Multiplus mains led flashing

Hi, I have a multiplus 24/3000/70 connected to lifepo4 battery bank. When testing in my home garage all was working fine when I plugged the ac in for charging.

I have since moved the whole system to my boat which is currently in a boatyard and I haven’t been able to charge the batteries since. I have plugged into the mains at the boatyard, but all I get is a flashing Mains led.

Any ideas?

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MultiPlus fan question - when should it come on?

MultiPlus 12/3000/120: Been running without problems in the 18months I've had the boat. Have noticed fan coming on at times in the past, but can't recall the specific conditions of charger/inverter at those times.

Today for first time, when in "on" position and genset running, noticed the battery voltage slowly dropping, eventually down to 13.8v. This was whilst still in absorption stage. We were running no more than around 200w of AC equipment at the time.

Switched the unit off and then back on a few minutes later. Went straight to flashing "temperature" LED. Switched off again.

Switched on again about 45min later, with genset still running, and unit turned on as usual and went to charge mode, absorption, with about 40amps going to batteries. Voltage around 14.5v, as usual.

Ran 1500w vacuum for about 30min, along with another +- 200w of other equipment, so maybe 1700w total. Charge mode continued as usual, still with around 35 - 40 amps going to batteries. Nothing out of the ordinary here, but during this time, I never heard the fan come on and battery voltage remained constant, as per usual.

Unit is mounted in open, beneath nav table, so no issues with ventilation. Ambient temp around 27 Celcius.

My question is, given the above scenario/conditions, should I have heard the fan come on, or should I suspect a failed fan? Case is warm to the touch, but I've never felt it before with overheating in mind, so have no comparison.

Been running normally for the past 90min, in charge mode, without issue.



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Equlaization recommendation for AGM 48V using Quattro and color controller.

What is the Equalization recommendation for an AGM 48V battery system:

1- In which intervals it is recommended to be done?

2- How long it would take using a Quattro 120/5000 ?

3- Is there any important cations to be taken into consideration before starting the equalization?

4- is the best way to start it is using the color controller directly?

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Maximum inverter output in Watts of the Multiplus-II for 1 minute (overload)

What is the maximum inverter output in Watts of the Multiplus-II for 1 minute (overload) assuming 24 degrees with fan-forced cooling? Note our mains will be connected and current limited to 10 A 230 V/AC. 2x LiHE 100 Ah will be connected with Lynx Ion 1000A BMS. No solar or generator will be connected.

With 6.5kW of purely resistive load (resistive heater) and mains connected (supplying 10 A 230 V/AC = 2200 W) how long can you run the Multiplus-II for before it trips? 1 minute is our requirement which we may need to change.

Is it possible to change the overload settings as we have forced crossflow cooling?

Thank you for your assistance.

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Smart Solar MPPT 100/20

XI have just purchased a smart solar mppt 100/20 and i have 2 x 100ah lithium batteries with built in bms. The batteries are 12.8 volts . Charge voltage on the batteries is 14.4 volts and cutoff voltage is about 10 volts. My question is can i use the Victron default for LiFePO4 or do i have to change the default settings. The batteries are LiFePO4

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Venus GX - Remote Equalisation

Hi, Is it possible to trigger equalisation mode from the Venus GX using the ModbusTCP interface? If so, which register is used to initiate EQ mode? I know it's possible using the CCGX.



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Inverter does not "pass Through"

Hello Victon community,

Using Quattro 5000 / 120 V with an updated firmware and ESS assistant for a 48V system.

Apparently the generator is not supplying unless the inverter is on "charge only" mode.

the inverter keeps connecting and disconnecting the genset in "on" mode, and does not "pass through" to the load.

Any help with the settings whether the inverter or the ESS would be very appreciated.

Thank you

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Updating SoC from ZCell over Modbus TCP (I know it's deprecated but... :) )


I am trying to update the SoC via Modbus TCP. It's enabled on the CCGX (running 2.22). The CCGX has a Quadro connected and it's reporting the following error:

ERROR 2018-12-18T00:59:15.773 "Error processing function code 16, unit id 246, src, start address 30, quantity 1, byte count 2 :" "Requested device (service) does not exists"

I followed the instructions from:

I know it's deprecated but this is my only option for now. I have checked the registers and it appears that I have the right unit/registers ?



