VW T5 Wiring with Solar and Split charging systems

Good afternoon all,

I am planning my VW T5 Day/Fishing van wiring and would like to ask opinions to make sure that I haven't missed anything.


I have a 120W panel with Victron 75/10 MPPT controller. I think the above is correct but have the following questions/concerns:

1) With just USB (type 1 and 2.1) sockets, Voltmeters (VM), 12v Cigarette Lighter type sockets (CL) and a switched LED light will this be to much for the MPPT output?

2) Is it OK to route to grounded earth for the MPPT and outputs, or do I need a separate Earth circuit?

Thank you in advance for any comments.

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Multiplud 12/1200 not charging lithium batteries


since round about 1 weeks my lithium batteries are not being chared by the inverter multiplus 12/1200. Current status is "Float"

System Setup:

Lynx Power in & Distributor

Lynx Shunt VE.CAN (showing 13,06V)

3x 160ah victron lithium smart batteries

Victron VE.Bus BMS

Multiplus 12/1200 (showing 13.52V)

Can anyboday advice me? Why my batteries are not charged anymore by the inverter?



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MultiPlus-II 48/5000: Active AC Input in "disconnected" state.

Hi all,

We've been running a MultiPlus-II system for about 16 months now.

Our MultiPlus-II 48/5000 recently started not accepting the AC Input connection (after an 'overload' event - we get these overload shutdowns from time to time, for some reason).

The system has a Venus GX , at Firmware v2.73.

The MultiPlus is on firmware version 475. It's configured as a single unit.

ESS is set as 'external control' (I automatically/dynamically set the grid setpoint through MQTT).

The MultiPlus detects the AC input voltage and frequency fine:


Here are some VE.Bus state entries for the event in question (power off due to overload occured at 10:38):



AC In voltage and frequency is stable, both before and after the time of fault:


Any idea what could be causing this sudden loss of accepting AC in? Could it be an internal fault (main grid relay) ?

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MPPT, Multiplus and buck boost parallel

Maybe a silly question….

I have a Multiplus 2000 and a Buck boost in my RV (connected to cerbo). I now plan to install solar with an MPPT.

Do I have to use any diodes, to prevent the Chargers from voltage backflow?

Or can I easily put them in parallels?

What happens when solar is charging and buck boost or the Multiplus charger kicks in?

Is there any problem, when float voltage and absorption of the mppt is set a little lower as in buck boost and victron? (Lithium batt)

thanks for your help!

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synchronizing MPPT with BMS

I have a multiplus GX and pylontech batteries, brand new. The MPPT is connected to the GX inverter, setup on DVCC, and the BMS from pylontech controls the MPPT (Smart one, 150/35) which says "external control" All good.

I have added a 2nd string with another smart MPPT (100/20). I created a smart network for the MPPTs and synchronized them. All good.

Then the error 67 appears. Lost BMS. How do I control the second MPPT with the BMS? Is there a VE direct daisy cable available? Do both MPPT have to be VE direct hard wired and how?

Any help very much appreciated. Thank you

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Falsche Einstellung vom Dashboard

Hallo liebes Victron Energy Forum.

Ich habe mir einen Victron Cerbo GX mit Stromzähler ET340 gekauft.
Dies habe ich zu meinem bestehenden SolarEdge Wechselrichter installiert.
Die Daten von Wechselrichter wurden gefunden und werden angezeigt.
Wie auf den Bildern zu erkennen wird in der Übersicht der Netzbezug mit minus gekennzeichnet wenn ich den Strom ins öffentliche Netz einspeise, was ja auch richtig ist.
Leider wird im Dashboard was ganz anderes angezeigt.

Dort taucht nur der Wechselstrom Eingang auf. Und wird mit N/A beschrieben

Ab und zu erscheint dort aber auch ein Symbol mit einem Generator.
Habe ich etwas falsch eingestellt?
Es wäre schön wenn ihr mir helfen könnten.



