Victron mppt 75/15 Anschlußklemmen zu klein für 6 qmm Kabel

Am Victron MPPT 75/15 habe ich zunächst meine 6 qmm Kabel (ohne Aderendhülsen) angeschlossen. War schwierig, da die Klemmen zu klein sind. Jetzt musste ich wegen dauernder Abstürze des Reglers die Kabel immer wieder entfernen und neu anschließen.

Resultat: die Kabelenden sind vermurkst

Daraufhin: alle Kabel mit 6 qmm Aderendhülsen versehen

Jetzt: passen die Kabel nicht mehr in die Klemmen!!!

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Trickle charge multiplus 12/3000 wont charge?


I have a brand new multiplus 12/3000

The trickle charge output is connected to a 12 volt 140 ah battery. The voltage is 12,87

When i turn on the multiplus the trickle charge wont charge (i have a smart shunmt connected to the starter battery) and when the multiplus goes into float status also nothing will happen.

When i disconnect the trickle charge cable i measure 4 volts on the trickle charge outpul.

Is this supposed to be? Will trickle charge only charge when reached a certain battery voltage level?

Best regards and thanks in advance!


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Flickering diode lamps in invert mode

Hello everyone! Calculating. for your help!

There is a backup power supply system.

1. Three Quattro 8000/48 inverters

2. Pylontech 800 Ah batteries

3. Cerbo GX+Touch panel.

The problem is the flickering of the diode

lamps in the "invert" mode. When the mains is on,

the lamps do not blink. These lamps are dimmer controlled.

I am attaching a photo of the lamps and the dimmer.

Question: how can this be cured / corrected? Thanks!

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Multiplus Aux trickle charge function

Does the Multiplus trickle charge function operate when there is no AC connection to shore/generator power? Hopefully it will still top off the vehicle battery while off grid.

Thanks for any info/experience you have had.

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Remote Console on Local network

I am assembling my new victron system at the moment and I am planning where to put wires, how many and which type. It will be that the Cerbo GX will be in the basement beside the inverters and connected to ethernet locally (no bluetooth, no wifi). No VRM connection as I do not want my data to leave the house - I will use the docker-grafana on a Promoxx node in my home rack.

However, I still want to have the overview about what the system is doing. I obviously can logon via my PC, but I thought it would be great to have also a little monitor hanging in my living room for quick checks. Maybe somebody already have done something like that and could tell me if there are any restriction between the actual GX Touch Screen and the Remote Console in the WebGUI.

My plan would be to either have a Raspberry Pi with screen in an enclosure mounted and connecting via Wifi or use something like an HDMI extender to get the Cerbo's HDMI output directly transmitted (will touch work?). I am more or less leaning to the Raspberry solution.

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Open ground on Victron 12/500 Inverter

I have a Victron Energy Phoenix True Sinewave Inverter 12/500 120V VE.Direct NEMA 5-15R , on the 110v side I am getting an open ground, I have tired grounding everywhere recommended, when I swap out to my old inverter it tests fine and shows it is grounded..Do you have any ideas of what could be wrong with the Victron?

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Phoenix 12/1200: How to connect the output neutral to ground

I need to ground the output from my Phoenix 12/1200. I see the diagram in the manual appendix but it's a bit too abstract for me. Has anyone seen better documentation or a video that explains this better? Thanks!

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3 x 48V victron battery/multiplus in series for electric vehicle?

After completing a few offgrid installations with victron systems and having converted a vehicle to fully electric in the past, i was thinking through the possibly of building another EV using victron components. 3 x 48v systems in series gives 144v and with a 400a discharge limit (200a cont.) via 6 x series 24v 200ah victron batteries - this corresponds to about 57kw peak and 30kw continuous which is within the acceptable output for a small-medium EV.

since victron equipment only works with up to 48v nominal systems, 2 options could exist to use the multiplus & associated components;

1. parallel the 3 x 48v strings with 350A anderson plugs before charging with a single multiplus

2. or have 3 x 48V multiplus running independently but with the connection to shore power paralleled and 240VAC outputs paralleled?

option 1 requires more steps to charge but only requires 1 large capacity multiplus unit

option 2 however may be subject to ground loops since multiplus 1 would see 0V&48V, multiplus 2 - 48V & 96V, multiplus 3 - 96V & 144v. another post on here suggests the multiplus are infact isolation transformers however i can see a few scenarios where where a ground loop could occur (ie when EN relay reverts to the grid). i also assume multiplus outputs couldnt be paralleled as they are designed to do.

i would be interested to hear from a victron engineer on how this could work ? having a dual-use battery pack could make the investment more justifiable.

look forward to any relevant comments!