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Switching from Sead Lead Acid batteries to LifePO4

In a little sailing boat I'm thinking to switch from SLA service batteries 330Ah (n. 3 x 110Ah) to LifePo4 batteries.

Assume that 330 Ah was the correct services sizing, I have n. 3 question :

1) was my Atlas Combi 12/1500 (50 Ah nominal charge) able to charge the LifePo4 or I must change something in it (the charge curve) ?

2) what was the right LifePo4 size to remain a little bigger (more confortable) ?

3) the engine alternator was sized to 60Ah because I don't want to overcharge my SLA batteries (more time was more endurance ...). With LifePo4 that accept bigger charge, need I to change alternator with an High Output Alternator (perhaps 120 Ah) ?

Thanks to all,


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BMV-702 & Blue/Smart Solar Charge Controller

Hey friends!
Can I connect a BMV 702 to a Blue or Smart Solar Charge Controller to use the temp sensor on the temp compensation with this kind of charge controller? /Without a GX device/

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How do I prioritize Solar in a Hub2 system?


I use a Quattro with Sunnyboy inverter and the system decides on a bright sunny day to run off batteries rather than solar? Come night time the batteries are depleted. I would prefer to maximize solar use first, then use batteries, and lastly grid. I also may not feed back to the grid hence I cannot use ESS on my system in South Africa. Is it possible to write a tool to assist with this? I am computer literate but would like some guidance as to what is possible.

Thanks in advance, Jury.

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VictronConnect won't update SmartSolar MPPT 150/70 on Nokia5 or Galaxy S8

Hello Victron ;-)

A customer is reporting that their SmartSolar 150/70 MPPT requires them to update the firmware before they can use the app.

However when they click the update button, it only goes to 1% and no further.

They have tried with two different phones the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Nokia 5. They are remote and no Apple devices (iPhone or iPads) are available (which is usually a safe bet for a smooth update).

They are stuck and unable to proceed.

My resolution is to send them a USB to cable on loan so they can attempt the update over the wire with a windows laptop.

But is it not possible to have another way?

e.g. a hidden feature to bypass the update requirement so they can access the feature to equalise their batteries? I understand this will break other features, and that the VictronConnect app software expects the latest firmware to be running, but in some occasions this would be preferable.

The troubleshooting firmware updates section of the VictronConnect manual doesn't have a section on SmartSolar yet.

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Solar controller not putting out full power
  • Hello I have attached a 100/50 controller to a 600ah 12v lifepo4 battery bank. And am charging that with 1000w at 40 v.

I put a clamp meter on the the cables and I know the batteries are a bit low yet it is still only putting in 15 amps. I have also a 24v set of 300ah these are doing a bit better but I still don't believe that I'm getting everything out of my panels and in to the batteries.

Any ideas please

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EasyPlus 12/1600 Odd Behaviour

Just fitted a 12/1600 EasyPlus to my motorhome and I'm seeing some odd behaviour. Just wanted to get your opinion on it. The charger appears to take my battery pack to 14.6v on absorption, even though it's set to the default settings which should be 14.4. This is above what is recommended for my Victron Deep Cycle Gel batteries, so I'm worried I'm overcharging them.

I've connected the starter battery to the unit using the aux battery terminal inside the unit. This is supposed to be a 4a charger connection. When charging on main electricity the Venus GX is reporting that 120w is being sent to the DC system. If I disconnect the aux battery connection this current stops. This makes me think that it's pushing 10A to my aux battery not 4a. The aux battery voltage also seems to increase when the device is disconnected from mains electricity and I'm just getting power from my solar panels.

I've got a SmartSolar 100/50, Venux GX and BMV712 and 2 x 130ah Victron Gel Batteries.

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Manual generator not staying connected to Quattro

I have a customer with a 3 month old Quattro 8000 and manual genset start. It was the first one I’ve ever installed

I have not been to site yet as it’s quite remote and quite a drive but thought id get some ideas before I go as there is no phone range on site

Customer has said that when genset is plugged in and turned on, the Quattro seems to not take the input and switches between charge and inverting every few minutes.

I have set the generator input current to 20A because of his existing cabling in the house which he wanted to leave but his genset is a Kabota 6kVa

Otherwise it operates normally without genset

I’m sure it’s something I don’t have set right in config but could I please get some ideas on what to change and look for.


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