Solar Chargers multiplying in VRM (Device ID changing?)


Two Solar Chargers in the system. All was well, was monitoring its data in Advanced view for a month or so. Then a week ago I noticed that its data was gone from Advanced view together with one of the BMV's:


It looks that for an unknown reason (maybe GX reboot?) the Device instance ID has changed on its own! The Device list tab in VRM now shows even four Solar Chargers, even though there are only two!


Two questions:

  1. How are Device IDs assigned? What gives them away and in which cases they are changed? (This behaviour is clearly a bug, where the "lease time" was too short and a new ID was given).
  2. How to reconcile the changed ID to the old one OR merge the old log data to the new device?


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Device id changes on venus gx

Hello all,

I have a venus gx and a battery monitor, a smart 100/30 Mppt connected to ports. I also have a gps and smart 100/20 mppt connected to usb port via usb hub. All devices working and communicating properly with venus gx. However, 100/20 gets device id sometimes 288 and sometimes 289. Therefore, I have mixed data on vrm. Do you have any suggestions to correct it or prevent it to happen?

thanks in advance,

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Minimum starting current for MultiPlus 24/3000/70?

I might want to test and configure my system with a power supply before connecting everything together, just to ensure I've configured all the relays correctly.

As such, I'd like to connect the inverter to a power supply, but I need to know if 5A is enough to start and run the power supply at 20-25 volts?

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BMV-702, Renogy Rover 60A, 300ah (3x100ah) Renogy AGM Batteries, what volt settings?

Hello! I've noticed my BMV will eventually read 100% SOC after the solar panels charge for a while but the # of sync's metric doesn't increment as it seems the BMV never reads 14.1v as recommended for AGM's. The settings of the charge controller are below. Should I increase the Boost value from 14.2v, or lower the BMV's charged from 14.1v to 14 or 13.9?

'Battery Capacity == 300 ah'

'Battery Type== 3'

'Over voltage threshold == 16.0 V'

'Charging voltage limit == 15.5 V'

'Equalizing charging voltage == 14.2 V'

'Boost charging voltage == 14.2 V'

'Float charging voltage == 13.8 V'

'Boost charging recovery voltage == 13.2 V'

'Over-discharge recovery voltage == 12.6 V'

'Under voltage warning level == 12.0 V'

'Over discharge voltage == 11.1 V'

'Discharging limit voltage == 10.6 V'

'Over-discharge time delay == 5 S'

'Equalizing charging time == 0 S'

'Boost charging time == 120 S'

Victron BMV-702 settings:

Charged Voltage: 14.1

Tail Current: 2%

Peukert Exponent: 1.12

Charge Efficiency Factor: 97%

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L1 and L2 Current Showing on L1 in Victron App

On my Victron Multiplus, I noticed that when I am pulling no current from the L1 output but the L2 output is pulling current, the Victron App applies all of the current pulled from L2 to the L1 output measurement in the app.

Is this expected?

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Victron MPPT 100/30 showing as off

Hi there. I am having an issue with my SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 which is only 2 weeks old.

The solar charger is showing as off. When I test the voltage of the PV terminals, it is showing as 19-20V but less than 13 on the charge controller.

This was taken at 6pm in Greece with the PV perpendicular to the sun with no shading. As you can see, was working ok this morning and ok for a bit yesterday, but nothing in comparison to 2 days ago.

I know my batteries are full but should it not be showing as Float mode not off?




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SmartShunt in battery box?

Can my SmartShunt be installed inside my battery box on the tongue of my RV? The battery is lead acid so the box does have ventilation holes. Could I install it inside of a box inside the battery box, if I have room?

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Phoenix 3000/24 dead but OK in VE config

I've had this phoenix for a while. It wouldn't power on previously, but I diagnosed a dry solder connection on the on /off switch. Whilst it was being repaired, I bought another unit the same (newer firmware) and used that.

Now I want to parallel the 2 units together, and cabled the 24v side to power on the old unit and configure with updated firmware (no AC attached). No lights on the panel at all. However, through VE config, it finds the unit, gives the details on the 24v side, but shows --- on the 230v (I'm in Europe).

