MPPT 100/30 showing hauting behaviour when being in absorption mode


I have installed in my campervan a 315W solar panel + victron MPPT 100/30 + AGM battery 190Ah C10. Everything worked properly during nearly a year. It's been a few days that my MPPT is showing a very strange behaviour when being in Absorption mode.

First of all, the voltage is not kept constant during absorption as it should. The received power keep oscillating between 0W and the maximum power that the PV cell can provide. It looks to me that the MPPT cannot find the maximum power point anymore. Eventually the battery started to make a slight bubbling noise.

I lowered the absorption votlage such that the system could go into float mode and still this strange oscillating behaviour shows up.

Below the configurations and some sceenshots of the status;





Could someone help me with this issue? Might it be an MPPT issue, ... ?

Any help woul be very appreciated.


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Feature Request: Option to scale VictronConnect for Windows

My friend has the screen size on her Win10 Laptop set to 150%. (For her old eyes.) As you can see in the screen shot, the standard VictronConnect window does not scale to fit. Nor can I scroll it.

It would be nice to have the option to choose a different size of the window, or, as a minimum, to have the window show scroll bars.


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Multiplus disable charger also affect MPPT through cerbo GX?

Could anyone confirm this?

I have a few programable relays that I use to set the Multiplus in "disable charger" under certain conditions. But it appears to disable the MPPT's at the same time. The MPPT's remained at Float with 0 amps input down to 89% SOC. I still have to confirm that all re-bulk settings are at 0.1v. The differential was .3v when this was happening.

I was under the impression the the VE.Bus did not communicate with the devices. ESS is not enabled. Does the Cerbo GX enable a communication bridge? This could be in the settings of the MPPT's, trying to help someone remotely making this a bit more difficult.

Thanks for the help!!

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Use two controllers with different panels.

I currently have four panels 2s2p and one 48v controller. I’m going to buy four more panels and another controller. Does it matter than the four new panels are not the exact same wattage as the other set of panels?

Can both 48v controllers connect to the same battery bank? Do the controllers need to communicate with each other somehow?

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Where is my power going?


I have just gotten my setup up and running, and are currently testing the actual output of the solar array.

But I have found some discrepancies between what the SmartSolar, the SmartShunt and the MultiPlus are reporting.

In the "pure" charging scenario, the smartsolar reports 174W coming in, but the battery is only getting 147W.

In the AC discharge scenario, the smartshunt is reporting -2184w from the battery, but the multiplus are only outputting 1897w.

Where are my watts going? :)



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VRM grid lost alarm will not clear

I labelled my Quattro AC input 1 as ‘shore power’, then set up an alarm rule on my CCGX where all input labels (not available, grid, generator, shore power) were enabled.

When I disconnected my shore power, the CCGX and VRM gave me ‘grid lost’ alarms. I acknowledged the alarm on the CCGX and reconnected shore power but it took a reset to clear the CCGX, and I can’t clear it on the VRM.

I’ve tried deleting the rule and setting up a new one, re-labelling my input as ‘grid’ to see if that’ll clear it - no luck.

Any advice appreciated - would like to clear from the VRM.

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Design pour un CC avec EBL existant

Salut les gens

Je suis de retour et en français cette fois, plus simple pour moi aussi !

J'ai apporté des modifications quant à la première conception postée sur forum anglais, y compris avec le matériel existant.

L'équipement existant, encadré en vert en bas à droite, est physiquement situé à l'intérieur du véhicule. Les lignes vertes partent de l'EBL119. L'EBL119 est une unité électrique d'origine et intégrée dans le véhicule. Elle est utilisée pour la distribution du courant 12V / 220V et pour la gestion d'une seule batterie de service cabine AGM ainsi que d'une batterie de démarrage. L'EBL119 n'accepte que du 12V / 220V. Je n'ai pas encore déterminé la section des câbles, mais cela dépendra aussi des longueurs, à voir sur place.

Dans mon précédent post sur forum anglais, on m'avait conseillé de passer du 12V au 24V pour tout le système. Mais au vu de l'EBL119 présent et que je veux garder pour la gestion de tous les éléments internes, frigo, éclairage, alimentation externe... je vais rester au banc 12V.

Mon objectif :

- Retirer les éléments encadrés par une ligne verte en pointillés ainsi que les lignes en pointillés verts: batterie de service et ligne directe 220V vers la distribution des prises.

