Err 119 on updating MPPT 100/30 to firmware 1.39

I just used VRM to check and update the MPPT100/30 firmware and now get an error notification '#119 settings invalid' with the Bulk and Absorbtion LEDs flashing.

A reset (or several) doesn't help. Any suggestions?
What settings is it talking about? I only know the automatic voltage setting and the battery type.

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Right v1.42 Firmware for MPPT charger (BlueSolar 150/70)

I looked up on the victron professional page on the latest firmware for my MPPT charger (BlueSolar 150/70), and I came across two different firmwares.

Please I would need your clarification on the exact one that is meant for BlueSolar and not SmartSolar.


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Venus GX v2.33 FW Remote console seems to lockup on local lan WiFi

I seem to be having issues with my Venus GX v2.33 where the local console access gets denied. I thought the device was "bad" because it wasn't showing up on the local network wifi but it wasn't.


Venus GX setup as

Allowed for remote console access.

Accessing through phone browser but then it will stop working. I also noticed that when accessing it over the phone browser, it also does not show up in the VictronConnect app as a device.

Remote console in browser stops responding so I close it. Trying to connect again gets page could not be displayed.

Scanning with a tool, no longer shows as an network device.

Powering off/on the Venus GX does not seem to resolve the issue.

Device is communicating with VRM and checking in through the WiFi network.

Using remote console in VRM allows access to the remote console on the device.

Trying phone browser again will allow connection to the device and disconnects VRM view.

Basically in a nutshell, when it refuses local connections I have to use the VRM remote console functionality to reset the local connection access (just by using it). I don't believe I've seen this occur before until the v2.33 upgrade.

Update 8/2. I've attached a series of pictures from this morning where it locked again. You can see in the pics the local access is inacessible, including the victron connect app not showing the device. I access the remote console from the VRM portal and it unlocks the local interface again for access.





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Victron Connect firmware 2.19 fails on multiple mppt controllers

I have a MPPT 75/15 and a mppt 100/30 solar controllers, today was prompted to update victron connect firmware to 2.19 from 2.14. Both Failed at 86%, response timeout. The 100/30 lost its firmware version, the 75/15 retained the 2.14 but will not let me connect until firmware is updated. I tried multiple times on both with the same result each time.

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Venus GX relays , can I use ML-RBS 7700 latching relays ?

I am looking to use the Venus GX together with a 712smart to shut down loads and charge busses based on voltage to prevent over- under charge of the batteries, can the Venus GX do this ?

Furthermore , if this is possible can the Venus GX operate latching relays ?



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CCGX relay for generator

Can I reverse the relay login on a CCGX? My generator needs open cct to switch on

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Smart Solar Charger 100/30 stopped charging

Hello, i have recently be experiencing a problem with my smart solar charger 100/30. it seems to have turned off. Watts read 0 and the PV reads 2v when the actual reading at the terminals read 19v. The device is reading the battery voltage correctly at 12.6v. How do you reset this item. The blue bulk light is flashing. Cant reset it by turning it off and turning it back on after 5 minutes. Bought this item in September 2018. Worked great until last week while on vacation. Going on another trip in the middle of August and would like to get this resolved. Love this devise and my battery monitor, however it really sucks when they are working.

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Victron multi rcd
  • Hi folks, can't seem to find anyone doing the same as me so asking afresh. I have a 12v -230v 3kva Victron multi (new model) which I am installing to convert solar to ac in a shed. I will occasionally connect to grid mains AC to boost the battery charge as required (UK domestic supply).

My question is, when installing an RCd in the AC output distribution board from the inverter (I'm only using the inverter /transfer circuit) what do I need to do to ensure the rcd trips either when running on inverter only or when when connected to the AC grid?

Am I right in thinking I enable the automatic neutral earth bond in the inverter and ensure a path to ground via earth spike?

Thanks for your time!

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What kind of damage can occur when an MPPT charge controller is mounted directly above the battery?

The manual states the following:

Mount close to the battery, but never directly above the battery (in order to prevent
damage due to gassing of the battery).

Questions about this:

1. Does this apply only to flooded batteries or also to sealed ones (e.g. AGMs)?

2. What kind of damage may occur (explosions? corrosion?) and over what kind of time frame?

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Can I connect additional loads only to the negative load connector of the BlueSolar MPPT 75/15?

