Maximum charge current limited with Multiplus II 5k + 3 x Pylontech US3000 in ESS

Hi all,

I have installed an ESS with a MPII and 3x Pylontech US3000 (10,5kWh).

I have set the maximum charge power to 70A and I remember, that in the beginning this worked fine.

A few weeks ago, I changed from 70A to 30A to save the battery - now, i wanted to go back to 70A, but whatever I configure in MPII or cerbo GX, the maximum charge power remains at 50A.

does anybody has an idea?


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Loss of grid meter connection - no PV input now

I have had intermittent loss of signal from E24 meter (single phase ESS system) This causes the PV input to disappear off the ccgx and no charging of batteries so system is in Passthru.

I suspect the Cat 5 cables which are a real pain to get into the terminals of the E24 and with some fiddling I got the PV back but then it failed again. I had to reboot several times a day to get the PV back onto the system. The red and green lights on the USB interface flash as they should but then go off - then reappear and the go off and no PV input is showing.

Now I have rewired from the USB cable back to the E24 in 3 core cable so I know I have 3 connected cables back to the CCGX but it does not work. No PV is showing and I am running on grid not solar or batteries.

How do I check the fault cause? Is it the USB cable interface, or the meter or the CCGX?

How can I bypass the meter to at least get some solar charging input?

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Quattro 48/8000/100: switches Genset to Throughput, but charges with 0A


my Quattro does not charge from the genset anymore. On the left LED row "Main" + "Bulk" LEDs are on. The internal switch passes the power from the genset to the load. VictronConnect tells me, it is Bulk-charging. But the charge current is 0A.

There is no current limit hit, I downloaded the latest firmware, checked the wiring, did a lot of adjustments like "weakAC", "UPS-Mode", voltage levels, ...

Any ideas? Is my Quattro broken? It went well for a year now. Inverting still works good.

Thanks in advance,

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Does a 48V Multiplus support 12V charging?

I'm planning to slowly upgrade my sailboat to a 48v system for electrification, and I'd like AC shore power as soon as possible, hence I'm looking at a new-style Multiplus. If I get the 48v version, would that be able to charge my current 12v bank until I upgrade the batteries? I couldn't get a clear answer to this from the manual.

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Is this normal condition for a new multiplus unit?



Having purchased a new multiplus 24/3000/70-16, i have immediately noticed a scorch (arc) mark on a positive battery terminal and also screw marks on the paintwork as though the unit has already been mounted to a wall or such. Should a new unit look like this from factory testing or have i been conned?

Thanks for any opinions offered.

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Cerbo GX FW 2.60 and GX 4G Connection Issue

Hi All,

I installed a GX LTE 4G today and found that an icon was trying to display on the top right by the clock, and that the system was reporting internet Offline, when the system was clearly online and communicating with VRM. See screen shots

I also logged in via ssh and found that the ppp0 interface had received an IP address and was able to do DNS lookups and ping.

I wasn't able to do any further investigation. Since I have got home what I have noticed is that the location symbol moves one to the right and back again.





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Honda 2200 with Multi Plus 12/3000/120 driving a 10000 BTU AC

I configured the current limit to 13A and run the AC which consumes about 7A while running the compressor. Assist and dynamic current limiting are enabled. When the compressor kicks in, the assist is unable (or too slow) to compensate for the startup current to avoid the generator from disconnecting. Boost factor is 2 and the breaker is set to 30A.

is there a better way to configure this?

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Multiplus II 48/3000 power consumption when switched off to "0"?

My supplier had some post where they suggested that the it is an idea to disconnect the multiplus from the battery bank if left for a while without any trickle charge, and that it may draw as much as 2W even when switched off. I wonder if this is correct, or if something is getting mixed up.

I'm talking about when the unit is switched to the "0" position, and not some soft power-off or search mode etc. I have the Multiplus II 48/3000/35-32.

2W may not be a lot, but still adds up to 48Wh/day, or 1.4kWh/month which can be significant on top of other self discharge.

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Victron DC bus Current Rating

Hi, All

I understand that max system we can get from Victron Quattro is 180 kVa . However, I donot know how the DC bus can be configured. For example , I am designing a 3 phase system using 9 of quattro 15 kVa for a total 135 kVa with 48 battery modules, 150 kWh battery. The DC bus current is around 135000/48= 2800A. Can I still use DC power in and distributor? They are rated as 1000A.


