712 shunt power pin removal

I need help on how to temove the positive battery connection on the shunt of the 712. I am swapping the simple power connector cable for the thermometer which uses the same pin connections. Tried pulling the pin but no joy. Tried lifting the yellow thing on top of the pin connector on the shunt but no joy!!! Anyone able to help???

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ESS not using PV power unless Grid setpoint set to negative. Then dumps.

Dear Victron People,

Set-up: 5 kW 48 V Multi (2624430); CCGX (v2.22) ; 2 x SmartSolar Chargers MPPT (v1.37) and 4 x Pylontech US2000 batteries. ESS in Optimized (with BatteryLife) mode and Feed-in excess sloarcharger power enabled.

When Grid setpoint at 50 W a small amount of PV power is used to keep the batteries charged and the available PV power is not used to supply AC load or feed into the grid. Effectively the PV power is disabled.

I can only circumvent this by setting the Gird setpoint to a negative value equivalent to the available PV power. The Multi then inverts this amount of power to AC as grid feed-in using the PV power available and when not enough PV power at the time, by discharging the batteries until the Minimum SOC is reached. The PV power (and sometimes AC power!) is then used to recharge the batteries (but not to 100 %) and the cycle then repeats.

My understanding is that when ESS operates correctly the PV power should first be used to supply the AC load, then charge the batteries and then feed into the grid. I am migrating my systems to not grid-tie but not working.

It appears that the CCGX malfunctioning.

Is there another possible reason for this aberrant behaviour?

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Temperature sensor Venus gx


Can the cable length for the temperature sensor of the Venus gx be extended,if so would it affect the readings of the Senor


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split phase on slightly different multiplusses?


As the title suggests i'd like to configure a split phase, and in the near future a three phase setup with my multiplus inverters.

i now have one 24/3000/70-50 (1910209) and a 24/3000/70-16 (1912209) but they won't connect to each other because they're not the same....

is there any possibility to make this work?

i'm not exactly looking forward to purchasing three completely new ones when i want to switch to three phase setup.

Thanks in advance!

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ESS locked at 100% SOC

System is 5kwp solar into Quattro AC coupled with energy meter/ccgx and Aquion batteries.

Using Battery life and keep charged options so some charge going into batts in winter.

Now the SOC is up to 100% and the battery voltage is 47vdc. So no more charging as the system sees 100% SOC. How to re set the SOC "? I have "re set system" but nothing changes. If I load the system with eg. kettle it draws power from grid not the batteries so I cannot reduce the SOC reading manually. I am stuck!

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MPPT's 150/70 Showing bulk output but no watts being delivered

Mppt' 150/70 showing bulk output but no watts being delivered? watts are showing up on the Colour GX? I have 5 connected via a powered USB hub to the Colour GX and this has been working fine until I noticed today 1x of the MPPT's was producing its rated capacity and the remaining 4 were only showing 10 -15 W?

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PWM controller

How to you do to size correctly a PWM controller nominal current ?


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Quattro not charging 24v 200Ah HE Lithium ion battries properly.

System, 24v 8kw Quattro ccgx lynx ion 1000A BMS, 4x lithium ion HE 24v 200ah. AC connected to AC 2, Generator connected to AC 1.

When I switch it all on, the Quattro bulk charges the battries to 100%.

Then if left unatended the Quattro goes to float and the battries slowly discharge down to 77% and stay there.

The charge profile is set to lithium batteries. The correct assistant is running.

Am I correct in saying that the battries should always be at 100% when the AC is connected.

All inverter functions and generator switching work normally

christyler asked
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VictronConnect App Loses Devices

I have a new system with 3 Battle Born batteries, a SmartSolar MPPT 150/60 solar charge controller, a Victron Multiplus Inverter/Charger 2000W 12V and a Victron 712 Monitor.

I've been having some problems with the 712 monitor disappearing from the device list on the VictronConnect app. I've made it reappear by unplugging and replugging the monitor cable.

Now the Solar Controller has disappeared from the device list. Is there a way to reset it to make it appear again?

Any idea why the devices disappear.

bolandd asked
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Size Photovoltaic system OFF-Grid
Hi, I wanted to size a photovoltaic system, for use from June to September, all day, with loads: Refrigerator class AA 24H / 24H, LED TV 20 "6h / day, PHON 2000W 1h / day, smartphone recharge 4h / day , electric pump 500VA 5h / day, LED Light 300W 7h / day 
Everything works at 220V AC, I need to size: How many photovoltaic modules are needed, Which charge controller, which inveter, how many batteries?

elektro asked
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Flickering Lights in home @ low PV/Quattro levels

Hello everyone, and thank you for any all helps and responses in advance.