I've checked continuity and it seems the negative load output and the negative battery terminal are shorted or at least there is a switch. In this case it is an inverter that seems to have a too high power surge on turning on for the MPPT load to handle (it simply switches off).

It seems when I connect a load to (+) of the battery and (-) of the BlueSolar MPPT, the Victron app can track its consumption, which is great.

My questions are these:

1. Is this safe to do?

2. Will low voltage disconnect still work, i.e. will the BlueSolar MPPT switch off the negative load terminal? I'm using the BatteryLife algorithm, by the way.

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Sizing charge controller

Please may someone clarify something for me on sizing charge controllers:

They are identified as, for eg, 150/100 12/24/36/48.

150 is panel VOC max, 100 is Amps and the rest are the system voltage.

I have been taught 2 conflicting sizing methods:

The number of panels max useable is:

a) based on Amps/(n strings x Isc) i.e. 3 x 265Wp panels per string at 9.03A = 11 strings or 33 panels or 8745Wp (but the MPPT sizing calculator does not offer this answer)

b) based on system voltage x Amps i.e. 48Volt system x 100 = 4800Wp at 3 per string (based on VoC max) = 18 panels maximum. (but the MPPT sizing calculator says we can have 24, or 6360Wp)

Or a 24Volt system = 9 panels maximum, for the same charge controller.

Seeing as the MPPT calculator gives neither answer, then how am I going wrong, or is the calculator wrong?

Many thanks

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MPPT 100/20/48 always keeps Vpv 5V above Vbat. Supposed to be 1V. How come?

The manual of the MPPT states that the Vpv start voltage should be 5V above Vbat. That is not problem. After starting Vpv should stay 1V above Vbat to keep charging.

"● PV voltage must exceed Vbat + 5V for the controller to start. Thereafter minimum PV
voltage is Vbat + 1V."

What i see in the VE connect app is that the MPPT always keeps Vpv aprox. 5V above Vbat.

This causes the battery to not charge completely.

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optimal charging current help

I have 2 x 135ah gel batteries wired in parallel, will a solar controller regognise this as one 270ah battery, effectively doubling the maximum allowable charging current? Or am i safer sticking to the 25 amps i currently charge with.


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BMV 712 always resets to 100% capacity after power is turned off and back on.

After turning off the key and the power to the 712 monitor the remaining amperage resets to 100% eleven if there is no charge. I am using the gauge on an electric boat so I need it to show accurate battery level and range between charges. Have I set the monitor incorrectly?

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Smart battery sense continuously disconnecting.

I have noticed recently, and to the best of my knowledge this is a recent issue, that the smart battery sense seems to be dropping out and losing connection every 10-30 seconds. It will connect and the wattage will spike to near PV capacity, then normalize. Then upon disconnecting the wattage will drop to near zero. This can't be good for things. I have tried resetting the smart solar MPPT 100/20, disconnecting and reconnecting from the network, even creating a new network. All to no avail. I am starting to wonder if I have a faulty battery sensor.


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Correct MPPT controller size

We have installed 5 x 390w sun power solar panels. We have one MPPT controller per panel. Our victron dealer has used 75/15 controllers - is this correct?

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Wi fi connection

I have a bmv 712 smart connected with mppt 150/35 smart solar through the eviction app by wifi. I have installed a victory venue which is connected to my main wifi but cannot link the bmv or the mppt to the vrm. On the eviction app it can see all three items but I cannot get them all to link so I can see them on the vrm.

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PV stays on 0, Grid provides AC loads

Hi. I have managed to piece together the following system in South Africa: 1 x MultiPlus 48/5000/70-100, Color Control GX , SmartSolar Charger MPPT 250/100 and 4 350watt panels connected in series. I have the ESS assitant running and want to set up so that PV runs as much loads as possible, to be subsidized with mains and batteries as back up. Batteries are unfortunately lead acid which was based on bad advice. 8 x 100 A/H but are all new. I have the ESS set on keep batteries fully charged but note that when AC loads are being drawn, PV stays on zero and Grid provides power. At other times PV provides some assistance to the AC loads but only really when batteries are being topped up in the float state or when AC loads are around 2000 watts. If I drop SOC to anything below 100%, PV becomes active all the time. Being lead acid batteries, I dont want to constantly draw off battery power if I can help it, I want the batteries for back up only with the intention of increasing my solar yield with more panels. Here in SA, it seems that there is little expertise on technical set-up for these units. I am learning bit by bit. Any advise on settings to help would be greatly appreciated.