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Orion-Tr Smart 12/12 30A absorb voltage exceeds configured value

I just bought an Orion-Tr 12/12 30A charger to charge my lithium batteries from the alternator (this is on a boat). In a way that I cannot understand, absorption voltage consistently exceeds the value I configured when the input voltage is higher than the configured value. See the following screenshots (Absorption voltage is set to 14.00 but Absorption charge is at 14.3V):



I am running v1.06 firmware.

Is this a known problem? It renders the charger completely unusable for me since this voltage causes a cell over voltage situation for the batteries I have.

Thanks a lot.

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VictronConnect "switch to grid" timer - software glitch?


I tried to work it out somehow but no matter what I set up its switching to grid after 15 maybe 20sec.

I need it set something between 2-5mins.

Changing loads etc no makes any difference.

15sec, top 30 and switched.

It's under multiplus 48/3000

Check out please.


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Abnormal Noises in MultiPlus-II 2x120V

I recently installed a new MultiPlus-II 2x120V in my camper. When charging 5 BattleBorn 100 Ahour batteries, whenever the Multiplus switched to float charging (and also towards the end of Absorption charging), it would make a strange buzzing/humming noise. These strange noises do not occur when bulk charging. I returned the unit to my retailer who observed the same strange noises when tested on the bench using different batteries. Communications with Victron resulted in Victron declaring the unit was defective and authorized a replacement under warranty. Prior to picking up the second/new MultiPlus, the retailer tested the second Multiplus and it made the same strange noises. Victron stated that no one else has reported these strange noises, and has no solution.

Has anyone else with a Multiplus II 2x120V experienced any strange noises during float charging?

For me, the noise was mostly a loud humming sound. My retailer describes the sound as follows: The humming noise does get louder when in float charge which is strange. We also note a tiny clicking sound and a rhythmic buzzing as the charge current “bounces” a little bit between 0.0 amps and 3.0 amps. It is odd. Later in float mode it is making a rhythmic bzzt-bzzt-bzzt at about 2-3 Hz.

I also have a Progressive Industries 50 amp hardwired Surge Protector (EMS-HW50C). This device has a current readout of how much current is being passed to the Multiplus. Prior to the noise of the Multiplus occuring, the Surge Protector shows a 1 amp current draw. As soon as the noise starts, the Surge Protector shows 7 to 8 amps of current to Multiplus. However, an amp meter connected at the house circuit breaker box shows only about a 3.5 amp current draw, so that buzzing is injecting some type of noise on the AC line which is confusing the Surge Protector. I thought it was defective Surge Protector and a replacement exhibits the exact same behavior of a false amp draw.

Is it possible that my retailer got a bad batch of Multiplus IIs? Any ideas are welcome. However, since this issue occurs both when installed in my camper, and also when at my retailer's shop in a completely different environment with different batteries, it seems like it has nothing to do with the install/batteries/cables.

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Excessive noise while charging via new Multiplus-II 12/3000/120 2x120v

I haven't found any other comments about this here so I am thinking I may have a defective unit or nobody has theirs mounted where the can hear it. I installed the new MP 2x120v and when charging the noise coming from the inverter is excessive (over 50dB measured 6" above the unit). It is significantly more than when inverting. I do have it mounted lying on its back but have the same noise when positioned vertically. The noise is immediate once you "Enable Charger" and stops immediately when it is disable. We can call it a hum if we like but it is way too loud to be considered normal or as designed in my opinion. I never even heard the unit when I used the old MP 12/3000 mounted in the same place. Can those with this new unit comment on how the noise compares while charging vs inverting? Is it significantly greater or similar? Trying to ensure Victron will agree it's not right before I go through the warranty process.

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Is the Pylontech Cables too small to connect to my Multplus II?

Here is my wiring diagram. Could I please have some advise in what size cables I need for my system and what size DC Fuse Disconnector and what size HRC Fuses do I need?
Any help is much appreciated


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Battery Protect not waiting 90 seconds

I have a Battery Protect 220. The loads are all on the correct side.