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API for Bluetooth 500 Smart Shunt access

I see where there are a lot of options for accessing devices with other systems, but I cannot find anything for the Smart Shunt (500). It doesn't appear to work on windows at all, and the linux version of Connect seems to require a GUI. I was hoping to integrate battery monitoring with other aspects of an astronomy system, for example to get an alert if the SOC drops below some threshhold, park the telescope, shut down gracefully.

Is there any mechanism for programmatically accessing its data via Blue Tooth, on Linux (preferred) or Windows?

It is standalone, not part of a larger system of Victron devices (well, I have a Victron charger but it will not be with the telescope in use).

Also, on a related question: Am I correct there is no remembered state of charge if the shunt is disconnected? That you have to manually enter it, and/or let the battery charge fully? As opposed on power-up to resuming where it left off?

But my main goal is to be able to monitor it from an automation system during unattended imaging.



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TR-Charge 12v liegen an ohne Landstrom
  • Hallo,

am TR-Charge Anschluss liegen 12V an obwohl kein Landstrom angeschlossen ist. Das führt dazu, dass am CBE Bedienpanel die Landstromkontrolle leuchtet obwohl kein Landstrom angeschlossen ist.

Kann mir das jemand erklären?



Multiplus 12/1600/70

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Ip65 10a 3a just blinks on 3a charge

Brand new charger. I hooked everything up and it is working perfect. About have way through charge I changed it from 10 to 3amp thru the Bluetooth and the li-ion light just blinks. Does this mean my battery will not take that low of a charge? I always thought lower amp was better for batterys if you had time? New 100amp 12v battery


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Do I have a problem with GX inside my EasySolar-II GX?

At the end of December 2021 my ES-II GX stopped receiving data from internal MPPT 250/70.

After pressing GX reset switch communication came back.

I noticed that problem after 3 days only because GX was reporting over 1kW production from MPPT 250/70 when Sun was setting. The reading was frozen.

In my system I also have MPPT 150/35 connected to GX, and this one did not have a communication problem.


8 days later I got VE.bus error #17 when grid failed. Unit that stopped communicating with its slave was EasySolar-II GX since it was a master on L1 phase.

I replaced RJ45 cable between master and slave in that phase.

3 hour later this error happened again in the same phase when grid failed.

It cannot be a fuse since there is common fuse for master and slave in each phase.

This time I did not touch anything and only turned all 6 units off and on.

System started operating normally.

9 days later, again on grid failure, VE.bus error #17 happened again.

Like before, without touching anything restart of all units fixed the problem.

It is very frustrating since when this error happens, my house is in the dark.

On the Victron information page error code #17 at the end is information that:

Recovery: auto-restart once the error is gone. 

How to interpret this statement?

To me it looks like that if a cable is at fault, its replacement is enough and no restart is necessary.

Same with the fuse. If fuse is at fault, its replacement is enough and no restart is necessary.

But if GX unit is at fault, because its communication is frozen (like with the MPPT 250/70), the GX unit needs to be restarted. Turning all 6 units does just that because one of those 6 is the ES-II GX.

Any suggestions?

More info on this error #17 and my system you can find in this topic:

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Is there a Phoenix 12 1200 model with no bluetooth or VE Direct?

I'm just looking to confirm that there was a Phoenix 12 1200 model made that had neither VE Direct port or built in bluetooth? I can't easily find a definite answer to this online. Previous owner of my boat install the inverter, hence I don't know exact age and there doesn't seem to be any more specific part / serial number on it.