- Laisser l'EBL119 en place mais en installant un interrupteur à 3 positions pour la distribution du 220V dans les 5 prises existantes du véhicule: 0- pas d'entrée de courant, 1- alimentation 220V par le convertisseur, 2- alimentation 220V de la connexion externe au véhicule.

- Recharge des batteries Lithium avec un Buck-Boost grâce à l'alternateur / Euro-6.

Reste à résoudre:

- Recharge du banc de batteries Lithium 12V par l'alimentation externe 220V de l'EBL119 ou directement par une alimentation séparée à un chargeur? Je ne connais pas encore le meilleur. Peut être avec un convertisseur / chargeur au lieu du seul convertisseur.

Ou pluôt, rester en 12V avec les batteries, comme ça, pas de souci avec l'EBL119 ( comme sur mon design joint ). Ou quand même mettre tout en 24V ( selon les commentaires apportés depuis le forum anglais ) ne sais plus par où commencer ou plutôt finir...

Cela vous parle-t-il et suis-je sur la bonne voie?

Merci beaucoup pour vos fabuleux commentaires sur ce projet.


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Why does MPPT throttle to zero?

System is running ESS, Victron Multi II 5kVA and 2 x 150/35 MPPTs. The MPPTs throttle down to 5W randomly and for weeks now we have been trying to find a pattern. The only thing I am quite sure of is that it does not seem to happen when the inverter is turned off. In other words, if I allow the battery to discharge and then let the MPPTs charge but leave the inverter off, they work perfectly.

The MPPT (one or the other) will just stop producing and after typically 10 minutes will work fine again. Sometimes it takes much longer like 30 minutes.

I pride myself on being a very good trouble shooter but I must say, this is so seemingly random it is proving to be very difficult to find a pattern or nail down the cause. What I am 99% sure of is that the instruction to throttle comes from ESS and it stops happening when the Multi is turned off.

How can I get access to a Victron resource that can look behind the scenes at the messaging happening between the components to identify the cause of the throttling?

I have three large Victron systems coming up (two 90kVA and another 30kVA) and getting really concerned that we cannot get this issue resolved.

Many thanks for reading!


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How to set SOC charging target other than 100%?

My system has 2 Smart Li 200Ah batteries, Multiplus 3000/120, 2 MPPTs 100/30, connected via BatteryProtect, Alternator connected to AGM, and via Cyrix Li to Li batteries. Setup includes BMV-712 Smart and Venus GX.

I want to be able to charge the batteries to say 60% or 80% only while on shore power, knowing that I will have plenty of sun for the rest of the day.

How can I set an SOC target for the Multiplus, or better via Venus GX? I don't want to change the absorption/float voltages.

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Multiplus making loud buzzing noise when inverting. Is this normal?

My Multi is making a buzzer type sound when running. Right now it’s in low power mode so it checks every 1 second for an AC load. It was also doing this sound before I hooked up any outputs to it. When inverting, it’s a constant buzz. Is this normal? Video attached

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Two Multiplus in RV

I have two Multiplus 3000 mounted up in my 50amp RV. I want to run a leg from each phase coming in to each Multiplus. That way each side of the breaker panel has its own Multiplus. Has any one done this? How would you wire the Color Controller? Just run the Cat to one and run another Cat from one to the other? Would it work that way?

The Multiplus' run fine, charge as they should and power everything just fine running a leg each. Should I just parallel them and be done with it or can this work? Any help would be appreciated.

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Orion DC-DC overheating

My Orion Tr Smart 12/12-30 Charger runs hot, and the output current folds back considerably. Anyone else with this problem? When cold, it will output 33A. When hot, it will fold back to 26A or less. Parts of the case may exceed 134dg F, in a cool (60dg F) environment. By adding a 80CFM fan above the fins, the case temperature is lowered by 20 degrees F, and the unit will continuosly output 30A. It would appear that the heat sink is undersized. Comments?

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Feature Request: Option to decline automatic "update" to VictronConnect

So, it's obvious that there are evil people in the world who hack computers. While VictronEnergy doesn't seem like it would be much of a target, I don't like that VictronConnect automatically updates itself without my Permission. Suppose, for example, that a hacker gets into VE's computers and uploads a malicious program or Ransomware? Then Malware would automatically download into thousands of users' computers.