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How to synchronize AC output of two offgrid systems

There's an existing offgrid installation using 2x 24/3000 Multiplus in parallel. In order to charge an EV the owner plans on installing a 2nd offgrid system (with separete panels and battery) based either on 48V/5000 MP (one or two units in parallel - TBD) or a 8kVA Quattro.

For several reasons, the owner would like both AC outputs of the two Offgrid systems to be synchronized, that is, the voltage difference between both AC live wires = 0 V.

Offgrid 1 and offgrid 2 will have separate AC board, but may share conduits. There is (backup) GRID available both to offgrid 1 and offgrid 2 systems. How to achieve AC output synchronization?

I was thinking in using grid as input to both systems (even if not used) in order to the inverters synchronize. Or even feed one Inverter to the other.

Has anyone tried something similar?

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Effects of changing battery charge current limit on charger NV storage

I am thinking about sending hex protocol commands to my 100/50 blue charger to limit the charger current under certain circumstances but want to do as little as possible. If I change register 0xEDF0 does this trigger a write to the charger's non-volatile storage and if so is this going to cause problems with write aging of what ever that nv storage actually is? There could be multiple changes to the charge current limit each day.

The other option would be to put the charger into a network mode, possibly BMS mode, but I am not sure if that means the voltage targets in the charger's internal profile apply any more. Preferably I'd like to not take command of anything but the charge current limit. I'm not sure if writing to register 0x2015 would trigger a write to the charger's NV storage either.

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Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-30 - Display output amps in Victron Connect?

Using the Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-30A in my RV to charge my lithium house batteries from the chassis alternator while protecting the chassis alternator from overload due to low impedance lithium house battery bank (4 BB 12V 100A in parallel). Seems to work GREAT! Bluetooth access to the Orion-Tr Smart via Victron Connect app is awesome but it does not list the output amps being delivered to the house battery. I would like to see that in the Victron Connect app. Is it possible this might get added in the future?

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One Multiplus II-GX 48/5000/70-50 with Fronius 4.0 on a 3-phase grid connected system.

Hello, I plan to use a Multiplus II-GX 48/5000/70-50 with Fronius 4.0 on a 3-phase grid connected system. The 2 phases are connected directly to the consumer and the phase-3 will pass-through the Victron-Fronius system supporting Energy Storage System on one phase only . I have the next 3 questions:

1, Does the above system works fine?

2. Is the Multiplus II-GX anti-islanding certified and does exist a certificate for Greece?

3. Assuming the 3 grid phases are on. Does exist the possibility on the above system to have on the 2-direct phases 50Hz grid freq. and on the phase-3 higher ( for example 52 Hz) due to MG shifting on frequency? (This frequency unbalance would be abnormal for 3-phase loads).

Best regards,


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Remote shutdown of cerbo gx ?

Hi all, couple of questions please 1. possible to hook a 12v hotspot router to the cerbo unit ? get the power from it ? 2. is it possible to remotely shut down the cerbo unit and thus the router that is plugged into it ? the backstory - my boat has a multiplus 1600 + cerbo GX , i only need to charge the boat when i come back from sea, it will be connected to shore power for a few hours, when its full someone at the marina will unhook the shore power cable and load the boat into a drystack which doesnt have power socket on it so i want everything off to kill off any consumption. what will be left consuming is the router, the cerbo and the bmv 712, will check it more in depth tomorrow but from what we seen they all take about 1.2A when running, which means it will eat up my 180AH house battery in well for the sake of argument 180hours - about a week , which is not a lot of time, TIA.

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MPPT 100/30 21Mhz hamaradio band noise

Dear friends, just finished my remote HF station running on solar energy and a big disappointment on 21mhz.All band during day time is unusable due to LO RFI of my MPPT 100/30 charge controller.

Does any one find any filter solution about it?

Is there any other MPTT model with no EMI/RFI at least on hamradio bands?

I ll try tomorrow with some ferrites on power input & output to see if there is any difference.

Thank you.


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MultiPlus-II shows in VGX 2 AC input and 1 AC output

I am wondering that in my installation VGX shows for my MultiPlus-II 2 AC-input and only 1 AC-output. Effectivly it is just via versa with 1-AC input and 2-AC outputs.
Has anyone an idea, how I can change that setting in VGX?.