I have a charger/inverter (not victron, sadly) and that is not protected with the battery protect because it's a charger. Thus, I was hoping to use the relay contact on the BP to disconnect the charger/inverter. I haven't done that yet.

The issue is when the charger/inverter line is reconnected, the BP disconnects and reconnects. It does not wait 90 seconds. It does not display anything on the segment display. Neither the BP nor the smartshunt register a drop in voltage. I don't have an ammeter capable of measuring the inrush current.

Any ideas?

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Skylla-IP65 Parallel not connecting to Cerbo GX

I have a couple of Skylla IP65 1+1 chargers "24v/35a 1 output model" connected in parallel. I have them linked together via the VE.Can and a Cerbo GX. They were operating normally until I connected I put online a Quattro 5000. Now they say not connected... I have tried everything I can think of. If there is anything I may be missing please let me know.

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No amps, high Voltage as soon as over 15ish Amps

Hello Victron Community,

I have a problem with my setup, and I am very confused how it happened. We live in a trailer and have been using the MPPT 100|50 charge controller, the BMV-712 Smart with 4 batteries (24v/250amp in total, those AGM batteries), 4 12v solar panels (wired to be 24v), a 3500W pure sine inverter (which still works) and we have not run into problems for almost 2 years!

All of a sudden we are reading 38V and 0A!

But not all the time. In the morning it does charge the battery, but then it shuts down as soon as it reaches maybe 15-20amps (25 is our max, so I believe it is more to the lower end).

If there is no hidden fuse in one of the building parts (is there?) I can rule out a fuse being the issue.

We did have a very rushed wire connection that was hit with wet snow the other day, but I since rewired the whole thing, and the issue persists.

We are totally off grid and need help! Thank you so, so much!

Attached are a few pictures that hopefully help.

I am certainly not an expert (as evident) so if you need more information, please ask.




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Guidance on ESS config 1560Ah 48v lithium 3-phase quattro 48/15000/200 x3

Some background: I have no support from the installer or local Victron people. The original installer disappeared, unreachable. 3 different Victron companies aren't interested in helping since they didn't install it, or take months between begging them to help (and I clearly told them I'm not expecting free help.)

So I am doing things myself. I wanted a newer firmware so I could control the voltages for lithium to more reasonable levels on my 48v system. 13s cells, 3v per cell is OK with min being 2.5v/cell. So 39v is my lower limit. I applied the firmware via the GX, and it never gave me the current config file...my internet took too long to restore, so I didn't get a config file to merge. I did have screenshots of everything I had except the ESS stuff.

I have a BMV700 connected that controls the batteries. However, the ESS "start assistant" tries to make me do LifePo4...and it asked a question that didn't make sense about my BMS to me, and so I suspect its not configured correctly now for the ESS.

It indicates:

A BMS assistant is installed configured for a VE.Bus BMS, but the VE.BUS BMS is not found!

Do I need to remove the ESS and re-add it again now and try another option?

(I would be happy to pay someone who knows this type of system for an hour consultation. I can setup the meeting, pay you in advance for your hour of time, and then just look through my config and talk over things. I would share back here what was learned, etc. I am not expecting free help, but I will certainly accept whatever help I am given.)


(I lowered the charge current to 66 after the screenshot was taken as I wanted 200A max across all 3, not each.)

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VRM Portal IP address?


We are doing some installations with Venus GX in a closed network. We need to make an opening in the customer firewall, to be able to connect to the VRM.

We are not able to do a DNS lookup on the http://ccgxlogging.victronenergy.com/

Cabn you guys provide us with the correct IP adress and port numbers.

Thanks in advance.

BR. Jonas

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Can Bus / MCP2515 / Raspberry Pi 4

Hi All,

Apologies if this has been covered but i've not found anything.

