Prioritising solar charging

I recently bought a Victron MultiPlus 48/3000/35-50 2400W Inverter/Charger and a Pylon US3000B 3.5kWh Li-Ion Battery and connected them to a 1kW solar grid connected system (with a 40A regulator). The question is how do I configure the system to prioritise solar charging instead of grid?

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VE Bus BMS with Smart Battery Protect


We are having some trouble getting a Smart Battery Protect module to operate whilst connected to the VE Bus BMS load disconnect when using the non-inverting remote on/off cable. We can get it to work with a direct connection however; is the non-inverting remote on/off cable no longer required for this?

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MultiPlus charged from grid (HUB-2 v3)?

We are testing a 3 phase offline MultiPlus 48/3000/35 system.

Issue: The system started to charge batteries at 03:00 at SOC = 48%?

- Load: OFF
- Grid: ON
- Not day 1 or 7 in repeated absorption mode.


Following 3 assistants are installed in all inverters:

Hub-2 v3


Relay (use to control non critical load)




VRM portal


Is it possible to attach the configuration file?

Best Regards,

Lars Lindegaard Mikkelsen

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Why Power Factor vary widely when Multi 5000/48 charger is enabled via AC-IN control in ESS system?


In my ESS system I have an Energy Management Energy Analyzer EM111 used as grid meter.

Watching closely all the outputs of EM111, I have discovered that when my ESS system has the charger enabled (ignore AC-IN disabled via assistants) the Power Factor vary widely in both directions, capacitive and inductive, in the range of +/- 0,7. At the same time the ESS system struggle to keep the grid setpoint stable and a lot of energy from the system is wasted into the grid or consumed from the grid with no loads active.

How is this possible?

Another observation is the fact that when AC coupled Solarmax inverter is active the PF variation is reduced and the system is able to keep steady the grid setpoint.

Is something wrong with my Multi or this is normal behavior?



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Placing 3 phase loads between ET340 Meter and 3 Multiplus II

Hi there!

I am planning an ESS three phase system, and would like to know if it is possible to place three phase loads between the meter (ET340 in this case) and the 3 Multiplus II (one per each phase).

The order of the components would be as follows (from mains to loads):

AC 3 phase Mains (+ Utility meter + mains protections). 230V between phases (127 V between phase and neutral)




-------> 3 phase motor (elevator)


Autotransformer (230V/400V)


Multiplus II + Multiplus II + Multiplus II


<----------- 3 phase Fronius Symo


RCD & ThMg breaker + RCD & ThMg breaker + RCD & ThMg breaker

Loads (mono) + Loads (mono) + Loads (mono)

My main doubt is whether or not is it possible to place a 3 phase load between the ET340 meter and 3 Multiplus II, so normal funcioning of the ESS system does not become affected in terms of metering load and production, as well as orchestrating the overall ESS system.

Thanks !!!

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phoenix 12/375 inverter and charger ip22 30A in a van - grounding


I live in France.

In my van, I have three solar panels (330W each), a Victron 200Ah Lifepo4, a Victron MPPT 150/100.

I have been relying only in solar to charge the Lifepo4. But I have never known a real winter.

This week, I am considering how to install my Phoenix inverter 12/375 and a Victron IP22 charger 30A.

Do I need to ground the inverter to the van chassis or to the minus of the Lifepo4? Actually, do I really need to ground the inverter as it will remain inside the van?

Regarding the Victron IP22 charger, this afternoon I have mounted a male CEE17 plug under the chassis of the vehicle and passed a cable from it inside the van. I will only connect the IP22 charger to this cable. Do I need to install a 30mA residual current device or breaker with overcurrent protection or another protective device for the IP22? Do I need to ground the vehicle chassis to the earth each time I want to use the IP22 charger?

Thank you.

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Multiplus AC leakage on DC

Hiya Guys.

Got a Multiplus on a aluminium vessel.

Shore side and two generators. They go via a switching block, and are wired into AC1

WE'VE got a DC and AC leakage monitor which is detecting high leakage 997 I believe, when the inverter is running, even with a genset or shoreside.

The supplier is thinking a faulty unit, but I find this hard to believe. Could anyone confirm?



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multiplus II with Froinus grid tie Symo inverter

Hello, beginner question that I can't get answer on :)
I have 10 kw of solar panels with Fronius Symo 15 kw 3 phase grid tie inverter installed on my house roof.

If I connect Multiplus II 48 volts 3000 kva with 10 KW battery, will Multiplus "support" the grid with 2400 W even if load is higher and take excess power from grid or will it stop working when load reaches 5000 W or more?

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Phoenix Charger - How do I charge lithium batteries to no more than 25.2 volts?

I plan on using two 24/40 Phoenix chargers to charge my Tesla Model S Modules (3) 24v batteries. The batteries should never be charged above 25.2 volts, however the selectable settings for the phoenix chargers are all over 28 volts. How else can I control the voltage levels that these chargers will charge my battery to?