I continued to update the firmware so that both units are compatible, with no issues. Tried to set up a parallel system, which all gave OK messages on the laptop, but there is no power (still no lights on the old phoenix) so have reverted to single operation.

What can I check? DC power in is good (there is no AC charger so no AC input). Remote switch short is in place. But no lights on the panel,and not inverting.

Any advice you can offer will be greatly appreciated!

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Meine Solaranlage macht „Schichtdienst“

Hallo, vielleicht kann mir hier jemand weiterhelfen.

Habe zwei Flex-Paneele mit je 100W auf dem Dach meines Wohnmobils. Die Paneele habe ich parallel angeschlossen. Der Regler ist ein Victron MPPT 75/15 Und die Batterie eine 170Ah AGM für den SolarBetrieb. Bisher lief alles super, doch seit ein paar Tagen spinnt die Anlage jedoch. Am Morgen läuft der Ladevorgang an und bleibt bis zur Mittagszeit in Betrieb. Dann schaltet der Regler ab und zeigt an, dass die Paneele keine Spannung haben und nichtS mehr liefern. An den PV Klemmen lässt sich auch keine Spannung mehr messen. Am Abend schaltet sich die Anlage dann wieder ein. Ich vermute ein Hitzeproblem. Heute morgen war ich dann auf dem Dach und habe alle Verbindungen überprüft. Alles fest. Was ich jedoch gesehen habe ist, dass sich das Dach, dort wo die Paneele verklebt sind unter der Mittagshitze Leicht wölbt. Könnte es sein, dass das oder die Paneele dadurch beschädigt wurden, einen Riss haben, der in der Hitze zu Kontaktproblemen führt.? Vielleicht weiß jemand einen Rat.
vielen Dank vorab


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Three Phase off grid and single phase generator

Hi Victron team,

An installer/customer of DPA Solar is designing a 3 phase off grid system (possibly 3 x Quattro 8kVa) and has asked me if a single phase generator can be connected to AC IN on the master? I've read through the tutorial on VE SystemConfigurator and see that a similar example (3 phase gen with single phase shore power) requires 4 Multis.

Do we need 4 Quattros if the customer wants to keep his single phase gen? Or do we tell him to purchase a 3 phase gen?



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EasySolar 24/3000 & VE.Bus BMS - Do I need a Digital Multi Control?

Hi there!

I have the following units (not connected yet)

EasySolar 24/3000 (includes a Color Control GX)

2x 12,8v 200ah LiFePO4 Lithium Smart Batteries


The VE.Bus BMS manual says it requires a Color Control or Digital Multi Control
It also says don't connect the control panel directly to the Multi or Quatro (signals from the control panel may be in conflict with signals from the VE.Bus BMS)

So I'm wondering if the Color Control on the EasySolar is the only control I need
Or if I also require another control connected directly to the BMS ??

Thanks very much in advance :)

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Problem by uploading file into VRM Portal

Good Day, I have compressed a bigger SQL file into a zip file in order to upload it, nevertheless, in the moment I try to upload it into the VRM portal, it shows the following message :"Failed to process data file. Failed to read SQLite database.". What can I do to upload the file?. Thanks in advance

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Can ESS be configured to work on voltage instead of SOC?

We have Shoto lithium batteries connected to a 10kVA Quattro and we running ESS optimized with battery life and we struggling to get the daily limits to come down using the SOC.

Any ideas of what we can do to help this?

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Cyrix ct120 + Blus smart IP22

Bonjour, Dans mon van j'ai une batterie de démarrage et une batterie auxiliaire reliées par un coupleur-séparateur Cyrix CT12. J'ai installé un chargeur Blue smart IP22 à ma batterie auxiliaire, quand elle est chargée à 100% je pensais que le coupleur permettrait au chargeur de charger ma batterie de démarrage mais il ne le fait pas. Avez-vous une solution ? Bonne journée à tous Arnaud


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150/100 SmartSolar Chargers not MPPT Tracking/Charging Correctly Without Resetting Every Day

Newly installed MPPT Chargers (2) do not appear to be tracking correctly. If the PV input is turned off and then back on, they correct themselves and track and output correctly the rest of the solar day.
Equipment: 2 each, SmartSolar Charger MPPT 150/100 rev2 , Firmware v1.50

I've attached a picture where you can see the difference between two days. The first, or left profile is where I reset the input at 8:00 AM. The profile the rest of the day is as expected. The right profile is where I reset the input from PV array in the PM. The profile goes from bad to good as soon as they are reset.