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the best configuration for dc coupling off grid system

Do I need to change any default sitting of Virtual switch or assistants for a Dc coupling off grid system with only Quattro and blueSolar ?

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MultiPlus Compact 24/1600/40-16 firmware update

Hello All,

I have a MultiPlus 24/1600 Product ID 2616 with firmware 154. I have it connected to VenusGX with vOS v2.42. I need to update the firmware to support ESS. I have no easy access to MK3 cable.

Is firmware update with vbdub possible? Documentation ( says minimum firmware 2xx is required. Is documentation current and correct?

I am familiar with Linux and not afraid of command line. I am afraid of bricking my MultiPlus though.

I also have USB RS232 or USB RS485 for other option to connect to MultiPlus.

I hope I am not stuck buying MK3 cable for single use.

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Is it possible to mix Pylontech US2000 and US3000?

Hi, does it work if i start with an US3000, that i later add an US2000 to the system....or an US2000 requires an US2000 and they cannot be mixed up?

Kind Regards


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DC Power no longer showing on GX Touch 50 Display

I am no longer seeing DC Loads on my Display ( Have the DC Loads setting to On) also the Battery icon is showing 0W just as the DC Power Icon 0W.... I am on a boat and definitely have DC Loads... Battery is at 100% and connected to shore power and Solar is producing as well. Any thoughts?

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2006 Phoenix Multiplus 12/1200 LifePo4

I have a 2006 Phoenix Multiplus 12/1200. I want to connect this to Lifepo4 batteries and therefore add the correct charge profile.
1. If I buy the MK3 USB cable will this work with my charger/inverter? -i wanted to check before I buy it.
2. Is there a datasheet/ guide for the charge profiles forLifePo4?

Thank you.


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Which is the smallest victron device supporting ESS

Hi Community,

a friend of mine would like to build an ESS but is a little bit short on money. So i would like to ask: Which is the smallest device supporting ESS ?

Thanks !


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Firmware Phoenix multiplus compact 24/1600/40

Good Morning. I would like to know if this older model can be put in parallel with another of the same characteristics. Can you update the firmware to a newer version?



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Unsatisfactory repair by a Victron authorized repair shop

Easysolar II GX was commissioned at the beginning of August 2020,, after five weeks a day the mppt stopped working, was sent to an authorized Victron repair shop, they said there was nothing wrong with the unit, just needed to have the firmware updated and the grid code was changed to something other than South Africa

So that means that I shall not be in compliance with South African regulations, Also, can someone explain to me why would an inverter stop functioning if the firmware is out of date

I am based in South Africa

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Cerbo GX Sensor Recommendations

I'm super excited to find that Cerbo GX can monitor my batteries, solar, AND tanks. My stock KIB sensors are nearly useless, reading 2/3 full until gray water starts coming up my drain, signaling 100% full. It's pathetic.

Does anyone know what sensors I can use that will give accurate level readings and work with Cerbo GX / GX Touch? I would like fresh, gray, black, and propane sensors that work with Cerbo GX.

Will this work? Do I really need 4 sensors for just the black tank?!?

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Quattro in France

Hello all.

I'm currently working on the design of our new house.
It will have solar panels, SmartSolar MPPT, batteries (Leaf?) and it seems the Quattro is the inverter to use (two AC in, batteries, 10kW, no feed in if required). All of that with the Color Control GX.

However the Quattro is not validated for France as it's not VDE 126-1-1 compliant (yet?)

So in order to be allowed to use it, I will have to add a VDE 126-1-1 compliant voltage controller (such as an Enya from Tele) and a relay to cut of the house from the grid.

Once I have such a controller, how should I setup the Quattro so it knows grid is out but it can still deliver AC (out of PV or batteries)?

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Orion remote input inactive

Hello dear Victron community,

I am experiencing difficulties with an Orion 12-12/30, it is used to charge a victron smart lithium 100a in my van (from 1999 so not smart alternator).

I don't have yet a remote cable would like to make it work with the simple shunt included in the package (doing manual on/off via the app for the moment).

However, whether I plug the shunt or not, it's not charging and displaying message "remote input inactive". When the shunt is in the input voltage is 7.7V, and when I don't use the shunt the input voltage is 13.8V.

What's wrong?

Thanks for your help



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