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Can I use a 40amp mega fuse at lynx distributor for smart solar mppt 75/15

Hello, I'm connecting a smart solar mppt 75/15 to a lynx distributor, which utilizes mega fuses and then to the battery bank. The maximum battery fuse rating for the MPPT charger per the manual is 25A and the minimum is 20A. The smallest mega fuse I could find was a 40A for the Lynx distributor. The MPPT charger has a 20A fuse already installed, but the manual says that another fuse is required even if the solar charger has been equipped with an external fuse.

  1. Do I need to keep searching for a 20-25A mega fuse or will the 40A be sufficient?
  2. If I can't use the 40A mega fuse and can't find a 20-25A mega fuse, should I just run my MPPT battery connections through by blue sea fuse block with the correct fuse size? I have plenty of room, but it just doesn't seem like a conventional method running to the fuse block, through the lynx, and then to the battery.

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Combine ARGO FET & Orion TR smart

Our current electrical installation on our sailboat has the following setup: 115Amp Alternator which is feeding the starter battery and the service battery bank through an ARGO FET Diode. The ARGO FET prevents back feeding the starter and service batteries vise versa. Know I plan to upgrade my service batteries with Lithium batteries. This leads to an charging upgrade and I plan to use two Orion TR smart 12/12-30 in parallel. Can I install the two chargers behind the already existing ARGO FET on the used output for the service batteries or should / can I remove the ARGO FET and replace his functionalities with the two Orion TR smart? Below the current installation:


The question is only focused on the ARGO FET and the Orion TR smart. The Lithium Upgrade will contain several additional changes regarding: BMS, smart Battery Protect and so on.


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MPPT Solar controller setup issue

Ive replaced an old solar controller with a Victron Energy SmartSolar MPPT 100V 30 amp 12/24-Volt Solar Charge Controller. The previous setup also charged my cab battery as the solar output ran through the motorhomes control unit. Should this still be the case, as it doesnt seem to be charging after the leisure batteries are charged ?


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MPPT - Solar Charge Controller on 400ah of battery

I have a mppt 100/20 controller and I want to add a dc/dc charger 12/12/30. I will have 400ah of battery with 200 watts of solar. Is this mppt enough or should I bump it up? Any guidance on this is appreciated.

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Multiplus Won't Turn on after using Remote VEConfigure

Hello all, I attempted to use VRM remote configure to add the Self-consumption Hub-1 assistant to my Multiplus | 12v | 2000 | 80. It is connected to a Cerbo GX running latest firmware and connected to VRM.

The hub assistant was set to prevent feeding energy to grid. I used the standard assistant default settings.

After saving and uploading the file it went through several steps, including writing the settings. At the end I received an Error 1300. This seems to be a general error message.

Now, the Multiplus will only flash the lights briefly, click, and then turn back off when the switch is turned to either charger only or invert mode. I have tried disconnecting power, and also the VE.Bus connection to the Cerbo with the same result.

What would be my next steps for troubleshooting or attempting to restore this Multiplus?

Thank you.

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Buck boost on/off via ATC-signal from Lynx Smart BMS - yes or no?

Hi Community

I have the following setup to charge my Smart Lithium Batteries while driving my van:

  • Buck-boost switches on via vibration sensor
  • Charge is applied to Lynx Distributor positive bar (from which also all DC-loads are powered)
  • Smart Lynx BMS connected to Lynx Distributor
  • Batteries (2x200Ah in parallel) connected to Smart Lynx BMS

Now, during winter, the batteries are regularly too cold to charge and Smart Lynx BMS shows "Not allowed to charge".

Usually, I check the situation before I start the van and keep the BMS in Standby mode if Victron Connect App for the batteries shows low temp alarm (i.e. main contactor is open, so batteries are disconnected).

Recently, I had the BMS in operation while parking so the contactor was closed, and when I turned on the engine and the Buck Boost switched through for charging, the BMS opened the contactor due to "Not allowed to charge", thus disconnecting the batteries AND, as charge voltage still reaches the Distributor, all my DC-appliances still work while driving (e.g. lights, USB-chargers and the audio system.)

My questions are the following:

1) Are there any reasons to not use the buck-boost & BMS-auto-disconnect at low battery temps in the way explained above while driving?