Does anyone have an answer/solution to this issue?


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Orion TR Smart 12 12 30 - HOT

Hi guys,

Yesterday I tested my new Orion TR Smart 12 12 30 (charger mode). Drove for about 20 minutes, my batteries were at 84% when I started the van, and after the 20 minutes got up to 87-88% SOC. Once I turned the van off I went back to check on the electrical compartment and WOWW the Orion Tr was HOT. I read the manual and it mentions that it gets hot while charging but how hot? In my opinion too hot. What are you guys who owe an Orion Tr experiencing, in terms of the temperature of the unit?

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Connecting battery 1 and 2 to make jumpstarting possible on Argofet
  1. Beste,

    Wij hebben een Argo fet gemonteerd met twee accu’s. Startaccu en huishoud accu.

    Nu zou ik graag accu 1 en 2 willen koppellen doormiddel een schakelaar. (Dit om overstarten vanuit huishoudaccu mogelijk te maken in geval van een lege startaccu)

    Dan is de vraag. Mogen de twee uitgangen van de argofet gekoppeld worden om zo eenvoudig stroom te kunnen gebruiken vanuit de huishoud accu? Op deze manier loopt er geen stroom via de argofet. Kan de argofet beschadigd raken wanneer beide uitgangen met elkaar gekoppeld zijn? Of hebben jullie een andere oplossing?

Groet Guus

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Smart Battery high cell voltage during initial charge.

Hi guys,

Should I be concerned that the cells in my Smart Lithium 12.8 200ah seem to be way out during initial charge? I'm using a Multiplus 12-1600-70 compact. I have set the charge rate very low and dropped it now down to 5A. But after a couple of minutes two of the Cells go up over 3.75v while the other two stay under 3.5v. Once the battery has rested, they all go back to 3.35v.

It seems that the battery is ether very out of balance or faulty which is disappointing on a £2500 brand new battery.

Should I lower the charge down further or does it need replacing?

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SOC and NMEA2000

I am using an Cerbo GX 2,4V and have an REC BMS connected to the BMS-CAN port and then i have connected an VE-CAN to NMEA2000 cable to the VE-CAN port.

All data from the REC BMS is displayed correctly in the Cerbo, inkluding the SOC.

And Volt, Ampere, Temp is also transmitted correctly in the NMEA2000 network, but the SOC remains 0%. How to make it send SOC correctly? (26% in this case).



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MPPT built-in Inverter RS 48/6000 doesn't appear on GX Device !

Hi there, my new inverter RS 48/6000 is running now with SmartShunt and Cerbo GX and a Fronius Primo 5.0. Unfortunately, I can't see the MPPT power on screen, and the MPPT doesn't appear in device list of the Cerbo. Firmware on GX is 2.57 (2.60 release candidate was running at first but the inverter doesn't appear with that version !!).

All the devices appear only on VictronConnect.




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Earth fault loop impedance test Quattro12v 3000 W

When conducting an Earth fault loop impedance test on my inverter when using battery power. I have a reading of 8.24 ohm when the maximum permitted resistance for my MCB is 2.73 ohm. But when running on shoreline power I have a ohm reading of 1.41. Could anyone explain why this is, thanks .

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How to connect an external 3 position switch - (Remote simple 3 way switch)

I seem to have a similar issue as the user @trololirko (post-link) and @Posse

I bought a simple 3 way switch from a local hardware store:


And I connected it in this way, with a Yellow, Red and Blue cable, to the Multiplus 12/800/35


Now i read in the manual that the 3 way switch must be connected to the terminal L:



I guess we do it like this, right?

