No consumption chart on VRM main dashboard

Hi Everybody,
I have some issues on the VRM main dashboard. The consumption chart is not displayed on the dashboard, there is only the PV production and battery SOC.

For information my system has a VENUS GX, a Phoenix Inverter Compact 24/16000 (VEBus firmware starts with 19), a Blue Solar 150/70 and a BMV700.

Does someone have this issue or can someone have an idea on how to get the consumption chart on the main dashboard of the VRM. Thanking you.

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Multigrid II issues


I have 2x Multigrid II's in parallel with a Fronius 5kW AUS on the load side with the entire house. I have a BYD 10kWH battery in the IP56 cabinet

When first programmed and commissioned it seemed to work fine until the PV turned off, then the battery seemed to export to the grid.

The next morning, once the PV started back up, the battery re charged, but whatever the PV was putting into the battery, it was also importing the same amount from the grid into the battery. This went on for weeks with support from The Netherlands and Ciaram from My Energy SA trying to solve the issue. Eventually with Ciaram's help, we updated the firmware which had come out that day and we didn't have any issues.

Three weeks later after everything had been running smoothly, the Master Multi went out on overload and shut down power to the house. We have now bypassed the entire system and he is now back on grid only.

Nobody was home at the time this happened, the customer didn't know until he got home for lunch that day. According to VRM it happened about 0755 in the morning.

I have not yet been back to site since, and it won't let Ciaram remotely reset the Multi for some reason.

Has anyone else had a similar issue? What should I look for once I'm back on site?

Ciaram and Wayne from My Energy SA have been very helpful, but just thought I would ask on here as well.



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Configuration of Multiplus II with existing AC inverters

I currently have a photovoltaic system. Is there any advantage, at transfer level in the multiplus 3000 / 48v in the previous version for multiplus II current?

And a multiplus 5000 / 48v does all that multiplus II does with extra charge and discharge power?

I can enter 32A in multiplus II and with 32A in AC-out, but if there is a grid fault with the multiplus II I can only take 2400w of AC-Out. Can I increase this available power in situation of grid failure by putting my grid inverter (I took advantage of my already old ig30 fronius that is not able to do AC Coupling) in AC-out In this case to avoid problems in the batteries , would divert the excess energy that the house would not consume by the imerssun through the AC-out.

I know that with a current Fronius or SMA I could regulate the power by frequency change with the proper settings, but since I already have the ig30 and to work well it will be to avoid expense .....

Regarding this, with regard to the configuration of an inverter pv, are there any Fronius in comparison to the sma SB (for example SMA sb 3000tl-20 vs fronius prime)?

thank you

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How do I configure my existing system with a new Multiplus for maximum power?

Like 4kw of PV, 1 fronius ig30, 1 SMA SunnyBOY 3000, 1 immersun (maximum deviation 3000w), 1 multiplus II and approximately 20kw of lipo4. How would you configure a Powerwall storage system with average daily consumption above 20kwh per day

Note: In the event of a network failure, you want to be able to inject more than the multiplus 2400w.

thank you

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Venus GX Modbus ID with Single Quattro

Just trying to address the registers of a Quattro with a Venus GX. The Excel sheet gives me ID 242 but this does not work? All the other registers at ID 100 are working?

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MultiPlus II and charging two batteries


I am planning to buy a MultiPlus II with BYD B-Box to use off-grid with solar. I want to charge a second 12v removable battery to be used with our electric boot-engine.

In the manual for MultiPlus II it states “2.3.4 Two DC outputs for charging two batteries” I can’t see any information how the second battery should be connected and how any setting that can be made for it, like when it should be charged and what type of battery. It there any more information about this?


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Control without grid meter or Grid meter installed, settings

In the Raspi CCGX Ver 2.30-8 menu only displays this setting Grid meter installed (on or off).

And in the manual is says, Control without grid meter, which is different and what revison is the change done under, which is the latest ? They are different in meaning how the system would operate with PV inverters.

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Can I oversize MPPT charge controller?

Can I oversize an MPPT charge controller? I would like to start with just one 100W solar panel and have plenty of room for expansion, if I need it in the future. I am thinking of MPPT 40A controller.

Thank you

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Adding CCGX to existing installation

I have just installed EasySolar Inverter 3Kva 24V, how do i go about monitoring it online?


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How to reset a Color Control on VRM?

Hi. We have since replaced a color control with a Venus GX at a client's site because the client fell out with the company that installed it about 3 years ago. We would wish to use it elsewhere but of course we don't have admin rights. Is there any way this color control can be rooted so that we can utilize in another site @mvader (Victron Energy Staff)

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Phoenix inverters purchased seperately not connecting in parallel.

I tried to parallel 2 phoenix inverters, both 48V 5kVA units and physically identical, bought 3 months apart.

Victron's VE BUS configure software would not allow me to do it. ( the units are not identical.)

My further investigation showed me that Phoenix inverters use Multiplus microprocessors. unit.

The reason I cannot parallel the units is that in one inverter I have a Multiplus 48V 5kVA 70-100 chip and in the other unit I have a Multiplus 48V 5kVA 70-50 chip.

That means I have chips that relate to a Multiplus with a 100 Amp transfer switch and a 50 Amp transfer switch respectively. However Phoenix inverters do not have transfer switches at all.

So I cannot parallel these units because the software disqualifies me for differences in the size of transfer switches that are redundant functionality in a Phoenix inverter.

There is no indication of this rating in the Phoenix manual, (why would there be it doesn't have a transfer switch?), and no physical indication on the unit. My suppliers re-ordered the second incompatible phoenix using the same order code as the first. The difference only becomes apperent when the software cross-references the serial numbers.

Yes, the Multiplus units call attention to the transfer switch rating, but these aren't Multiplusses,

These Phoenix inverters were chosen specifically for there ability to be paralleled, a big Victron selling point.

Somebody didn't consider the law of unintended consequences when using the Multiplus chip in a Phoenix inverter.

This has been an extremely inconvenient experience, it will be 10 months before I am back in this country to recommission the replacement unit.

I commission protection relays for a living, and have experience with all the big name offerings, and a career of realistic expectations of equivalent products.

I know that with this sort hidden incompatibility issue the onus is on the manufacturer to put it in big bold writing in the Phoenix manual at the very least.

Somebody dropped the ball.

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