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Effect of low load power Factor on Inverter-Generator Integration

One of the loads connected to a 3 phase 15kVa Quattro inverters has a low load power factor (as low as 0.5). When this load is connected the integrated diesel generator's output is ignored by the inverters. However the load appears not to affect the generator output (values are within threshold). How can we solve this?

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Lower than expected current reading with BMV-712 battery monitor?

I've been ignoring this 'issue' for a little while, but now have time to see if I can figure it out. My bmv-712 monitor seems to read current on the low end or approximately under half of what I expect it to display. One example is my maxxair fan should be drawing ~-0.9A at a specific speed, however the monitor displays -0.36A. The same goes for the other accessories I have and I'm aware that listed startup current is typically higher than constant draw. I can't take a photo at the moment, but I'm fairly confident I have things set up correctly. There are no loads between the battery negative and the shunt and it's positioned in the correct orientation.

Any thoughts on what's happening? I'll provide a photo when I can.


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CCGX Color Control does not see inverter

I have a bank of Rolls AGM 115ah batteries wired in 3 pairs to give 345ah at 24 volt.

These are connected to a Quattro 24/3000/70 inverter and a 100/30 Victron MPPT smart controller via a Victron datalink box

These communicate to a CCGX color controller.

I just added a smart BMV 702 battery monitor and powered everything up.

The CCGX does see the Solar MPPT and BMV but now does not see the Quattro.

Using ve-config I can see the inverter is OK, has the latest firmware, and reports an SOC of 100% (which ties in with the BMV). Whilst connected to the CCGX and the inverter is off the inverter starts when running ve-config then stays running when disconnected from the PC but is still missing from the CCGX list of devices

I am at a loss as to why the color control does not see the inverter despite changing cables and re flashing the inverter firmware with latest version

Any help would be appreciated please!

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A few 75/15 observations and dislikes

I just towed my solar electric boat home after leaving it in the water for the last month during which time it has been completely self sufficient. During use I noticed a few things about my 75/15 charge controllers.

First and foremost is the issue about parallel chargers. I don’t know where things stand with the Firmware update to include this feature, but at the moment my two chargers are wired in parallel to a 24V bank, and when in full sun with each fed 60V+ of solar, and a load on the system with the chargers in Bulk, the most I can get is 15A total out of them, split mostly equally between the two, with each providing 7.5A or so. Is this the issue that the Firmware update will address? Shouldn’t each charger be putting out 15A? My motors are pulling far more than that from the system, so I would think each charger should be operating at Max output.

Second, is there a way to avoid having to do Firmware updates? I understand the update is in the App and that WiFi is not needed, however I don’t like the fact that I can not use the App to monitor my system without first updating the hardware. What if something goes wrong during the update? I would rather do it at the end of an outing rather than just before. Is there a way to avoid this? The App seems to require an update before you can be allowed to fully pair with a device.

Lastly, one of my Blue LED’s had stopped working completely yet the unit continued to work otherwise normally. For almost a month it was like that, then suddenly (without any updates or changes) it started working again. I guess it just needed a vacation? Kinda disconcerting, but at least it is once again blinking in offbeat harmony with the other.

Ohh and one more, does the battery bar on a BMV712 indicate the current level of 50% of the bank capacity while the SOC percentage relates to 100% of the banks capacity?

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How to switch Bluesolar MPPT Charger off from Multiplus with Two signal Lithium BMS


I have a MultiPlus 12/3000 with a Lithium battery with 2 wire BMS connected to the MultiPlus.
The switching of the MultiPlus from the BMS works great.

There is also a Venux GX, a BMV 712 and 2 BlueSolar MTTP 75/15 charger in my system. Who can I setup the system, so that the MTTP BlueSolar Charger respond to the allow-to-charge and the allow-to-discharge signal from the BMS.

Best regards,

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Can the MPPT 75/15 solar charge controller increase low solar voltage to charge a higher voltage battery?