2) If this should not be used in that way (according to answer with some reasons under 1)...), there seem to be several ways to prevent the Buck Boost from becoming operational in such situations e.g. not using vibration sensor but Pin 1 with e.g. input for the ATC-signal from the BMS. In the "help-text" in TSConfig point 50 states "Attention, when using pin 1 as an input, connect a 1k-10k resistor in series.

  • Is this really needed for the ATC-signal coming from the Smart Lynx BMS (I recall reading somewhere it's 1,5A only...)?

Thanks for reply and explanations. If a resistor is needed on Pin1, it would be also helpful with a link where to purchase an applicable such (I do not find "range"-specific resistors and only such that are intended for circuitboard welding).


Ingo Pfeiffer asked

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Low battery warning


so I have everything wired to this system, with the dc/dc hookup, mppt solar, 3000 multi plus. And 300ah of lithium battery. when I disconnect my batteries I’m still getting 12 throughout my system, yes the break in the line is to the batteries. Also the victron multi plus keeps showing low voltage. Even when we are in the sun with the solar system charging. What am I doing wrong and how can this be fixed?

carterkemppel asked
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Auto Generator start possible with Victron EasySolar-II 24/3000/70-32 MPPT 250/70 GX ?

Hi all,

as posted im wondering if it possible to arrange Auto Generator start on the Victron EasySolar-II 24/3000/70-32 MPPT 250/70 GX ? Or do i need a cerbo gx in addition?

many thanks

christoph-janssen asked
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Multiplus Compact 12/1600/70 auf LiFePo umstellen


mein Name ist Frank und ich bin neu hier.

Wir haben uns ein gebrauchtes Wohnmobil gekauft, in dem ein Multiplus Compact 12/1600/70 inklusive Digital Multicontrol verbaut ist. Nun möchten wir die AMG Batterien in LiFePo4 Batterien austauschen. Hierzu müssen ja auch die Ladeeinstellungen des Multiplus angepasst werden. Zu den Möglichkeiten, wie ich das durchführen kann, habe ich unterschiedliche (widersprüchliche) Infos gefunden. Es gibt ja zwei Anbindungen: MK-3 USB oder VE.Bus smart Dongle - letzteres wäre mir lieber, da ich damit den aktuellen Status des Multiplus auch über mein Android-Handy anstehen kann. Ich habe aber auch gelesen, dass über Bluetooth nur Werte aus dem Multiplus ausgelesen, aber nicht Einstellungen verändert werden können. Die sei nur über die USB-Anbindung (MK-3) möglich. Stimmt das?

Im DEMO-Modus der Victron Android App sehe ich jedoch unter "Ladegerät" den Umstellschalter für "Lithiumbatterien". Reicht diese Einstellung aus oder müssen noch weitere Parameter umgestellt werden, die nur über den MK-3 Anschluss möglich sind?

Bei den neuen LiFePo4 Batterien handelt es sich um Batterien mit eingebautem BMS und Zellheizung - das heißt es sollte vom Multiplus keine Ladebeschränkung oder gar Abschaltung bei geringen Temperaturen erfolgen, da sonst die Zellheizung nicht funktioniert.

Frage: Reicht es aus, über die Android-App unter "Ladegerät" den Umstellschalter für "Lithiumbatterien" zu aktivieren oder müssen/sollten weitere Parameter umgestellt werden, welche nur über dem MK-3 USB Anschluss zugänglich sind?

Vielen Dank im Voraus!

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SmartShunt Battery Settings??


I have a 12 V battery bank consisting of 8 6V 370 ah FLA batteries.

Other than changing the battery bank AH size, I think all the other settings are the defaults.....See below attached.

Can someone comment if the settings are accurate?

Thanks in advance.


vtecvfr asked
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MPPT BMS Controlled

Hi there,

I have today installed a Victron Smart Lithium Battery with VE.BMS to my system which comprises of a Multi (24/1600/40 newer, plastic style), BMV702 and two MPPTs SmartSolar 100/20 and 100/15. I'm using an rPi as my GX device and believe I have set everything up for the Lithium, the set up is in a van so no ESS.