I will also have two inverters running (230v 24/5000 and a 110v 24/3000) but they will not use their charging side because I'll only be using them in inverter mode, due to differences in frequency (50hz on boat, 60hz on shore power). I'll also have a BMV-712 installed as well.

Thanks for any help.

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Will do his work? Cyrix and mppt 100/30

Hi all. Looking to top up my house batteries from my starter battery. Starter battery voltage 24v. House batteries 12v. Circuit is...

Starter battery to Cyrix

Cyrix to Victron 100/30 mppt.

Mppt to house lithium 12v batteries.

Logic, starter batteries protected by the Cyrix, 24v feed to the Mppt 100/30, lithium battery profile on Mppt feeds 12v Lithium house battery while starter battery is at the correct voltage level.

Will it work?


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Using an AC energy meter to measure inverter output on CCGX?

Hi, is it possible to use an AC energy meter to measure the output of an inverter so it can be displayed on an CCGX? I want to display it separately to any DC loads in the system. I will be using a BMV to measure the total load on the battery (DC load + inverter Load) so I want a way to see the AC load separately.



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Super Slow Power Transfer 30 Seconds +

A couple of times today, we have cut across from AC shorepower to DC/Inverter AC Power; both times the cut across from shorepower to the inverter has been very, very slow causing AC powered devices to slowdown / stop operating, somewhere in the time of 15 to 30 SECONDS, then power has come back up and works fine. We have switched across 50 or 60 times before with no delay.

Could it be because it is hot ? 106F 41C

Has anyone seen this ?

Basic setup is 24/3000 Multiplus, Midnite Classic 150 CC, 1600W PV making about 65A at the moment, Lithium Tesla Module Battery

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Blue smart charger ip65 12/15

Status report only reads in Chinese despite being set on English

Clive Patton asked
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blue power charger 12/25 Dip switch


Can anyone tell me what the internal dip switches should be set to on the blue power charger 12/25?


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Cyrix-ct 12/24V-230A and Shunt on common ground

I have brought a Cyrix battery combiner tom mount between the starter battery and the leisure battery in my boat. I also have brought a battery monitor with a shunt to mount on the common ground. The shunt is 75mV at 300A. Normal consumption will be 10-20amps. The batteries is placed side by side.

Will the shunt affect the Cyrtix?


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Cyrix-Li-charge does it work without a BMS

Hi I’ve got some non custom lifepo cells which I want to charge with a foreign moot solar charge controller and wondered if it’s acts as a simple relay.

As in the manual it says it waits for the BMS before engaging disengaging. If it doesn’t then I’ll just use a SBP to handle the incoming solar charge rather than the Cyrix-li-charge. Also I can’t find any spec on its exact paras. It would be amazing if they made something that does both the charge and discharge In one unit controllable via Bluetooth, rather than having to have to stand alone SBP

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Multiplus 2's in Parallel

I have 2 multiplus 2 5kva in parallel, all setup acccording the installation manual or parallel systems.

The multiplus's are visible on the portal as 2 in parallel and no errors.

What I want to know is the slave multi flashes main on then inverter on, is this because it is a slave or is there a problem?

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Is any MTBF information available for the Orion-Tr 48/48-2.5 (120W)? Thanks.

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frequency of lorawan data

I read that the LoRaWAN module will try and upload data to the VRM portal once an hour. Is that an average for the last hour or an instantaneous measurement? Can it upload data taken at a higher frequency and just be limited to uploading the data set once an hour?

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Two MultiPlus in parallel


If I have two Multiplus Compact 800VA on the separate batteries (two separate systems; solar system and wind system), can I put their AC output in parallel (they aren’t configured parallel) and make micro island grid? Can I control them by external 3-way switch (one on, one off, or both on) and do they always divide load fifty-fifty?

Thanks for your support!


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Order of widgets in VRM Advance is suddenly reversed!?

As of yesterday the order of the widgets in the Advanced view in VRM is suddenly reversed. I had the "SOC" graph/widget in the top left (most important for me), and now it is all the way at the bottom, as the last item. And I had "AC Output frequency" all the way at the bottom (least important to me) and this is now in the top left, as the first item. All my other widgets/graphs are in exactly the reversed order.
Did someone swap the sorting order in the back-end or what happened?
I presume this will be fixed asap?

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smartsolar 100/30 auf Lithium umstellen

Hallo...ich möchte meinen 100/30 auf einen Life Akku umstellen. In den Einstellungen kann ich zwar einen auswählen aber nicht speichern. Leider ist immer noch der voreingestellte Gel Akku vorhanden.

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Can I combine a Blue Smart Charger and a MPPT BlueSolar charge controller

I have a 12V Optima Yellowtop AGM battery in my 4x4 as a secondary battery which is connected to a 75W solar panel via a MPPT 75/15 BlueSolar charge controller. When my car is parked inside I want to connect the battery to my IP65 Blue Smart Charger. Do I have to disconnect the solar panels or can I leave them connected?