  • My home is off the grid.
  • Its an AC coupled system, with a SMA sunnyboy 5kw inverter
  • I am running a Victron Quattro 48/8000.
  • I have 48kwh lead acid battery bank.

When my PV is at very low levels - hard to define a clinical level, but approx sub 300watts - i.e. in the morning at sunrise and evening at sunset, the lights in my home flicker / strobe.

Already tried:

1) I have tried it with old tungsten bulbs and with new LED bulbs - same issue across both.

2) When I increase the load in the house significantly (Over 1.5kw approx e.g. by turning on a heater) the issue resolves itself.
My normal base load/usage in the house is approx 350-450 watts but as you can imagine that is rarely constant.
Obviously I cant be running heaters/using excess loads just to resolve the issues as I live off the grid with limited power reserves.

3) We had the same issue with the fronius 5kw inverter we had in before - we then swapped this out for the SMA sunnyboy - exact same issue / no difference.

4) I have run my lighting circuits through an online UPS sinewave inverter - cures the issue immediately.

Given what I have tried above, have to be left to believe it is the Quattro, generating a poor quality sinewave/poor elecricity supply at low levels...

Is there a know issue at low levels with the Quattros?
(Ive searched the forums before posting - I cannot see anything)

What else can you suggest I attempt to resolve this issue?

Many thanks


michael asked
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Powering BMV-712 from 12V UPS

We have an off-grid installation in our RV with LiFePO4 batteries along with a 3kVA Victron MultiPlus, CCGX and BMV-712. The behavior of the BMV-712 is such that if it loses power, it restores to 100% SoC when turned back on. I am aware of the setting so it is set to unsynchronized instead.

Unfortunately neither behavior is suitable for us - the most likely cause of loss of power to the BMV is the BMS temporarily cutting off the batteries due to excessive current. This is a temporary situation which we can restore from within about 1 minute, so the SoC of the batteries does not change meaningfully during this time.

My plan is to install a 12V Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) that is kept charged by the main batteries but provides reliable power to the BMV as well as a handful of other low power but key systems such as the TPMS booster and probably the CCGX. I have a Blue Sea Systems split fuse block and the UPS will power the bottom section for these devices.

We have recently acquired the temperature sensor to connect to the BMV-712, and this has two wires - essentially data and positive power. I'd like to connect it such that the data line goes into the BMV but power for the BMV comes from the UPS into the other connection on the BMV. The temperature sensor draws its power from the 12V positive terminal it connects to, but I will remove the fuse and not connect its power line to the BMV.

I have tested this by connecting it up and it all seems to work correctly. However, before I hardwire this in, I wanted to check to see if a) anyone can see any reason this wouldn't work in all cases (I haven't checked all failure scenarios) and b) there are any plans to add a capability to the BMV-712 to restart with the last known SoC.

Thanks in advance.

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DC Charger

I originally posted this on the victron-dev-venus Google group, but wanted to move it over to here as this may be a more appropriate place for it now. Here's a link to the original post:


Basically, I have a REDARC BCDC1240D DC-DC charger that I use to take power from the truck alternator and charge the LiFePO4 batteries in the trailer. If you're interested in reading more, I wrote it up here:


It all works well, except because the DC-DC charger isn't Victron (and Victron don't have a suitable product), it doesn't talk to the Victron system - i.e. the CCGX. This means that all the CCGX displays is a net DC figure - but I have no way of breaking that down into how much energy is coming in from the charger (e.g. PV) vs how many energy is being consumed by DC loads in the RV.

In fact, from a data perspective, the device is dumb - there's no way data / comms available from it at all. My plan is to build a small MCU-based device with an INA3221 (essentially three INA219 chips combined) to measure the current and voltage on the 3 legs of the charger - PV input, alternator input, charger output.

My question is about the best way to get this data into the Victron system. My thinking was simply to write on the relevant MQQT topics so the charger shows up as a new device. Will that work? Has anyone done this before, and specifically, Victron doesn't have an appropriate device type for a DC-DC charger so I'll have to create some topics of my own.

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Pheonix 12/50 power surge from generator

Motorhome generator refuses to charge the Pheonix charger since a power surge occurred when a electric heater was switched on by mistake. Maybe cooked the Pheonix, but possibility the generator is at fault. Have no access to mains power so would appreciate advice on the Pheonix. Would a transister, pcb etc likly to be the problem, internal fuses are ok.

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EasySolar 48/5000 mounting - horizontal/vertical

Can the EasySolar 48/5000 be mounted horizontally?

mfortinberry asked
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1 Answer

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