I would like the option to decline an auto update. I my case, I would prefer an alert that an update exists and I will go to the VE site and download it myself. (Checking a hash, stored on a different server.)

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Victron smartshunt 500a connection boat 2-bat system


Is this the best way to connect smartshunt to my boat?

I dont know if I can run bowthruster and anchorwinch trough the shunt?

I think it will be too much? Bowthruster is like 250a fuse, and anchorwinch 125a.

The engine has two positive outputs thats why there are two lines, it will feed the start battery to its full then feed the consumer bank.


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SmartShunt and Smart MPPT 75/15 current draw

Hello all, first post here.

A couple of days ago I installed a SmartShunt 500/50 and a 75/15 Smart MPPT controller in a motorhome. When everything is off and nothing can be used the shunt is showing current draw of 0.10A to 0.20A.

According to the datasheets, the MPPT has self consumption of 10mA, and the SmartShunt is <1mA. 11mA combined for the two. However, I'm drawing 10 to 20x more. The accuracy of the shunt is ±0.1A, so shouldn't it be reading 0.1A as a maximum? I appreciate this is a minor amount... I'm just curious as to why the numbers are 10 to 20 times out.


A couple other question while I'm here:

Is there any value in creating a VE network and joining both devices?
For the shunt, I only updated the battery Ah. Did I need to do anything with other settings and options (Sync SOC, zero current calibration, charged voltage etc)?

I didn't really know anything about solar and electrics before this, so it's been a steep learning curve! Many thanks in advance.

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3 Phase Quattro Overload Issue

I currently have a x15 Quattro48/10000 set up in a 3-phase configuration (5 units each phase). The system is off-grid and boosted by a 175 kW generator each evening for a few hours. Recently one Quattro on Phase 3 has been overloading during generator operation.

I have been able to temporarily remedy the problem by lowering the input current limit to 95A down from 110A. However, that 110A is what it has run at for the past 5 months without issue.

Previously the system has overloaded at generator startup/when the Victrons first accept the power, however these recent overloads have occurred hours into generator operation.

What could have the caused this Quattro to suddenly not be able to handle the incoming current?

Thank you

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MPPT 7515 Wire Terminal Issue

My 105W SunflareSolar panel's output is measuring 18V on my voltmeter. When I connect the wires to the controller, the panel measures 0.7V. and the blue light keeps blinking as though the controller is not connected to the panel What would cause the wire terminals to pull down the voltage?

Any help would be appreciated. Let me know if you need more infomation.

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Victron EV Charging Station availability


This message is mainly for Victron staff.

I'm fully aware that there are already stations installed for end customers, mainly with the title of testing units, the question remains.

When this product will be available for general public?


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charge controller goes in to float when batteries are not charge. is this correct?

I have Victrons 100|50 - bluetooth - MPPT charge controller, and - also bluetooth - shunt.
The charge controller goes in to float every day, even though the batteries are not fully charged (as seen in the app). I had expected the charge controller would only go in to float mode when the batteries are fully charged. Was my understanding wrong, or what is going on?
I have three 140Ah batteries connected in parallel if it matters.

Edit: 100| 50 not 150|50.


  • 4 x 120W panels connecting in series, giving 480W at about 80-90v.
  • 3 x 140W Varta batteries (
  • Victron SmartSolar 100|50 MPPT charge controller
  • Victron SmartShunt


  • The Charge controller and shunt are linked via bluetooth on a network.
  • Smart shunt:
    • battery capacity is set to 420 Ah
    • charged voltage: 13.2v
    • discharge floor: 50%
  • Charge controller
    • absorption voltage: 14.7v
    • float voltage: 13.8v
    • equalization voltage: 16.2v

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Alternator charging solution for non-Victron lithium batteries

Installing a full Victron system, Multiplus, Cerbo ,Touch 50 etc

But my batteries are CALB, and an EMUS BMS, with an Isabellenhuette shunt (supposedly fully Victron compatible)

As well as the Multiplus I'll be charging with an 120A engine alternator.

I'm keen not to cook either the alternator or the batteries.

I believe the Victron Smart BMS CL12/100 and the BMS 12/200 are for Victron batteries only?

Therefore other options I'm considering are:

  1. Wakespeed WS500 alternator regulator to charge lithiums
  2. Sterling 120A battery to battery charger between engine start and lithiums
  3. 4 x Victron Orion-TR Smart 12/12 30 DC/DC chargers in parallel

Really confused over the best way forward.