I tried with a RP4, v 2.73, and it runs but the Wavestore Hat RS485/CAN doesn't work, I can't get the CAN (MCP2515) to load at all.

I've booted normal Ubuntu and got the CAN interface up, so I know the hardware is ok, it just seems like the overlay or something just won't load.

I've tried loads of different things, like changing overlays, naming, etc, disabled bluetooth, don't seem to be able to get the driver loading.

Anyone got a fix or clue what to look at?

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BYD premium LVS and Victron multiplus ESS questions

I don't understand a few things.
This is a test setup and only a switch is connected as a load.

1. I see that I supply back to the grid, but why does it say 0.0 kWh to grid?


2. I have a BYD premium lvs 12.0, which is charged to 100% daily.
Every morning the battery is at 96% with a constant load of 5W + the self-consumption of the Victron Multiplus.
Every day 2.0 kWh is charged to get the battery back to 100%.
How is it possible that the battery loses 2 kWh per day with a constant 5 watt load ?

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How to connect SmartBatterySense to setup with BMV

Ive added a SmartMatterySense (SBS) to my system so I can monitor battery temperature when solar charging my lithium batteries.

The SBS instructions says to connect +ive and -ive wires to batter terminals, but how does this work when I have a BMV-700 with shunt attached to the -ive battery terminal?

common wisdom is all -ive lead should be connected to ground side of the shunt .

I appreciate the SBS only draws a very low current (20mA), however should I connect SBS -ive wire to the -ive battery terminal (as per instructions) or to the ground terminal of the BMV shunt (as per common wisdom) ?



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Overcharging issues

I have Victron 100/50 solar with 550w connected to my marine system with 450ah of victron LiPo4 batteries. I have the Cyrix Li Ct installed as well as the BMS 712 and the Victron battery protect. Recently when running the engine I received high voltage alarm from my AGM starter battery ( at 15.6v). House bank was still around 14.2 ( lithium).

Happened twice when motoring for longer time periods. Then the other day at the dock plugged into shore power with solar on and with the Victron Multi Invertor/Charger on charging mode got another high voltage alarm of 15.6 on the agm starter battery, but house bank at 14.2. I voltage tested the battery at the terminals both times and it was high voltage.

My alternator is a 120 amp on a Beta marine 50. Engine and alternator as well as all victron systems are only 2 years old.

Any advice on how to trouble shoot this would be appreciated. Currently in Mexico in an area with no Victron support available.

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Yacht, combining Wind & Solar Controller: Is it possible to supplement the 220v Shore Power without first charging up the consumer Battery Bank?

I'm planning to install a green energy bank, either 2 solar panels & a wind turbine or doubled up on my 53' sailing boat that has shore power, inverter, 6kva generator & 4*220Ah AGM consumer batteries bank (24v, 18 months old,) and Victron Skylla-TG 24 50 Battery Charger. Max output from the Bank could be either 500w or 1kw. I've noted Genny output of 20 amps (reducing) with the water heater switched on.

Is is possible to get a Controller such that the 'green energy' is transformed up to 220v and used to supplement the shore power feeding the Victron Skylla Controller as opposed having to run off the Inverter? I'm also intending to sail across the Atlantic to Canada & USA.

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Victron VRM ESS consumption data is not matching meter readings for 3 phase system after firmware update


i have a Victron installation with 3 quattros 10k, grid connected with PV connected on AC out; i have 2 energy meters one connected on Grid and the other on on PV; Everything was ok for about half year and 2 weeks ago ive decided to upgrade quattros via VRM to v487 around the time ive made the update the VRM started showing bad data for Grid, consumption, PV output.

Im checking daily the data from metters and it shows around x2 more than vrm; as an example yesterday ive consumed 96kw from grid but vrm shows 46; keep in mind this is data from victron metter connected to the system, and this worked ok for months.

thank you


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Earth ground


I have looked at other schematics and the chassis ground from mppt and inverter go back to the negative busbar. Is this all or does the negative busbar then have to be attached to an earth rod outside? Mine is an off-grid setup in a workshop?