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How resistant to harsh vibration are victron products in offroad trailer

I see a lot of installs of victron products in camping trailers, rvs and caravans etc. There is even a documented victron “van” install design.

i live in Africa, have used multiplus in my house for years, but am considering installing one in my offroad safari trailer.

Before i do, can anyone comment on their performance in this environment of very rough roads, corrugations, pothole tarmac etc.

The trailer suspension is probably a little harsher than the towing vehicle to add insult to injury.

Thoughts appreciated.


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1 Answer

Multiplus GX LCD back light does not dim or go off


My new Multiplus 3000 GX's back light does not turn off or dim at all.

Is there a setting I should adjust?

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Pylontech und CCGX

Hallo zusammen,

ich habe das Problem das mir meine 4 Pylontech Akkus nicht im CCGX angezeigt werden.

Konstellation ist:

Multiplus 2 48/5000

MPPT BlueSolar 150/30


Solaredge SE7K

Verbunden habe ich den CCGX und die Pylontch mit dem vorgegeben Typ B Kabel von Victron.

Im CCGX habe ich dann die Geschwindigkeit des BMS auf 500kbs gestellt, also alles so wie es sein soll, aber leider werden die Pylontech nicht erkannt.

Hat jemand das selbe Problem, oder hat vielleicht eine Idee woran das liegen könnte ?

Das Kabel habe ich auch schon einmal getauscht, das sollte es nicht sein.

Die Firmware vom CCGX, MPPT (über VE direct) und das Bussystem von Multiplus (474) ist aktuell, ein umstellen auf die vorherige Firmware beim CCGX hat auch nicht zum erfolg geführt.

Bin für jeden Tip dankbar !


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Minus connection on Blue smart charger


Is it possible to connect the minus lead to the nearest battery (for example starter battery) and the plus side to the battery bank that needs the charge?



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Ess using grid not mppt power

I have a system that is pulling half the available PV for AC loads and is preferring to use grid when in either optimised modes.

Batteries are charged, no limits hit.

If i change to keep batteries charged then all the power needed for ac loads comes from PV.

Swapping between modes shows the change consistently.

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SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 output fluctuation since update to fw1.49 using VictronConnect v5.21beta5.

I just updated a SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 to firmware 1.49 using VictronConnect v5.21beta5 (iOS TestPilot says beta 5 but settings shows beta 4), the solar harvest starts fluctuating and also the DC voltage starts to show some disruption. The output will slowly increase and then suddenly drop to 0 after which it starts up again slowly. It would continue this cycle until the sun is down.

After the update, VenusGX showed a notification that there was an unsupported DVCC firmware so I updated the connected Phoenix MultiPlus 800 to FW 474. I also updated the ESS assistant. I have restarted every single component in the system, disabled DVCC to no avail. Eventually I removed the load and disabled feeding back into the grid to safeguard the battery because this was the only thing I could do to stop the DC voltage fluctuation.

I also have a BMV700 in the system which is already running latest firmware.

I did do a factory reset for the SmartSolar MPPT to no avail. Could something have gone wrong during the firmware update? It halted for a few second during the update process and then started over. Is there a possibility of downgrading the MPPT to a slightly older Firmware just to check?

This system had a perfect was working perfectly before, there were also no clouds in the sky that could explain the behavior.


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Ground Relay Setting

I see a similar question on this topic but realise this is an important setting and want to be sure.

I have a simple system, COMPLETELY OFF-GRID





Please confirm if I need to turn the GROUND RELAY switch in the INVERTER MENU of my Multiplus’s VE Connect configuration.

The DC side of the inverter is grounded , along with the charge controller, to a unique earth stake ( panel frames are grounded to a separate earth stake and have surge protection earthed to this ground stake).

The AC side of the inverter( connected to the DB board) has a standard earth leakage grounded to the house earth.

From what I read on-line this classifies as a IT setup which means that the neutral is not linked to earth( floating earth) .

Nothing is connected to the ground relay connection on the inverter.

Ive therefore left the GROUND RELAY SWITCH OFF on the configuration.

Please could you confirm that Ive made the right choice


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