulk checked

Lithium batteries unchecked

Storage mode checked

Use equalization (tubular plate traction battery curve) unchecked

Charge curve Adaptive + BatterySafe

Absorption voltage 57.60 V

Float voltage 54.60 V

Charge current 35 A

Repeated absorption time 1.00 Hr

Repeated absorption interval 7.00 Days

Maximum absorption time 8 Hr

Temperature compensation -72.0 mV/deg

Battery Specsheet: Omnipower-240.pdf

The system is a MultiPlus II 48/3000/35-32 with 4 x OmniPower 240AH batteries as a backup system. I'm using the BMV700 as a battery monitor. Venus GX.

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CCGX Color Control to BMV-602S

I have 24 Volt system with a Color Control connected to a MultiPlus, a MPPT SolarControl and Battery monitor 602S. I want to use the SOC in the BMV on the Color Display since it will give me a accurate estimation to start my genset by the relay.

The 602S is connected to the Color Control (with the correct cable for 602) but sometimes it looses connection to the Color control and my genset wont work properly.

Do anyone know a solution to this?

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Venus GX Overvoltage Repair
Hi. My Venus is totally dead. I suspect an over voltage as the battery stopped and the mppt voltage probably increased and supplied the Venus with more than 70V. Can it be repaired?. I have opened up but don't see any visible damage. Thanks

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How to get USB Venus-data tar file to unpack

I asked this in the modifications space earlier this week I wonder if it can be answered.

Referring to implementation notes it says:

Also if venus-data.{tar.gz,tgz,zip} is found on removable storage (usb stick, sd-card) when booting, it will be unpacked into /data. Implementation details in this commit. Added per Venus v2.30~28.

However this is not working for me in Venus os 2.53.

I have traced through the init.d logic.

Execution of either of the scripts:

  1. /etc/rc5.d/
  1. or /etc/init.d/ 

Works fine and reports: "Updating /data with /media/sda1/venus-data.tar.gz"

And the contents are correctly installed on /data

But this is not happening when rebooting.

What am I doing wrong?

More diagnostic information is in my post in the modification space.

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MPPT Not In Device List

I disconnected two MPPT controllers from my batteries while I did an equalization charge. When I reconnected them, they no longer show up in the device list of the VictronConnect app on my iPhone.

The controllers otherwise appear to be operating normally.

Thanks, Mike

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BMV-712 charge voltage for 2x 12v lithium in series for 24v

I have two 12v lithium batteries hooked up in series for a 24v system. On my BMV-712 what do I set my charged voltage at?

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what size fuse/breaker between mppt and solar panel?


I have a Victron 150/45 MPPT with a 500w solar panel.

I am using 6mm2 cable as specified in the manual. That's suitable up to 50A.

The MPPT is 45A.

The fuse should be above normal current draw but below cable size - so between 45A and 50A!

What size fuse/breaker should I use? Or should I use bigger wire than the manual specifies so I can use a 50A fuse?


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BMV-712 and MPPT 100/30 configuration

I have installed the BVM-712, and the Smart MPPT 100/30. Currently I have 2 - 170W panels along with 4 Decka DC24 batteries. (specs below, will be replacing them soon)

The issue I am having is the reporting of the BVM, I believe I have the settings correct. And have done the sync SOC to 100 and zero current calibrations. But the readings are not what I think are accurate. the SOC is saying 60% yet the voltage is at sub 10V. I was told the discharge floor setting would adjust your amp hours and display to accommodate but it seems to be in reverse. Did I mess up the settings? How do I make sure its information it reports is accurate?

On the 100/30 I did "User Defined" using the numbers provided by the manufacturer but there is no setting for "Bulk" and I never see the bulk charging above 13.8 any recommendations?








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Orion-TR Smart & Solar

Hi all,

I have a van with 3 x 100W fixed solar panels in series charging a 150ah lithium battery via the Victron 100/20 SmartSolar MPPT charger. I am considering adding the ability to charge whilst driving, so looking at adding the Orion-TR Smart 12/12-30A DC-DC charger.

I am a bit confused on the logistics of these two units working together however, with the solar fixed to the roof and potentally giving full output when driving in good sun. Is it fine to wire these two in parallel and let them run simultaneously when driving?

Anything I might be missing here?



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Will the Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC work with the new vehicles?

How does the Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC work with the new vehicles that have 5 or 6 different charging profiles. For the most part if the battery is topped off the charging system cuts back to 13.6 volts. If you are charging LiFePO4 batteries that require 14.4 volts how does it do that when charging system is at 13.6 volts?