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ESS Multiplus-II not inverting

New install

Multiplus-II 24/3000/70-32
Product ID 2611
Firmware 466

Colour Control
Firmware v2.73
Build date 20210830194024

PV Inverter connected on Multi Output 1
Aurora Uno
Coupled to Multi via Victron AC current sensor
on aux 1
power readings on both PV inverter and Multi match

Battery 400 Ah
100% SoC

System setup
AC1 input GRID
Monitor for Grid fail ENABLED
Battery monitor AUTOMATIC
Mutli on VE Bus
DC system NO
Battery Monitor Multi VISABLE



Optimized (with BatteryLife)
Multiphase regulation INDIVIDUAL PHASE
Minimum SoC (unless grid fails) 20%
Active SoC 45%
Limit Charge power OFF
Limit Inverter power 1500 Watts
Grid setpoint 50 Watts
Grid feedin ENABLED
Scheduled charging DISABLED

system does not go into Inverter mode at any time.

Grid fail Inverter came on as expected.

I have read that the problem is with firmware v466
and that I should revert to v465. Can anyone confirm this
and if so point in the right direction to do it.

Thanks for any advise.

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How to calibrate the AC Current Sensor Zero to 0


I just installed everything and the system works great.

In order to read out my PV power (parallel to grid) I ordered he AC current sensor, connected it to AUX 1 and run the Assistent.

So far OK. It's displayed on the remote console and show values (tested with a 1000W heater)

DIP setting is all off (1.5kw on 230V)

But if I turn off he load, the reading is still above 80W.

Looking in the device it shows 240V 0A biu 84W ???

How to adjust the Zero Point?


Thanks for reply


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After replacing GX device, all instance ID’s change

After replacing my GX device, all VRM instance numbers have changed. I did the procedure as told, installed new GX device, all other devices, got the new device up and running on VRM, and then when both showed up, I went to old devices general and the place where I selected to replace with new one. All historibis there, but on different Instance ID. So I dont have uninterrupted solar power history, i have old devices instance id history and the new ones started from nil… how do I combine those?

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Replacing a CBE CB 516 with a IP22

I am replacing a defunct CBE CB516 charger in my motorhome with a new IP22 12/15(1) charger. The old charger has a small single core wire on a separate terminal as a NET feed. It is labelled +12v . It takes a signal to the motorhome control panel to show that the charger is 240v powered on. As the IP22 only has one +12v terminal ,would it be ok for me to put the small 'net' cable into the same + terminal? Worried about damaging the new charger? Also if the 240v is off would this way of connecting always show it as powered on?

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Your Experience with Warranty Claims

What exactly is the warranty when you buy Victron products? Is there a link to "the fine print"?

Has anyone had to claim a warranty for a component that stopped working? If so, how was the process. Did you have to ship the component somewhere? Who paid for that?

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Evening, There's little information on trouble shooting these devils.

I have a cerbo gx and an et112. Works perfectly using USB to RS485. However, I'm having no luck with the zigbee's.

1. Is there an alternative way to connect an energy meter wirelessly (another energy meter if necessary)? Modbus over TCP? I need 100amp energy meter.

2. What are the LED's meant to be doing in a setup that works. If it doesn't work out of the box, following the victron instructions... What can you do?

Many thanks for any help


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3 Answers

Zigbee not making connection with EM24 and CCGX

Hello, i have a problem to establish Zigbee Connection from EM24 to CCGX.

The documentation of zigbee is horrible...

is there something known about the LED Behaviour of the zigbees?

my rs485 zigbee status:

Active LED: blinking rapidly

my USB zigbee status:

Active LED : on
TX/RX LED: blinking (maybe 1hz)

maybe somebody has an idea whats going wrong?
Or Maybe additional informations about LED Behavior or Button Functionality of zigbee?

best regards


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