My question is, should my MPPTs be BMS Controlled? Because currently they are set at "No" and I can't see how to change them. Everything has the latest firmware, including the rPi.




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Victron Smart MPPT RS 450/100 Error 67

Hi guys, I am getting a error 67 (no bms) on some of my sites that we are unable to resolve, the battery does seem to have communication as it shows the battery on the cerbo gx... This is happening on three of my sites, I will use one site details for reference.

1 x Quattro 8kVA

1 x RS 450/100

1 x SolarMD 14. 4kWh with Logger V2

1 x Cerbo GX

The RS450/100 is connected via CAN communication.

eong asked

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Adaptive charge, absorption time, temperature compensation & sensor.


I am getting a bit confused with the amount of information I am trying to take in so I thought I would join the community for some guidance, so thank you in advance.

I am on a easy solar 1600 24v system, 2x Rolls 290a, 50 Charge controller.

When using the formula, I managed to calculate an absorption time of 46mins (rounded up to 1hr)
Does this sound right?
T = 0.38 x C /I
0.475 = 0,38 x 260ah / 208

If this is incorrect then where have I gone wrong? Also, if I am using adaptive charge then does this figure matter?

I also was confused regarding temperature compensation - I saw that the compensation should be set at -4mV/ºC/Cell - so i have set this at-32V/ºC - is this correct?

The system has a temperature sensor, how do I know that it is even working?

Could you also advise on the absorption and float voltages please?
After looking through the manuals I settled for -
Absorption Voltage - 29.40V
Float Voltage - 27.60V
Max Charge Current - 50A

Also, i set the system to 'charge only' when I got to bed, in the morning despite the batteries reading at 24.8+ the system wont turn on until there is a bit of sun to top up the charge, or i need to turn the gene on to allow a top up... It could be for 5 mins and the system turns back on again and doesn't seem to be lacking charge at all.. is there something I have accidentally mis-configured when I was using veconfigure? I've noticed Victron connect app is not a comprehensive as Veconfigure or am i missing something by plugging into the charge controller?

Please excuse the basic questions but I have already fried one set of these batteries in 3 years and it was an expensive mistake i can let happen again... trying my best to get studying again : )



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VRM mppt state graph incorrect
Today I have discovered an interesting problem with VRM. I have achieved float on both SmartSolar chargers and VRM reports this. When I look at the advanced graphs, I am getting different outputs for the MPPT state graph depending on whether I display the last 24 hours or today.
The 24 hour display displays correctly where the today display says one of my chargers is off and the other one has never left bulk.
I have no idea how to report this anomaly to Victron as it is obviously a change that has happened in the VRM webpage.


Today display


Last 24 hours

As you can see, the last 24 hours shows charge yesterday and today and reaching float on both days. The Today shows on charger not charging today and the other not getting past bulk.

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Are rapidly fluctuating current loads harmful for off-grid inverter?

I recently purchased a single plate induction hotplate for use on my 5kw off-grid system. When using this appliance even at a steady and specific wattage (displayed on the unit from 800 - 2100w), I've noticed that on my Victron inverter display panel, the AC draw fluctuates up and down within a range of about 1000w. I assume, without much research, that this is a characteristic of inverter cookers and how they maintain certain settings. My question is: will semi-rapid and quite broad fluctuations in AC draw be harmful to the inverter?

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1 Answer

Can I add a second GX Touch 50?

I have a Cerbo GX and GX Touch 50 in the salon of my boat. Can I adda second GX Touch 50 at the helm, and how? TIA

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Decreasing state of charge despite able solar

We have a 210w solar panel with a MPPT 75/15 solar controller connected to 2 AGM 6v batteries in series for a total of 400Ah. When plugged in the batteries are at 100% state of charge and are in float phase. When we take our camper out on a trip, each day the Smart Shunt readings show the state of charge decreasing by about 4-6% each day. When I go to the history page for the Smart Charger it shows between 210-300Wh of power generated each day from our solar panel. It also shows that we consume between 10-30 Wh per day. With these figures I would assume that we generate more than enough power from our solar panel to fully recharge our batteries. Would you please explain why this does not occur and why we see a steady decline of our state of charge?


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4 Answers

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