Any advice gratefully received.

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GX Touch 50 Manual

Is there any documentation on the GX Touch 50 other than the short video? Something like an operating manual or similar?

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Project: New loading infrastructure


I am in the process of updating my charging and monitoring configuration.

I have created the attached overview.

I want to monitor the charging behaviour of the batteries and the solar panels. I would like to be informed if something is wrong and especially if the shore connection fails.

I would also like the charging of the batteries to stop when they are fully charged.

The question in the round:

Is my overview so correct?

Can I do it this way?

Thank you in advance for the feedback.




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Midpoint Voltage not accurate

my BMV is reporting a 25% midpoint deviation on 2x NEW Trojan T-105 batteries. when I grab the voltmeter and check while connected I show 6.4v and 6.5v. when I disconnect the batteries they show the same 6.5v. The TOP of that spike is when I checked while connected. voltmeter was NOT showing 9V and 5.5v.

Any ideas?


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Voltage too high with MPPT + Alternator

I have a SmartSolar Charger MPPT 100/30 on a boat with an alternator that does not have an external regulator. I'm seeing an issue where, when the batteries are fully charged, the solar controller is on and in float, and the engine is on, I'm seeing voltages between 15.25 - 15.45. That is definitely too high. The solar controller reports it is in float and putting no amps into the batteries, but when I turn it off, the voltage drops to 14.8, which is closer to normal. Why is the Solar Controller increasing the voltage in this situation, and is there anything I can do other than turn it off when I'm underway?

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Venus Gx and temperature sensors

Hi, All

We are doing a project using Venus GX and 2 * quattro 10 kVa , 4 * 250/100 Tr MPPT. Client requires us to monitor each quattro /mppt heatsink temperature , battery, cabinet temperature. So total 8 sensors. Just wonder whether Venus Gx has the ability to connect 8 temperature sensors. Client requires us to read system information and the 8 temperatures in one portal? Thanks

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Centaur Charger Fan Operation

I have had installed recently in my boat a new Centaur 12/100/3 Charger. I have found that the cooling fan never shuts down, despite the charger not charging or charging at a very low level below what might be indicated on the meter. Is this normal operation? Will I have to worry about a fan failure at some point just when it is truly needed to cool the unit? Temperatures in the engine room are still cool to very cool this time of year. Ventilation is good. My former Charles 12/80/3 Charger did not have a continuously running fan. The Lifeline AGM batteries are in three banks of 600AH; 215AH; and 100AH.

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Vensus Gx read genset inteliGen 500 fuel level

Hi, All

We are doing a project using victron venus gx and Comap inteli gen 500 controller. Client requires us to read genset fuel level on portal. I am not sure whether Venus able to read this information on its screen. Thanks

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Pylontech L-V Hub problems with Quattro 48/15000

Hi all. I have an off grid set up with a victron 48/15000. Up till now I had a single stack of pylontech batteries and everything functioned fine.

When adding a second stack and wiring up the LV hub to both stacks, the hub keeps getting a red flashing light error. The dip switches are correct and all wiring is perfectly done.

Each stack connected independently works fine but when put both through the hub they don't work. The error is also present if the hub is not connected to the colour controller. Does anyone have any ideas?

The sellers puntoenergija have no idea. Not much documentation online either. Pity cause pylontech batteries are very good quality.

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Bluesolar MPPT 75/15 HS ?


I connect 2*40W polycristalline PV on my MPPT 75/15 to charge 7 Ah battery (for electric car). VictronConnect shows me : Power = 15W, Voltage = 19.2V, Current = 0.8A during Absorption. When I connect only one 40W module, things seem better (e.g. Power rises above 26W). Measured directly, each PV gives Voc ~21 V, Isc ~ 2,4A.

A couple of months ago, I connected 600W PV on this controller without any problem…

Any explanation ?

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3 phase DC breakers link bar

I am currently expanding my RE system with a third multi II inverter to 3 phase from the current 2 phase in parallel. (mulltiplus II 5000/48/70-50) I have purchased some Airpax 150A DC breakers and just wondered if I need to link them all together so if one trips, they all trip. I don't have any 3 phase motors running just 3 separate circuits on the AC side to spread the loads which get quite high when we run air con,etc..

Any help much appreciated

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