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Visio stencils for Victron products

Hi all, does any body know if Victron have made stencils for Visio for their Victron Products?

Or if any body else made it and made it free to use.

It makes lite so much easier when making my schematics.


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MPPT 100/30: Temperature compensation completely wrong

I found out that the temperature compensation does not work correctly. It is too high by a factor of 6! I tried out some things and found out that I need to enter the compensation value per cell and NOT per battery bank as the app is asking for.

Test situation:

  • The manufacturer of the used lead acid batteries prescribes a compensation value of -4mV/°K per cell.
  • I have 6 cells, thus I use the MPPT controller at 12V.
  • The floating voltage is set at 13.36V and the controller is in floating mode.
  • Temperature and battery voltage is measured directly at the battery through a BMV-712 battery monitor and send to the MPPT via bluetooth. They are interconnected with each other (which is a pretty cool feature anyway).

The app is asking the temperature compensating coefficient explicitly as per bank and not per cell.

Thus I multiplied the -4mV/°K per cell by 6 and get -24.00mV/°K per bank which I entered in the app.

Today the battery temperature was measured at 19°C. This is 1°C below 20°C (20°C means no compensation).

Expected result:

13.36V + (19°C - 20°C) * -0.024V = 13,384V

Observed result:

13,50V (which is obviously too high for a lousy delta of 1°K)

Then I entered the coefficient as per cell (-4.00mV/°K) and got 13,39V which is what I wanted all the time but never got.

For testing, I also tried to switch off the compensation and got exactly the configured 13.36V.

It looks like the controller is multiplying the entered value internally by 6 as it knows I am using the controller at 12V with lead acid cells (can only be 6 cells as 12V / 2V = 6).

Because of this I killed my new bank last winter as the voltage was too high all the time!!!


0°C in winter means (0°C - 20°C) * (-0.024V * 6 [6 because of the bug]) compensation

= -20 * -0.144V = 2.88V (WTF?!?)


Floating voltage: 13.36V + 2.88V = 16.24V

Absorbing voltage: 14.40V + 2.88V = 17.28V

Balancing voltage: 15.10V + 2.88V = 17.98V


I updated the MPPT to FW v1.50 today which has still the same bug. :-(

Did anyone noticed the same?

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MPPT smartsolar 100/50 stays on float following update


i launched my catamaran yesterday and updated my 2 mppt controllers to the new update. one of the controllers is working perfectly the other controller reverts to float with voltage from the panels but no current. I disabled the charger and then enabled it , the pictures below show what happened, it first went to absorption and the to float.

Please does anyone have a suggestion to fix this.



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Warning: Solar Newbie question... Fuses/Breakers/cable for my system

I am building a solar/battery portable system for emergency use. It is based on 4 Battle Born 12V batteries, in series pairs and parallel for 24V, 200AH total. I am using a Multiplus 24/3000/70 Inverter Charger and a 150/85tr Solar Controller (This is being upgraded to a 250/100, due to your comments. Thank you!). I will also be using a Victron 24/12/40 step down converter for 12V loads, which I expect to be few but thought I should account for, nonetheless.

I need to protect the systems with fuses or breakers, but am having a time determining the proper amp ratings, and exactly where to place them. Diagrams I have read don't agree, so I am guessing there are many ways to do this.

Can someone help, or provide a reference to information that would shed a little light on this subject? I am not totally new to electricity, but am new to solar powered systems and am not ashamed to ask for help when I need it. I'm not going to connect a wire until I know what I am doing!

Thank you in advance...


I am including a diagram I did today showing the items I have (except the breaker on the Pos battery line, that one is a guess), and how I envision them to be connected. I have a feeling more fuses or breakers are required, and I am totally open to comment or suggestion on cable sizes or other needed additions or changes.

UPDATE 5/27:

Drawing updated to show upgrade to Solar charge Controller, per comments. Also added a slight upgrade in 24-12 converter capacity (40 to 70).

System Drawing V4 5-27-2020.pdf

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Pinout RJ-45 on MultiPlus C 24/1600/40-16


I am looking for the pinout of the RJ45 port in the MultiPlus C 24/1600/40-16. According to this VE.Bus is/has a RS485 'connection' i'd like to tap into.

My idea is to have a nice raspberry-pi based solution to monitor the state of the system.

Thanks in advance!

( )

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