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Ess system with ac coupled pv inverter how do I test if Frequency shift is working.

Completed a Victron installation ESS setup with AC coupled pv inverter SMA on the output of the inverter. How do I test if Frequency Shift is working. When does frequency shift start? At what state of Charge? Blue Nova Lithium Ion Battery installed. asked
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Blue Smart Charger 12/30 not Reconditioning

I've recently purchased the Blue Smart Charger 12/30, as due to the lack of sun at the moment my BlueSolarMPPT hasn't been able to bring the batteries (2x 6v 225ah flooded wired in series for 12v) in to float for 30 days.

I'm charging them on the high setting with recondition enabled, the charger us going up to 14.95v during absorb, which seems about right taking into account temperature compensation, but then when it gets to the recondition stage it drops the voltage to exactly 14.7v and just sits there for the hour, then goes into float. The main reason I bought this charger is for its ability to do a 16.2/16.5v charge, so I can't see what I'm doing wrong!

Any help would be appreciated.

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Lost the MPPT 150/70 connection on the ColorControl

Good day, I just lost the"connection" between the 150/70 CC and the Color control ? Suddenly.

The Color control shows "not connected" for the Charge Controler .

Checked the cables and they seem OK.

Checked to "see" the CC with bluetooth and I do see it there .

Any idea what can have gone wrong ?


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Earthing and Solid Red Alarm EasySolar 12/1600 MPPT 100 / 50

Hi All,

We purchased an Easy Solar

12/1600 MPPT 100 / 50

We installed it in a caravan with two 230amp Victron super cycle AGM batteries.

We are having issues getting the system to operate. The red alarm is staying on all the time. We commissioned it using the dip switches as per the manual. Will it only function if we commission it with the MK3 tool ?

I am getting conflicting information on what it could be.

AC input voltage is correct. We have no AC voltage on the output side ( inverter charger )

Battery Voltage is low 11.9v but the MPPT solar charger is not functioning. The light is staying on bulk but we have over 28v charge from the solar.

We have been trouble shooting the installation by removing the AC input, making sure the Victron is the MEN ( should the Victron be earthed to the van ? )

We also removed the DC solar / MC4s from the MPPT.

The van was originally wired up with 12v circuits to the batteries, these have just been re connected.

If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated, the dealer we purchased it through don’t have any technical knowledge when it comes to electrical.



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Problem using input current limit and generator

Hello all,

I have a Multiplus 12 3000 120v, Smart Solar MPPT, Color Control and a Honda EU2200i. The gen can produce 15amps and I have 600 watts of solar. My goal is to charge an electric UTV with the system, initially via the generator and once the power demand drops with the solar.

I can charge my system fine with a 15a current limit with the Honda, but once I plug the UTV in, the Multiplus kicks the generator connection out and in.

When you first plug the UTV charger in (120v cable) the Multiplus begins to feed the UTV power. You can watch the watts climb on the color control, and when it hits 1500 watts, it disconnects the Honda gen (but continues to charge the UTV off of my house battery) and then restarts the Honda feed in 10 or 15 seconds and repeats this cycle over and over.

I've played with all the settings in the Multiplus that I can think of such as weak AC and dynamic current limiter but not having any luck. I don't think it's a problem with the gen as I can charge fine using the current limiter. All components have the latest firmware except for the Multiplus. I don't know if it's at the latest as I can't seem to find that info on the website as it seems to be "for professionals only."

Anyone run into this or have any ideas? Below is an export of my Multiplus settings.

TAB: General

System frequency 60Hz

Shore current 15.0 A

Overruled by remote checked

Dynamic current limiter unchecked

State of charge when Bulk finished 95.0 %

Battery capacity 300 Ah

Charge efficiency 0.95

TAB: Grid

Country / grid code standard None: (feeding energy from DC to grid not allowed)

Accept wide input frequency range (45-65 Hz) checked

AC low switch mains off 94 V

AC low switch mains on 101 V

AC high switch mains on 138 V

AC high switch mains off 143 V

UPS function unchecked

TAB: Inverter

PowerAssist checked

Assist current boost factor 2.0

Inverter output voltage 120 V

Ground relay checked

Inverter DC shut-down voltage 11.75 V

Inverter DC restart voltage 12.75 V

Low DC alarm level 12.75 V

enable AES unchecked

TAB: Charger

Enable charger checked

Weak AC input unchecked

Stop after excessive bulk unchecked

Lithium batteries checked

Use equalization (tubular plate traction battery curve) unchecked

Charge curve Fixed

Absorption voltage 14.10 V

Float voltage 13.80 V

Charge current 100 A

Repeated absorption time 1.00 Hr

Repeated absorption interval 7.00 Days

Absorption time 1 Hr

TAB: Virtual switch

TAB: Usage

Virtual switch usage Do not use VS

TAB: Assistants

TAB: Assistant Configuration

Assistants not used

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