Hı ,

I have a question about MPPT 75/15 charge regulator that I couldnt get enough information about,

My question is,

I know the product can reduce the voltage while raising the current for example, when the input power is 30 volt 2,00 amper , output may be 24 volt 2,2 amper(nearly).

BUT I WONDER, Can the product do the opposite of this?(Can the product raise the voltage while reducing the current?)For example, Can the product supply 24 volt 0,75 amper(nearly) output power when the input power is 18 volt 1,00 amper?

Summary; Can we charge the 24 volt battery if we give the input voltage around 17-18 volt?

Thanks, sincerely…

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Clarification of Application
This is an excerpt from the Victron MPPT 100/50 manual,

3.2 Grounding

● Battery grounding: the charger can be installed in a positive or negative grounded system. Note: apply a single ground connection (preferably close to the battery) to prevent malfunctioning of the system. Is this referring to a central grounding point bus bar?

● Chassis grounding: A separate earth path for the chassis ground is permitted because it is isolated from the positive and negative terminal. Does this mean that the B+ & B- terminals are isolated from the PV+ & PV- terminals on the MPPT allowing the B- terminal to be connected to the central grounding busbar?
Does this statement make the installation of the DC-GFP MNDC-GFP63 GFPD as in the schematic below possible? OR is this statement in reference to the MPPT's case ground?

● The USA National Electrical Code (NEC) requires the use of an external ground fault protection device (GFPD). These MPPT chargers do not have internal ground fault protection. Is this in reference to a GFPD located between the PV array and the MPPT?

The system electrical negative should be bonded through a GFPD to earth ground at one (and only one) location. What is meant by "system electrical negative", the battery terminal neg., the central ground to chassis, the PV-, or on the AC output side?

● The charger must not be connected with grounded PV arrays (one ground connection only) Does this mean the PV- lead must not be grounded? That makes total sense to me BUT, how does this statement impact the installation of the DC-GFP MNDC-GFP63 GFPD as in the schematic below?


In this schematic, is the DC-GFP MNDC-GFP63 GFPD in effect, grounding the PV- lead or is it just grounding the GFPD itself?
In my application, the battery bank neg. and the B- of the MPPT are connected to the central grounding point. If I install this GFPD, it would also be connected to the central grounding point.

That may work, but if not, Can I isolate the battery bank neg. from the central grounding point?

It does seem a little complicated...

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Two 12V Panels, MPPT controller, charging a 48 Volt Battery Bank

Am I able to charge a 48 Volt battery bank (Four 12V batteries connected in series) with two 12 volt solar panels with a 75/15 MPPT charge controller in between?

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How to connect the 240 volt output of a generator to a pair of Quattro 48/5000 inverter/chargers

I want to make sure I am understanding the manual correctly. If I want to use the 240v output of my generator to charge my batteries through both inverter/chargers is it as simple as attaching one leg to the generator output L1 on each inverter and providing a neutral and ground connection to each inverter? Thanks

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Two Multiplus in Parallel with one AC input at 50hz and one AC input at 60hz?

Can two Multiplus (Compact 1600s) run in parallel with one getting AC input from a 50hz generator and the other getting AC input from 60hz shore power? All other settings are the same and they are connected together on the AC outputs.

Right now they are sharing a single AC input with a physical switch to choose between Generator and Shore power input. I imagine that the 50hz Generator will not be running while 60hz Shore power is active, but it might occur. How would the Multiplus handle this? Could I set a Virtual Switch for this and maybe also set up a generator autostart/stop? I know individual Quatros allow dual AC inputs but it seems that dual Multis might work too.

Obviously the two frequencies cannot be combined, but could the shore power input run one Multi as a charger and the generator run the second Multi as an inverter/ power assist/ passthrough? If not, would the parallel Multis at least ignore one of the inputs?

The only downside to separating the AC inputs is that I assume only a Multi with an active AC input could charge the battery - essentially doubling my generator run-time when trying to quickly charge the battery as I do now using both Multis as chargers at once.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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Two Battery Protectors in Parallel

I need to protect my 48V batteries from too deep a discharge. However, the batteries also need to supply more than 100A at peak. Can I use two use Smart Battery Protect 48V-100A in parallel (the output connecting to my load)? Thanks.

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